Mugs: £15 each + p&p

All the manipulated pictures on my site are available as mugs.

Please select the manipulated image you would like and email me at ladymoluk@hotmail.com

Please note, I can't produce the NC17 images onto mugs (the ones with naughty bits).


Mousemats: £10 each + p&p

In addition, the images can be on mousemats. The mats are good quality, with a non-slip, matt surface.

Please select an image you would like from my manipulated gallery and email me at: ladymoluk@hotmail.com

Please note, I can't produce the NC17 images onto mats (naughty bits not allowed!)

Glossy Printed Images: £4 + p&p

All manipulated images are available as high gloss printed images.

Please select the image you would like from the gallery and email me here at: ladymoluk@hotmail.com

Again, I can't do the naughty images.

Special Requests

If you've enjoyed my manipulated images and have images you would like manipulated and done in any of the above formats, or for a website, or general pleasure, please email me and we'll discuss requirements.

I'll charge a small amount for my time up-front, based on an estimate of how long the project will take, and then any merchandise costs on top of that (mugs, mats etc).

The photographs below are an example of what I can do. The little girl has had facial blemishes removed, a neck blemish removed, the strap of her vest taken out, her skin tone reduced, her teeth slightly de-emphasised. She's been extracted from the background and put in a frame.

A perfect present for a grandmother now!