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The Longest Distance Between Two Points - Chapter 12


'Tell me.'

Angel didn’t open his eyes but he started to murmur in the same low voice. 'You don’t know I’m watching you. You’re in a shower, your cock is hard...’ He groaned and his fist sped up a little. ‘...and I can see the tip emerge, so red against your hand...’ Spike kept his eyes fastened on Angel’s cock. He could see tiny beads of pre-cum emerge, one crystal drop after the other. As Angel lost himself more in his fantasy, they came faster and faster until they joined into a constant stream pulsing over the glistening head. ‘...I move behind you and part you, oh God Will, I’m so hard against your skin, I’m watching you over your shoulder as I push in…oh, Jesus, fuck, Will, I’m through and you are so fucking tight, I am breathing again and I can hear blood pulsing in my ears, oh Christ, I’m pushing in and pulling back...’ Angel’s pumping fist had become desperate; his hips had arched off the bed slightly. Spike felt blood running down his face and knew he’d bitten through his lip again from watching this display. Every time Angel drew his fist up, his balls were stretched and Spike swore he could see them swelling and flushing with blood. Angel’s words were so vivid in his head Spike felt his ass throb; he pushed against the imaginary cock as if Angel were buried deep within him.

‘Come for me love, come for me...’ Angel was whispering at the Childe he had in the shower with him, urging him to orgasm and it sent Spike over the edge. He rose up on Angel’s legs with a huge gasp that seemed as much from pain as pleasure and his cold sperm shot out in an arc and landed on Angel’s chest. Thus, Angel’s fantasy became reality. As he felt Spike’s cum splatter on his bare skin and heard that hissed intake of breath, Angel opened his eyes, sat up and with his free hand clutched Spike to him as if needing to feel something solid to bring him off.

‘I’m cuming, I’m cuming, oh, so tight, so fucking painful, need to cum, need it so much, ahh, ahh, oh Jesus, I’m so deep in you, Will...’ Angel’s sperm was propelled from the tiny slit in his cock with the force of long abstinence behind it. Clutched as tightly as he was to Angel, Spike was soaked from the rush of it. Angel continued to pump his cock long after the first release was done, spilling more and more of his cold seed over his Childe. Angel kept up his low repetition of the words, ‘so deep, so deep, so deep,’ until he was quite spent.

Eventually, Angel’s hand fell away from his cock and he sank slowly to his side, pulling Spike with him. They were bathed in their own cum, slippery against each other. Angel smelt the blood on Spike’s face and started gently licking around the bite in his lip. Spike moaned at the softness of his touch. This was all such a contrast to the hard, violent sex he had been accustomed to. Where were the manacles; where were the whips? He wasn’t complaining though. Angel’s mouth moved on from the blood on Spike’s face. He started licking, long slow licks down Spike’s neck and across his chest. Spike arched to his touch, stretching his arms up over his head, pushing his nipples at Angel, desperate to have them touched. When Angel’s teeth came sharply down on the tiny raised centre of one nipple, Spike purred with pleasure, the deep rumbling amplified by his chest. Angel laid his ear down to the sound and moaned. He felt his fangs descend, the demon in him set free by this pure, vampire noise.

Spike looked down at his Sire, uttered only one word, ‘Angelus...’ and pulled the waiting fangs towards his neck. Angel resisted, looked at his Childe and slid his razor sharp teeth instead into the soft skin of Spike’s armpit.

Spike gasped at this unbelievable intimacy. The feel of his blood being sucked out sent erotic shivers to his balls and, again, he felt himself hardening. Angel nuzzled into the smooth hollow of Spike’s armpit, he wanted to drain Spike, to take his essence entirely back into his own body and reclaim the parts of Spike that had once been his. But he restrained his demon. He felt his human face returning, leaving him with only blunt teeth against the small wound he had made in the seductive hollow.

Angel felt entirely at peace. The relief of his orgasm made him sleepy, he felt replete with love. To his utter delight, he felt Spike’s strong arms fasten around him and he curled into this protective embrace, falling unknowingly into the deep sleep his body craved.

