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The Longest Distance Between Two Points - Chapter 11


They arrived just as the sun went low enough for the vampires to make it uncovered to the house. Spike insisted on walking and, helped by Angel and Wesley, managed to make it to the front steps.

They didn't need to knock, Dawn had been on watch for them for the last hour and flew to open the door. She had clearly meant to embrace Spike but the shock of his appearance stopped her and she took a noticeable step back.

Perhaps Angel should have gotten one of the other's opinions on whether Spike looked okay dressed in his borrowed clothes. He should perhaps have taken a look at all of them before making the journey. So caught up in their battle with Darla, they had not thought how they might look to the Sunnydale crew. Angel helped Spike to the couch and turned around to find most of the gang assembled in the living room, looking aghast at the arrivals. Angel realised he was dressed in old, faded jeans and a blue shirt. Unheard of clothes for him. Spike was in an even older pair of his jeans, bleached from a thousand washes and clearly three sizes too big for him. They were also both unwashed and, to Angel's vampire senses, smelling of old sex and blood. Cordelia still had her arm in a sling and was wearing no makeup and Wesley looked as though he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. There was silence in the room. No one knew what to say. Except for Xander that is. He was almost gleeful.

'So, not only dressing alike Spike…now you're wearing Angel's clothes. Is this another Sire, Childe thing then? But you're not his Childe are you Spike, or are you? I can't remember which version we are going with.'

Spike looked over at him with a grin on his face, totally unconcerned at the jibes. 'Not only am I his Childe, pet, I'm now his…’ but whatever he going to add to this was lost as Angel interrupted and deliberately drowned out the remainder of the reply.

'…I think Spike needs to rest now. Thank you all for taking us in…where are we all staying.'

No one but Cordelia noticed the furious look that Spike sent Angel. But he held his tongue and allowed himself to be helped up the stairs to Buffy's bedroom. She was giving up her room for the two vampires, Cordelia was to stay with Willow and Tara and Wesley, naturally, opted to stay with Giles. Lestat was given no choice in his location; he was immediately snatched up by Dawn and whisked away for some intensive kitten loving.

Angel lay Spike down on Buffy’s bed and noted with amusement the mattress that had been laid alongside it, for him. Spike saw the direction of his glance.

'Yeah and that's where you will be sleeping, you git.'

Angel looked at him guiltily. He knew what Spike was angry about and said quickly in a low voice. 'I'm sorry. But Spike, this is Buffy and Dawn and Joyce and, God forbid, Xander Harris. How could I have you say that we are lovers?'

Spike didn't reply, he only looked thoughtfully at Angel, then turned his back on him and curled up as if to go to sleep. Buffy and Joyce bringing clean towels into the room interrupted this brewing argument.

'I though you might like to shower Spike, you look a little in need of one!' Joyce looked in concern at Spike's filthy hair and blood stained hands and face.

'Will you be able to manage?' Buffy had seen how much effort it had taken to get him up the stairs.

'Yeah, I'll manage, pet.’ Spike sat up and stood with difficulty. He took one of the towels and started towards the bathroom. He wobbled and Buffy caught his arm, supporting him.

'Angel! You'll have to take him and help him.'

'What? I don't think so.' As Angel had not been able to admit how drastically his relationship with Spike had changed, he hardly thought that taking him to the shower was appropriate if he was to continue with the pretence that they hated each other.

'Angel. Take Spike NOW!'

'Yes, come on, Angel, help me with my shower, will you?' Spike had a truly evil look on his face. Angel saw quite clearly that Spike meant, 'help me or I'll finish that sentence I started earlier'.

Angel took Spike’s arm and holding him a little too tightly for comfort, led the blackmailer into the bathroom. When the door was shut he rounded on Spike, pinning him hard against the wall. Spike wasn't sure whether Angel was going to hit him or kiss him and he could see that Angel wasn’t too sure either. They were both glad he decided on the kiss. He gave the lightest touch of his lips to Spike's then pulled away studying Spike's reaction to this.

