The Broken Hearts Club

Cerisaye's Review:

Subtitled a romantic comedy, this film does exactly what it says on the tin. Although shot with a limited budget, it looks good, and money was obviously spent wisely on the important things, like cast and script. It's charming and entertaining, and will appeal, I think, across the board. Whether you're gay or straight is entirely irrelevant. We're all looking for the same thing: that elusive search for friendship, love, and the deeper meaning of life. The six main characters are real people and not stereotypes. Okay, maybe it stretches credulity a wee bit that such a group of guys should be quite so hot- even the one who's supposed to be unattractive is cute in his own way- but that doesn't detract at all from the story. The actors, though nicely easy on the eye, were clearly carefully selected for their parts, and really convince in their roles. Pretty quickly, you feel like they're your best friends and just want to hang out with them in their enviable West Hollywood lifestyle. You genuinely care what happens to each and every one of them. One of the real highlights for me was the unexpected appearance of Chris Kane (Lindsay in Angel), playing with some relish the minor role of a gym-bunny who does the dirty on one of our emotionally fragile friends. You'll be delighted to know Chris is looking mighty fine, all buffed, toned and gorgeous, turning on that honey-tongued charm while playing the part of a real bastard.

It's an emotional coming-of-age tale, as the six friends, in their different ways and to varying degrees, understand that maturity means wanting more than just sex or transient, meaningless relationships. Central to the story is the realistic depiction of a long-term, gay couple, Jack, and the wonderful Purple Man, who steps into the limelight as a result of the movie's most affecting event.

This emotionally engaging film made me laugh and cry. The dialogue is witty and clearly written from the heart. It touched me in that way that stays with you long after the end credits role, despite the deceptively light "rom com" tag. It's a feel-good movie with a message, and one you could safely watch with your mother. I came to it with no great expectations and was most pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. I think you will too.

Ladymol's Review:

I don't cry at films; I don't laugh either. I did both watching this one.

This movie is just about perfect. It has all the ingredients that are needed to make a simple story (of the abiding power of friendship) an absorbing, memorable movie experience: great writing; biting, witty dialogue; and brilliant acting.

We have the tale of a group of young men in L.A, brought together initially because they were gay, but held together because they understand the importance of true friendship. Their lives unravel as individuals - boyfriends come and go; casual one-night stands become less satisfying; families make demands; friends die - but they are bound together, and survive, because they have each other.

There are some memorable performances. Most notable for me was Dean Cain (Superman The Series), who plays a narcissistic gay actor to perfection, sending up many of the things that made him famous in his Superman role (notably his stunning good looks and straight-man persona).

It's not graphic in any way - one brief scene of two men waking up together, two kisses (one with Dean Cain, whose kiss gives a whole new meaning to the term superman!).

The film is never pretentious; it doesn't champion gay rights; it doesn't have a great message. It's just great entertainment.

Watch it alone; watch it with friends, but do watch it.

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