Spike let Angel sleep the morning away. He held him fast as if trying to stop time and make this short interlude become their eternity. Spike’s whole body felt alive, something he used only to experience when hunting, or killing, or torturing. He realised for the first time just how dead he had become since that part of his unlife had been stolen from him. All the anger, all the hatred for Angel that had sustained him over these years in Sunnydale, had only been a pathetic way to try and feel some of that power and life again. This was what he had needed all along.

Angel slept silently, not a movement, not a flicker behind his closed eyes. Spike watched the smooth, relaxed face, marveling that this demon Sire of his wore the outward visage of an Angel. He was so beautiful. No wonder Darla wanted him back.

There, he had done it; he’d thought about her. He had brought her presence into this room so he could plan her destruction. He was holding his future in his arms and he was not going to let her take it away from him again.

Spike knew that Angel would try to slip away unnoticed later that day. He was so obvious. He also knew he could not let him do that. No way was he going to let Angel face Darla alone. Spike glanced at the clock on Buffy’s bedside table. Nearly lunchtime. He eased himself carefully away from Angel, dressed quietly and went downstairs. He had some important planning to do.

But he needed a cheese sandwich first.

He cut large chucks of bread and cheese from Joyce’s supplies, making a satisfactory amount of mess that now, being an official guest, he would not have to clear up. He thought through his plan. It all hinged on Cordelia really. So that was good. She was feisty, strong and reliable. He smiled to himself. He thought they’d make a good team.

As he sat happily munching his sandwich, he heard the front door open and close and Buffy came into the kitchen carrying shopping. She looked at him in surprise.

‘Oh, you’re up! We left you both sleeping. How do you feel?’

‘Why not come over here and put your hands on my tight little bod an’ find out for yourself, Slayer.’

‘The only time I’m going to feel you, Spike, is as I ram a sharp pointy thing into you.’

And so the game resumed. They slipped seamlessly back into their favourite roles. They gave a small smile at each other in recognition of their enjoyment of this sparring. Spike watched Buffy as she unloaded the shopping. Did he love her still? He found that hard to answer. The burning white fury of hatred that he had felt for Angel had fuelled the overwhelming emotions he had perhaps mistaken for love. He certainly liked the Slayer; he would shag her in an instant. But love her? His body was so suffused with love for his Sire that morning that there was nothing of him left to give another.

It was true what Angel had said; he could only love totally, whole-heartedly and all-consumingly.

‘Why are you up, Spike? And don’t even try to make a suggestive comment at that!’

Spike gave her an innocent look. ‘Buffy, I’m hurt. I’m up because I’m going back to LA with Angel today.’

Buffy’s face creased into a deep, serious frown. ‘I should be going. I’m the Slayer.’

‘You would only complicate things, luv. Angel would never let you stake her. You haven’t seen him with her. You can’t understand. How long were you together?’

‘Well properly, a few months, why?’

‘They were passionate, inseparable lovers for two hundred years, Buffy. And remember, we don’t exactly have wide circles of friends, jobs and other shit to distract us. They only had each other all day, all night...shared demons, remember?’

‘Shared demons?’

‘She sired him, passed her demon on to him. The same passions igniting them, the same desires, the same needs. Nearly one hundred thousand days and nights together. And you think he’ll let you come between them?’

Buffy didn’t like this argument one bit. ‘He staked her before for me, Spike. You’re forgetting that.’

‘You were about to be killed. Do you want him to go through that again?’

‘Well, what about you? Why are you going then? You hate him.’

Spike wanted to reply, ‘because I have his demon and I’m aiming to beat the one hundred thousand days record, eventually,’ but remembered his promise to Angel and refrained.

‘I’m just going to watch his back is all. It’s what I do.’

Spike left her stacking the shelves and wandered into the dinning room and made the calls he had to. Everything had to be ready before Angel woke up.