'I'm sorry. I do love you. I meant it.'

Spike tipped his head on one side looking just as intently at Angel. He put his mouth up to Angel's and kissed him lightly back as if testing Angel's resolve.

Angel closed his eyes and lost himself in his lover's mouth for many minutes. He used his tongue, his teeth and his lips. He could not get Spike to open wide enough, he wanted to be swallowed by Spike and to lose himself forever. He felt Spike's hands on his chest, unbuttoning his shirt. He didn't bother with Spike's buttons, he just rent the fabric in two, exposing Spike's smooth, hard chest. They frantically undid each other's jeans, hands reaching in to stroke cocks, fondle cheeks and balls. Angel fell to his knees and took Spike's penis in his mouth, sucking it until it became hard. He pushed Spike's jeans down to his ankles and tried to get Spike to open his legs wider. Spike arched his hips into Angel's face, holding tightly to his head. Angel felt the tip of Spike's cock scrape on his throat and he relaxed his muscles, letting him push even further down. Spike moaned in disbelief at the sensation Angel had created. He'd never had his cock so deep before, he risked a slight thrust and almost screamed his pleasure when Angel started vibrating his throat muscles in time with these light thrusts.

Angel's hands had Spike's buttocks in a vice-like grip; he kneaded them as Spike thrust into his face. He pulled the perfect cheeks apart and placed one finger against Spike's small hole.

'Oh yes, Angel…do it. Please…'

Angel pressed his finger against the ring of muscle. It was tight and dry and he feared to hurt Spike by pushing too hard. He took his mouth off Spike's cock and ignoring his outburst of profanity, turned to start the shower. He pulled Spike to him, kissing him feverishly again. They kicked off the last of their clothes and stepped over the bath and into the water.

Spike's cock was incredibly engorged and Angel knew from his own experience how painful it must now be. He slipped to his knees under the cascading water and took it to the back of his throat again. He didn't even have time to think about returning to Spike's entrance before, with a grunt of pleasure Spike sent an icy splash of sperm cascading down his throat. Angel used his tongue to draw out the last few drops of Spike's cum from his softening cock. He felt Spike leaning heavily on him and realised his Childe had been standing now for at least fifteen minutes: far too long in his condition. He stood up, turned Spike around and held him firmly across the chest with one arm.

'Enjoy that?'

'Yeah, going to enjoy this too…' Spike reached behind him, took Angel's swollen penis in his hand and rubbed it gently over his slightly parted cheeks.

Angel groaned. He looked down and watched the blood red tip of his cock moving over Spike's white backside. Reaching up he took a bottle of shampoo and poured some of the sweet smelling stuff onto Spike’s hair. He rubbed it vigorously and the cascading water sending waves of foam down Spike’s slim back. He knew this slick rush was all he needed to make entry pleasurable for them both; he knew he could hold Spike up for just long enough. He was so hard and so ready he doubted he'd last long anyway.

With his free hand Angel took his cock and placed it against Spike's hole. He had to bend Spike forward and was glad when his Childe braced himself against the wall. Angel slipped one hand down the crack between Spike's cheeks, pressing hard on the small, puckered indentation. Spike groaned.

'Fuck Angel, that feels good. Press harder.'

Angel knelt behind Spike and this time used his tongue, licking up and over the hole then back down, alternating this licking with hard pushing from his thumb. Angel tasted cinnamon and orange and exotic spices mixed with the taste of Spike’s skin.

'Open me up Angel, I want to feel something inside me.'

Angel put the tip of his tongue against the ring of muscle that seemed to defy penetration. He pushed, making his tongue rigid and demanding of entry. With the hot foam rushing over Spike's hole, Angel's tongue slipped in.

'More, more, that's incredible, move it, push it in, deeper, I want you deeper.'

