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The Longest Distance Between Two Points - Chapter 2


Spike woke with a start in the deep, comfortable bed they had made their own for the last few months they had been in Prague. He took a few slow, unnecessary breaths and turned to the still sleeping Drucilla. He pulled her close to him and took a deep smell of her hair. It always reassured him to hold and smell Drucilla. It made him feel safe and secure and took away the fear of the dream. In all his scary existence, Drucilla was the constant against which he measured the extent of his own change. She had not changed at all from the mad, beautiful, mysterious vampire he had inherited nearly one hundred years ago. She looked the same, acted the same and thought the same. She even wore the same style of dress. All of this reassured Spike and gave him some continuity in this rapidly changing world. Because Spike had changed a great deal from the William creature he had just dreamed of. He was so no longer William that the dream almost had no power to affect him. Almost. Because he had to admit to himself, it did. It did affect him. He yearned every day to dream it, but feared it too, because although the dream brought Angelus back to him, at the very same time it effectively reminded him of the moment that had fucked up his entire unlife. Forever. It reminded him of the moment when Angelus had fucked him up for the rest of his unlife. And he had special reason to be dreaming it today. Oh yes, Spike had very good reason to be remembering his dead Sire today.

Spike knew he would sleep no more that day. He was resigned to lying awake next to the sleeping Drucilla with the heat of the room oppressing him. He was resigned to the fact that he could not return to and finish his dream. But he could remember, he remembered stuff very well. He particularly remembered that night. Every long moment of it.

Angelus had not sobered up from the effects of diluting some of the alcohol he’d consumed with a few pints of Childe cum. Rather the opposite. The heady mixture seemed to have tipped the balance from large Irish vampire who was very drunk, to drunken thing that might once have been a vampire. He pulled away from kissing William and tried to catch his Childe’s face in his hands again, missed and lurched over William against the window. He cursed and shifted position on the window seat effectively losing his balance and tumbling to the floor where he lay face down giggling.

William tidied himself up a bit, put his still hard cock away, buttoned his britches and tried to decide if, given Angelus’ inebriated state, he’d make it to the door before Angelus realized he’d gone. Much as William had enjoyed the exquisite orgasm he’d had in Angelus’ mouth and as much as he’d enjoyed the kissing and as ready as he was for exploring more with his Sire, he also wanted to get away quietly by himself and think all this over. He knew this was pathetic and not worthy of a Wraith, but nevertheless, it was what he wanted to do. He had a lot of new things to think about. He stood up and tried to step quietly over Angelus, but it was not to be. A large, strong hand held his ankle in a painfully tight grip and Angelus rolled over onto his side trying unsuccessfully to prop his head up with his other hand.

William decided to be bold. He had nothing to lose really and he might as well get proverbially hung for a sheep as for a lamb.

‘It’s late, Sire. Please let go. I want to go to bed now.’

William expected Angelus to fly into one of his hormonal rages at this so was alarmed, yet again, when his simple words seemed to wring nothing but anguish from the slightly unfocused demon on the floor.

‘Aye, Will, it is. It’s very late and I’m not meself. I’m drunk. I am. Drunk. I’ve been drinking.’ Angelus stopped and seemed impressed by his own admission as if he thought that, as no one had noticed he was drunk, it was pretty decent of him to admit it. But as all drunks do, he clearly liked the sound of his own voice and soon continued. ‘She knows you see.’

Angelus was clearly fed up with trying to talk to a Childe standing over him, because one moment William was preparing to leave and the next he was flipped on his backside by Angelus pulling his feet out from under him. Angelus struggled to sit up too and they sat side by side against the wall under the window.

‘How did she find out lad?’ Angelus looked to William, looked deep into his eyes, as if the answer to this mysterious question lay in their blue depths. William knew this to be unlikely, given he had absolutely no idea what Angelus was talking about.

He broke eye contact, fished in his pocket for his cigarettes and lit one, hoping he was looking mature, hard and rather Wraith-like.

He was actually debating giving in to his earlier, baser desires and trying something more with Angelus. The oral sex already seemed a dim, unreal memory. He wanted to recapture that mood, but couldn’t think how. Angelus was still muttering to himself when he suddenly turned to William and laid his hands on the side of his face - albeit rather unsteadily, with the merest of trembles.