As he was putting on his duster to leave, Buffy came out and stood watching him thoughtfully.

‘Do me one favour, Slayer.’


‘Look after that little heap of shit over there for me, will you? I’ll come back for him. If I can...’

She looked over to where he was pointing and saw the kitten sleeping, stretched out in the sunlight that was streaming in through the sitting room window.

Spike gave a tut of annoyance at the cat’s location. ‘Some frigging vampire he’ll make. You’ll have to keep up his training, luv or he’ll always be a useless fledgling. He needs to be pushed along a bit. Try getting him to relive his flushing experience...it’ll help him grow. The poof’s been far too lenient on ‘im.’

Buffy smiled and walked into the sunlight to pick up the cat. She kissed him briefly on his belly. ‘Consider him looked after. But Spike...’ He turned back from the door. ‘I don’t want to take over his training, he needs another vampire to do that...come back for him, hey?’

She put the kitten down and walked back to Spike with an embarrassed look. ‘Take this.’ She placed the stake he had made for her into his hand. ‘I want to know this will hold up when I eventually use it on you, so give it a really good test for me will you. Ram it in. Hard!’

Spike saw a steely glint in her eyes and sensed the genuine, underlying concern. He hesitated, leaned down a little, tried to gauge her mood and thought, ‘fuck it, why not’, and bent his head and kissed her. She kissed back for a fraction of a second, arching her back to press her chest against his then pulled away, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand.

‘Eeew...unnecessary or what!’

Spike laughed, winked at her, flung his blanket over his head and ran out to the car. As he bounded down the front porch steps he threw one final parting jibe at Buffy.

‘I knew I’d get to be in your bed one day, pet.’

He heard a huff of annoyance and slid into his car.

His plan was set in motion now. No going back.

Cordelia had gone slightly reluctantly to stay that night with Willow and Tara. She didn’t like girlie nights together and really didn't appreciate having to sleep on the floor. She lay on the mat alongside the witches’ bed, listening to them murmur sweet unfinished sentences at each other. It irritated her beyond belief. She needed to think and their vacuous chatter distracted her. She lay patiently until they drifted off to sleep, then allowed her self to think about the problem she had been wrestling with all day.

Why had she volunteered to go with Angel to LA?

It was not like her to put herself in danger. She had spent twenty-two years looking after number one and such blatant heroism was totally out of character.

Or was it?

Cordelia tried to analyse her feelings. She was not very good at it and wasn’t sure where to start.

Was she thinking about herself? Clearly, no.

So, that was good. Right?

Who was she thinking about then?

Well, Angel obviously.

..."Oh...this is easy"...

Why was she thinking about Angel? Duh! Because Angel was her employer. He paid her and she like being paid and wanted to continue being paid.



..."Liar...you know that’s not true"...

..."Shut up! This is my head"...

Right, where was she. Ahh, yes. Thinking of Angel. She turned over on her stomach to see if that helped. Angel.

Why was she helping, Angel? Well, alright, she was quite willing to admit, she loved Angel. Angel was like a brother to her, or a father...he looked out for her and cared for her. He came and stood over her at her desk, his cold, hard body close to hers.

..."Told you"...

..."SHUT UP!"...

Oh God. Could it be true? Did she love Angel, as in want Angel, as in think about Angel and Angel’s body and Angel’s hand on hers?

..."Duh! Only every night!"...

..."Okay, okay...brain hurting or what!"...

So, she was doing this because she loved Angel and she wanted Angel. She wanted him to use her in this plan, to mark her, to taste her blood. She wanted Angel to make her his, show her to Darla and show Darla how she had replaced her in Angel's affections.

..."What about the cum?"...


..."You know you want to think about it"...

..."No...excuse me, this is my self-analysation...eww, is that a real word?...anyway, this is my self-something or other, so bug OFF!"...

..."cum, cum, cum, Angel’s cum, Angel cuming on you"...


