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Empathy Sucks - Chapter 9


Well, that effectively kept the poof down here with me for another whole day. Didn't actually want to spend two hours of it cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry though. But hey, the poof's come a long way, so I guess I had to reciprocate a bit! I don't think I'll ever forget the sight of the ole Sire coated head to foot in blood. Took us ages to shower it all off. Fun though. Amazing the little places blood can get. Needed to keep checking each other over. And that obviously delayed things a bit. So it's late afternoon now, but it's been a good day. And this is just about the perfect end to the day. We're lying entwined together on the bed. He's lying with his head on my chest and I'm running my fingers through his hair, just mussing it up a bit while it's still wet. We hardly even need to talk now. We've become so close. His blood still courses through my veins, making me hum. If I strain my ears, I swear I can hear his thoughts. We're both on the verge of sleep when the worst happens,

'Angel! Angel, are you still down here?'

The poof leaps up and starts to pull his pants on, hopping out to the living room. 'Stay here!' he hisses at me, looking frantically round to see if there's any sign of our little games earlier. Difficult to explain away manacles and blood splattered sheets. But we did a good job and it's all looking fairly normal. For a poofy vampire lair that is. I make a big show of hiding under the sheets, but fuck if I'm gonna pretend I'm not here. After a few minutes, I get my pants on too and join the poof in the livin' room.

Seems the bint's had another vision. Angel's sitting on the couch with her, so I perch on the arm next to him. He doesn't make any show of noticing me, but I know he does. There's a slight relaxing of his shoulders and he leans imperceptibly towards me.

'It was awful, Angel. Just like the last one. It even looked the same place. I couldn't see much, it was all so confusing.'

Angel turns to look at me and I feel waves of determination and fury crested with large measures of hatred washing over me.

'Coming, Spike?'

'Oh yeah!' and he smiles at me. He knows I'll be there for him and it's making him strong. And, oh boy, there's a very large measure of the old demon, one very pissed off demon, clearly to the fore now. Fuckers in the park picked a real bad day to pull this shit.

It is the same place. Only a few yards from where we found the other one. Same obscenity. But that's where the similarities end, cus this time there are two very pissed off, very focused, very strong vampires who are not gonna let this shit defeat them again. I check the area, while the poof calls his police mates. 'There's no rain now, luv.'

'So what?'

'Angel, you're a vampire, remember? You should after today, mate. Use your nose.'

I see dawning recognition on his face as his keen Vampire senses pick up the trail I've already sensed. It's unmistakable when you get it. Blood, fear and human, male arousal. The fuckers. So we set off, running side by side. And even with the horror of the situation, we can't help but grin at each other. This is like the old days, Angelus and William the Bloody, hunting. Together. It's fucking fantastic. I just know the poof hasn't enjoyed himself like this in a very long while.

Doesn't take too long to track them down. Think they must have been getting cocky. Not so careful. They've made a huge error here, too, cus they're headed down into the sewers under LA. Seems fitting. But…what a bad move! Cus, of course, they've got two sewer experts on their tail. Oh, no. BIG error.

They've holed up in one of the water chambers, where the filth and refuse of the sewers sits in open, festering tanks. As I said, fitting. There's only two of them. Sad lookin' fuckers. I'd give anything to help him out. Love to lay my hands on them. Do some damage. But I have to be content to watch. And that's almost as good. He's beautiful when he's asleep, but he's more beautiful when he's awake and fighting. He's a perfect fighting machine. Course the fight don't last long. Especially when they shoot him. Poof don't like being shot. Tends to make him all angsty. He vamps out and breaks a few bones. Shame. I think he's finished, they're both on the ground, moaning and crying and I'm just about to turn and leave when I hear two large splashes. Jesus, the tosser's thrown them in the stink pit. And oh, they ain't swimming too well. Hard to with broken arms and legs. Hey, wonder what that shit tastes like? But it ain't quite so funny when the poof starts to leave.

'Come on, Spike, we're done here.'

'Err…can't leave 'em, mate! They ain't gonna get out of there on their own.'


'Look, pet, I don't give a toss about the fuckers. Let 'em drown. But I don't fancy livin' with a broody fuckin' vampire for the next few lifetimes.' No way am I gonna let these two fuckers undo all me hard work.

He gives me a rueful grin, clearly remembering today's lesson. Probably yesterday's as well, cus there's a very noticeable bulge developing in his pants. Then a look flickers across his face and I can't help but laugh at the sad poof, cus I know what he's thinking. He doesn't want to dive into that shit and ruin his hair! 'Oh for fuck's sake, ponce. Stay there.' So I go in. What's a little human shit between friends? And it's always an excuse for a hot shower later. And you just know how I love those showers. Especially when I need a little help reaching awkward areas. Which I do.

Yeah, real good day today.

But I like to keep the tosser on his toes. Constantly unaware of what I'm gonna do next. So after showering and some shagging. Shit. OK. I admit it. Some showering and a lot of shagging and some sleep, I wake him up.

'Angel! Wake up.'


'Wake up, poof. Breakfast's ready.'

'Err…what? God, Spike it's…is it 7am? What are you doing up at 7? Is something wrong?'

'Relax, pet. I just don't wanna be late for me first day in the office.'

'Hey! Stop laughing. I'm serious! Look, I'm wearing a clean shirt an' everything. Come on. Coffee's ready.'

So, we have breakfast together. He reads the paper. I don't. And we're in the office when the others come in. If they're surprised to see us, after our recent absences, they don't say. They both want to read the papers. See how many times 'Angel Investigations' is mentioned. I can see dollar signs clinking up in the bint's eyes.

'Hey…bi…err, Cordelia. I've made a little change to yer business card. Put me on it, too.'

'There's nothing wrong with our cards. It's quite clearly an Angel. Let me see then.'

'Oh, you made the wings all open, that's nice.'

'Yeah well, it's salvation you see.'


'Lets them unfold.' I can see she's totally lost. But the poof ain't. When I sneak a glance at him, he gives me a shy grin back. Oh yeah, he's feeling pretty well saved right about now. Bint's still worrying about the new design.

'Well, where are you then? And why he's got a tail?'

'That's not a tail, luv,' I can hear Angel moving closer for a better look, wondering, too, what me great work of art is all about.

'That's not a tail, luv,' I repeat, 'that's a spike. A spike up his…ouch, hey, poof, hit yer savior will you!'

'Hello, Rupert Giles.'


'Oh, hello Angel, you haven’t rung for a while. Everything alright?'

'Yes, it's fine. I thought I'd check on Buffy and the others. All well?'

'Oh yes, same old same old. Well?'

'Well what?'

'Angel, you never asked after him, now you won't tell me about him. Spike. How is Spike?'

'He's fine. I told you. I can manage, Spike.'

'Well, were you able to help him?'

'Oh yes.'

'Well, then you are a better ma…pers…well, you are better than me! He's not the easiest per…man…he's not the easiest to help, is he? He never stands being taught anything really. Always thinks he knows best. So what did you do? How did you do it?'

'Oh, it was simple really. He was just lonely. He needed to be needed. I just let him think that he was. And, as it turns out, he was. Is. A lot. Serendipitous outcomes of saving Spike I suppose.'

'Err…Angel, have you been drinking? Angel? Angel…what's so funny?'

'Nothing. Sorry. Well I'd better go. I'm feeling really needy again.'