In the beginning, there was a school project and so 'Concentrate on Val' was born.
A product of the fevered minds of
Duae Capillis Rufis™  (Two Red Heads),
it was amusing and got us an 'A'.
The years passed and behold the need for concentration muliplied.

Choose your favorite eyecandy and Concentrate on:
(CAUTION: IE is the preferred browser for this game.)
[See Eccentricities below.]

Nominations of others worthy of Concentration will be given due consideration
and implemented or ignored depending on the weather, my mood or
what some bloody butterfly is doing in the rain forest, if you believe those silly gits.


rules and eccentricities

Concentration is a simple game where "cards" are turned face down and can be "turned over" 2 at a time in order to see if they match. If they match, they are left face up. In these games, if you don't get a match, clicking on your next card choice automatically flips the previous 2 choices back over. You continue until all the cards are face up. At that point, these games tell you how many tries (pairs of clicks) it took you to win.
As much as I hate to admit it, sometimes Netscape locks up and/or shuts down upon exiting a game.
Usually, resetting the screen to a new game before closing the window avoids the lock-up/shutdown problem.
For hassle-free operation, open the main URL in IE.
Also, if you are using Netscape to play, the "score" screen flickers annoyingly (in IE, it doesn't).
I may rewrite the game or fix it, but don't hold your breath
(unless you are a vampire and just feel like it).
Until then, Netscape users will have to put up with the flicker.
After all, the eye candy (and a tiny bit of brain stretching) are what we're after any way;
the score is merely an informational tidbit to make the more obsessed of us crazy.
The game plays faster after the first time, and if you get one that seems ridiculously easy, just remember;
when you are talking 9 pairs, random isn't as random as you would think....
On with the Games