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Empathy Sucks - Chapter 6


‘Wake up Spike.’


‘Spike! Wake up.’

‘Bugger offfffffff. Ouch. Fuck off, you bully…it’s…SHIT, Angel, it’s 7.30! I thought 7.30 was a myth! Fuck off, I am NOT getting up! Don’t you dare…NO NO!’

Dragging Spike out of bed wasn’t difficult. He’s pliant and almost warm in the mornings. His strong, sinewy body loose from the effects of sleep and his exertions with me during the night. No, dragging him off the bed was easy. It’s having to listen to his vocal complaints for the next ten minutes that almost makes me question my decision to implement Lesson 1 today. Almost. It’s critical that he starts adapting to human time. There’s no reason why vampires can’t move around during the day and sleep at night…in beds…soft, comfortable beds. I can’t bear to think of him sleeping in that damp crypt for the last six months, hiding away during the day, like a…well, like a vampire. I function very well during the day, as long as I stay out of direct sunlight. And so can Spike. So will Spike. If only I don’t have to listen to this every day.

‘Fucking bugger. You’re a soddin’ bully. I’d fuckin’ stake you, tosser, if I wasn’t still asleep. And who was it kept me up till fucking five o’clock eh? Fucking me. YOU! You poof, you stinkin’ poof. I hate you!’

Well, he has a point. I did keep him awake most of the night. I can’t seem to help myself when I’m lying alongside him. The pleasure I get from just resting my hand lightly on his back is too good to miss. I like spooning him to me, rubbing gently around his firm belly, entwining my fingers in his. There’s a constant erotic charge between us and these light, affectionate ministrations turn quickly to needing and giving, taking and retaking. And I’m never satisfied. If I enter him I cum quickly, but I’m hard again at just the erotic sight of his tight entrance leaking my cum. I re-enter him again and again. I satisfy him too, however he wants. I deny him nothing. When we are in bed that is. And that’s the problem. I indulge and spoil him all night, then expect him to obey me now. He doesn’t like it. I can foresee problems here.



Fuck Lesson 1. I’m sick of this already. Think I’ll go back to Sunnyhell and cope alone. Shit, empathy ain’t that bad. Not as bad as sittin’ at a soddin’ breakfast table at…oh God…it’s only quarter to eight…fuck…I’m dying. I’m gonna die. And what is that smell? Oh eggs! Hey! Poof’s making me eggs for breakfast. Like real people. OK, so I’ll have me eggs then time for Lesson 1 a la Spike. Vampires sleep during the day. Or shag. Don’t care, as long as it’s horizontal. I give it half an hour and I’ll have the poof back in the bed with me.

Eggs first though.


Half an hour to get him fed, dressed and up to the office. Thought I’d start him on something he’d like this morning. The computer. Thought he could do some research for us…weapons…auction sites…anything really. Except porn. It’s a compromise, I know, but I don’t want to frighten him off. Lesson 1 has to be easy and achievable or he won’t progress.

I pass him his eggs and pour myself some coffee. I think if I had to remember one moment that has been perfect since he arrived. It would be now. It would be this moment I’d want to fix in my memory. I’m reading the paper, drinking coffee like every morning since I arrived in LA, but now I’m sitting here with this passionate, fiery creature I adore. It’s domestic. I almost hate to say it, it’s sweet. Companionable. Oh God! Oh God, I’m going to be sick. I don’t believe he just did that!

‘Spike, you are disgusting. I am never going to make you scrambled eggs again.’

‘What? You pillock. Stop being such a nancy boy. We’re vampires…remember?’

‘Since when did vampires eat scrambled eggs floating in blood? Where in Vampire Lore does it say, pour your blood from your ‘Welcome to LA: Home of fucking and sucking’ mug (and where did you get THAT) over your eggs?’



‘Ah! Get a life. Get an unlife, mate. Gives it texture, like blood clots. Ummm. Hey! Where ya goin’? Jees Angel, you are such a fairy!’ I cannot believe that the Scourge of Europe has become squeamish about blood. Just as well I did come to LA. This sad tosser really does need saving.

