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Counting The Ways - 5

They walked the rest of the way in silence. Within five minutes they were there. Wesley booked in and tried not to be furtive. Two men, no luggage save one tiny overnight bag, one room? - he felt a clandestine shame washing over him and refused utterly the offered assistance to the room.

He was silent in the lift. He fumbled with the key. They stepped in and looked around. Spike folded his arms in annoyance and looked expressively at Wesley. 'Twin beds? You booked a room with shagging twin beds?'

'I didn't think and... I don't want to think... oh God.' Wesley sat on the end of one bed with his hands over his face, his desperate mood in the alley dissipating in the neutral sterility of the over-lit hotel room. 'One minute all I can think about is your body. You took me in an alley, for God's sake. That sort of thing just doesn't happen to me. And God, what am I saying? Maybe I should start with the fact you're a vampire... I mean that's rather important, wouldn't you say? And Angel... my God, I should have started with him... he nearly killed me for the baby; what would he do if he could see us... what are you doing? Oh.' Wesley leant back a little as Spike started a slow striptease, just undoing the bottom button on his shirt and sliding his hand in onto his belly.

'Go on, pet; don't mind me.'

'Err... yes... so, it's not surprising I didn't think about beds. Do you know I've never had sex in a hotel room? And I'm here...' The second button revelled some of the hard muscular body to Wesley, and his voice dropped a little in tone. '...here with a vampire for God's sake, one who would...' Spike let the shirt drop to the floor and stood with his head bowed as if a willing sacrifice. '... kill me if he could... ' Each inch of the zip intrigued Wesley. How could Spike make it take so long to go down? '... if it wasn't for that chip...' Engorged, vertical, unwavering in the harsh hotel lighting, Spike's cock dominated the room. The sound of jeans hitting the floor was unheard by either of them.

'Suck me, Wesley. Make it good.' Wesley fell to his knees and to the cock he wanted in his mouth more than he cared about his own life for that split second of time. Spike reached behind him, switched off the light and leant back against the wall, just glancing down every so often at the hungry human attached to him. He spread his arms and rubbed the soft hairs of his forearms on the flocked wallpaper, tickling himself as a deep feeling of contentment washed over him. Was there anything to compare to a blowjob from a human? Yes, Wesley would gag if he pushed in too far. Yes, he needed to breathe and couldn't maintain the supernatural pressure of a vampire's mouth, but it was so ... degrading? ... uplifting? He was letting the prey bring him off. He was fornicating with the enemy. Fuck it; it was just warm and soft and the tongue felt bloody great... oh, yeah, under the foreskin... over the tip... good boy Wes; you learn quick…

Spike risked putting his hands on Wesley's hair and just encouraging him a little more onto his root. He was desperate to feel the back of Wesley's throat and groaned when the human unexpectedly relaxed his muscles enough for him to slip down. 'Yeah, luv, do that again, please.'

Wesley tried to nod, and did as he was asked. 'Ahh, yeah, that's good; now use your teeth a bit, too... 's good. Again. Yeah.' Spike ran his fingers through Wesley's long, thick hair and began to thrust towards his mouth a little. 'Hmm, up and down, up and down, that's good, luv, that feels so good.' His balls began their familiar tingle, and he reached down and encouraged Wesley's hand to fondle them as he sucked. He braced his legs and spread himself open some more so Wesley could nuzzle into his whole area. Wesley's hands became as frantic as his mouth. He was making greedy mewing noises, as if he wanted more and couldn't get it. Spike decided it was time to give him more. He leant back and allowed his balls to jettison into the human mouth and his sperm to wash over Wesley's throat and pour down faster than the human could swallow... but the human didn't pull away until he felt the penis in his mouth soften. Only then did Wesley collapse, holding his throat and coughing painfully.

Spike dragged Wesley onto his back and straddled him; he bent down sucking at his mouth; he licked across the scar and, once more, entwined his fingers in the soft hair, pulling Wesley like a rag doll up to his mouth.

