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Empathy Sucks - Chapter 4



I didnít want this to be here. To be now. But these things sometimes find their own allotted time. Spike needs answers now, comfort now. Not tomorrow, in the rational light of day. I grasp his face between both my hands bringing his eyes into focus. Focus on me. I feel him start to recoil in horror...fear...embarrassment? I didnít know, donít care. I only care that he is here and that this is the start of his road to a new place, a better place. A place where I already am. This is his road to me.

What do I do though? I am his Sire. I was his teacher, his mentor. But I have no reference points for this. How do I help him with this epiphany? How do I make him mine again? But once more the decision is taken from me. In his pain and fear he reacts instinctively. He retreats to his demon form and savagely attacks, sinking his fangs into my neck. Iím far stronger than him and I am his Sire, but I allow this transgression. Itís what he desperately needs. What I need, too. The most intimate of all connections. I feel my blood flowing freely and powerfully down into his aching body. I wrap my hands around the back of his neck making soothing sweeps of my thumbs into his hairline. My calmness and loving gestures take effect because he slows his feeding gradually until he is lapping and licking at the wound he has made. I continue to stroke his neck and before I realise what Iím doing, I kiss his hair, nuzzling into the soft, blond strands. He looks up and his blue eyes are full of confusion and their intensity is enhanced by the tears I see gathering, ready to flow.

ĎGet it out, Angel! Get it out! Please!í

For a moment I am confused, but when he starts to slap the side of his head, I realise what he means.

ĎStop it, Spike!í I catch his hands in mine. ĎDonít! Please!í At my anguished plea, his tears flow unchecked.

ĎI canít stand this any longer, Angel. Iím dying inside. Every time. Every death. I canít stand this much pain. Why? I donít have a fucking soul. Itís just a chip to stop me feeding. I donít want to be like you. I donít want the weight of the sodding world on me. Weighing me down. Take it out. Please!í

He starts to sob, uncontrollably. Six months of adjustment destroyed by a body stripped of skin and a mouth filled with superglue to prevent the screaming. Too much horror. Too much helplessness. Iíve had eighty years to adjust and still it terrifies me.

Thereís nothing else to be done, but what I do now. Although making love to Spike had no part in my plan for his redemption, itís found itís own subtle way into this new relationship. I take him gently in my arms and start to kiss and lick his tears away. He doesnít pull away and I continue the movements of my tongue and lips down his face and neck, swirling them over his Adamís apple into the seductive hollows of his throat. I push the blankets away and find his cock with my eager hands. Pumping gently, I lick one hard, rough lick across the tip, causing frissons of sensation from the cold texture of my tongue. He shivers and with a hiss of anticipation tries to push my head down into his lap, tries to thrust his cock into my eager mouth. But I want something first. I raise my head and noting, with a slight grin, his look of disappointment, I capture his face in my hands once more. Making sure I have his full attention, I hold his gaze with mine and say with as much truth and clarity as I can, ĎWelcome home, Spike.í

And with that, I plunge down to swallow his engorged length till I can feel it strike the back of my throat. With urgent hands I slide in under his buttocks to lift him harder to me. He joins in by pressing me hard down onto him and under these desperate ministrations he doesnít last long. As he starts to explode his cum into my throat, I pull away and guide his copious seed onto my smooth, cold chest. His initial look of frustration is quelled when he sees the look in my eyes as I rub my hands around in the viscous liquid. I raise one eyebrow in a gesture of supplication I know he will understand. And he does. He turns swiftly around and falls to the floor on his hands and knees. He bends down at the waist, effectively raising his perfect backside up for my inspection and pleasure. I take my lubricated thumb and press it hard against his tight, puckered hole. He hisses with lust. I fall to my knees behind him and bend over the little hole, licking around the edges, testing its firmness. I press again with the ball of my thumb, harder this time and feel a slight give.

ĎFor fucks sake, Angel! Just fuck me, will you?í

I make a low chuckle. Spike can never wait, never bear the foreplay. If only he could see what I see when Iím back here. His hole cries out to be played with. Itís enticing and sensual. But this is for him, more than it is for me, tonight. So I wipe some more of his cum off my chest and with two strong fingers gently start easing into his tight, pink entrance. I bend them up and down, hooking them around the tight ring of muscle, pulling and stretching it. Spike starts thrusting back further, wriggling in delighted anticipation. I can disappoint him no longer. Taking my eager erection in one hand, I start to work the head into the now ready hole. The sensation as the entrance opens up gradually swallowing the exposed tip is beyond words. The sight of my purple, engorged length slowly disappearing into Spikeís body, equally enthralling. I feel my balls contract and throb with pleasure. I pull back out, fascinated to watch the hole close once again, leaving no evidence of my three-inch stretch. I push against it again, getting some delightful friction against my slit before thrusting in. Spike groans in pleasure and reaches behind with one hand. He places it on mine and entwines his fingers. And it is that simple loving gesture that as much as anything tonight, sends me flooding over the edge of my orgasm. Bending low over his back and holding him tightly around the waist with my one free hand, I start an intense rhythm of thrusting. My balls banging delightfully against his hard rear, my pleasure building like water behind a dam. And then with colours exploding behind my eyes, the dam bursts and the waters flood out and we are drenched in the endless spurting of my cum deep inside his body.

I keep thrusting for what seems like minutes. I think I will never empty. Years of abstinence released by this intense orgasm. My cum drips freely out onto the floor below us, the slickness and coolness around my cock only seems to extend the pleasure. When Iím finally spent, I collapse onto him, crushing him under my now exhausted form. He doesnít seem to mind for a while, but then he turns slightly and slips out to one side, quickly re-establishing contact as he spoons me against his chest. My last rational thought tonight, as I feel his strong arms around me, as he reaches behind to gather blankets to cover us where we lie naked on the floor, my last rational thought is to this act, just who is saving whom tonight?