Angelus’ eyes were deeply troubled again; his considerable forehead lowered, giving the impression of serious thought. William wasn’t fooled for a minute, he knew all of this was mood and emotion found at the bottom of a bottle.

‘I think she smelt me thoughts of you lad.’ Angelus gave a wise nod to himself and sank his head on William’s shoulder.

What thoughts? William hadn’t seen much evidence over the past year that Angelus thought at all, let alone that he thought about his youngest Childe. But given that Angelus was quietly sobbing on his shoulder, in the fashion drunks are wont to; he didn’t have the heart to point this out to him.

‘Then I cried yer name, Will. Oh Will, I cried yer name, to her! In me passion, I cried yer name and she knew. What am I ter do?’

William ground out his cigarette, pushed Angelus off his shoulder and this time grasped his Sire’s face in his own hands. Because this was getting ridiculous and it was starting to get him angry. He had been quite willing to give in to the overwhelming knowledge that he actually loved Angelus. After all, if he was put over a rack and tortured for a few days, he would probably admit that he had known this quite well over the whole of the last year, but the weakness this implied had just pissed him off, so he’d gotten all poetical picturing ice shards and the like. Too much thinking again. He just had to stop that. But, (and this was a big but, with quote marks and even underlining), he was not prepared for Angelus to start any stupid crap about how he really loved William and thought of William.

Angelus could keep his bottle-induced passion and leave him alone.

So when he spoke, his voice was far more dominant than usual and he took a tone he sometimes risked with the minions, but never, ever before with Angelus.

‘You don’t even know my bloody name half the time, so what the hell are you talking about?’ He was tempted to add, ‘Sire’, in an insulting tone at the end of this, but held it back. Even drunk, Angelus scared him a bit and he didn’t want to provoke him too much.

Angelus’ eyes filled up again and he put his hands dramatically to his chest like an actor strutting on a stage, indicating that William’s words had wounded him to his core. The effect of this was slightly ruined when he lost his balance on the wall and started sliding sideward, but he hauled himself back up to sitting and resumed his dramatic pose.

‘William, Childe, I love thee. Didn’t ye know? Yer all I think about, day an’ night, ye haunt me thoughts, Will. Oh, tell me ye knew this. Oh, tell me do!’

William’s jaw dropped open. He wished he had thought to count the words Angelus had just slurred out, because he was utterly convinced they were more than Angelus had ever said to him before. An unlifetime of words in one go.

And what words

He could think of nothing useful to say, so he just echoed Angelus in a weak, girlie voice. ‘Love me?’

In answer, Angelus attempted to kiss William again, but he was clearly beginning to suffer the effects of the drinking more as each minute passed. He missed William’s mouth and placed a fumy, wet kiss on his jaw. William didn’t mind as it gave him the opportunity to collect himself and regain the upper hand. He grabbed Angelus’ shoulders and even shook him a fraction.

‘You! Love Me!’ He looked Angelus straight in the eye…well, straight in one eye; Angelus’ other eye seemed to be sliding alarmingly off focus to one side. ‘You are very, very drunk. You have been refused your Sire’s bed. You are just looking for a convenient hole. Don’t…don’t try to confuse THIS, with love. You don’t have the right. You don’t know what love is. Oh, and do you know what? I hate you!’ William sat back with a satisfied look on his face. He tried to tell himself he felt better and that he had aired long held grievances against his Sire, but the churning in his guts told him differently. He’d crossed the line now. No turning back. But, oh! How dare he! How dare Angelus do this to him. He’d used the cheapest, worst, most transparent chat up line any drunk ever used…’I’ve always secretly loved you…didn’t you realise my ignoring you all the time was really my way of showing my abiding passion for you?’ William had the distinct feeling that in pubs around the known world and definitely in Clapham, drunks like Angelus were using that line on easy targets like him, creatures they would despise and belittle in the morning when their lust was sated.

William’s satisfaction with his untrue declaration that he hated Angelus was entirely ruined when Angelus cast him a tortured look and promptly burst into drunken, uninhibited tears. His previously slurred speech now became almost incoherent as he tripped over his words in his haste to try and explain what he wanted to William. He took William’s hand in his own, turning it over and over like a worry bead.