Wesley was full of vampire, smothered by vampire, overwhelmed by vampire: Spike seemed everywhere, blotting out and obliterating pain, worry, fear, insecurity, self-doubt. He was just a man with a man's needs, and he did not think further than the male body fulfilling those needs in that room.

When he leant into Wesley's mouth, Spike raised up slightly. When he lowered, he found himself sitting on a warm, exploratory hand. He looked down with approval but did not speak, fearing to break Wesley's almost trance like mood. Wesley ran a finger up and down Spike's crack; he pulled it to the front over the hardening penis. He discovered Spike's perineum; he held the soft, cool balls and marvelled at the perfection of the fit in his palm. He went to the place that scared him and intrigued him in equal measure, and just placed a tip of his finger there, not pushing, not stroking - just sensing the indentation and the rough puckered skin. Spike groaned faintly and put his face into Wesley's shoulder, lifting up some more in encouragement. A soft whispered 'Try it' eased across Wesley and make him feel bold. He licked his finger and placed it back, this time pressing. He gasped when it went in quite easily and lightning did not strike him. Spike chuckled against his shoulder and wriggled a little on the finger.

'I want to find... you know. How do I... oh, God, it's so embarrassing.' Spike reared back and braced his hands on Wesley's chest, a look of exquisite pleasure on his face. 'Oh! Good! I imagine I've found it then?'

Spike nodded slightly but then rolled his head around on his shoulders as the old, familiar pleasures began to build. ''S been too long, too long, too long... I need this...' Speaking more to himself than to Wesley, Spike's voice was low and almost ragged with desire. 'Harder, play with me hard; I need it.'

Wesley suddenly sat up and pushed Spike backward with his free hand onto the floor. He now knelt to Spike's entrance and could watch with eager participation as he shoved his finger up to the knuckle. Spike almost howled, but choked it off and wriggled some more in delight. 'Even harder, harder; I need cock there; make it like a cock for me.'

It wasn't hard to do. Wesley was strong; he had large, powerful hands and strong fingers honed from years of fighting and training with Angel. He rammed his finger in until the knuckles of his hand slammed into Spike. Spike, his eyes shut and hidden under one folded arm, panted out ragged encouragement as Wesley began to work the finger as if he were oiling down a weapon. He felt he could give more, so added another finger, then a third. It felt incredible; Spike's anus was soft and almost warm and so smooth; it stretched around his fingers like a strong band, teasing and tempting him further in. He pulled out a little and squeezed in his last finger, four strong human fingers working inside the tight walls. He forgot about the spot he had wanted to find - from the look on Spike's face and from the hissed, delighted obscenities, he seemed to be hitting it unconsciously. He concentrated on the wiggling and the thrusting. It was so frustrating, he wanted to thrust higher; he wanted to make Spike scream for more, but he couldn't... unless... he pulled out again fractionally and eased his thumb past the stretched ring. Six inches now, Spike tore and Wesley slid in on the slippery fluid. He stopped, shocked, but suddenly hands were on the back of his head; incredibly strong abs were holding Spike upright and Spike's face appeared in front of him ... and he was desperate. Wesley had never seen such raw need on Spike before. He began to push his fist in, overwhelmed by what he was doing, afraid, but the face held him in a hypnotic stare of encouraging need... and then the one word hissed out from lips close enough to kiss. 'More.'

It was all he needed. Wesley used his fist as if he were punching at the unfairness of his life. It was like running in water - you got nowhere, but it exhausted you. Spike flung himself back and drew his legs up, his rectum absorbing the pounding, the blood running freely down Wesley's forearm as he grunted and shoved and worked inside the hard, invulnerable body. He began to sweat and the droplets fell into his eyes, stinging. He began to pant and realised he could not hear it for Spike's moaning.

