The Trio

Ladymol's Review

A quirky little German film that probably has the most inappropriate cover on Iíve ever seen ( do not believe the sexy cover).

A father and daughter and the fatherís male love are a gang of pickpockets, working the shopping malls of various German cities, travelling around in their camper van. The lover gets run over and they have to find a replacement for him. A few days earlier, a young man had stolen one of their wallets and the daughter goes to find him and offer him a ďjobĒ with them.

They enter into a painful mťnage a tois, the girl adoring the young man and seducing him and the father unable to help himself and being seduced in turn. When the daughter finds them together one night she takes off.

Thereís enough gay action to make this a very watchable film, despite itís deliberately seedy look. For once itís actually nice to see real people in a movie. The father is particularly sexy, even though he is clearly aging after a rough life. A charismatic actor really brings this role to life.

The last few moments of this film are delightful. Watch carefully or youíll miss it!

Recommended if you are very new to gay movies and want something tame to start with.

Cerisaye's Review

You get two old geezers in really bad wigs having sex.† Ew.† And the obligatory cross-dressing scene, cus itís a German film.†

Karl, the effeminate one, like a put-upon wife, wants a more settled existence for his twilight years than the itinerant thievery theyíve been surviving on.†

Itís bitchbitchbitch.†

Zobel, the other partner, is a bit of a gypsy, a bear of a man who wears eyeliner. His daughter elfin, androgynous Lizzie is the third member of the trio.† She gets the hots for would-be pickpocket Rudolph who tries to rob the experts.†

Karl lands in hospital.† I was glad to see him go because his dreadful toupťe was just too distracting.†

Naturally Rudy gets recruited to take his place.† As more than an extra pair of lightfingered hands.† Lecherous Zobel just canít keep his hands off the boy, desperate to prove to himself heís young enough yet to pull.† They have sex in a toilet.† And, almost, in a shower.† Not a pretty sight.

It turns into farce as Rudy has Zobel and Lizzie slugging it out for his favours.† This triangular relationship then plays out for the rest of the film.†

Itís dreary and depressing.† Relentless rain and what must be the most unscenic parts of Germany.†

Oh, Rudy has a pet snake, imaginatively calledÖSnake.†

Zobel astutely nicknames the boy Ratso, after the Dustin Hoffman character in Midnight Cowboy.† Hmmn.

I didnít care about any of the characters, and the upbeat ending seemed at odds with the drift of the film. The subtitling is laughably bad.†

I think pathos was intended but to me it was pathetic.† Though Iím prepared to concede on another night it couldíve been different.†