OK, five minutes into me allotted half hour and I already have Angel in the bathroom. Sure he’s retching over the sink, but it’s a start. I move in quietly behind him. ‘Hey, sorry, luv, didn’t mean to gross you out…here, let me…’ and I put my cool hand on his forehead. Can’t help if I push against his butt a bit though. Didn’t mean to! Complete accident!



I thought watching Cordelia drinking blood was the most revolting thing I'd ever seen. But Spike's blood clots are worse. How does he manage to do this to me every time? He makes me almost nauseous in one breath, but in the other? In the other he’s holding me in a loving embrace, comforting me…ahh! God, he’s so hard! I can feel his urgent erection pressing unconsciously against me. But I’ve only got twenty five minutes to get him dressed and up to the office. I’ll pretend to go along with him, get him into the shower, then I’ll rush him along upstairs. Won’t let him delay me any longer.




I’ll pretend to go along with this soddin’ getting up game. But once I get him in the shower, he’s mine. He won’t be seein’ the light of day today.







There we are, simple. Too simple. He agreed far too readily. But he’s here now. Just get clean, Spike and…oh God! Don’t.

‘Don’t, Spike…stop. Don’t. Stop. Ohhh, don’t stop.’





My favorite position for a shower. On my knees, sucking Angel’s dick. He’s lost it now, of course. I can keep this up for at least half an hour. I deliberately make my sucking movement soft and teasing. I use my tongue to swirl delicately over the soft end of his cock, pushing his foreskin back. I place my hands around onto his ass for maximum purchase and he groans, leaning into my face, bracing himself on either side of the shower stall. Just to add a certainly to his complete attention to me, I slip one wet finger between his ass cheeks and play with his tight entrance. I push against it every time I swirl my tongue over his cock. After a few light pushes, I start to work it in. He hisses and his knees buckle slightly at the pleasure of the feeling of my cold finger working into his butt. I can’t get it in far enough to work his prostate from this angle, but he seems to be enjoying himself anyway. That can wait. We’ve got all day now any way. So I concentrate on this incredible cock in my mouth. I increase the pressure of my tongue, seal my mouth tighter around the shaft and start to move urgently with my lips and teeth along the exposed veins. With my spare hand, I encircle his soft balls and gently fondle them between sucks. He’s totally stimulated, cock, ass, balls, all brought into play. All sending him powerful waves of pleasure. I glance up and almost cum myself, so erotic is the sight. He’s spread-eagled in the shower, hands and feet braced against the walls, head thrown back in ecstasy. His strong arms show every muscle defined. His powerful chest and erotic belly running and glistening from the warm water. And me pleasuring him in every way, every place occupied with hands or fingers, tongue, teeth or lips. I have to make him cum soon, or I will, and that’s not in me plan at all. Oh no, that’s for Angel to help with, later.




If he doesn’t make me cum soon, I am going to rupture something. I feel ready to explode in his mouth, ready to drown him with my cum. I can’t believe our vampire restorative powers sometimes. How many times did I come last night? I can’t remember, but oh, I can replay each one in my mind as I’m in this shower, impaled on Spike’s finger and in Spike’s mouth. I can replay the moment I entered him for the first time. Before he’d even got into the bed. I couldn't wait. I took him as he bent over the bed. I took him in every position I could think of, all night. Then, finally, we slept together, side by side, with me in him even in our sleep. And it’s that final image that sends me over the edge of my orgasm. I look down to watch entranced, as Spike’s talented mouth moves over my thick, engorged cock. Watch the water running from my body over his, effectively joining us in a stream of warmth and erotic stimulation and then we are joined in a more potent way as my cum explodes out to the back of his throat. He tightens his hold on my balls, pushes his finger in as far as it will go and sucks me down as though his very life depended on it.

