15 July 2008

Been in New Zealand 3 months now. I'm not gazing out over the ocean. Yet. We've bought a house and we move in this September. Until then we're living out of suitcases. Not conducive to writing.

I have begun to update the book reviews though. Check out the latest Michael Nava, Hidden Law. They'll be more to follow.

28 March 08 I'm now less than a month from emigrating. It's all chaos and confusion. I can't wait until the day I'm sitting gazing out over the ocean beginning the final part to Dark Domain. I finished working today. The toad work no longer squats on my life.
16 February 08 I felt I had to do an update as I'm still getting pleading letters for the finish to Dark Domain. The good news is I'm still planning to finish it (yes, I have started), but RL is still just too busy to make much progress. I can now tell you all what I've been up to - as well as 2 operations (me) and a death in the family in 07, I'm eight weeks away from emigrating to New Zealand! As you can imagine it's been a huge decision, but I feel it's the right thing to do. If anyone from New Zealand is reading this, I'd love to hear from you. I've never been there before and we don't know anyone. But we're still doing it !! Brave or foolhardy I'm not quite sure.
21 December

Good grief. Where have the last 8 months gone? I can't believe it was April last time I updated. Anyway, I just wanted to let people know that I am still here. RL has been incredibly busy this year, so writing has had to take a back seat, but I do still intend to finish Beautiful Dawn, and will post as soon as it's done. I've posted an Oz story, Cat and Mouse, to my new Oz section, so if you're into Oz (the HBO prison drama, not the Buffy character - sorry for the confusion) then I hope you enjoy it. I've got lots of book reviews to post as Cerisaye and I have been busy with our reading. Not so many gay movies to review though! What has happened? I was hoping BBM would spark a whole new interest in gay movies. Come on Hollywood - there are thousands of brilliant gay novels out there (hell, better than BBM to be truthful) that need filming!

Well, that's all I had to say really. Have a great Christmas everyone and thanks for all the support and feedback this year. I promise I will finish BD! Our boys deserve nothing less.

20 April If you surf around the site you'll see a new look to some of the pages. I've also started catching up on the review pages. I now have an LJ, which I use to store fanvids for the shows I love. There are some amazing OZ, Prison Break, Burnt Money and Angel/Spike ones there... plus a couple from Rome. You vidders are a talented bunch! You will see the flitting of my obsessions. Which currently rest with T-Bag. Ah, if ever there was a character I wish I'd written....
1 April The first part of Beautiful Dawn is finally up! Sorry for the delay (see below).
30 March 07

This is embarrassing! Who stole the whole of the rest of last year? I am still alive, by the way. I've spent months coming up with excuses as to why I'm not writing or updating the site - and they've all been true, but not the whole reason. I've had major writers' block, and as I'm not a "real" writer, it's not something you really want to admit. Also, it's the most horrible thing to go through, and talking about it only makes it worse. I usually have these voices in my head, telling me these stories and I just write them down. Suddenly the voices stopped.

Anyway, they're back, but possibly not for Angel and Spike for much longer. I will finish Beautiful Dawn (promise) and I'm posing the first half of that today hopefully. My new obsession however, and where all the stories are flowing just beautifully is OZ.

For those of you who don't know Oz, it was a show put out by HBO from about '98 to 03. It ran for six seasons. It's all set in Oswald Maximum Security prsion. I don't even need to slash the characters because the romance between Tobias Beecher and Chris Keller is real and followed through five of the seasons in complex, heart-wrenching detail. Part of the fascination of the show is that Chris Meloni, who plays Chris Keller, is also on Law and Order Special Victims Unit as Detective Elliot Stabler. Although I never thought I'd do a cross-over story, these two shows lend themselves to this wonderfully. They are both contemporary and both set in New York. It's highly probably that Tobias Beecher would one day meet Elliot Stabler, the doppelganger of the great love of his life. Only Elliot is straight and a cop, whereas Chris Keller was a bi-sexual predator of men.

So, for those of you who would like to read these stories, there'll be a new section up on the site soon. As it's now A/S, BBM and Oz, I'm going to change the home page too. I'm also going to open up a new section for fanvids recs, as some of the Oz ones are amazing.

Cerisaye and I are still reviewing books and films and I have a lot of those to get up on the site too.

So, I'm back in action. I also have a new XPS M1710 laptop, so I'm seeing things in a whole new light.....

03 July 06

Okay, own up - who stole the last two months? I felt an update was required just to let everyone know I am still alive and still active (hmm, that conjures up unpleasant images!). I'm not actually writing much just at the moment, but I'm thinking about it! Does that count? I have the third part of Dark Domain to finish and I'm also writing a whole new season of Firefly - a slash one. I'm also writing a new Brokeback Mountain. No pressure there then....

I'm still working on the cloning thing so I can send someone else out to work and I can sit and write. No success yet I'm afraid. So, I'll just give myself a stern talking to and knuckle down to some work!