But it wasn’t no, it was ‘yes’. She did want to think about Spike’s addition to her plan. She did want to think about Angel covering her in his seed, she did want to think about that bitch’s face when she smelt that. She did want to think about Angel’s face as he did that!

..."Hello...can I go to sleep now...all analysed out here"...

..."But what about, Spike?"...

No. No. No. No way was she going to even try and analyse her thoughts about ‘him’. She could hardly even bear to give him his name sometimes.

..."You are picturing his face"...

..."I am not"...

..."You can see those eyes, can’t you?"...

She could. She could picture them quite well. They were creased up with amusement and watching her.

..."Fuck off, Spike"...

..."Oh, so lady-like...not!"...

So, why was she picturing Spike, watching her?

Why was she peeling off her shirt as Spike watched her?

Why did his slim fingers help her with the buttons?

And why...can someone please say why...did he plant a light kiss on her lips as he did this?

Angel, Spike. Angel, Spike. Oh. My. God.

She wanted them both. Together, with her.

She wanted two vampires to make love to her.

..."EEEW, sick"...

..."no, not sick...slick, wet, hot, moaning, groaning, cool, hard...them"...

Cordelia was now relatively happy that she had proved to herself that she didn’t have an altruistic bone in her body. She knew it!

Number one, every time.


She was only going to LA so Angel and Spike could make hard, sweet love to her.

..."Did I just think that?"...

..."Oh yeah"...

..."Jees, self-analysing is interesting"...

There was only one obstacle to her plan. It was a fairly large obstacle, only about six foot three and two hundred pounds of obstacle. Angel.

Angel, she could see with all this new-found wisdom, would not easily go along with the idea of fucking her, biting her and offering her up as his ‘proof of turning’...oh, and sharing her with Spike.

..."Didn’t forget Spike there for a minute, did you?"...

..."Can’t forget him, he’s too deep in my heart"...

..."Hello? And what sappy shit was that?"...


Of course. Spike was the solution.

..."You going to help me persuade Angel?"...

..."Oh yeah...I’m in that bed already, luv"...

She grinned to herself. She’d enlist Spike to manipulate Angel.

Cordelia stretched her slim, tanned arms above her head and relaxed a little. She’d had a very interesting hour. She felt almost Zen-like with self-awareness. She wondered what Angel and Spike were doing now, gave a wry grin to herself and allowed herself to drift off to sleep playing out the answer to that question in her head.

She was woken the next day by the sound of her cell phone ringing from her bag. She dug it out, wondering briefly where Tara and Willow were. She was slightly confused to find Spike’s low voice on the other end. In her dream she had just been brushing her hand over his cold, hard nipple, so found it rather disconcerting to be talking to him now.

‘Where the fuck have you been all morning? Get here now! We’re going back to LA.’

‘Angel agreed?’ Oh, this was too easy, she’d wanted to use tears and temper on him.

‘Nah, but he will, believe me, he will.’

‘What have you done, Blondie?’

‘Nothing, pet. Yet. Come on, get your plump ass round here now.’

‘Hello...$2000 a year gym ass...!’

‘Shut up. Bint. Here. Now!’ And with that he hung up.

She smiled to herself. She felt insanely happy. She was about to be a mock vampire victim to fool an insane WEIRDO who had very strange sexual habits ..."I mean, hello, does no one else think women with other women...eeew!"... and she was insanely happy.

Twenty minutes later she was sitting in the car with Spike, both of them waiting patiently for Angel to try and sneak out without them.



‘You up for this then, pet?’

She turned to face him and just looked at him. She hadn’t lived with Angel for two years without knowing about vampire senses. She’d seen Angel hesitate in the door every time she came to work when she was on. The first time it had made her cringe with embarrassment and make an excuse to go home. But gradually, she’d come to accept it. She’d seen Angel turn towards Wesley sometimes when Wes was ‘daydreaming’ in the office, a slight smile crossing his dark, broody face as if he could smell Wesley’s fantasies. So she knew a thing or two about what vampires could sense.

