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The Longest Distance Between Two Points - Chapter 15


Spike lay at peace in Angel’s lap, enjoying the feeling of Angel’s soft cock under his ear and Angel’s warm, musky dampness against his cheek. Angel continued to play with his hair, trying to smooth it out, but getting his fingers tangled in the sticky, matted strands.

‘What happened to your hand, Luv?’ Spike’s voice broke the intimate silence they had maintained since their last explosion of need. They almost feared speaking again; so charged and erotic did it seem to make them.

Angel glanced down at his split, bruised, swollen knuckles.

‘I had an encounter with a wall. When Cordelia told me you were gone, I thought she meant you were dead.’

‘Oh. Join the club then, mate.’


‘That’s both of us then, hearing that the other was dead – least I didn’t do anything wussy like ploughing my fist into a wall – fact, I don’t remember even being that upset.’

‘There you go, Spike. I love totally and you just spread it around.’

Spike couldn’t help but laugh at hearing Angel so accurately quote his own words back at him.

‘I’m going to have to have words with a certain Miss Dawn Summers someday soon. She’s too clever for her own good! Bloody hell, Angel, how much longer?’

‘Don’t you own a watch?’

‘There is a withering look being sent your way, but I can’t be bothered to sit up – and duh!’

‘Well, I’ll buy you one. Five minutes. Depends on the traffic.’

Spike now enjoyed repeating this irritating question until they pulled up in front of the hotel.

So to his last, ‘how much longer?’ Angel was able to reply with relief.

‘We’re here. Get up.’

When Spike got to the doorway, he hesitated then thought, ..."What the fuck? Third time lucky"... and stepped over the threshold. He let the cat out of his carrier and followed Angel in. He groaned in dismay when Angel turned towards the kitchen.

‘Angel, upstairs...’ but his words were drowned out by a screech and Cordelia flung herself on him.

‘You’re back...how did you...where were you...I thought...eeew, when did you last shower, Mister? You stink.’

Spike was completely unphased by this and replied in a pompous voice, ‘vampires don’t smell. It’s a physical impossibility. Don’t really sweat see, well, not human sweat anyhow.’

‘Even vegetables sweat, Blondie! So...things only your best friend will tell you...you absolutely reek and jees, your hair! It’s black and all crusty!’

He repeated his assertion. ‘Vampires do not reek! I’ve known more bloody Vampires than you, pet, and most of those in the biblical sense, and they do not smell!’

‘Maybe you only shagged the ones that washed!’

This logic defeated Spike and he turned to Angel for support. ‘Angel, tell her! Do I smell?’

Angel was then caught in a dilemma between telling the truth and getting a compliant Spike on his cock later that night. One, he felt, might preclude the other. And as he was trying to keep the wet patch on the front of his pants out of sight behind the counter, he felt he was on slippery ground anyway.

But he didn’t need to speak. His hesitation gave it away. Spike’s eyes widened in fury. ‘Right, that’s it...’ and he stomped up the stairs muttering to himself and peeling off his clothes, completely oblivious to the fact that the two of them were watching, open mouthed. He had trouble getting his tee shirt unstuck from his skin, so just ripped it off and it joined the coat, jeans and boots already discarded.

Totally naked now he turned around and faced the two of them and said in as polite a tone as he could muster, ‘anyone care to join me or am I just going to go to waste here!'

In her mind’s eye, Cordelia saw herself walk up those stairs with Angel. She saw herself peel off her clothes and step into the shower with the two naked vampires. But it was only for a second. She gave herself a little shake and a wry smile crossed her lips. The thought had come into her head with the blinding power of one of her visions.

..."Yeah, you’ll look real good doing that when you’re eighty and they still look like that!"...

And oh, how they looked! Angel had started walking up the stairs, following Spike as if in a trance. He, too, was peeling off his clothes. He stepped gracefully out of his pants, shed his shirt and climbed the last few stairs to Spike, as naked as him. Cordelia watched the hard muscles on his backside shift as he moved. She watched his thighs and saw a glimpse of his heavy sac swinging underneath. She wondered why she wasn't feeling sadder. She was determined not to do any self-analysing; she was almost afraid of what other strange desires might be buried there. But completely unbidden the thought came into her head that this way, she would still have them when she was eighty. And that was a very comforting thought.

She turned on her heel, picked up her bag and left; she knew there was no place for her here, tonight.

