Defying Gravity

Ladymol's Review:

Every so often, you find a gem of a film- this is one of those times.

A very simple tale of a young college boy coming out is given a delightful twist in this eye-catching movie.

Griff and Peter were best friends - shared a dorm room at college - until one fateful day when, after a shower, friendship turned into something more. Peter leaves the Frat house, confident in his sexuality. Griff doesn't and continues to visit Peter secretly, whilst outwardly living the life of the typical, heterosexual, white college boy.

Tragedy forces Griff to reconsider his life and make some hard choices.

There's a very strong cast of supporting characters, particularly from Niklaus Lange - one of the original trio of friends who entirely misses the developing relationship between Griff and Peter.

The film looks great and has some totally honest performances

If gravity is the thing pulling us all down, then this film lives up to its title. It's feel-good all the way and leaves you on a high: people are basically good if you let them be; life can be great if you're brave enough to actually live it.

As the region 0 (play anywhere) box is much prettier, I'd advise buying that one.

Highly recommended.

Cerisaye's review:

Pete is out and proud but his friend. Griff cannot come to terms with his sexuality or their relationship, and hides the fact he's gay from his homophobic Frat House buddies. Events conspire to force Griff to have to decide whether to do the right thing by Pete when he is attacked in a nasty gay bashing incident, following an argument they have in a gay coffee shop. Through friendship and loyalty, Griff finds the courage to come out and acknowledge what Pete means to him, helped along by a dose of beautiful Californian mountain air.

This is an optimistic movie about defeating homophobia and achieving justice against those who commit violent acts against people just because they happen to be gay. If your expectations aren't too high and you're in the mood for a bit of reassuring romance, then give it a try and you will not be disappointed. The performances are effective, the script hangs together fairly well, and the film looks good. There are no graphic scenes, but it left me with a nice warm glow.

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