Angel shifted slightly so he had more room and opening up his mouth wide, pushed his tongue in as far as it would go. He had no idea this could be so stimulating. He desperately wanted to pull out and use his cock as well. His impending orgasm was screaming at him, but he resisted. He wanted to see if he could make Spike cum again with just his tongue. He started moving it faster, probing it up and down and against Spike’s walls. He heard Spike’s low moaning and moaned himself in response. Spike was twisting his head against the wall, curling and uncurling his hands in time with Angel’s thrusting. His voice was low and husky as he encouraged Angel. ‘More, deeper...Angel, I want your cock now, please...I’m ready...’

A loud knock on the door made them both jump and Joyce’s voice reached them over the noise of the water. ‘Angel? Giles and Wesley are here...they said if you need a hand with Spike, to call them...Angel? Are you okay in there? Buffy fetched some stuff for Spike. Can I come in? I have clean clothes for him.’

They froze. The same thought crossed both their minds.

"Did we lock the door?"

Angel had to extract his tongue to answer and for some reason, known only to himself, doing that caused an uncontrollable fit of giggles to erupt from deep within him.

‘Just leave...them...outside...Joyce...thank you...’

Spike slapped him across the head and hissed in a low voice, ‘come on I want you inside me, now, Angel!’

But Angel was having trouble standing, let alone having sex with Spike. He clutched the side of the bath, tears rolling down his face and mingling with the hot water.

‘I’m sorry, yes. Come on then.’

But it was no good. Every time Angel tried to push his cock against Spike, he started giggling again and had to sit down.

Eventually Spike gave up. He climbed out with great difficulty and sat down naked and wet on the closed toilet lid. He just watched Angel for a few minutes, tried not to give in, but started laughing too. When Joyce passed the door of the bathroom a moment later to place some warmed blood beside the bed for Spike she had to stop, amused. She thought she had two ancient demons in her bathroom, but distinctly heard the uncontrollable giggling of very young men. She smiled to herself, shaking her head.

After a few moments they emerged from the bathroom, both wrapped in towels, hair freshly washed, clean and sober. They didn’t look at each other. They both knew if they did they would lose it again. They couldn’t catch each other’s eye without collapsing in fits of laughter. So they kept straight faces and went into Buffy’s bedroom to dress.

Spike felt more his old self when he put his own jeans and tee shirt on. He laced his faithful boots and sat down on the edge of the bed to watch Angel trying to fix his hair in the mirror.

‘Why do you do that standing in front of the mirror?’

‘I have a vivid imagination.’

‘Oh. Why not stand in front of the wall and imagine there?’

‘Because that would look stupid.’

‘And that doesn’t?’

‘I don’t usually have a critical audience.’

‘Oh, come here, Poof. I’ll do it for you.’

Angel turned around and gave Spike a distrustful look.

‘Hey! Trust me! I’ll do it properly.’

So Angel sat down on the bed next to Spike, handed him his precious hair gel and let him run his hands through his wet hair, spiking it up.

‘There you are, totally poofy.’

‘How are you feeling?’

‘Really, really good.’ Spike meant it. He hadn’t felt this good since that hideous moment when he’d felt only empty space below him and had known that in a very short time he’d be connecting with the ground.

‘Drink your blood.’ Spike picked up the mug Joyce had left and shared it with Angel. He sat cross-legged on the bed and watched Angel drinking.

‘So, Poof, why are we here?’

‘Wesley said we had to come.’


‘We needed to get away Spike. I couldn’t protect you all from her there.’

‘But we can’t just camp out here indefinitely. Much as I wanted to get into the Slayer’s bed, I had kinda hoped she might be in it too...hey...just a joke, luv.’ It wasn’t, but he didn’t think their relationship was quite up for truth or dare confessions about Buffy. ‘They are all downstairs, Angel, the whole gang, as well as your ace detectives. Don’t you think this would be a good time to have a little conference? Make some decisions? Make a fucking plan and end this Angel?’

As Angel couldn’t tell him about his continuing doubts and weakness over Darla, he had no reason not to follow Spike down stairs and face the assembled humans. Spike was right, they were all there. And they all looked up as the two vampires entered.