I can hardly move from this position. I’ve been bracing so hard against the walls my dead muscles twitch when released. He chuckles and stands up, pressing his mouth to mine and wrapping his arms around me to pull me into a passionate kiss. And of all the acts he’s done since arriving in LA, this is the most surprising and instantly erotic, because of that. He’s never initiated a loving kiss before. It’s always me. He seems to like kissing, as long as I start it and it leads instantly to sex. But initiating it after sex? Never. This is a new level of Spike’s passion I have not enjoyed before. But…oh…I’m enjoying it now! I allow him to push me back against the wall. He’s moving his tongue searchingly though my mouth, but then pulling away again, nipping gently at my lower lip. Then he puts both hands into my hair and comes up to kiss again. He keeps his eyes open, fastened on me. I put my hands onto his back and pull him even closer. Can we merge? I’d like that, I want to pull his flesh into my flesh, make him mine. I can’t do that, but I can…




…ahh, as I knew he would, Angel takes my blood. His fangs descend and I watch his deep brown eyes turn into their beautiful golden form and my old friend Angelus joins us in these acts. He rips at my neck, exposing the artery and plunges in to lick and suck at the precious fluid. All vampire now, he brings one knee up between my legs to support me so he can press harder down into the wound. He gives little erotic jerks of his knee, higher and higher, totally aware of the painful ripples of desire he’s causing in my heavy, unsatisfied balls. I ache for release. The blood draining out of me causes an intense sexual thrill and he knows it. Like the first time, when he took me against a wall, many life times ago…like that first time, the act is all passion, all sex. He moves his hand to my cock to acknowledge that connection. As I reach that drowning sense of falling, as the last drop of my blood is drained from me, he makes me cum in an explosion of cold seed onto his hand and belly. He spreads it between us as he presses me to him in my last moment of conscious thought.




‘Err, Cordelia, this is Angel. I’m leaving a message on this machine. Answer thing. Oh, there’s a beep…did I start too early? Anyway, I’m not coming up to the office today. Spike’s not well…I’m going to stay and keep an eye on him. I’ll see you tomorrow.’

I return to the bed to look down at my unconscious childe. He is even paler than usual, all the borrowed blood gone. I climb in alongside him and tear a small wound in one finger. Not much blood, just enough to get him conscious and interested. I have some other feeding in mind for him. I run the trickle of blood over his lips and he responds fairly quickly. His eyes flutter open and he grasps my finger with a fervor, licking and suckling, desperately trying to replace his lost fluid. At the moment his fangs descend, I move him till he is laying on top of me, between my legs, head on my chest. I press his sharp, expectant mouth over my heart. I bend down over him and whisper in his ear, ‘drink deeply, little one. Take from my heart, which is full of you.’

And he does. He sinks his fangs through the muscle of my chest wall and into the artery above my heart. It’s pure agony and ecstasy as he drinks deeply of my blood. I look down to the top of his head and put my mouth into his hair, rubbing my face from side to side in time with his sucking. Our cocks are resting against each other, I lift my legs and wrap them safely around him, locking my ankles over his back. And I let him feed.

When I decide he’s had enough, I push him gently away from the wound, and wrapping my arms around his back I allow us both to drift into the deep sleep such intimate feeding brings. As I tip over the edge, wrapped around this object of all my desires, I can’t help feel a slight flicker of uncertainty about the outcome of Lesson 1. Looking back over the events of this morning, I can’t honestly say that Lesson 1 has been the success I hoped it would be. And to be honest? I don’t care.


When I wake, it’s late afternoon. Friggin’ right it is. Proper time. I’m a fucking vampire! And so, now, is Angel. I’m lying on him. His legs have fallen from their tight entwining on my back to lie loose and heavy alongside us. His arms are still locked round me though, so I can’ t move. Even if I wanted to, which I don’t. Got all I want right here.

Lesson 1 was a total fucking success. Not only have I kept him in bed all day, I got the ole Sire to do some serious blood sharing. Yeah, saving Angel ain’t gonna be nearly as hard as I thought it was gonna be. Wonder what his Lesson two’ll be?