18 April 06 A new BBM story, Not Taking No, went up today. There are also some new BBM manips, linked to from the same page.
25 Mar 06 A new BBM story When the Snow Didn't Come went up today
17 Mar 06 The final part of Big Boots of Pain went up tonight.
15 Mar 06 The penultimate chapter of Big Boots of Pain went up today.
11 Mar 06 Parts 3 and 4 of the Brokeback Mountain Story are up here
01 Mar 06 Part 2 of Big Boots Of Pain (Brokeback Mountain story) went up tonight.
26 Feb 06
I've added a new section to my site for Brokeback Mountain fiction. At the moment, there's only one story Big Boots of Pain, but it's a start. Hopefully, it will be the first of many!
31 Jan 06 Well, despite a total crash of my hard drive last week, losing all my software and sanity, the sequel to Dark Domain, Dweller in the Land of Death, went up tonight! So... you're supposed to back things up, are you??
18 Jan 06 New Year! Good grief. Anyway, the sequel to Dark Domain, Dweller in the Land of Death, went to my betas tonight. Watch this space.
27 Nov 05 It's finally up! Dark Domain is on the site here.
27 Oct 05 I'm still writing Dark Domain! Promise! Who stole October?? And why has RL gone so crazy? If anyone can answer these questions, please email me!
1 Oct 05 I can't believe July was the last time I updated! I'm busy working on Dark Domain - the extended version! Sorry it's taking so long; my attempts at a clone failed rather messily, so I'm still trying to live three lives in the time God allotted for one. A teaser for the story went up today in the manipulated gallery.
17 Jul 05 The new story, Mayfly Days, is all up tonight.
12 Jul 05 My new fic, Mayfly Days, went to my betas today.
09 Jul 05 I just wanted to thank everyone who's been emailing me and asking me (being English) if I'm okay after the bombs on Thursday. I am. I'm really touched by all the concern... thank you.
04 Jun 05 The new story, Lessons of War and Death, went up on the site tonight.
19 May 05 The new story, Lessons of War and Death, went to my betas tonight.
17 Apr 05 The new story, Colours of Red, went up today. I've done a warnings page this time, given the reaction to the last story, but please be aware that it contains major spoilers. Colours of Red has no RPS!
26 Mar 05 The new story, Colours of Red, went to my betas today! Check out the manips for the story, which are up now.
20 Feb 05 DVD Screen captures for Angel Season 5 have started going up today. Check out them out.
10 Feb 05 Parallels is up on the site tonight! All my thanks to Adsum and Betagoddess who do such a wonderful job as Betas. Thanks to Ghostsforge for all the encouragment and feedback.
23 Jan 05 The new story, Parallels, went to my Betas today!
23 Dec

Just a quick note to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and to thank you all for the wonderful feedback I've received throughout the year! I have lots of ideas for stories for '05, and I'm working on one, Parallels, now. I'm also giving the site a facelift on some of the pages I decided were very 04! In addition, Cerisaye and I are working hard with our reviews of novels and films. I really do recommend you give some of the wonderful books we've reviewed a go. It doesn't matter how bad RL gets when you have a book!

As a final note, a huge, huge thanks to my wonderful Betas, Adsum and Betagoddess, who have had to read SO many words this year from me. They really do make all the difference to the final product you see. Also a huge debt of thanks goes to Ghostsforge and Kat, who provide me with most of my original images for manipulation. Again, I couldn't do this site without them.

May 05 be peaceful for all of us.

17 Dec

Reality Check went up on the site tonight. All my thanks to my betas, Adsum and Betagoddess, who turned 26 chapters around in a couple of days, gave lovely fb and did a brilliant job!

Let's hope that 2005 sees a little more tolerance for alternative views on life. I can't help but agree with this guy:
click here

12 Dec Reality Check, the new fic, went to my betas today!
28 Nov

Some general news from the site. We've been adding to our reviews for books recently with some absolutely wonderful gay novels. If you're looking for a Christmas pressent for someone, do check these out. We're selling our collection in a new bookshop on the site. Do go there and get some of these books and movies from us. We'll charge only exact postage, and we don't aim to make a profit, only try and recoup some of the outlay!

The next story that will go up on the site is called Reality Check, and I'm hoping it will be up for Christmas.

5 Nov My new story "The Past Tense of Loving" is all up tonight!
16 Oct My new story "The Past Tense of Loving" went to my Betas today. There are lots of new reveiws on the book and dvd review pages. Lots of manips in Oct as well.
21 Sep My new story "Paths" is all up tonight.
03 Sep

Someone said recently that it was a shame I wasn't updating my site anymore! Eeks! I am, I just tend to save this page for updates on stories, or I'd be putting a new page up every day. So, just to let you know all the Love That Dares gossip:
My new fic "Paths" is with my Beta somewhere between KY and Seattle, as she's moving house and has taken it with her for the road trip. I'm hoping it will be up sometime next week.
The book reviews have a new look, and we've started to get all our summer reading up, there are some great books there, do check them out (I highly recommend the Dakota Taylor series).
My next fic after "Paths" is called "The Past Tense of Loving" and is well on the way.
Thanks to Ghostsforge, who sent me some amazing pictures of David, I've got lots of new manips coming up. The first for September went up today.
I've given a new look to the DVD reviews page, too, and there are some great movies being reviewed there (and some incredibly duff ones)
Poor Rusty Close has a strained wrist (he won't admit what caused it, but I have my suspicions). It's not stopped him watching porn for your enlightenment, but he claims he can't type any reviews. Hmm. I'd give him a hard time about it, but he'd only enjoy it too much.

The new site Kinnetic has stalled somewhat as I can't find a reliable supplier of Qaf US edition DVDs in region 2. The ones I got had two faulty discs and the supplier has been incredibly unhelpful.

That's all the news for September.

20 Jul

Lots of new things on the site. My new Spike/Angel story, Intimate Strangers, is all up tonight. There are lots of new book reviews - do check them out; there are some amazingly good published gay novels out there.

I've started a new site, Kinnetic, of DVD screen caps from Queer As Folk--all caps of Brian Kinney.

27 May The sequel to Balancing Act is all up now

22 Apr
I'm gradually changing the look all over the site. Check out the Buffy S7 galleries and the book and DVD reviews.