Those who had not seen Spike since his return were shocked at how much thinner he looked. This was quite a feat, given he had been no more than skin and bone when he left. Giles got up and seemed about to make an apology for the lies he had told Spike about Angel, but Spike just shrugged and said, ‘it got me to LA didn’t it?’

Feeling slightly better, Giles then took control of the meeting. He asked Angel to outline the events in LA since Spike’s arrival there.

This rather flummoxed Angel, but he made a valiant attempt at relating all the necessary detail, without mentioning anything personal about him and Spike.

The story was consequently rather confused, with strange, glaring contradictions and omissions, but none of the Sunnydale crew seemed to notice. Wesley and Cordelia kept quiet. Spike sat with his face fixed on Angel’s as if waiting for something. It clearly didn’t come because gradually he dropped his eyes and started idly picking at some of his flaking gray nail polish.

Anya, in her blunt fashion, asked the question everyone was dying to ask but didn’t have the nerve. ‘Why don’t you just stake her, Angel?’

Wesley came to Angel’s defence. ‘She's too clever to give him that opportunity. She only came to him last time because she already had Cordelia safely stashed away as her hostage.’

The conversation went on between the humans. Angel glanced nervously at Spike. He was not unaware of Spike’s reaction to his carefully edited story. He looked at the lowered blond head...his lover’s head. He could still not get used to the frisson of excitement that slithered down his spine every time he thought that. His lover. Well, might be his lover, if they ever got the chance to actually do it! Almost as if Spike heard his Sire’s thoughts, he looked up and stared at Angel. Angel could see anger, hurt and longing in equal measure in that intense gaze. Angel felt an insane desire to blurt out to the room ‘Spike is my lover. I love him.’ But he looked at Buffy’s bright, eager face, at Joyce’s trusting one and at Dawn’s sweet, innocent one. How could he? He looked back at Spike and to his surprise saw that Spike’s eyes had followed the direction of his gaze. Spike was studying each face too and was clearly trying to come to a decision about something. Angel saw Spike close his eyes for the briefest of moments, bow his head, then look up again. He looked directly at Angel and gave a small, rueful smile and a nod. He had understood and accepted that Angel could not, or would not claim him.

Angel felt a wave of relief flood through him. He wanted to take Spike in his arms and thank him with kisses, but as that would rather have defeated the object of not claiming him, he refrained.

Fortunately, just at that moment, Joyce got up from the couch where she was sitting next to Angel to fetch everyone drinks. Spike immediately hopped down from his favourite spot on the chest of drawers and took her place.

Angel could feel Spike’s leg pressing against his. Spike leant back and casually slipped his arm behind Angel’s back. Angel leant back as well, trapping Spike’s arm behind him. It felt good. It was Spike’s way of saying he claimed Angel secretly, even if he understood why Angel would not claim him openly.

When Angel judged that no one was concentrating on them he risked a quiet comment to Spike.

‘Are you okay with this?’

Spike knew what he meant.

‘I guess. I’ve no choice, have I?’

‘No, you have a choice, Spike; you can tell them if you want. I couldn’t stop you.’

‘Jesus, Angel! I’d never do that if you didn’t want me to!’

Angel was amused at this indignant outburst. He picked a deliberately annoying, pompous voice and said quietly to Spike, ‘see, it’s your soul. It’s starting to grow.’

Spike laughed. ‘Oh, go fuck yourself, Angel. That’s a disgusting thought.’

‘Okay lover, tonight. I will and you can watch.’

Spike’s mouth fell open in shock. That was so unlike Angel, that for the first time in his life, Spike was speechless.

Angel pretended to look unconcernedly into the room.

The humans’ conversation suddenly came to a halt. Both vampires realised, at the same time that they were being looked at.

‘Sorry. What?’ Angel begged all the Powers That Be that his previous comment had not been overheard by anyone.

Giles spoke first. ‘We were saying, Angel, that we need to get past the problem that Darla will be on her guard. Wesley has an idea apparently. He wanted us all to hear it however.'