Wesley wanted to thrust harder, needed to hold onto something for support, found a hard, cold column of flesh and grasped it like a handle. That brought the scream he wanted, and with the scream a violent shudder from the vampire as he creased up and ejaculated over his belly and chest. Wesley continued to punch into Spike until the last twitch of the penis in his hand, and when the moaning stopped, heard his own heartbeat loud in the room. Sweat, blood, cum: he was covered in all three. He lay on top of Spike, heedless of his weight, and waited for his heart to stop pounding. Spike seemed to be thinking of this, too, for a hand slid between them and lay against his racing heart. He thought he heard another faint moan, and smiled at the simplicity of that sound.

All time seemed to stop for them. They lay tangled on the floor in pools of their own fluid. Wesley thought he might have dozed, for he suddenly started at Spike's soft nuzzling into his ear and quiet, amused observation. 'You can pull it out now.'

Shocked, unprepared, overwhelming embarrassed, Wesley acted before thinking and wrenched his forearm out of Spike. Spike gasped and sat bolt upright again, half cursing and half laughing. 'Bloody, fucking hell, watcher, I can tell no one's ever done that with you... just you bloody wait.'

Wesley felt a trickle of fear laced with anticipation run down his spine and could not help a curious glance at Spike's strong, perfectly shaped hand. Spike grinned and patted his cheek. 'Undress, hey... we could do with a shower.'

Wesley nodded dumbly and tried to stand, but he had cramp in both legs and felt acutely embarrassed by what he had done to Spike. Spike half-lifted him onto the end of one bed and sat behind him rubbing his shoulders for a while before wrapping his arms around Wesley's neck and propping his chin companionably on his shoulder. ''S been nearly two hundred years since anyone's done that to me, pet, and I don't remember it being that good.'

'That was... good? I mean... I saw that it was... but... I had heard about such... but obviously never...'

'Yeah, I thought not. Lasses don't go in for it really; Dru never would either way.'

'Oh, good God.'

'Hey, pet, if you can't talk about it, don't do it.' Spike softened his injunction by licking Wesley's ear a little.

'Spike, I was brought up to talk about nothing. You know that. You must have been like me once... how did you...?'

'I had a good teacher, pet.'


Spike laughed. 'Yeah.'

'He did... he used his...'


'Oh?' Spike didn't reply to the maudlin self-doubt evident in this short reply; he only took Wesley's hand and, pulling it around, placed the fingers to his still stretched hole. He swirled them around again, and couldn't help a small groan of genuine pleasure at the feel once more.

'Is that making you hard again, Wesley? Do you like the feel of my hole?' Wesley nodded sadly to both questions. 'Good, cus before the night's out, it'll be your cock bringing me off in here.'

Wesley tipped his head back, considering this possibility, and then nodded faintly. 'Yes.'

Spike laughed at this overwhelming enthusiasm and started to drag Wesley towards the bathroom, but he suddenly paused, and a sparkle of glee flashed in his eyes. 'Oh yeah.' He dived for the telephone and the room service menu, and began a long, complicated and thorough ordering for them both. Wesley watched over his shoulder, attempting to bring a modicum of restraint into Spike's enthusiasm to spend his money. When Spike rang off, Wesley glanced nervously down at the carpet, which was now badly stained by blood and other substances.

Spike followed his look, laughed and ripped Wesley's shirt off, dropping it over the offending marks. 'See, watcher, think laterally...' Spike trailed off as Wesley's musky, human scent hit him. He stood up and pushed Wesley back against the wall, running his hands up through the soft hair on his chest. 'God, I could eat you.'

Spike's harmless words, spoken only in the heat of his lust, made Wesley freeze. Spike laughed lightly at what he had said and stepped back, eyeing the watcher thoughtfully. Wesley watched him warily. 'What? Spike?'

Spike gave the tiniest flick of one eyebrow and an infinitesimally small shrug - as if it was of no matter - and said causally, 'You could let me have just a little snack, you know.'

Wesley backed away, sliding comically around the wall, his eyes unnaturally wide. 'No.'

Spike shrugged again. ''K, no biggie.'

He turned away, but Wesley repeated more forcibly. 'No.'