‘Me Gods Will, I knew ye’d think that, I knew. From the first, when she threatened to stake ye, before ye even woke up, I knew. I knew that if I ignored ye like she wanted, like she demanded, ye’d never know, ye’d think I hated you. But oh, love, I couldn’t let ‘er stake ye, I couldn’t. I wanted ye even then, even then when ye lay in me lap, dead and cold, I wanted ye. But she saw through me, she knew me, saw that look in me eye which should ‘ave been for her. Oh, Will…’ Angelus now hauled himself up to kneeling in front of the astounded William, leaning on him and pinning his shoulders to the wall. He came in close, putting his face right up to William’s as if by bridging the gap between their bodies, he could bridge the emotional gap that existed between them. ‘Didn’t ye feel it, William, when ye came around? The arguments, the tension, didn’t you know it was all about you? Every time I went to you, she fought me, every time I threatened to leave with you; she said she’d kill you. Oh Will, it was all to protect you, my Childe, my little one.’ He was sobbing so hard now, William had trouble working his words out at all and he did want to work them out now. He wanted that a lot, because suddenly things were starting to make a great deal of sense to William. All the things he had sensed and thought that were strange about this new family of his and his position in it were now becoming clear.

Because he believed Angelus.

His intuition told him that this drunken, but heartfelt declaration, explained the things he had sensed from Angelus but had never been able to explain to himself. The feeling that Angelus was watching him all the time, the feeling that Angelus said things to him that William did not hear out loud. William tipped his head slightly to one side, studying his distraught Sire. And that simple move seemed to push Angelus over the edge of the emotion he was trying to hold in, for at that look from his Childe, he swiftly took Will in his arms and seemed to be trying to swallow him whole, so passionate was his kiss.

William fell into the kiss with an abandon he had not allowed himself when Angelus kissed him earlier. Now, he was kissing the Sire who loved him. And that was a great deal better than kissing someone he loved one-sidedly. He put everything into the kiss that had disturbed or upset him over the previous, hideous year; all the longing, all the hurt, all the questioning was pushed into Angelus' mouth by William’s insistent tongue for it to be absorbed and soothed by his Sire’s powerful essence. William knelt up too to get better access to Angelus’ mouth. William felt that time stood entirely still in the room. In his fertile mind he felt that there was only Sire and Childe, united at last, in a passion that both of them wanted and needed. William now felt his existence had been justified. This was what he had been made for. This is where he was needed and where he fitted best; his mouth on Angelus’ mouth, his tongue clashing and moving with Angelus’ tongue, his hair being pulled and twisted by Angelus’ strong hands and his…ahh, William’s agile mind swiftly darted down to where his cock was now pressed into Angelus’ groin and Angelus’ very obvious, insistent erection. He wanted his cock inside Angelus too where he felt that would fit best.

He pulled away slightly from Angelus’ mouth to look him in the eye. He saw the same thought there that must have been evident in his eyes. Lust, desire, need, love? He moved his hands slowly down to his Sire’s shirt, keeping his eyes locked with Angelus’. He hadn’t learnt much about Vampire Lore in his long, lonely year, but one thing he had learnt; Childer did not initiate sex with their Sires and male Childer were never, ever allowed to enter their male Sires. It was unthinkable, destructive, dangerous. But he also knew one thing quite clearly. This might be his only opportunity ever of doing just this. Whilst Angelus was drunk, whilst Angelus was emotional. Once he sobered up he would be unlikely to let William do this ever again…even when they were together without Darla, as William knew now they would be…even when there was just the two of them together, forever, as William now saw as his future. He had no idea why Angelus had picked this evening to claim his Childe and frankly didn’t care. He wondered if the three days away had focused Angelus’ mind too. But he knew that this was real for both of them and that Angelus would not renounce him again.

So he continued his slow insistent undressing of Angelus. He ignored the quiet, whispered pleas for him to stop. He took Angelus’ murmured ‘no’ and ‘stop’ and ‘don’t’ to mean, ‘yes’ and ‘again’ and ‘more’. He felt, with a new depth of understanding for his Sire, that what Angelus said was not always what he meant and in this case, 'no', most definitely did mean, 'yes'. So he continued. He gently, but insistently, pushed Angelus back so he was lying on the floor. William lay over him, his hands braced each side of his Sire’s head. Angelus’ eyes were unfocused and his movements unsteady, but William didn’t let this put him off his aim. He moved slowly down Angelus’ body until he had access to the buttons of his britches. He used his tongue for a while over these buttons until he felt Angelus arch to his touch. Given this unmistakable signal, William brought his hands down and slowly started to unbutton each side, alternating his eager finger movements with the occasional licking and biting that Angelus clearly enjoyed.

