a thousand clouds of peace

Ladymol's Review

A recurring image in this film is of the young man returning to a bridge over a motorway. Thereís a hint that heís contemplating suicide.

I found myself wishing heíd jump.

Just donít bother. This film is too awful to waste my time reviewing it. I have x32 speed on my computer and even that wasnít quick enough.

Cerisaye's Review

Maybe if Iíd seen this film before all the others reviewed here, Iíd have been impressed just to see adolescent gay love represented onscreen.† As it is, I was disappointed because the synopsis sounded promising, and I loved the title, but the film didnít deliver.† The movie tries to be arty but comes over as pretentious.† It didnít go anywhere and I never felt involved in the main characterís experiences, mainly because I didnít understand what was going on.† How much of what we see is real or is it in his head?†

Shot in moody B & W (ho hum, at least two other movies weíve looked at recently share that stylistic conceit so Iíve had enough already).

Set in Mexico, it features Geraldo, a lonely kid looking for grand passion.† As in the romantic songs he likes.† He thought he'd found it, but the other guy didnít feel the same way.†

Itís meant to be a meditation on the difference between love and sex.† Filled with loneliness and yearning like a hot, hard ache, we follow Geraldoís progress around the city.† A series of encounters chasing a ghost.† Bruno, his lover who wrote him a letter of rejection (except maybe he didnít and Bruno is a fantasy).†

So, love hurts.† But we can't live without it.† It must be a two-way process, given and receivedÖyeah, Iím struggling to find meaning here.†

Some good touches.† Cruising is dangerous, as we see when Geraldo picks the wrong guy.† Geraldo's mother rightly worries about her drop-out son, who works in a pool hall and has no real prospects.†

As well as being confusing, it's awfully slow.† Geraldo moons around, lovesick and forlorn, which gets very wearying.†

There's a nice scene in which Geraldo imagines his own hands and mouth are those of his lover, though itís never clear whether sex really happened.††

Fragmentary and frustrating, itís very unsatisfying.† The best thing is the way the film shows adolescent desire as something totally consuming.† We've all been there.† Waiting by the phone that never rings.† Seeing the object of our affections everywhere.† Love as an obsessive, destructive force.†

But I got tired trying to work out what was happening, and when it came down to it I just didnít care enough to bother.† Please donít waste your money when there are so many better films out there.