Spike grinned. 'I said no biggie; don't get yer knickers in a twist 'bout it. Oh, and speaking of which...' he turned back to the wary human and started to take off his jeans, casting amused glances at his face every so often. 'Relax, pet; I can't if you don't want me to, remember?'

'It's not that I'm afraid of, Spike.'

Spike looked up sharply and saw it. Before Wesley could hide the look, Spike saw a flicker of desire to sink even lower, to explore the things he now only feared as nightmares. He stood back, regarding the human. 'You know some humans get off on it, don't you, Wesley?'

Wesley nodded. 'They are sick.'

'Possibly. Ain't nothing wrong in being sick, mate; in this world it's the healthy thing to be, I'd say.'

'Don't try and seduce me to do this, Spike. I won't cross that line. God, I've crossed enough lines with you already. I won't do it; so don't ask me to.'

Spike's reply was prevented as the room service arrived. Naked, Spike slid out onto the balcony and let Wesley, after some rearranging of his jeans, answer the door. Wesley brought two beers out into the warm night and passed Spike his cigarettes and matches. Spike took them gratefully and lit one, offered it to the human and, when it was refused, took a long, grateful drag himself. He stretched slightly, had a long drink from his beer and tipped his head back laughing.

Wesley watched him, amused. 'What?'

'Unlife, pet, it has its moments.'

Spike turned and leant on the rail, smoking and drinking contentedly. Wesley wandered back into the room, feeling slightly disoriented. He had been so down and so up recently, he was beginning to lose his ability to tell which was which. He sat once more on one of the beds, drinking the beer and thinking about Spike. The pale body drew his eye. Spike's backside stuck provocatively towards him, swaying slightly as if to music only the vampire could hear. Wesley looked at the room service cart. He looked again at Spike. He stood up with a groan that he had meant to be resigned but wasn't sure didn't come out as just desperate and removed his jeans.

Spike heard Wesley's approach before he felt the hard bulge pressing into him. He tensed fractionally, waiting to see what Wesley would do. When a cool substance was pressed against his throbbing hole, he moaned appreciatively and glanced over his shoulder to see the human unwrapping a second pat of iced butter. He laughed, but Wesley only said seriously. 'It's all I could find, and it's no worse than olive oil.'

'So, this is it, is it, watcher? Is this where you do the dirty deed?'

'Shut up, Spike; I'm finding this difficult enough as it is without your unhelpful comments.'

Spike laughed again and turned around, pulling the hesitant human to him for a kiss. 'You idiot, Wes; it ain't difficult, and there's just us here... no one judging you, pet.'

Wesley laughed ruefully at his own seriousness then pursed his lips and, glancing briefly over the rail at the street some floors below, lifted up one of Spike's thighs. 'Let's hope I don't push up too hard, hey, Spike,' and with that amused comment he eased himself into Spike's slippery and still stretched hole.

Face to face.

Spike grasped the rail behind him, his cigarette and drink falling from his hands; Wesley lifted the thigh higher for better access and, bracing his legs, started thrusting. The two naked men began an intense rhythm of sex on the balcony. Spike spread his arms across the rail and leant so far back that, for a moment, he could see the street upside down below him.

Wesley lifted Spike's other leg. Spike's biceps locked on the rail. Wesley thrust. Spike thrust back and wrapped his thighs securely around Wesley's waist, unwilling to test his healing powers on great heights again. Wesley looked down at the body wrapped around him, grunted with approval and allowed himself to concentrate on the feel of being inside another man's ass.

He had to admit, it was exquisite... far more so than he had anticipated. He couldn't decide if the eroticism of the act was entirely due to the feel of the tight channel encasing him, or whether it was that combined with the thought of what he was doing. He could not deny that they made an erotic picture together. Spike seemed lost in the sensation himself, and Wesley watched intrigued as pleasure flicked over the vampire's face. He experimented a little with the angle and depth of the thrusting and was rewarded by soft moaning and by the delightful view of Spike's penis swelling and wavering in the night air... but his legs began to falter. His arms ached to the strain of the position and, as if sensing this, Spike unwrapped his legs in one fluid movement and turned and bent himself against the rail. Wesley stood behind him, his penis now exposed. He stroked it a little and played it against Spike's hole.