Wesley waited until he had everyone's attention, until the drinks had been passed around, until all eyes were focused on him. He had brought them all to Sunnydale for this moment. He knew exactly what was needed to defeat Darla, but he also knew that Angel would utterly refuse to consider the idea. He hoped that with the added support of Giles and Buffy he could persuade Angel to his plan. He took a deep breath and outlined his idea.

‘She must be put off her guard. We have to give her what she wants.’


Wesley sighed to himself "quick Angel, very quick" Angel knew immediately what he meant.

Spike was not far behind on the uptake. He looked at Angel, back at Wesley and gently put his hand on Angel's thigh. 'Hear him out, Angel.' Wesley knew he had one ally at least.

Angel shook off Spike’s hand and stood up. ‘No. It’s too dangerous. She’ll see right through it.’

‘What? I don’t understand.’ Buffy looked around the room to see if anyone could tell her what was going on. Xander and Anya only shrugged; they were as lost as she was. Willow shook her head at Buffy, no help there. Cordelia knew exactly what Wesley meant as they'd discussed the plan already. She nodded to Wesley for him to answer Buffy's question.

‘Angelus. She wants Angelus back. If she gets him, she’ll be off her guard.’

‘Oh.’ Buffy didn’t really want to discuss Angelus coming back. She was convinced everyone in the room would immediately think about moments of true happiness, which would inevitably lead everyone to think about her and a certain losing of her virginity. She was right.

‘Would she believe it? What about a moment of true happiness?’ Giles sounded doubtful and looked at Angel.

Cordelia unthinkingly blurted out. ‘Oh, but you’ve had that, haven’t you Angel? She saw you with Spike.’

You could have heard a pin drop in the room. Everyone looked at their drinks or at the floor, except Xander that is, who looked with a gleeful and perhaps envious look at Angel. To give Angel credit he covered extremely smoothly. ‘Yes, you’re right. She saw us reunited as Sire and Childe and working together. It must have quite upset her.’

Everyone was relieved and Angel desperately avoided catching Spike’s eye.

Buffy was rather annoyed at this explanation. It almost sounded as if her great moment with Angel was being compared to a day in the office with Spike! She voiced her chagrin a little too sharply. ‘She’d never fall for that, that’s not true happiness.’

Angel was only too ready to agree with this. Firstly, he had no intension of admitting that Darla had seen him in bed, tangled in a sweaty heap with Spike. Secondly, he knew that Darla would know that even sex with his Childe would not make him change into Angelus. He’d had sex with her lots of times and he had remained stubbornly, Angel. Sex with other demons just didn’t seem to count. Thirdly, he had no intension going through with this dangerous plan. He didn’t like being Angelus any more.

Wesley still thought his plan would work. ‘She won’t know you haven’t...err...had…done…with a human. You could have. She'll believe you.’

Buffy was not convinced, but could not come up with a very mature argument so contented herself with the rather childish reply, ‘she won’t.’

Wesley then played his trump card.

‘Faith did.’

He thought he had won the point rather well with this rapier like observation, until a quiet voice said from the other side of the room, ‘I didn’t though. Did I?’

Angel looked at Spike. He had not wanted this to come up. It was as painful for him to remember, as it was for Spike. ‘No, you didn’t.’

In her innocence, Dawn asked the question that no one else would have dared to ask. ‘Why not? Why didn’t you believe him.’

Spike kept his eyes fastened on Angel’s, his gaze never wavering. ‘Because I am a vampire, pet. He could fool a Slayer, but he couldn’t fool another vampire.’

She didn’t understand and wouldn’t let it drop. ‘But why?’

Spike was now in a bit of a dilemma. How could he put into words the complex feelings and thoughts that had flickered through his mind on seeing his Sire for the first time in so many years? Everything had told him that Angelus was lying. Everything. His smell, his words, the way he held Xander. But most of all, Spike knew it was because Angelus had not wanted him. He could put very little of this into words though.