She looked at Spike and thought about them all together in Angel’s bed. Spike saw her eyes dilating and smelt her arousal as easily as he cold read the expression on her face.

‘Right then. That’s the plan...err, let’s keep the finer details from the poof, shall we? We’ll just spring them on him when we get there, hey?’

Cordelia raised one eyebrow. ‘You’d better start controlling that a bit better then, dead boy.’ She dropped her eyes to his very obvious erection. Spike laughed and put a hand to her face, running his thumb over her cheekbone.

‘He’d know something was suspicious if it wasn’t like that.’

The tension between them was palpable. Spike tipped his head on one side and studied her for a moment. He knew she wanted him and he, most definitely, wanted her. His thumb slid towards her mouth. She opened her lips and bit lightly on the end. He had to close his eyes and concentrate not to come on the spot. She was the first human woman, other than the Slayer, ever, who had voluntarily touched him sexually. He opened his eyes again and leant his forehead against hers.

‘He’s going to take some persuading, pet. I know him; he’s a bit anal about stuff like this. He’s afraid for you. He loves you. He won't want you hurt, you know…emotionally.’

‘Hello...not doing this for pleasure, no emotion involved...only doing this to defeat the bitch from hell!’

This was such a blatant lie that even Cordelia could not carry it off. They collapsed in laughter, both unable to breathe, Cordelia actually suffering for that.

And that’s how Angel found them. As he slipped quietly out from the house under a blanket and dived towards the car thinking he’d made a safe get away, he found his annoying assistant and even more annoying Childe clutching each other and screaming with laughter.

As Angel was starting to catch fire, he had to scramble in and Cordelia had to move to Spike’s lap. Angel looked furiously at them both.

‘You are not coming with me!’

‘Quite right, luv. We are not. You are coming with us. If you want to that is. If you’ll be good.’


‘Err, Angel, it’s my car. If you make a fuss, I’ll kick you out and the bint and I will go alone. It’s entirely up to you. If you want to tag along, do. We are going to fight the forces of darkness and you are most welcome to participate.’

‘Spike. Get. Out. Now! And take Cordelia inside. I have to do this alone.’

‘Fine. You get out then and go to LA alone. But what car will you use? Can’t think...cus like I said, this one’s mine. Oh, and when you get to LA? Well I guess it’ll all be over by then cus we’re leaving now and...oh...what was the last thing...oh yeah...we know where she is!’

Angel was floored. He was out manoeuvred and he knew it.

There was no way he was going to go along with any of the rest of Cordelia’s ridiculous suggestions, but he’d have to let them come with him to LA.

Both Cordelia and Spike saw the resignation in Angel’s face. Cordelia climbed out of Spike’s lap and into the back and Spike swung the car away from the curb and set off towards the city.

He pushed Iggy Pop’s Greatest Hits into the tape player, turned it up full and sung along to ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’ at the top of his voice. No reason not to make the most of a very satisfactory irritate-Angel moment.

Cordelia lay back against the seat and looked at the backs of their heads. She wanted to reach out and run her hands through Angel’s dark, soft locks. She could feel them under her hand.

..."You want to see Spike’s hand on his hair too, don’t you?"...

..."Uh huh...no way. No more self-whatsit shit"...

..."But why not, you’ve come so far...just go a little further"...

So she examined that thought. Not her hand on Angel’s hair, but Spike’s. She found it very, very erotic. So she put Angel’s hand on Spike’s hair and had him ruffle it up a bit. Hum. Even better. She was about to explore more interesting thoughts like that when she suddenly saw Angel’s hand snake out and rest on Spike’s thigh.

Spike took one hand off the wheel and put it over Angel’s, lacing their fingers together and turning Angel's over, stroking his little finger in Angel’s palm.

Cordelia looked away.

..."Fuck. Huge self realisation coming here...don’t want it...going to get it anyway"...

Bugger. She did not belong in that intimate moment. Whatever she was about to share with them would be for this one time only. For them it would just be something forged out of desperate times and very real danger.

