The Last Taboo - Peter Gilbert

Ladymol's Review:

I once read some advice by a publisher of gay porn to would-be writers, to the effect that if their books needed "page turning to the next wank scene, forget it".

Given that criteria - constant, plotless wank scenes - then this book has failed as porn, which is something of a compliment. Sure, it's not great literature, but it's not porn either.

Set in the future after nuclear and biological wars have devastated the planet, two islands have been established, one for gay men and one for lesbians. A breeding programme has been established between the two - one island providing pure sperm, one eggs. Never the twain shall meet, of course.

Richard is in charge of the unit that milks sperm for donations. He's a genuinely nice guy, mourning the death of his partner Peter. Life on the Island is described in vivid detail: a gay paradise - but the serpent is ever-present, and Richard is determined that a few evil-doers will not destroy the gay utopia they have created.

Then he meets Pete, the eighteen-year old namesake of his previous lover. His relationship with Pete is the hardest thing he has ever had to face: the last taboo.

This is a great read. It only took me two days because I needed to keep stopping.....

It's lots of fun. If you write slash; if you're just interested in the more intimate details of gay sex, then I recommend this book. However, be warned: if this book was a movie, it would be classed as porn. It's graphic in the extreme. Please don't even consider reading it unless you are fairly well-versed in gay lifestyles. I'd recommend a slower work-up to this one with one of the tamer, less explicit books first.

Cerisaye's Review:

If you're in the mood for an entertaining read that cheerfully mixes fantasy and pretty raunchy gay sex- and let's face it, who isn't- then this is book will certainly satisfy the urge. It's quite graphic actually, so be warned. Teeming with rampant cocks and positively oozing come from every page, but it's all done in the best possible taste. Well, if you're used to this sort of thing. I dare say it might upset the more sensitive reader, but there won't be many of these reading these reviews on Jenny's site. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Imagine if you will a post-Apocalypse gay Utopia. Now isn't that a charming thought with which to begin?! The men have their island, Andros, and the women theirs, Lesbos. That's probably the only predictable thing in this jolly sex romp. And women don't really feature at all, except as the objects of unnatural sexual practices, in a clever inversion of our society's norm. The original community was founded so gay men and women could live at peace with each other and the world. Well, that existence is under threat, both from within and without.

Our charming hero is Richard, a minor official in the island's breeding programme, designed to ensure their survival. Sperms are collected from every boy on his eighteenth birthday and several times a day thereafter- sadly, this job is done by a machine. The children spend their first 6 years on Lesbos, where the females stay, before being sent home to Andros. His long-term partner, Peter, is dead and Richard is in sore need of company. He takes up with the eldest son of two influential guardians, as the foster parents to the island's boys are known. Together with Richard and a few others, they struggle to save the island, and to prove their deeply held belief that sexual orientation is all a matter of conditioning, a learned behaviour.

It's all a lot of fun and the sex only adds to the pleasure. Believe me. Recommended.

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