He reluctantly dragged his eyes away from Angel’s and looking at Xander quickly said. ‘Because I couldn’t smell his blood in him. Angel was pure.’

‘Eeew. Too much information!’ Dawn wished she had not asked. Joyce wisely decided that this conversation was not going to be suitable for young ears and took her off the kitchen, on the pretence of feeding the kitten.

Freed of their presence, Spike was willing to add some more information. He looked again at Xander. ‘If Angelus had really come back, he’d have snacked on you and fuc...err...well, fed on you immediately.’

Giles was the first to see the problem. ‘So, Darla will smell that absence too? She’ll know straight away that you are lying? I’m sorry, Wesley. I just don’t see how this is going to work.’

Wesley wanted to argue his point some more, but he could see that Angel was adamant. Arguing with Angel he had long ago discovered was like trying to turn back the tide. Pretty bloody useless. He decided to do some private lobbying with Buffy and Giles later that night. If he could win them over, they might be able to force Angel to comply.

Spike was now on the point of exhaustion. The flight to Sunnydale, on top of all the abuse his body had taken recently had weakened him considerably. Angel saw his exceptional pallor and wanted to get him back to the room and feed him again. He stood up and declared that he would think about all they had said and, catching Spike’s eye, said he was going to bed.

Angel sat on Buffy’s bed and waited for Spike. When Spike came in, he flopped face down onto the bed.

‘That was useful then.’

If Angel was about to reply, he was stopped by a faint knock on the door. They looked at each other and moved slightly farther apart. Cordelia stuck her head around the door, ‘decent?’

‘Unfortunately.’ Spike rolled back towards Angel and immediately pretended to be asleep. He was incredibly bored talking about Darla and would have much preferred talking about himself.

Cordelia came in and sat on the bed with them. She had something on her mind. Angel saw the determined look that he knew meant trouble...usually for him...and resigned himself to being bullied into something he didn’t like.

‘Angel. I’ve been thinking about Wesley's plan…shut up…still talking here…Darla needs to believe you are Angelus, she needs to smell human blood on you and she needs proof that you’ve gone grrr again. Well, come on! Actress here! I’m going to come with you and play human vampire victim.’

Angel just laughed. He didn’t even take the suggestion seriously enough to reply. But Spike suddenly came out of his feigned sleep and sat up.

‘Hey, that might just work. We could rough you up a bit, fuck you a lot and share a little bit of that O Neg.’

‘A Poss and this would all be acting Blondie. There’ll be no roughing up, no anything that actually involved physical contact with either of you!’

‘Wouldn’t work without it, pet. Maybe we could just bleed you a little and mess you up. Oh, and cover you with some vampire spunk. What do you think? Kinda like the idea of me cuming on you, do ya?’ Spike was clearly enjoying himself and gave her his best eyebrow-raised, seductive smirk.

Angel had had enough of what he thought was a pointless conversation. ‘Shut up, Spike. Thank you for the offer, Cordelia, but no.’

Cordelia was nothing, if not persistent. ‘Just how long do you intend hiding in Buffy’s bedroom then, Angel?’ And with that, she left.

Spike was still sniggering to himself. He thought it had been an excellent suggestion and planned to enjoy himself that night picturing Cordelia being helped into her role. He got undressed and got in under the cool, clean sheet. He stretched out and watched with amusement as Angel absentmindedly folded the clothes he had just discarded on the floor, then undressed himself and carefully added his clothes to the neat pile on the chair. Angel lay down on the mat on the floor. Spike slid over to the edge of the bed and peered over.

‘Err...only joking about you on the mat tonight, Angel!’

If Angel could have blushed, he would have. He climbed in with Spike, mumbling about confusing him with Buffy.

Spike put his hand on Angel’s soft cock. ‘You can confuse us another way too if you like.’

But Angel had something else on his mind. He let Spike play with his cock, but made no effort to participate in the game. ‘Do you think it would really work?’