Angel reached Spike and pulled him into a tight embrace, he put his hands down onto Spike’s ass and cupped the hard cheeks, pressing Spike’s groin to his own. They kissed, hands moving repeatedly over each other’s bodies as if seeking to reassure themselves that this was real. Eventually, Angel pulled away. ‘Come on, shower...sorry, but you really need one!’

Spike smiled but before he had thought through what he was going to say, blurted out, ‘you didn’t seem to mind too much tonight when you fucked...’ Too late, it was said. He set his jaw into a, ‘don’t do it Angel...don’t go all broody on me now’, look and pulled Angel towards the bathroom. To give Angel his due, he had no intension of getting broody about Spike’s comment. He’d promised and he intended to keep that promise. But he could sense Spike’s mood had changed. He tried to bring it back, tried to recapture the sexy, passionate mood he had been in before. He took some shampoo and massaged it into Spike’s hair. The water ran black down his pale skin. It took three washes until clear soapy water ran free. Then he took a brush and worked at Spike’s body with sweet smelling soap. Spike just braced himself on the wall and let him. When Angel eventually reached Spike’s entrance, he paused. He had promised though...so he did not think about what he had done and carefully washed away the dried cum and blood and carried on down Spike’s legs and feet.

Eventually Angel felt Spike was clean. He stood up and admired his handiwork. Spike tried to smile, but it did not reach his eyes.

‘What’s wrong, Spike?’

Spike pursed his lips trying to gauge Angel’s mood.

‘I’ve been thinking...hey, don’t groan...hear me out. Only, these three months I’ve been going a bit barmy, mate. I’ve been strung out. Like I said, hollow. And tonight...don’t look like that...this needs to be said Angel...tonight, I let myself fill up again. Everything I thought about you, all these frigging years of emotional fuck-up just flooded back in. But I’ve been thinking...stop snoring you bastard...I’ve been thinking that I don’t really want it.’

‘Oh. You don’t want me?’

‘Fuck off and get a life, Angel. Not YOU, ‘darling’!’ He said this last in a sneering, ironic tone but Angel heard the deliberate undertone of sincerity there. ‘I don’t want the baggage, all the old stuff. We said, ‘new’. We said, ‘second chance’. Well I want that. If we don’t, we’ll always go back to what happened tonight...like I just did. It’ll haunt us Angel, just as effectively as what we did all those years ago has done.’

‘What do you want to do, Spike? I don’t understand where you are going with this.’

‘Yes. Yes you do, Angel.’

Angel pulled Spike to him and studied his face carefully.

‘Angel, I want to be hollow again. I want you to make me hollow and I want you to fill me again. Drain me, feed me then take me. We start anew from this night.’

Angel didn’t reply, he only pulled Spike from shower and dragged him, still dripping into the bedroom. He pushed him onto his back on the bed and climbed up straddling Spike’s legs. Their damp bodies seemed to conduct a flow of intense desire between them.



Angel slid slowly and seductively into game face. Spike responded. They licked their lips and their yellow demon eyes flashed at each other. Primal, demonic forces crept up from their bellies to ignite a flame that could only be fed by blood. Pushing Spike’s neck back until he could feel the bones grind, Angel slid his cutting fangs into the soft, white, defenceless skin.

Spike groaned and spread his fingers out. He started to feel his blood moving. He had not felt this since the beginning, since Angelus had come to him and taken him to the place where he need no longer fear the monsters. Because he had joined them.

The blood began leaving his toes, they felt cold and dry, he felt it move up his legs, his thighs throbbing with its power, then...oh God...across his balls, all the blood moving through those soft sacs until they swelled and pulsed with its energy, then his penis, hard and weeping from Angel’s presence becoming flaccid and drained. He lost all sensation in his lower body. He cried out and Angel pushed his face in harder to Spike’s throat, his lips now inside the column of his neck, his nose buried deep in the precious tendons, sucking them as he fed. The blood continued to flow out of Spike’s body. He now felt it starting to drain in icy trickles through his brain. He began to feel light-headed. He closed his eyes to the disorienting feeling and when he opened them again was bemused to find himself looking down on the events unfolding on the bed as if he hovered above them.

