KM 0 (Kilometer Zero)

Ladymol's Review

For once a film that lives up to the praise thatís been heaped upon it. This is a sort of extended Pretty Woman fairytale, with disparate couples mixing and meeting and falling in and out of love. For once the gay elements are woven into the heterosexual just like real life, and itís delightful to see.

For a wide variety of reasons, people agree to meet at a certain street corner called Kilometre 0. When they arrive, they mistake the people they were meant to meet with others, but fate has a way of making these mistakes for the best. All of the threads are equally enjoyable: gay, straight, young old. This really is a feel good movie with a little bit of magic that makes you believe the impossible can come true. In this spirit, thereís nothing graphic in it at all, but if you want genuine romance for once, then this is the film for you.

Cerisaye's Review

This is a fun feelgood movie with some gay content.† I enjoyed the gorgeous Spanish hunks.† One is a kindhearted gigolo who knows how to show a lady a good time.† Another a sexy flamenco dancer who uses the net to hook up with men for casual sex, as dedication to his career leaves little energy for love.† Or so he thinks.† Then thereís sweet Pedro, all of 21, loose in the big city for the first time where he hopes to become a film director.†

It is all about love and sex and money.† A tangle of diverse men & women centred on KM.0 in Madridís Puerta de Sol interconnect on a swelteringly hot day when everyone is horny or looking for love.†

Helped by a bit of divine intervention, everyone finds what he/she is looking for by the time a night time thunderstorm clears the sticky air.

An older woman trapped in a loveless marriage finds herself again through the attentions of that considerate gigolo, coming to terms with something that haunts her from the past.† A young man saving himself for marriage lets loose his inhibitions for some no-strings action that might be gay.† Pedro helps a tart with a heart.† The dancer meets Benjamin who shares the gigoloís flat, for hot sex and maybe something more.† A young couple discover theyíre not really meant for each other but itís okay because they both find their ideal mate.† An unemployed actress throws herself at a director for a part in his new musical.

Thatís it really.† Thereís some m/m action between the dancer and Benjamin but we donít see much, a few butt shots and flashes of male frontal nudity (refreshing to see more male than female flesh).† Good to see gay guys alongside hetero couples that shows weíre all the same whatever sexual preference, looking for that connection with the special spark.† Sometimes we need a push to realise what we really want.† Watchable, but not a gay film.† Spanish with English susbtitles.