‘What, Cordelia’s plan? It would be fool proof, pet. She’s clever your little ace detective. When Darla smelt your cum all over the bint, she’d know you’d had your moment of true happiness. If she was then all bloody and stuff, she’d see the proof of your return. Perfect.’

‘Yeah, it is isn’t it.'

Spike sat up with a gleam in his eye. ‘Oh, Angelus, did I feel you getting a little hard then? Don't tell me you are actually going to allow yourself to have a little fun sometime soon.'

Angel gave a low growl. 'This is not fun Spike. This is life and death. Cordelia's life. She has no idea what she is up against. She has no idea what she has offered.'

Spike thought back to the girl he had found with tears in her eyes and blood running down the insides of her legs. He stopped playing with Angel's cock and laid his head sadly on his Sire's chest. 'I think she does, pet.'

Angel gave a deep human sigh and Spike resigned himself to another wasted night with no fun and games. He resigned himself to a night of Angel brooding and talking endlessly around the problem and brooding some more. Fortunately, he fell almost instantly asleep and missed Angel doing just that, all night. When the sun came up in the morning, Angel had made his decision. He would attempt Wesley's plan. He had his own reasons for this decision though. He would be Angelus once more for Darla and in that role might have some influence over her. He might be able to persuade her to leave LA, leave him alone and find an unlife for herself far away. It had been a long night. He had gone though every option and could think of no better plan. Obviously, however, he intended to go back alone.

Spike was still asleep, his head still resting on Angel's chest, his naked body draped alongside Angel's. Again, Angel thought he would never tire of the pleasure of being in bed with his Childe just like this. Angel heard the family starting to stir. He heard the shower going on and Dawn shouting to Buffy. He heard Joyce shouting to both her daughters. He had never had the opportunity to enjoy family domesticity and it saddened him. He wondered what it would be like to be normal. He grinned ruefully to himself, he wondered if you could get further from being normal than he was. Perhaps Darla was the only more un-normal creature he could think of. At least he'd never been staked and come back to life as a human and been re-turned. Darla, Darla, Darla. Why did all his thoughts come back to Darla?

'Stop it.'

Spike's quiet words startled Angel. He hadn't realised Spike was awake. He stretched, rolling over onto his side, wrapping his arms around Spike and squeezing him tightly to him.

'I'm allowed to brood. Go back to sleep.'

'No you are not and no, I won’t.' Spike pulled away and propped himself up on his elbow so he could see Angel's face. 'You haven't slept at all, have you?'

Angel had to admit that he had not.

'So, what's the Lord and Master's decision. What's the plan, Batman?'

'I'm going back to LA as Angelus and I'll deal with Darla.'

'Uh huh.' Spike heard the, ‘I’ and, like Wesley, knew there was no point arguing with him. Angel would not be going back alone, but he didn’t tell him that.

'So…' Spike allowed his hand to brush over Angel's chest, scratching his Sire's nipples lightly. '…We've us, a bed, lots of girlie lotions and nothing much else to do…what do you reckon?' As Spike murmured these words, he looked coyly at Angel, gently pulling the sheet down, exposing their naked bodies. 'Umm, look luv, we are all ready too…' To make his point, Spike moved against Angel, rubbing their erect penises together. Angel groaned in response and started to kiss Spike feverishly. Spike increased the rubbing action and could feel them both leaking, the trail of precum cool on his belly. He looked down at Angel's cock. The red tip was smooth and glistening. He brushed it with his thumb and Angel moaned into the kiss, opening his mouth even wider, trying to get more contact. Spike's hand slipped around to fondle Angel's backside, parting the cheeks and working lightly at Angel's hole. In his mind he was deciding which lotion to choose, he knew exactly what Buffy had in her room. He was a bit of an expert on the Slayer’s bedroom. He had almost decided on the Vanilla Musk Body Lotion when Angel pulled away and sat up.

'We can't.'