From where he floated over the bed, Angel appeared like some great jungle beast feeding on prey. He looked like a lithograph in an ancient nursery fable, the beast of a nightmare, arisen. Spike moved his arms and saw the pale figure on the bed lie outspread as if in a parody of Christ, martyred on the cross. He closed his eyes and opened them to the soft brown of Angel’s hair, close and intimate once again.

He felt his heart empty and it was good. All the fear and loneliness, all the hatred and longing, all the self-destructive urges and all consuming need sluiced out and taken into Angel’s powerful, ancient body. He felt the light beginning to fade but knew he had not closed his eyes. He felt he was near his end and his beginning.

And then he knew no more.

Angel rose from the pale lifeless body, his face a mask of blood, blood running off his chin, blood on his teeth, blood in his eyes. He turned to sit against the headboard and pulled the light body into his arms.

That Spike should have such faith and trust in him made him humble.

He waited for a few moments to feel the power of Spike’s blood in him; he could sense its delight in being back at the source of its demonic life. He stroked the lifeless skin of his Childe remembering another time and place when he had ripped and torn this body and made it his. He stroked his hand across Spike’s belly and down to his soft, lifeless penis. She had found him doing this. She had seen him with the body, playing, and had known that his thoughts had turned from her. She would have stopped him returning the blood but he had begged and pleaded and bargained with her.

And that bargain had cursed them all.

But not now. Second chances. That was what Spike had wanted for them both. He stroked Spike’s face and pressed a soft kiss to his pale, cold lips then pried them open with his insistent tongue.

It was time, the blood was singing in his veins and demanding its return. He bit his tongue and pressed it back into Spike’s mouth. A few drops, just to revive him enough to feed. He pumped the wound in his tongue with his lips to make the drops turn into a small steam. He saw Spike’s eyes start to flutter open. Stretching his own neck tight, Angel opened his artery and mashed Spike’s mouth to the gaping wound. Spike’s face became soaked and red, but it revived him enough to insert his fangs and suck. Within minutes, strong arms snaked around Angel’s neck and he was pulled further onto the insistent mouth. A few minutes more and Spike sat up, straddling Angel’s lap and still he fed, his hands now on Angel’s face, pushing his head back so his neck was exposed and smooth.

Just as Spike had felt every ounce of blood leaving his body, so he felt its return. Every nerve came tingling back to life, every artery surging and pumping with this shared blood. He started to shake with the power of its return and felt as if his whole body was in orgasm.

He felt his penis start to swell with borrowed blood, far harder and thicker than his usual erection. Angel's blood was stiffening him and he felt it would push right through Angel's belly. He groaned again and began to lift and raise himself on Angel's lap so the head of cock rubbed against Angel's hard abdominal muscles. Angel groaned in unison as he felt the icy trail of Spike's pre-cum wiped across his smooth skin. He wrapped his arms around Spike's back, crushing him to him, increasing the friction and pressure on Spike's cock.

Spike had never felt so aroused. This was beyond the usual need for physical relief that could be fulfilled by a quick hand job or, if he was lucky, a convenient partner. This was as if his brain needed to fuck too. It was as if by coming back to 'life' his body demanded coupling to reassert its hold on this perilous state. He had seen humans reacting like this in war – a desperate need to fuck and fuck and fuck.

He took his hands from the back of Angel's neck and put them down to spread Angel's legs wide. Then he shifted so he was kneeling in between them. He put one hand up to the gaping wound in Angel's neck, pulled his mouth away for a moment and swirled one finger around in the pulsing fluid. Before Angel could object he was back on, suckling, for all the world, as if this was his mother's milk. With the slick finger, he explored Angel's cock, travelled down his perineum and came to rest on his small, waiting entrance. He pulled away again from Angel's neck to say in a voice deep and choked with blood, 'pull your legs back.'

Angel did as he was asked, drawing his thighs back so Spike had better access to his hole and gave a cry of intense pleasure when he felt the tip of Spike's finger slipping in through the tight ring of muscle.

Spike worked the tip of his finger around like a mortar in a pestle, grinding it against the side walls, hooking it and probing, pulling back and pushing in. Angel's head was thrown far back; his hands were buried deep in Spike's damp hair.

'This feel good? Tell me.'

Angel managed only one word in reply to this. 'More…' But it was enough for Spike. His feeding became frenzied and the more he sucked, the more he worked Angel's hole. He finger started to get tired so he pushed another in and Angel's low groan delighted him. With the strength of two fingers Spike was able to reach the small swelling in Angel's passage that he wanted to explore. When his fingers pressed against it Angel reared up from his sitting position, his legs flew out straight and Spike was dislodged from his feeding.