What she had just witnessed had surprised her and she felt embarrassed ‘cheapening’ it by playing in her head with them. She glanced back at the two hands. She had not realised this before when she had been thinking only of ‘me and Angel’, or ‘me and Spike’, or ‘me and them’. She had not seen that, in fact, it was really just...them.

What she had just seen, that entwining of hands, was love.

She had thought only of vampire sex: hard, urgent, fast and intense.

But that had been love.

These two creatures of the night loved each other and there was no place for her, in that.

..."Are you going to cry?"...

..."Can I have them for this one night?"...

..."Fuck yes"...

..."Then no, I’m not"...

..."Why only one night? Spike will do it again with you, any time"...

..."SHUT UP! Trying to have romantic thoughts here...trying to be good"...

..."Spike can do it with you and still love Angel...that’s just Spike"...

..."Go. Away!"...

..."I can’t, I’m you"...

..."Oh, well shut up anyway"...

..."Angel would watch, you know he would"...

‘Spike, can you turn the music up...PLEASE!’

Spike had not had a chance to speak to Angel properly since their extremely enjoyable morning activities in Buffy's bed. He knew Angel was angry about being outmanoeuvred and he wanted to repair their relationship and say he was sorry, but he wasn’t really sorry. If Angel didn't act such a fucking hero all the time, he wouldn’t need to be tricked. So instead of apologising, he kept up the irritating singing for a while. But even he grew bored of the noise and flipped in a CD he'd half-inched from the Slayer's. Bugger, it was the same one that had been playing at the party. Spike watched Angel out of the corner of his eye. At one track, Angel turned his head and seemed to focus on the lyrics:

You've been around for such a long time now
Oh maybe I could leave you but I don't know how
And why should I be lonely every night
When I can be with you
Oh yes you make it right
And I don't listen to the guys who say
That you're bad for me and I should turn you away
'Cos they don't know about us
And they've never heard of love

'Kind of our song, isn't it Spike? Are you bad for me?'

Spike glanced across at Angel. Angel was looking at him with a sad expression.

'Don't Angel. Don't brood all the way home. You lost, let it drop.'

'Home? You just said, 'home'.' Angel laid his hand naturally on Spike's leg, as if there was no other place it should be. Neither of them thought about Cordelia in the back seat watching them. Spike put his hand down and laced his fingers with Angel's.

Spike said in a soft voice, reciting from memory, 'Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.'

'You've read Robert Frost?'

'Nah, seen the movie though.'

Angel smiled. He was probably the only one who knew how educated and intelligent Spike really was. He wasn't fooled for a minute.



'Will you take me in then, if I come?' Spike lifted his eyebrow with a suggestive look and Angel laughed at the double meaning obvious in that.

'Yes, Spike. I'll take you in. Promise. You come and I'll take you in.'

Spike relaxed. Angel was over his little angst.

'You know I'm not going to let you or Cordelia get involved in this thing with Darla?'

Bugger. Angel had just been regrouping.

'You can't say what we do, luv. It's not up to you. I'm the one that got smashed up; I'm the one she tried to poison. Jesus, Angel. Holy water in my blood! That was sick, even for her. And Cordelia was the one she fu…kidnapped. So we've both got reasons of our own to do this. You can't take that away from us.'

Angel looked intently at Spike and Spike began to squirm under his gaze. 'What, for fuck's sake, what?'

'What exactly did Darla do to her, Spike?' Bloody hell, Angel never, ever missed a trick.

Spike had no intention of breaking his promise to Cordelia. He just gripped the wheel tighter, stared straight ahead and replied, 'why don't you use your imagination, Angel. You knew that bitch for two hundred years. Take a look at Cordelia and use your imagination.'

Angel's hand on Spike's leg closed in an involuntary, vice-like grip. Spike knew that Angel had worked it out. 'So you see, mate, we've got our own reasons to want her dead…er.'

'You will have to do exactly as I say, when I say it. You will have to obey me instantly. If I say you are out of it, you take cover. Do you hear me?'

