Merci Docteur Rey

Ladymol's Review

Even on fast-forward this film was dire. Don't bother.

Cerisaye's Review

Thomas, boyishly pretty 23 year-old son of an American opera singer in Paris is gay but not out to his mother.  He arranges to meet an older man who answers his lonely hearts ad on the internet.  But not for sex: the stranger has a proposal. 

When Thomas turns up as arranged at the flat, from the closet he witnesses the man’s murder by a young Arab.  Then his mother tells him the father he has always believed died in a car crash actually left them both.  And he’s been stabbed to death.  Just like the man Thomas watched from the closet. 

If that all sounds ludicrous, well I’m afraid it only gets worse.  Hash brownies…mischievous hustlers…kooky actress Jane Birkin who thinks she’s killed her psychotherapist…Turandot…Jerry Hall…oh I can’t be bothered thinking any more about this pretentious tosh. 

Though my interest was briefly stirred by the revelation Thomas’ father left the revolting diva for another man, and the developing relationship between Thomas and the Arab boy, whose name we never find out.  If the film had concentrated on that maybe it would’ve worked. 

Just take my word for it and don’t bother wasting your time and money on this tiresome movie.