Angel grabbed Spike's bloody face in his hands and practically shouted at him, 'cock, now!' He fell onto his hand and knees, spreading his legs as wide as possible. Spike knelt behind him, his solid penis lying in the crack of Angel's ass. The blood still dripped from Spike's fangs so he slipped back into his human face and pushed his mouth to Angel's hole. He rubbed his face all over the cheeks and puckered entrance, soaking them in the precious fluid then, taking his cock in his hand, he guided it to Angel's hole. He had to smile to himself when he found how difficult it was to bend it even that low. He pulled his foreskin back to expose the wet, slippery tip and rubbed it over the bloodied entrance.

'Ready, luv?'

Angel's only reply was to put his hand behind him, seeking for Spike's hand. They entwined their fingers and as Spike squeezed Angel's hand he pushed his cock through the ring of protective muscle. He watched his shaft pushing in. Angel's hole seemed to stretch beyond what Spike would have thought possible, but the blood made him so slippery it did not tear. He pushed in for what seemed like an age. He knew he must be near that spot again. He pulled his hand from Angel's, gripped onto the raised hips and stared a jerking, thrusting movement, just to explore Angel's reaction.

'More, more, fill me more.'

Spike pushed in until he saw his dark curls brushing Angel's pale cheeks. He was fully embedded in his Sire's ass and he felt a surge of power that threatened to overwhelm him. He wanted to fuck now; hard, fast fucking that would make him cum in endless streams of fluid. He wanted to fill Angel's ass so he'd be leaking for hours. He started slowly then worked up to a rapid, deep thrusting. Suddenly Angel threw his head back and howled, 'there, there, there.' He'd found that spot and he worked it with all his strength and energy, hitting it again and again for Angel. He slipped one hand around Angel's hips and took the rigid cock in a tight fist working it back against Angel's belly, stretching it away.

Angel lifted up onto his knees and braced himself against the headboard. He knew he was coming. He couldn’t believe the sensation of Spike in his ass. He was having an orgasm from being penetrated. Spike was in his ass. Spike who had frustrated and teased and beguiled him for over a hundred years was thrusting pleasure into his ass. He twisted his head around and saw Spike's face. It was in human form but looked demonic in its intensity, his mouth in a feral snarl, his teeth barred, his eyes screwed shut with the effort of reaching that elusive relief. Then Spike opened his eyes. He saw Angel watching him and pulled Angel's head back to rip and tear at his mouth in desperation for more contact, more pleasure. It was the end for both of them. The touch of their mouths and the taste of their joined blood sent a forceful jet of sperm up from Spike's hard balls. It shot through his cock like cold lava to erupt deep into Angel's passage. Angel felt it splashing against the walls, swirling around in the cavern created by Spike's cock, he felt it well into a deep pool, but still Spike thrust in. Angel felt the pool of cum being thrust up by Spike's continuing pressure and his cock exploded as if somehow Spike's cum had been thrust even that far. Angel's cum hit the headboard of the bed, it kept coming, a great arc of thick, white fluid. Spike watched it over Angel's shoulder while he continued to ride into Angel's ass. Spike's hand became coated with it as the stream slowed.

Finally, they were both drained. Spike could feel his cum starting to leak out and knew he was softening slightly in Angel's ass.

Angel lay down. 'Don't pull out.'

So Spike stayed in and they entwined together. Angel started clenching and unclenching the strong muscles in his backside and Spike felt his cock harden again to the delicious sensation. But he growled a low growl of frustration when Angel suddenly pulled off his cock and turned around in the bed to nuzzle into Spike's groin. He thought Angel was going to suck him off and arched his cock towards Angel's mouth. He was surprised when Angel slipped back into game face, gave him a bestial look and bit deeply into Spike's femoral artery. Spike howled in pain and ecstasy. Angel put a hand down onto the back of Spike's neck and Spike suddenly realised why Angel had moved into this sixty-nine position. Angel pushed Spike's face towards his groin. Spike let his demon free once more that night and bit into the soft, delicious flesh at the top of Angel's thigh.