..."Yeah, yeah, yeah"... 'Yes, I hear you.' Spike had no intention of actually doing that, but bit-by-bit he was winning this tactical battle with Angel.

'When we get home we will have to try and spread the word that Angelus is back.'

Spike gave a pleased smile to himself. 'Already done it, mate. I phoned the barman who gave me Mar…err, who I've had lots of dealings with and told 'im. He was suitably impressed. She'll know by now, you know how demons like to bleeding gossip.'

'I wonder what she'll think.'

'I can tell you. She won't believe it.'

'That's an incredibly helpful and positive contribution, Spike. Thank you for that.'

'You've got to face it, luv. I was only your Childe. She is your fucking Sire. She'll smell 'Angel' before you have a chance to give one 'Angelus' grrr.'

'Then you're saying there is no chance this is going to work?'

'No, I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying you have to listen to us.' Spike inclined his head to the now sleeping Cordelia. 'You need her. She's the key to all this. Without her, it won't work.'

Angel spoke through gritted teeth. 'Are you seriously suggesting that I sleep with Cordelia, beat her up and drain her, just so I can fool Darla for a few seconds?'

'Well, given that you won't actually be doing any sleeping, beating is probably not a good idea and draining not necessary, other than that, yes, that's the general idea.'

'You are both delusional if you think I'm going to do that.'

'Angel, are you running for fucking prude-of-the-year or something?'

'She's my employee and my friend. I can't fu…sleep with her!'

'Ooh, almost slipped there, Angel. Almost let a naughty word out…get that friggin' halo back on. And people at work shag all the time, that's what the bleeding Christmas party's for! Come on, Angel; get off your soapbox. This is me remember? I know you. I know you are horny as a fucking goat all day long. I know you wank off at least ten times a day. I know you'd fuck anything that had a pulse. Hell, I've watched you fuck things that didn’t have a pulse and that even grossed me out! So get a grip here. All you have to do is have a little wank on some clothes and give them to Cordelia to wear. I think if you really try hard, you could manage that. Don't you?'

Angel was so caught up in Spike's rant, he spoke before he thought. 'You mean I'm not going to get to actually shag her? I just do it on some clothes?'

Spike turned to him with a totally incredulous, 'I don't believe you just said that look', and burst into gleeful laughter.

Angel groaned and put his head in his hands, laying them on his lap. 'I think I'm just going to shut up now, Spike. You decide everything, okay? You get it all sorted and tell me when and where you want my cock and I'll just turn up and do my Angelus impression. How's that?'

Spike put out a hand and rubbed the back of Angel's neck. 'Poor baby, am I corrupting you?'

Angel just nodded.

'Oh, not trusting yourself to speak now, hey?'

Angel shook his head.

'How's about I make a suggestion of something you can do without talking? Needs your mouth open though.'

Angel twisted back to look at Cordelia. She was lying, deeply asleep, in the back. He turned back to Spike and put the tip of one finger against his Childe's lips. Spike sucked it in and swirled his tongue around Angel's nail for a moment. He raised his hips slightly and Angel unbuttoned the faded, black jeans. Spike's dark, curly hairs sprung free and rose like a soft cloud around his erect penis. Angel shifted closer, blocking the gap to the back seats.

'Can you still drive safely if I do this?'

'That implies I'm driving safely now. Just do it, Angel.'

Spike's long, pale cock made a startling contrast against the black of his clothes. It stood up proud, swaying to the movement of the car. Angel flicked it with one finger and groaned when he saw it swell and rise more. Instead of pushing the foreskin back, he pulled it higher, gathering it in his fist. This made the shaft incredibly smooth and solid, every tiny blue vein clearly visible. He let the loose skin drop back to its natural position, then did it again. Spike bent forward slightly and hissed. 'Fucking hell, Angel, I'm gonna need wipers inside the screen if you do that again.'