Okay. Spike was a patient vampire. Everyone who knew him would confirm this. 'Spike, yeah, know him well…very patient guy.' But THIS was too much. He'd been fobbed off for Darla, for Cordelia, for his own bleeding injuries, even for a friggin' cat…he'd been fobbed off for over one hundred years and he now had a hard on that could dent cement. He was NOT going to be fobbed off again. NOT. Capital letters bold and underlined, NOT.

He kept his voice controlled at first. 'Sorry if this is going to sound self-absorbed again, pet. BUT WHAT THE FRIGGING HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?'

'Shut up, Spike, they'll hear you.'


Angel whirled around and pinned him to the mattress. He dived at Spike's mouth, biting savagely at his lips, sucking on the bleeding flesh. He sank his teeth into Spike's neck and ripped and tore. Spike was completely overwhelmed by this assault. His already hard cock started its familiar swelling and he knew that he was going to cum. He could feel the cold seed flow from his balls; he gasped as Angel lapped at his throat and he tried to cry out but only managed a strangled, 'yes,' as the overwhelming relief of his orgasm hit him. Angel rocked his body on Spike's cock and milked him, the powerful surge of cum wetting their bellies and making them slick.

Long minutes passed before Spike felt recovered enough to ask in a small voice, 'what just happened here?'

Angel kept his face buried against Spike's neck. Spike craned his neck and looked down at the unusually quiet vampire.

'Hey, pet…are you actually embarrassed? Have I managed to embarrass the Scourge of Europe?'

Spike heard a muffled reply.

'What was that, Angel, I can't quite hear you?' He grinned evilly to himself. He loved embarrassing Angel.

Angel looked up with a slight pout. 'I was trying to say that I couldn’t do it in…here. Spike…this is her room! It sort of put me off. For a minute. Then you shouted at me. So I tried to shut you up. But I got a little carried away. Sorry. How's the lip?'

'Needs some TLC, I'm thinking!'

Angel smiled and took the still bleeding lip into his mouth, sucking gently on it. Spike spoke as well as he could, given his lower lip was in Angel's mouth.

'Feel like getting carried away again, luv?'

‘Spike, look around you...the pillows, the teddy bears...it’s her room, I can’t do...that...you know...err...in you...here. I lay here and listened to her breathing all night. She was so innocent.’

Spike pulled away from Angel’s mouth. ‘Fucking bloody hell, Angelus, is there anything that doesn’t make you feel guilty?’

Angel thought this was a serious question so answered sadly, ‘not really.’

But Spike noticed with a sly smile that Angel’s hand was rubbing over his hip in slow, sensuous movements.

‘Well, what would you do that wouldn’t make you feel guilty? Come on, Angel, I know you too well; remember? Do not try to tell me that you lay here just listening.’ He slid his hand over Angel’s cock. ‘I think perhaps you enjoyed a little ‘stroke the meat’, didn’t you? While she was safely asleep?’

Angel stopped his ministrations and looked at Spike.

'And I seem to remember a little promise from yesterday that hasn't been fulfilled yet…' Spike let the suggestive comment hang in the air. Angel grinned and raised one eyebrow. Spike laughed, he loved it when Angel did that; it was like looking in a mirror.

Angel propped himself up against the headboard and stared to work his cock lightly. 'How about you chose some of that lotion for me then?'

Spike sprang off the bed and fetched the Vanilla Musk from Buffy's dressing table. He eagerly poured some out onto Angel's hardening cock. Angel murmured his appreciation of the slick, cool feeling and closed his eyes, tipping his head back.

Spike's eyes were fastened on the erotic show being put on for him. Angel's fist was wrapped around the stem of his cock; each pull up closed the foreskin over the blood red, mushroom shaped tip. When he had stretched the foreskin tight, getting maximum friction over the sensitive slit, Angel thrust his fist down so his balls were pummeled and worked too.

Spike straddled Angel's outstretched legs and took his own cock in his hand. 'Tell me what you're thinking about.'

Angel's reply came low and fast.


It made Spike groan with pleasure.

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