Spike twisted around and looked down. 'Yeah, do that again.' Wesley rubbed the sensitive tip to the puckered skin as much as he could bear, and was delighted to see a bubbling trickle of pre-cum, glistening against the red tip. Spike, still watching, hissed and continued his low encouragement, 'Play with me some more, Wesley; let me watch you; hmm, that's so good.' Desperately wanting to be back inside, Wesley pushed on the small of Spike's back to get him to bend more, and then with a groan of desire, he entered once more.

No thoughts now. In this position, Wesley felt only cock: he had become erection. All thoughts leaked from him, as his pre-cum leaked into Spike. He was hard; he was embedded in tight ass, and he could release a lifetime's frustration into this body and have no repercussion from that violence. Wesley began.

Spike braced against the onslaught. He had not thought the watcher could be so strong. He pushed back against him, gripping the rail with his fists. He arched back and thrust up his backside, feeling he would split open to this human penetration. He heard Wesley's anguished cries as he tried to jettison his pain into Spike. The human became frantic, writhing and smashing into the hard backside. Spike held on. It was mind-blowingly good, and he relished the primordial taking and plundering. He knew when Wesley was about to cum for the harsh cries rose in pitch and became a staccato begging for release... and then it came. A hot spurting into his coldness, nails digging into him unconsciously, welts raked down his back, legs trembling against him, and still more hot fluid pumping into him and running out, tickling down his inner thighs.

Spike laid his forehead against the rail, reached down with one hand - now freed from the need to hold on - and began to pull himself to his own orgasm. Wesley began to pull out, but Spike whipped his other hand around to clamp him even close to his backside. 'Press in more, Wesley.' His voice was ragged with desperation, and Wesley groaned at the softness of his penis. He could make no indentation in the vampire's pleasure for him. Suddenly, without conscious thought, he pulled away, and Spike let out a sharp expletive and increased the speed of his pulling as a cold, hard object was pushed into his opening.

Wesley didn't let thought come back into his brain. He just acted, just moved, just wanted to give pleasure, so he swirled the top of the thick green beer bottle around inside Spike, almost swelling himself to the guttural sounds of pleasure from the vampire. He pushed it in more, and more; he wanted to see how far he could go with this descent. Where was rock bottom? Was there somewhere so low that you could not climb back out? This was probably it. So he pushed harder to make sure. Spike screamed and came... over his hand, out through the rail - plops of cum falling like rain into the warm LA night - and Wesley fell with them. He pushed Spike over more, tipped the bottle, and emptied the rest of his beer into the new receptacle. Wesley looked down. Oh, there was somewhere even lower… he saw steps descending into the confines of his own damnation. He bent and licked at the alcohol dribbling out of Spike's ass.

It was too much even for Spike. The intensity of Wesley's mouth on him, the eager way his tongue probed him, the insistent sucking at the stretched edges of his hole, brought another brief, sharp orgasm and, as he stood hunched over, it splattered onto his feet and pooled a dark stain on the light grey concrete of the balcony.

Spike collapsed. Wesley collapsed.

It was cool and quiet at last.

Eventually, Wesley heard a match being struck. He saw a light flare behind his closed lids and thought briefly that he must be very close to Spike to see that.

He felt arms under his arms. He was placed on a bed. He heard water being run. He opened his eyes to examine the place he had taken himself to. It was very, very satisfying. Being right at the bottom, there was now only up - there was room for hope again. He smiled at the relief of having a clear path in front of him once more and opened his eyes for real.

'Bloody hell.' Spike's face was mere inches from his. The vampire bent down for a quick kiss then grabbed Wesley's hand and pulled him towards the bathroom.

'Bath's too small for two, you first, mate; I wanna surf the porn channels for a bit.'

Wesley started to give him a horrified look, but saw he was being teased and pouted a little. Spike laughed. 'You've done me in, mate; I'll take at least... oh, ten minutes to recover from that; no porn 'til then, hey?'