At last he had his target. He was able to free Angelus’ cock and take it in his hand. William was in an entirely new world now. He had no map for this new land with which to navigate, but strangely he did not feel lost. He felt he was on familiar ground because, after all, what did he have in his hand but something he knew very well? He had a cock, an erect cock and he was very familiar with one of those. What fascinated him and made him so hard he could hardly contain his own urgent orgasm, was wondering just how different, or similar, was Angelus’ cock to his own. He decided to find out.

He started with a tiny lick up the underside, just to see what it would do. If Drucilla did this to his, it twitched and he would rear back on the bed, helpless and desperate. He was extremely pleased, therefore, to discover that Angelus’ cock twitched exactly the same. William even gave a small grin to himself as Angelus reared his hips up to William’s mouth. This was fun. There were many other areas William wanted to explore, so he wasted no time. He moved down so he was lying below Angelus’ cock and looked at the place where the base and balls stretched down to the perineum and on towards that small puckered hole that William was determined would be the final target of his fun tonight.

He wanted to try something on Angelus he could never get Dru to remember to do with him. He took his thumb and just pressed hard on that place at the base of Angelus’ straining cock where it went deep-rooted into his groin. Angelus groaned and laced his fingers in William’s hair and increased the volume of his insistent chant, ‘no, stop, don’t’. William took this for ample encouragement to continue and added a light series of licks up from the place he was pressing to the closed-over tip of Angelus’ cock. He was delighted to discover that Angelus found this as erotic as he did himself because Angelus’ cock surged free of its thick protective foreskin, its glistening tip shining in the cold moonlight that streaked in through the casement.

The sight of the soft, mushroom shape of his Sire’s cock entranced William. He increased the pressure of his thumb whilst moving Angelus’ cock with his other hand so the moonlight moved, rippling across the surface. This seemed to send Angelus to a new level of pleasure because William could distinctly see a trickle of precum leaking from the delicate slit in the otherwise totally smooth head.

William knew exactly what he wanted now. It surprised him, it was not something he’d ever thought he had wanted to do, but it was all he could think of, looking at that small, icy stream. So he did it. He reached up with his tongue and tasted it. As his tongue lapped at the few drops that bubbled out he raised his eyes to Angelus lying above him. He was very pleased to see that his Sire was watching him with keen interest. William couldn’t help giving him a grin and a slow, seductive smile as his licked and nuzzled at the source of this exquisite fluid. It was as good tasting Angelus’ precum, as producing his own!

Angelus who, suspiciously, was now looking much more focused, increased the pressure on William’s head, clearly trying to push his whole cock into William’s mouth. William just cast him another sly grin and swirled his tongue around the tiny slit for a while, strenuously resisting any attempt to push him lower. After a while he got bold and grabbed Angelus’ wrists, pulling them away from his hair, holding them in a firm grip and forcing them down to the floor. He risked a glance up at Angelus and laughed out loud to see him silently laughing at this boldness. Angelus let him hold his wrists pinned to the floor like a father who allows his son to beat him in play fighting.

William didn’t care if he was being humoured. He was very aware that he had managed to move this strange, unexpected night from one of lust, desire and passion, to one of friendship, sharing and fun. He’d done that entirely by himself. He felt very pleased with this turn of events and rewarded Angelus for his new mood by plunging his whole mouth and throat suddenly down onto the cock he had only been playing with. Angelus reared up at the waist, his laughter turning to a frantic hiss.

‘Ye Gods, Childe, where did ye learn to do that? NO! Don’t stop, don’t answer me, but ye’d better not let me find ye…ahh, hell’s dominion…better not let me find ye’ve been with any of the minions doing this…I won’t have it, Will, ye’re mine, do ye hear?’

William did and he decided to reply with a prolonged ‘um’. Which was the best he could do given he had eight inches solid vampire shaft in his mouth. He grinned inwardly as the effects of this deep vibration caused Angelus to start unnecessary panting as his eyes rolled back theatrically in his head.