They lay entwined, sucking and feeding from this sensual place. Spike had no idea why Angel had chosen to do it this way until he realised that all his blood now had to leave his body from his groin, all his blood passing through his cock and balls. It was like his previous draining magnified tenfold. His cock swelled with the passing blood as if it were going to burst. With huge relief he felt Angel pull his bloody mouth away from the wound to plunge it down on his cock. Spike screamed with the pain of feeling his swollen cock being pushed against Angel's throat. Two strong sucks from Angel's talented mouth and Spike lost it. He shot a load of cold cum into Angel's mouth. Angel didn't even hesitate; he swallowed some of it and returned immediately to the wound, adding Spike's blood to the other intimate fluid he held in his mouth. Spike felt humbled. He glanced across at Angel's cock, swaying inches from his face. He stopped sucking. The sight was incredible. Angel's cock was an angry purple, Spike almost swore he could see the blood moving through it. He looked at Angel and felt a tingle of lust tickle down his spine when he saw that Angel was watching him with feral, yellow eyes. Spike plunged his mouth down onto Angel's cock just as his Sire had done for him. Angel took his mouth away for one second from his blood fest and mouthed silently at Spike, 'good boy.'

Angel came as urgently as Spike had done. Neither had any choice, the blood being dragged through their cocks was making them hard without any participation from them. Angel smiled to himself, he'd discovered something much more effective than Viagra, but doubted many humans would like to try it. Spike was swollen again and the tip of his cock weeping for release, again Angel moved his mouth seamlessly from wound to cock. Again Spike came in a few seconds, this time Angel heard a low cry of pleasure from Spike as Angel played on the tip with his tongue. Spike moved back to Angel's cock, copying Angel's moves exactly. But when Angel brought Spike off for the third time he put his hand down to prevent Spike doing the same for him. He wondered why, especially as Angel sucked him off for a fourth time again without allowing Spike to move. Spike glanced nervously at Angel's cock. It must be incredibly painful by now, it certainly looked it. It was hugely swollen in diameter and lay completely flat against Angel's hard stomach. A flood of pre-cum was washing like a river over Angel's belly button. Spike watched the angry purple tip with fascination. How could Angel bear such pain? Angel sucked Spike off one last time then reared up in the bed and flung himself onto Spike, pinning him on the bed on his back. He took the backs of Spike's thighs and lifted them up and back as far as they would go. Then he pushed them some more. Spike thought his hips might dislocate, but the position lifted his ass right off the bed and made his hole a clear, ready target. Spike’s eyes widened in fear when he realised why Angel had not taken any relief. The engorged shaft was still vertical against Angel's belly, so swollen with the passing blood that Spike doubted that, even in this position, Angel would be able to reach him. He was not too sure he wanted him to anyway. It seemed completely impossible that that would go in his tiny hole.

But at that very moment, the moon came out from behind a cloud and Angel's body was bathed in its luminance. Spike closed his eyes and when he opened them again, Angel was back in human face and smiling down at Spike. And Spike realised that the long journey was over. What they had begun one hundred years ago was to be completed here and now. There had been so much distance between them, such a long road travelled. Spike wanted to come home.

'Take me, Sire.'

'Going to.'

Angel put his hand to Spike's still bleeding artery and smeared blood across to Spike's hole then he put the tip of his cock in position. Looking down at Spike, he pushed slowly in. He said only one word, but it was like a long drawn out sigh.


He paused for a moment then pushed in the rest of the way. Angel was embedded so deeply that the bones in Spike's ass dug into his hips. He ground himself on them for a moment, revelling in the feel of his sac begin rubbed against their hardness. Spike gave out a high-pitched cry of ecstasy. He felt overwhelmed by the feeling of Angel inside him.

When Angel knew he could get no deeper, he leant forward towards Spike and placed a deep, reverential kiss on his lips, then whispered in a low, melodic voice, 'I will cry out when I come, 'I love you,' know, Childe, that it is for you. When you see my face contorted in its orgasm, know that it is for you.'

Spike had wanted to be drained, filled and taken. He had not expected that he would also be saved.

As Angel began a steady thrusting, Spike put an arm across his face. He did not want Angel to see him cry. Each thrust took away a part of Spike's pain and replaced it with a part of Angel. Had Spike ever heard of the God-shaped hole, he would have felt his being filled that night. His Sire was finally claiming him. He was no longer the lost Childe crying in the wilderness, he was taken and marked and owned and wanted. Only a few hours ago Spike had had this cock in his ass, but had thought Angel dead. He had been penetrated and taken, but had thought that Angel was dead. But they were here, now. Second chances indeed.

