This used to be an image of the cover of the porn epic Danny until I was emailed by the self-styled marketing director of the self-styled author's self-styled publishing company. I was told I was infringing copyright by having it on the site. Nah. I was infringing good taste.


Message from Ladymol and Cerisaye

This page used to contain reviews for a book called Danny. Overall, we reviewed it favourably, more favourably than we could have, as we were given a free copy by the publisher, who was obviously working very hard to get this book out there. I admire anyone who has a published book, so wanted to encourage and help sales where I could.

Since we put up our reviews we’ve received nothing but malicious and spiteful criticism. From whom I hear you cry? Readers who hated it? Other authors? No, the comments have all been made by the author on her site and blog. She appears to be waging a war on anyone who liked her own creation. I’m not entirely sure why she’s doing it. We didn’t like it enough? We had the audacity to find things wrong with it? We dared to like something more? (As we’ve reviewed books by Patricia Nell Warren, Annie Proulx, Jack Dickson, Maria McCann, Joseph Hansen and Jay Quinn, to name but a few, liking others more than her offering is hardly surprising). Of course, I’m on a losing wicket to start with as I’m a—spit—fanfic writer. Which in her eyes is no writer at all. She doesn’t mince words in her vitriolic attack on us. Does this bother me? Amused snort. She should be so lucky to have such amazing, loyal fans for Danny. Maybe if she did, she’d stop attacking the few she does have. Hey ho.

So, in an attempt to please, we’ve taken down our reviews. In the spirit of doing what an author requests, we won’t be promoting any sales of this book. We won’t recommend it, talk to friends about it or otherwise spread the word.

Happy now, CS?

Good, then please leave us off your petty, ranting blog!

Oh, and just a thought, if you want people to spread the word with the same passion as they’re spreading it for Brokeback? Write a book as good as it.