He knew exactly what Angelus must be feeling because William had recently enjoyed this very treatment from his Sire. He sincerely hoped Angelus did not give way to a temptation to scream and just to make sure he let go one wrist and clamped the palm of his hand securely over Angelus’ mouth. William's humming ‘um’, therefore, was changed to deeper, lower, 'ahhs' when Angelus’ tongue flicked out and started licking the palm that was silencing him. The 'ahhs' turned to silent screams of pleasure when Angelus’ fangs descended into the soft flesh at the base of his Childe's thumb. Angelus ripped the tendon open and greedily sucked the tempting thumb in a mirror image of William sucking his cock. The two vampires lay joined in a circle of need. William felt his Sire wouldn’t last much longer and tried to make a counterpoint with his tongue on the underside of Angelus' cock, exactly as the one that had earlier brought him to his own explosive orgasm. He could feel himself getting slightly light-headed from the blood loss from sucking on his hand. It was like the feeling he got from chain smoking, a buzz, a moving to a place where he felt bolder, better, bigger. He found the rhythm with his tongue he was looking for and felt rewarded by Angelus increasing the sucking on his hand until, feeling an impending orgasm, Angelus released the bloody thumb from his mouth, pulled free of William’s other hand and placed both his hands on the back of his Childe’s head. With Angelus helping, William found just the right, final few thrusts and they brought him off together in an endless eruption of cum in William’s mouth.

William felt Angelus’ sperm splash against the back wall of his throat.

Is this what Dru felt when she sucked him off?

If so, why didn’t she fall on his cock every time she saw him, desperate for him in her mouth? Why did he have to ask her to do this? Why? He had never felt so charged, so alive, even more than when he had been alive. The taste of Angelus’ cum, the smell of him in his orgasm, the feel of his hands in William’s hair, he had found his true home and in their future together William determined he would do this whenever, wherever he could. Eventually the stream of cum rushing down his throat stopped and William, knowing how sensitive Angelus’ cock would now be, released it gently from his mouth, being careful not to touch the delicate tip until Angelus was ready again.

Fortunately for William, Angelus’ cock was only about eight inches of him, there was another six foot two at least that William wanted to explore. He knew the final place he intended to end up in, but he had a long journey planned to that place. Angelus had an agenda too; he pulled William up for another long, deep kiss. Incredibly, there was something new to their kisses yet again. Each time they kissed, they moved on a stage from the previous one. This one was the best so far because along with the passion and need, was the fun and friendship they’d discovered earlier. It seemed Angelus didn’t know whether to kiss, or laugh at, his newly-discovered, delightful, talented Childe’s boldness, so they just nipped at each other, kissing, pulling away, laughing, playing with lips, teeth, and tongues.

William was the first to break away; he looked at Angelus with a cheeky grin and placed his blunt, human teeth directly onto the soft front of Angelus’ throat. It wasn’t one of the things he’d planned to do whist exploring Angelus’ body but the play kissing with his Sire had emboldened him. Besides, his thumb was hurting like hell and he felt he was owed a bit of a top up. He waited for Angelus to give him permission. He’d never done this, had never even allowed himself to dream of this exquisite privilege, so he waited expectantly. Angelus lay still for the merest of moments then stretched his neck back giving William the taste and feel of the skin stretched tight over his Adam's apple. William took this for the permission he sought and delicately pierced Angelus’ throat with his fangs. He used his utmost skill and finesse with the precious thing he had in his power. One more fraction of pressure and a hot spurt of the most desired fluid in vampire existence, shot with living force down his throat. The contrast of hot, following on from the cold cum, was sensational. But soon, all thought was lost to William as he drank deep and long from this, the essence and core of his beloved Sire. Angelus moved his hands to William's back and made soft, sensual movements in small circles to encourage his Childe's feeding. William lay entirely on Angelus, their cocks rubbing together, William's urgent one bringing Angelus' back to life, their stomachs hard against each other, their chests flat and matching and fitting. Angelus lifted his hands from William's back and stretched his arms luxuriantly above his head. William lifted his arms too and they entwined fingers, Angelus stretching William's arms up till his sockets ached, but he continued to feed. His stomach filled and swelled with Angelus' blood. It enriched him, made him feel powerful and ancient. It made him feel, for the first time, pure demon. He felt the human parts of his complex personality dissolve away in this potent demon flood. He knew that in their new, soon-to-be life together, he would quickly lose those last few, unwanted human traits if he were allowed to feed often like this.