So Spike tried to hide his face, tried not to let Angel see how deeply he felt this penetration. He was a demon; he feared he had no idea how to cope with love this deep.

But Angel knew. As he kept up the steady, regular thrusts he pulled Spike's arm away. Spike looked at him questioningly, his tear-streaked face glistening in the moonlight. Angel just smiled at him.

'Wanna see you.'

Spike felt himself come back into the room from the place he had been. He came back to the reality of Angel buried deep in his ass, Angel laughing at him - not a God, not a Sire, not even another demon - just Angel.


Spike gave a small grin. His over-active imagination again. He had to stop thinking so much. Had to think less and act more. So he did. He lifted his hips up to meet Angel's next thrust.

Angel threw back his head. 'Yeah.'

Again Angel thrust, again Spike lifted to meet it. Angel moved his hands from Spike's legs to catch his feet. He pulled them up and pressed them either side of Spike’s head so Spike was bent double and then thrust in again. And that was it. Angel hit the spot deep in Spike's channel that had never been touched before. So, in a way, this was Spike's first time. The first time it had given him a sensation like that. He flung himself forward, his incredibly strong abdominal muscles raising him up, almost a far as Angel's chest.

'Oh…fucking hell…is that what it was like for you?'

'Yeah.' Angel seemed stuck with that one word, too lost in his impending orgasm to increase his vocabulary.

'Do it again, Angel.'


This time Spike flung himself back down again, arching once more to Angel's thrusting. He put his hand to his cock, incredulous that he was hard for the seventh time that night. Angel was watching him and hissed with pleasure when Spike pulled back his foreskin to show him his exposed tip.

'Yeah. Pull it.'

When Spike started to pull and work his cock, Angel became wild. He started thrashing against Spike as if he were trying to smash his way into Spike's body. Spike's sac was trapped by the ferocious onslaught and he howled in pain and pleasure as for the seventh time that night he felt it burst its contents into his cock and release them in a jet of cold sperm. Angel bent forward slightly and let the fluid splash on his face, then arched his back and howled an ear splitting, 'I love you,' as his seed was implanted in Spike, forever claiming him as his Childe. Angel rode Spike for many minutes, drawing out his orgasm. He could feel each squirt of cum splashing against Spike's walls and cooling the tip of his cock. It was so wet in Spike's tunnel that Angel felt cum being forced back down past his swelling shaft. But he continued to thrust. He locked eyes with Spike, neither able to smile or acknowledge the other’s presence, the intensity of their orgasms too great.

Finally, there was no more. They were both utterly, utterly drained. Angel just collapsed on Spike as if he had been felled with an axe. Spike eased his legs down and groaned slightly as his hips complained at the stretch. He gave himself a wry smile at this. He knew it was hardly a manly, Big-Bad-demon sort of thing to be complaining about. Angel was not moving. Sixteen stone of Master Vampire lay on his Childe like a dead weight. It was fortunate that Spike did not need to breathe. So he just wrapped his arms tightly around Angel's back and lay there.

His entire body felt bruised and used. It felt incredibly good. Better than the feeling he got from fighting, better than hunting. The best. Nothing compared to this. He was Angel's at last. He wondered if Angel was awake or if he was going to say something profound about this coupling.

'Hey, pet, you in there?'


'You okay?'


'You gonna stay there all night?'


Spike just laughed and pushed Angel slightly to one side. They both laughed when he literally slid off, skating on the copious pools of cum lying between them. Angel immediately wrapped as much of his body against Spike's as he could. Spike pulled the blankets up over them both and they lay there feeling their bodies throb and twitch with post orgasmic energy.



'I left my body when you fed from me. I was up there, watching.'

'Yeah? Like what you saw?'

'Preferred it down here.'



‘Go to sleep.’

‘When I was up there, do you think that was my soul?’


‘Oh. Don’t sound too enthusiastic, will you, luv?’

‘Spike, it no longer matters to me, you are as I see you, no more no less.’

‘Ahh, but what if you didn’t see me, what am when I’m alone?’

Angel smiled against Spike’s back. He found it hard to believe they had only had this conversation a few hours ago. It seemed more like lifetimes. ‘Oh, when you are alone you are still my lover, my delight, my most precious, my number one priority and my soulmate.’

