Becoming a Man - Paul Monette

Ladymol's Review

You wouldnít sit and listen to someone talk (whine) incessantly about themselves, would you? So why youíd want to read it either is a mystery to me. Iím not a huge fan of autobiographies per se, but this one really bored me to tears. I wouldnít have minded so much if it was about something, but itís not really. Well, to be fair, itís about coming out, but thatís all! How long does it take to say: scared, didnít, did, glad I did. I suspect, being very cruel, that as the author died just after writing this, the book has been adopted by the worthy gay press. Of course what he has to say is important and relevant and movingÖ he died of AIDS! Well, sorry, itís just didnít work for me. I actually took about 4 months to read it, on and (very) off. I only finished it because I found it in my bag whilst cueing to pay at a checkout for forty-five minutes. And, yes, Iím rambling because I can remember almost nothing of this except one long whine about coming out.