Eventually though, Angelus ended William's feast. He disentangled his fingers from William's, lowered his arms and pushed William gently away. When his Childe didn't immediately relinquish his hold, Angelus started a low, Sire growl of warning. William tensed and instantly pulled away, looking up at Angelus, desperately hoping he hadn't transgressed and ruined this precious time. When he saw Angelus' amused look, he grinned back and slowly licked his lips in a sensual and heartfelt, 'thank you'. Angelus grinned too and for a minute both lay there, still and content, William stretched and comfortable on Angelus. Each studied the other's face, these well-known, but strangely new faces, each feeling as if he were seeing the other's true face for the first time.

William had always thought his Sire ancient, powerful, grim. He'd never really seen how young the human aspect of him really was. Lying relaxed under his Childe, he hardly looked as old as William himself. It was an aspect of his Sire that shocked him and made him feel protective towards him. For the first time, William wondered what unlife was really like for Angelus. From William's perspective this year, it had seemed Angelus had it all. He had the power, the command and the authority. He had minions at his beck and call and two beautiful Vampire Queens to gratify his every sexual urge.

Now, William wondered what Angelus thought about his responsibility. Who did he confide in? What did he fear? William saw a huge hole in his Sire's life that he wanted to fill. Their future together was looking better every minute. From the lover he'd first thought of being, to the friend he'd recently discovered he could be, to the support he felt he was needed for…William saw his role becoming more and more clearly defined. William saw just how perfectly they fitted together.

He broke his gaze away from Angelus' hypnotic eyes and slithered his body down until he had access to his Sire's broad, smooth chest. His own arousal at the sight of Angelus' flat, brown nipples fascinated William. He had always thought of himself as a breast man. He liked cupping Drucilla's soft breasts in his hands, pumping them up, pinching and sucking at her nipples, shaking her to make her breasts wobble, making her top him so he could watch them hang, pendulous over his face.

But now, he could not imagine or remember anything more erotic than this very wide, very flat chest. He moved his hands in a sweeping motion from Angelus' belly up his sternum and flaring them out over his nipples. Angelus bent his arms behind his head to raise himself up a little and using them like a cushion, settled in to watch his Childe's exploration.

Angelus' nipples soon responded to this sensuous treatment. The next time William's hands moved over them they were hard like pellets from a shotgun. William pinched them up and cast a shy glance at Angelus. He could never get Dru interested in his and he often wondered if he was abnormal in the delightful sensations his own nipples could give him. The object of his speculation responded to his quizzical glance by biting down hard on his lower lip, drawing blood. He gave a nod of approval to William and smiled. Needing no more encouragement, William bent down and took one of the perfect, hard spheres in his mouth. It was like sucking on a tiny boiled sweet. He flicked his tongue over it and gently, teasingly, nibbled with his human teeth. He moved over to the other side. He felt he knew exactly what Angelus was feeling, felt somehow a direct connection between Angelus' nipples and his own body. He actually felt his own balls tingle and contract as he bit his Sire's nipples. He didn’t want to come yet, so he moved away from the nipples, ignoring the groan of protest from the watching vampire, to concentrate on the next area on his journey: Angelus' belly.

This exquisite area of flesh was hard, yet luxuriant. Quite different from William's own lean, hungry one. He probed around Angelus' belly button with his tongue, licked a trail from one side to the other, but couldn’t resist for much longer the potent draw of Angelus' soft curls. He buried his face in them, drinking deeply of his Sire's aroma. He wanted to embed the scent of his Sire into his memory banks. His demon, like a wolf, wanted to learn his Sire's scent.

But the moment had come now. William didn’t want to delay any more. He had traveled the length of Angelus' body and arrived back where he had started, at the place of entry. William pushed Angelus' legs up and away from him. He didn't catch Angelus' eye, he didn’t want to force his Sire to stop him. They both knew this was transgression beyond what any Sire should tolerate.

William started gently licking and blowing on Angelus' cheeks, each lick moving closer to the tightly closed hole he wanted open and receiving…each lick bringing him closer to the Promised Land.

William's entire world imploded and focused on this tiny area of puckered Sire flesh.

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