Ladymol's Review:

I'm not sure whether the title of this film is meat to be ironic. It certainly doesn't describe the film, which is sweet and innocuous compared to the hint of pay-for-sex titillation of that title.

What do you do if you want to have sex but don't own your own place? just about sums up the entire theme of this movie. Innocent gay boy meets go-go dancer and wants to have sex with him. They have nowhere to go. Thus they are forced to spend "quality" time together - running around getting involved in each other's odd assortment of friends - until the quick, hot need for sex turns into something else: friendship and the start of a genuine relationship.

There are strong performances from the two lead boys, most notably from John Paul Pitoc as Mark, the go-go dancer (am I the only one who thinks he is a young Adrian Paul - Highlander The Series?). Christian Campbell plays Gabriel, the nice boy, very realistically.

Ultimately, however, a film about frustration is just that: frustrating. Two or three interruptions for the boys would be amusing, but a whole film's worth rather turns this film into its own joke.

That said, this is a fun film and depicts lots of gay culture. It has excellent central performances and leaves you with a feel-good ending.


Cerisaye's Review:

A feel-good romantic comedy about gay men looking for love, this light hearted movie follows the increasingly desperate attempts of a serious musician, Gabe, and sexy Mark, the go-go boy he meets in a new York club, to have a one-night stand. Okay, the movie maybe requires a certain suspension of disbelief- are there no alleys, toilets or quiet corners for these guys to do the deed?- but it's all good fun. It also makes the serious point that casual sex is all very well so far as it goes, but if you're looking for something more meaningful and long-lasting then it's better to wait and allow sex to happen naturally within a relationship. Can you imagine anyone other than doormat Gabe putting up with his crass roommate who throws him out in the hall so he can screw his girlfriend, yet refuses to let Gabe and mark have even a couple of hours in their cramped apartment?

I found supporting actor Tori Spelling playing Gabe's extremely enthusiastic chorus line fag-hag friend a bit annoying after a while, but there's a magnificent performance in a cameo role by drag queen Miss Coco Peru, who corners Gabe hilariously in a toilet with a sorry story of sore eyes and male bodily fluids. Cerisaye

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