‘Oh. Good. Soulmate? Mate to your soul?’

‘Yeah, mate to my soul’

‘Rather be mate to yer hole!’

‘Okay, holemate then.’

Spike liked the sound of this and repeated it irritatingly for a while.

‘Spike...I’m going to hit you in a minute. Shut up and go to sleep.’

'What time is it?'

'Nearly morning. Go to sleep.'

'We don't have to do shit tomorrow do we? We are staying in bed…aren't we?'

'Tomorrow is cancelled due to lack of interest.'



‘What’s that?’

‘My finger...’

‘Thought it was. Thought you wanted me to go to sleep. What did you do Angel, before I came along...how the hell did you get any work done, you must have had to stop every five minutes for a wank.’

‘Didn’t feel like this ‘til you stomped into that party.’

‘Knew I looked irresistible in leather.’

‘You look irresistible in skin. Like this?’

Spike did, but wanted more. He shifted so his leg was thrown up over Angel. Angel just slipped his penis into Spike’s very slippery, very stretched hole.

‘Umm, much better, move a bit, Angel.’

‘Nah, don’t move, let’s see how long we can keep this up...wanna try for a whole day record?’

And with that they both fell into a half sleep, Angel occasionally pulsing his cock in Spike’s hole just enough to stay hard, Spike once or twice wriggling on Angel to remind him to do so. Hours passed. Sometimes they kissed, but grew too aroused and couldn’t be bothered to move and stopped so they could just let Angel’s cock do the kissing for them. Angel kept Spike’s cock hard too, every hour or so gently stroking it and working his damp fist around and over the top. They might have made the day record they were aiming for if it hadn’t been for the phone. It rang, loud and shrill on the table next to Spike’s ear.

Angel let it ring. As long as he could which, being a responsible dark avenger, was not long. He picked it up with a weary sigh and held it so Spike could hear too.


'Angel…it's me...’ More awake now, Angel pushed a little harder into Spike, Spike responded with a thrust back of his hips. ‘...Cordelia's had another vision...’ Angel groaned but it was not because of Wesley’s words. Spike put Angel’s free hand on his cock and made him form a hard fist around it. ‘...It's a bad one I'm afraid...’ Angel felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through the small of his back and on into his balls. ‘...I'm going to pick her up at her place and then we'll come on to you…you still there Angel…Angel...'

'Uh…yes, thanks Wesley. See you then.' Angel let the phone drop and sat up, pushing Spike face down into the mattress.

‘Fuck, I’m hard...not gonna make the day’s record, sorry.’ And he started urgent thrusting into Spike. Concentrating on his impending orgasm, he hardly heard Spike’s muffled question.

'What time is it?'

'No, Spike…no time.'

'Angel, how long will it take?'

'What?' He could hardly talk, he was rising and lowering himself on this hard body, working this tight hole, milking every ounce of pleasure out of it he could. Until it wriggled out from under him, literally leaving him fucking the pillow.


‘Woops, sorry mate, but how long will it take Wesley to get to Cordelia's place and then get here?'

‘Shut up, get back here. Get back on my cock.’


Angel looked unbelievingly at his watch. 'This time of the morning, I guess about an hour, why?'

Spike smiled at him and kissed him. Angel immediately tried to catch him and pin him back onto the bed, but Spike was quicker and dodged away. He swung his legs over the edge and started hunting for his clothing.

‘Spike!’ Angel actually heard a petulant whine creep into his voice and tried again, going for the masterful Sire tone. ‘Spike, what are you doing?’

'One hour, pet. We'd better shower and shit and then I'll check the weapons over and you can make breakfast for Cordy and Wes when they get here cus they'll be hungry and then…come on Angel…get out of bed?'

Angel lay back and listened in amazement to Spike's words.

Second chances.

Spike had asked to be emptied, filled and taken and Angel had done that. He thought he would be claiming a Childe - he had hoped to find a lover, too. But listening to Spike's unexpected reaction to the telephone call, he was beginning to see that he had a friend, a companion and a colleague now. He had not expected that.

Second chances.

Spike turned around to look impatiently at Angel.

'Come on, Angel. Get up. How much longer do we have?'

Angel just smiled at him, put one hand out to touch his face and said the word that came into his mind, as he looked at his second chance.


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