This time Angel pushed Spike's foreskin down exposing the head of his penis. He licked one finger and rubbed it around on the soft, red flesh. He loved the feel of that tiny hole under his sensitive finger. He closed his eyes and played a 'find the hole' game for a minute or two, swirling it all around the tip then suddenly rubbing it over the little opening. By the time he was finished, a steady stream of clear fluid was leaking out. He caught some on his finger and brought it to his mouth, changed his mind at the last minute and put it on Spike's lips. Spike moaned and flicked out his tongue to catch it. Angel then leant in and kissed him, getting the taste of Spike's precum second hand. He only allowed Spike to kiss him for a moment before returning to his game with Spike's cock. He held the foreskin down again and this time bent to put his tongue over the little hole. He felt the icy fluid bubble out. His lips formed a perfect seal just under the ridge and he gave long, deep sucks, not moving his lips at all. When he was ready, he started flicking his tongue rapidly across the hole, like a little a vibrating lash.

He heard Spike let out a strangled cry and when he looked up, Spike had his eyes closed and his head thrown back.


'Sorry…but, Angel, do that again…please…'

'Eyes open?'

'Promise, anything, I promise anything, just do that again.'

Angel laughed and put his lips over Spike's cock again. He used his tongue shamelessly on Spike's sensitive tip for a another few minute then, when he thought Spike was completely lost in the delight of that sensation, with an evil grin he plunged his mouth right down until his lips were pressed into the wiry hairs at the base of Spike's cock. As he went down, he relaxed his muscles completely so the tip that he had so recently been stimulating plunged down his throat, coming to rest against the soft back wall.

'Ohh, fuck!' Spike's voice jumped an octave. He put a hand on the back of Angel's head and Angel allowed him to push him deeper. Spike had not had this done quite like this for over a hundred years. He'd only had women suck him off since and there was one thing he did know about women, even dead ones…they did not like being held down or pushed further when they weren't going to get the pleasure reciprocated. He pushed again and Angel relaxed his throat some more. Then Angel started growling a violent, vibrating growl that he knew would make all his muscles stimulate Spike's cock. That was the end for Spike. His balls clenched and rose and his sperm was propelled like lava up his cock to erupt into Angel's throat. Angel didn’t even taste the first two jets; they shot right down without contacting with his mouth at all. Spike continued to press him down harder and harder as he rode out the intense pleasure of his orgasm. Angel could feel the hard muscles at the root of Spike's cock under his lips, he could feel the sperm pumping past, swelling and releasing like the ebb and flow of some great ocean. He felt entirely used. Spike was milking his pleasure into Angel's mouth, entirely unheeding of Angel's comfort or pleasure. Angel couldn’t believe how erotic this was. No misunderstandings, no trying to explain how something felt to someone who could never understand because they had a different body. Angel could imagine how good this was for Spike and he was very, very happy to do it for him.

He stayed on Spike's cock for a long time. He stayed there till he felt it soften in his mouth. He avoided touching the tip now and gently pulled off, carefully putting it away. Spike was just staring ahead, unfocused.

He looked slightly stunned; his free hand had gripped the wheel so tightly his nails had dug into the palm, making tiny bleeding crescents. 'I kept my eyes open, Angel. All the time.'

'Good boy. Want me to drive now?'

'Oh yes.'

Spike pulled over and they swapped seats. As neither could be bothered to risk the sun, this involved climbing over each other in the front. A huge amount of giggling ensued, which woke Cordelia in the back.

For the rest of the trip she wondered why Spike was so quiet. She tried getting him to talk about stuff he liked, but he seemed to be only half listening. Every so often he glanced across at Angel who was driving casually, one hand on the wheel, the other on his leg tapping out the rhythm to the music.

Angel was quiet too. He had a pleased, half-smile on his lips and once or twice she saw his tongue flick out and lick them, as if tasting something there.

They were just pulling into a space in front of the hotel when Spike suddenly said,

‘Hope you are feeling refreshed after your sleep, bint. Angel's changed his mind.’

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