The Slaves Of Tarne - Gordon Neale

Ladymol's Review

I never review a book until Iíve finished it. Iím gonna make an exception with this one. Iíve read the first chapter and itís so bad Iím going to amuse myself by picking out all my pet peeves as I go along.

Peeve Number One. What is it with the safe sex dogma in porn books? I mean, if you want to be safe, stop sticking your cock up other menís backsides? If you want to do that (and, hell, Iím glad that you do!) then just write fiction, forget real life and live a little?† Sheesh. We're given a mythical setting in an unknown time and every single (very unpleasant) fuck we have the putting on of the rubber sheath (I kid you not, thatís what theyíre called throughout).

Peeve Number Two. What is it with body hair in porn books about bondage? Canít you tie someone down unless you can brush a parting in his leg hair? I almost vomited up a hairball reading this oneÖ long, loving descriptions of just how hairy the men were andÖ where.

Peeve Number ThreeÖ. nah, life is too short to waste on this shudder-inducing rubbish.