Wesley lay in the bath. He heard the television being turned on and the channels flicked. He heard sounds drifting up from the street and, just as in his apartment, noises from other rooms... oh. Bloody hell.

'Err... Spike.'

'What, pet.'

'Do you think we made a little bit too much noise?' There was silence as Spike considered this, thinking back over the blowjobs, the fisting, the fucking, the bottle, the rimming...

'Nah,' and the sound of another beer being opened drifted into Wesley in the tub. He slid under the water and let the odd pounding noise block any other sounds.

He was lying to himself, and he knew it. There was one more descent seducing him, and he feared that more than all the others... feared but also needed in equal measure.

He climbed quietly out of the bath and rummaged in his wash bag. He did not look as he did it: he kept his eyes fastened on the stranger in the mirror. As he pressed, he wondered if Spike had smelt it already and thought - when he saw the rigid back - that he had. He climbed onto the bed behind the naked vampire and pulled him back into his arms, resting comfortably against the headboard... and then he pressed it to Spike's mouth: the razor had done a good job on his wrist, and the blood flowed freely.

Like a starved kitten, Spike mewed and purred as the warm, fresh, human blood seeped into his mouth. It wasn't as good as arterial blood, but it held its own attractions. Wesley fed the vampire and almost swelled once more to the pleasure. He pulled away a little; Spike gently eased him back with small begging noises. He wriggled Spike slightly on his lap and enjoyed the feel of the cool body in his arms and the weight on his groin. He eased away again; Spike eased him back.

Spike was totally in his power, and that power was the final descent of all.

So low now there was no more distraction to stop him seeing the truth: in total darkness, no light blinded him.

Had he taken Connor to spite Angel? Had he been jealous of his beloved vampire's adoration for that mewling creature? Here, now, in the sanctity of his own degradation, Wesley could examine his motives for the first time, as the vampire suckled and licked and played and drank.

Why hadn't he told Angel what he feared? Why take the baby clandestinely? Why allow him to be stolen? Why consort with Angel's enemies? Spike's hand went to his pale penis, and Wesley watched his own blood flowing in and erecting the vampire's soft column of flesh. He felt Spike warming in his arms from his blood, and his reasoning only became clearer, for Spike felt as Connor had felt in his arms. He heard the soft cries of puzzlement as the trusting baby had been lifted from his cot and taken.

The warm air of the park flowed around him once more; he was carrying the baby... and then the pain, the terrible pain in his neck and the feeling of ...

The feeling of... had he felt relief that the baby had been taken from him? Small lights began to explode behind his closed lids; he did not remember closing his eyes. Why did he feel so tired? He had felt tired when Angel came into his hospital room. So tired, but so grateful: Angel had come to him. Angel wanted to forgive him. He was asleep now, and the sleep was deep and good and all was dark and quiet - until the hands! Angel's hands on him... the pain in his neck once more... the look on Angel's face... the hysteria in his voice he had never heard before. Wesley sat up with a cry and pushed Spike off. He took the bloody face in his hands and shouted at Spike, 'I didn't mean to hurt him, I didn't; I wasn't jealous...' he started to laugh. 'Spike! I did it for the right reasons and... and... Angel... ' He burst into tears, and as the ragged emotion washed over him, as the blood loss hit him, as the exertion of the night overcame him, Wesley passed out on the bed in a dead faint.

Spike was in something of a dilemma now. He had the very distinct feeling that he could probably continue to feed from the human until death, and he would never know it: the razor slash on Wesley's wrist still bled freely. Spike watched the flow of red into the harsh white sheets with disgust at himself. He didn't really deserve to be a vampire. He ripped up one of the napkins from the cart, bound up the wound, covered Wesley with a couple of blankets, and sat on the opposite bed watching him thoughtfully. Wesley had proved to be a good find, and Spike was pleased with him. He'd had some stunning orgasms and had enjoyed making Wesley cum as well.

So, the little problem of Angel, and Angel's… possessive nature, did have to be solved.

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