The Page Turner - David Leavitt

Ladymol's Review

This is the novel, which spawned the movie Food of Love. The movie is a very faithful adaptation. I’m not sure any of the questions that the movie gave rise to were answered in the book. It all plays out without any of the passion that a setting within a world of art and music would naturally inspire.

Paul, an aspiring concert pianist, becomes the page-turner for an already established star performer, Richard. They begin an affair while in Rome, which peters out when Richard begins to feel trapped—although his motivations for just up and leaving without a word are never really very clear.

Paul returns to American, too, falls in with an older man with AIDS who promises to leave him his money when he dies. It’s not a coincidence that Anton lives above Richard’s apartment. Paul decides that he’s never going to be good enough to perform and sinks into a depression.

The book has no sex in it at all, but worse, it has no passion. I really couldn’t engage with any of the characters or care what happened to them.

Well written, but arty rather than engaging.