A Day in the Life of a Kinesiologist

Article in the Wrexham Mail & the Chester Chronicle 1/5/03 We take a look at a typical day in the life of a kinesiology therapist

Peta puts bodies in balance

An holistic technique of balancing the body's energy system by asking it what it needs in return for optimum balance is growing in popularity across the country.

And after a recent Kinesiology Awareness Day, Peta Pendlebury is preparing to welcome clients to her specialised centre in Hope.

The fully qualified therapist who has helped Wrexham and Flintshire women cope with all sorts of illness and conditions from the menopause and migraines to phobias and relationship difficulties, gave the Mail a glimpse into a day in her life to show just what the therapy can offer.

9.00 First client of the day is a relatively new one with TATT (Tired all the time). This is her 2nd session and we look at foods she may be intolerant to. I find she is balanced on everything apart from sugar & other stimulants (coffee, alcohol, etc) and wheat. As she is fine with rye and oats I suggest she switches to rye bread and oat based cereals for a month.

10.15 My next client is a lady who has been suffering from frequent and debilitating panic attacks. This is now her 5th session and she arrives looking very chirpy! She's not had a single panic attack since the last session; with only a couple of flutters that she was able to deal with easily. We do some more work on the root cause of the attacks (uncovered through Kinesiology) and then balance her with a reworked affirmation. I am confident that the client can soon move on to MOT style appointments if she wishes (bi-monthly, quarterly or bi-annually) to keep on top of things.

11.30 I welcome a new client. -She needs the full 1 hour consultation to find out what's happened over her life - both mentally and physically. This client has a weight problem, suffers from bloating on eating (waist goes up by 2-4"), gets repeated headaches and feels tired most of the time. She has bowel dysfunction and craves sweet foods. Her diet is not good and her digestive system is out of balance, she has Candida albicans quite badly (bacteria occurring naturally in the gut that can get out of control creating a range of problems). This is a priority and is probably causing most of her symptoms, so we do some work on that and she is given probiotics and an information sheet on lifestyle changes, especially when it comes to how, what and when to eat. We should see some good improvement here by the next session.


2.30 After lunch I see a client who is going through chemotherapy for cancer. This is her second visit and so far we have concentrated on supporting her liver, kidney & bladder to help cope with the corrosive effects of the chemotherapy and also vitamins and minerals to keep her immune system as healthy as possible under the circumstances. She has changed her diet radically as suggested, is coping well with the nausea but is looking forward to the end of the chemotherapy sessions. We discuss follow on treatment including ways of changing her lifestyle to try and ensure the cancer has less of a chance of re-occurring.

3.45 My next client has had pains in her abdomen for some months and has been for tests at the hospital but with no success. I quite often see people who have been to the doctor but have been unsuccessful because clinical tests don't show anything. With Kinesiology we can look at sub-clinical conditions that individually wouldn't cause a problem but when put together do. Last month we discovered that she had parasites and she has been taking a cleanse for this. The pain has virtually gone but has left a small niggling pain that comes and goes on her right side. The place she indicates is close to a spleen acupoint which suggests a spleen connection. This proves to be the case and I treat the spleen and the pain goes. One very happy client! I find a time line connection to a period when the client was very stressed and had recurring illnesses which probably depressed her immune system sufficiently allowing the parasites to take hold. Recommended dry skin brushing to perk the lymph system up (as a bonus her skin and bowel function will improve too!) In the next session will see if the balance has held and the pain has gone away permanently.

5.00 This young client has her 3rd driving test on Friday and has gone to pieces in the last 2. We have a good session and I am confident that by Friday she will be fine (whether she is good enough to pass her test I don't know!). I am to see her again on Thursday. She takes her calming affirmation, Bach remedy and Smiley sticker home with her (this is for the dashboard during the test!) P.S. The client didn't pass her test (she made a few mistakes) but stayed calm and controlled throughout and is positive she will pass next time! And she wants to come in before her summer holiday to conquer her fear of flying!!

6.15 The last client of the day is a lady who is approaching the menopause and wants to control the night sweats and hot flushes without HRT. She is on a programme of vitamins, minerals and herbs (a complex that includes Black Cohosh) and she has been much better. Interestingly she ran out of the herbs last week and has had a few more hot flushes in the last few days so is eager to get back on them again! She has been following the dietary suggestions as well and has found that she has also had an improvement in her skin and energy levels - nice bonuses!

7.30 I sit down at the computer to do some work (writing this!) whilst a lovely husband cooks tea. We eat and chill for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow morning I'm teaching Kinesiology for beginners so no clients until the evening. A whole afternoon off and chance to catch up on some reading - lovely!

Thank you for spending a day with me. If you'd like to get a closer look at Kinesiology then telephone me on 01978 760867. Peta Pendlebury at The Kinesiology Clinic, 25 The Beeches, Hope, Flintshire.