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Empathy Sucks - Chapter 8


I move slowly back into the room and, trying not to look at him, release Spike from the manacles. I sit on the edge of the bed and sink my head slowly into my heavy, guilty hands. I run my fingers up through my hair, pulling at it as if in some form of basic self-mutilation I could erase the sins I've committed here. Suddenly I feel a light touch on my back, a light touch of cold fingers on my neck and strong hands taking hold of my hands and stopping their movement. He snakes his body around until he is sitting alongside me, then puts one naked leg over me and moves until he is sitting on me. He is staring at me and I lean back on my hands to gain some distance from that intense stare. But he puts both of his hands to my face and pulls me into a passionate kiss. The blood on his lip is still flowing slightly and the taste and smell arouse me. He plunges into my mouth with his tongue, exploring and probing. He's never kissed me like this before. Even in the shower yesterday, there was an element of restraint, but now he's frenzied and pulls at my hair painfully as he tries to kiss me harder. I push him away. 'Spike, I'm so sorry…I'm not always in control…I'm so sorry.' He stops my words with a kiss.

'It's OK, you pillock. With me it's OK. Look Angel, not hurt,' and he shows me his chest and arms where the vivid red marks are now barely visible.

'Don't you get it even now, Angel?' and he bites lightly at my lower lip. 'I wanted you to let go…but for it to be OK…for you to be OK with it,' and his hands have started to massage under my shirt in slow, erotic sweeps. 'Fuckin' hell, Angel, you've got to let go sometimes,' and he pushes my pants down and releases my cock though my boxers. 'You're a friggin' demon. Yesterday you bloody puked over me blood clot eggs! You have become a sad, sad vampire, Angel.' He starts licking and biting my neck. 'All this holding back. Ain't good for yer,' his hand is working my cock with hard, deep jerks. 'See? It's all part of me Master Plan,' I groan but he stops me with his mouth and tongue. 'I'm gonna let your wings unfold, mate,' I'm cresting near my orgasm, so his words hardly register.


'Like in the song, pet,' his thumb rubs over the tip of my cock as he swirls his tongue around my lips, 'salvation, pet, makes your wings unfold. And I'm saving you…remember?'

Almost incoherent now as I feel my cock about to explode between us, 'and this is my…ohh…salvation, is it?'

'No, this is,' and with that he pushes me flat on the bed and releasing the hand on my cock he slides down my body and takes me in his mouth. Just as I lose myself to the sensation and start to come, he pulls away and clamps one hand firmly around the base, effectively cutting off my pleasure. I hiss in frustration.

'Manacles again, pet?'

I want nothing more. I put my hands up over my head, willingly and he clamps them into the restraints. I allow myself to be shackled and it's an incredible feeling. It's an erotic charge. I'm giving up control to an inventive, unpredictable vampire. The level of trust implicit in this action takes our relationship to a new dimension.

Spike grins and slides his hands up the legs of my boxers, running them lightly against the silk. He sits back to admire his handiwork, me shackled to the bed and my cock straining through the front of my boxers. In one swift movement he pulls them off, leaving me naked from the waist down. I think he is moving his mouth back to finish me off and bring me at last to my much needed orgasm, but instead, he starts to lick around my groin. Before I am fully aware what is happening, his fangs have descended and he's bitten through my femoral artery. The pain is intense at first, but as his strong, urgent mouth starts to pull the blood away, waves of sensual pleasure start to work up from the wound, across my cock and balls. I am incredibly aroused by the sight of his face pressed right into my groin. He holds my cock and starts to rub it against the side of his face as he sucks the wound. He pulls his mouth away for an instant and a powerful jet of blood pumps out, soaking his hand, spilling down to the sheets. He fastens on again and uses the blood to make a slick channel with his hand for my cock.

There is blood everywhere, the smell of it mixed with the smell of our arousal. I strain in my bonds and the faint sound of the metal bracelets chiming together is the final sensation that sends me over the edge. With a ragged cry, I feel my cock exploding against his face. He lifts his mouth and, with its heavily blood-coated tongue, catches my cold seed as it spurts forcefully out of the red, swollen tip.

I want to say something. To capture this moment in words. To tell him how much this has meant to me, but sensing my intent he slides up my now, slick belly and clamps his mouth once more onto mine.

'Just let go, luv. No words. We don't bloody need them.' And he's right. We don't. Feeling drowsy from blood loss and the after-effects of my orgasm, I start to drift off. I think I feel Spike leaving the bed. I think I hear him leave the room, but the slight sense of disappointment is overwhelmed by the incredible sense of peace I feel. Letting go was good.

I stand and watch him as he sleeps. He is so beautiful. He's covered in blood and dried cum. Worse, his hair is badly mussed. But he is still beautiful. I make my final preparations for tonight then kneel on the bed alongside him. Blowing gently on his face he starts to wake. 'Undo me, Spike, my arms are tired.'

'I untied you hours ago, you stupid pillock,' I say with a chuckle. With a weak grin he pulls his wrists out of the now open manacles and starts to rub them lightly. 'I think I should feed. Have I really been asleep for hours? God, what time is it?'

'It's five-to-who-friggin' cares, that's what time it is. Now stop worrying, tosser and get yourself into the bathroom. You're disgusting.'

I go in first, cus I want to see his face. And oh yeah! It's a picture. I'm not sure whether he's more worried that his entire supply of blood is mixed with the hot water in the bath, or that he's got his best set of white towels out for the day. I do have a lot of work still to do with this demon. But his protests are easy to ignore as I climb into the bath and pull him to sit spooned against my chest. I hope he appreciates the effort it took micro-waving this little lot. Seems to. He's lapping it around with his hand, swirling patterns up over his chest, watching the enticing, red, viscous fluid slip back down into the bath. I reach around and pull one of his hands back between us to remind him that I am still painfully hard and lookin' forward to a little relief. He cranes his head around and grins at me playfully. Then with a surprising agile twist of his body, he's kneeling up facing me. 'I said I was hungry,' and with that he slides down into the bloody mixture and puts his mouth around my cock. It doesn't take very long cus I'm still all demon, and the sight of Angel plastered in blood sends me crashing into an intense orgasm. He doesn't swallow me though, but lets my cock twitch and spurt into the blood. I hide a brief frown of disappointment and I think for a minute that I've gone too far tonight. That the demon I've tried to summon back to me is lost to me now for good. But then he slowly swirls one finger through my cold seed, as it floats on the cooling blood. Sucking it, he says with a low, amused voice, 'umm…like blood clots!'