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The Darkling Plain - Episode 10

Chapter 10

When Angel woke in an empty bed, he rolled into the spot Spike had occupied and let himself drift into a pleasant state of half-consciousness. Spike wasn't here, therefore he must be somewhere else, and Angel enjoyed putting Spike into different places and different conversations, enjoyed thinking about him. He pictured Spike's body: what he was doing with his hands, how he was standing, what he was saying, whether he was laughing. He ran his mind over Spike's body: smelling his hair; tasting his mouth; feeling the smooth, compact hardness of his body. He felt that Spike was below in the agency and could almost taste the coffee he was drinking. He concentrated some more, letting his mind focus on Spike's eyes, diving languorously into their cool depths. Suddenly, with utmost clarity, Angel knew that Spike heard him. He sensed Spike pause in a conversation with Wesley. Spike looked up toward the apartment and smiled. Angel smiled back, mentally, and Spike rubbed his consciousness to him, like a cat, arching to the pleasure of this most intimate of contacts.

Wesley said something, Spike glanced at him, and the moment was lost. Angel turned onto his back, grinning foolishly. The shock of rising alone and finding that his demon was silenced, but knowing that he had to face the world without the excuse of an unanchored soul to hide his natural shyness and lack of confidence, had worn off. Spike had pared it off the night before.

The world now seemed to lie before him like a world of dreams: various, beautiful and new. It seemed that he'd read that somewhere, but he couldn't place it. He'd ask Spike. Spike knew everything about books, although this was something they'd never discussed or admitted before. Angel grinned even more broadly. He had no need now to be better than Spike. He could allow that in most things, Spike was better than him, and this realisation was so liberating that he laughed out loud. The sound was so strange, he cringed, laughing some more, and then pulled the sheet over his head to hide his embarrassment. The soft light under the midnight-blue sheet made him sleepy once more. He mentally reached out once more for Spike, but had a vehement "bugger off; I'm busy" flung back at him. Unable to fully control the sense of happiness Spike's amused, intimate reply gave him, Angel felt tears prick his eyes and fell asleep with their salt trails drying on his cheeks.

When he woke again, he was confused for a moment. He sat up in the bed, running his fingers through his hair.


Spike turned around and perched on the edge of the table. 'Good. The Kraken awakes.'


'Nothing, Pet. Feeling more rested?'

'Well, yeah. Why all the can…?' Angel's gaze suddenly shifted from the dozens of candles decorating the apartment. 'Where are the… things I… broke?'


The place was beautiful once more, softly illuminated by the candles, wood polished until it gleamed, everything ordered and neat.

'And lots of food?'

Spike shifted so Angel could see the spread on the table better.


'Half an hour, Luv. Think you can be up, showered and dressed by then?'


'And brain in gear, maybe?'

Angel crawled out of the bed and came, as if slightly dazed, over to where Spike was perched. He ran his fingers through his hair, slouching, with a puzzled expression on his face.

When he reached Spike's side, though, he laughed evilly and grabbed him around the waist.

Spike dodged with an outraged, 'Half an hour!'

Angel caught him again and wrestled him to the floor. 'Mmm…. You smell good.' He made a small, pleased, feral grin and slid down Spike's body. Spike hit him over the head and tried to wriggle away, but he was laughing too much to make any inroad on Angel's tight hold.

Angel's mouth reached Spike's zipper. He hovered over the tight bulge, just brushing his lips tantalizingly over the cotton. Spike arched slightly, only emphasising the swelling that Angel was exploring. With a sly glance up at Spike's face, Angel began to mouth around the area, seeking out the lie of his thick penis, trying to source the tip. With a grunt of success, his teeth discovered the bulbous shape, and he sucked hard on the cotton, licking and nibbling in with his teeth. Spike lifted Angel's head up by the ears and said distinctly, 'You are a deeply flawed individual.'

Angel flicked up his eyebrow and chuckled. When he returned to the wet cotton jeans, he moaned and chewed on Spike's hardness.

Frantically, Spike began to lower his zipper. Between them, both laughing too much to be graceful, they managed to negotiate the small metal teeth and expose the long column to the flickering candlelight.

Expecting Angel to go down on him once more, Spike moaned with pleasure when the strong thighs straddled him. Angel rubbed himself over Spike's groin for a while, holding both their shafts and letting them run through a loose fist.

He licked his lips and tipped his head to one side a little. 'Half an hour…?'

Spike narrowed his eyes. 'Less now.'

Angel squeezed them both a little tighter, making Spike laugh with need.

'Not really time for this then….' He let their shafts drop with a theatrical sigh, but before Spike could object, he suddenly rose, took Spike's erection, positioned it against it his hole and sat down, heavily, embedding Spike deeply into his body.

The intense sensation threw them both: Angel bending sharply at the waist, Spike rising, scrunching his abs. Their foreheads collided with a sharp crack, and they jerked apart, still laughing.

Spike lay back and folded his arms under his head, drawing his knees back so Angel could rest against them.

Angel leant back surveying Spike. 'You were talking to Wesley.'

Spike nodded. 'I heard you as clearly as if you were next to me. Spooky, huh?'

Angel began to move imperceptibly. Inside his rectum, Spike's penis began to move too: lengthening and thickening.

Suddenly, Angel leant forward, his palms splayed on Spike's thin T-shirt. Crouching, he began to lift and lower on the hard slickness, blurring the distinction between who was taking and who being taken.

Spike's hands slid out from behind his head, the pale, corded arms stretching out, palms turned up, body arched and tensed with pleasure.

Angel worked the hardness onto his pleasure spots, using Spike shamelessly. He closed his eyes, head lowered, soft grunts the only sound when a particularly pleasurable lower or raise fired off sparks of delight in his balls.

Angel began to dip lower, so his belly dragged up Spike's, and he worked the erection, his cock trapped between them. A sticky, thick release wetted them both, pulling apart in small tendrils as he pumped himself on the solid flesh that was giving him so much pleasure deep inside.

Spike watched Angel pleasuring himself with naked abandon and felt his uncontrollable grin returning. To contain it, he cupped Angel around the back of the neck and sought permission to enter his mouth, just the tip of his tongue begging for consent, outlining the soft contours of Angel's lips.

Angel snapped open his eyes, moaned, and took Spike in deeply, two penetrations now in his body. He sat back harder onto the stiff erection, swallowed Spike's tongue deeper, trying join Spike's flesh inside his, trying to have Spike running like a thread of love through his body.

The kissing set off inevitable changes throughout their bodies: balls rising and hardening for release; backs arching; penises leaking heavily; clear fluid thickening and spilling ever more swiftly.

With a final slight adjustment of position, Angel found a place that sent his body into a long, shuddering orgasm. He rode it out joined to Spike's mouth, sharing the pleasure as he kissed the other's equally greedy lips and tongue. He could feel his penis jerking uncontrolled over the slim body beneath him. He pictured his sperm raining down on the thin, black fabric, soaking Spike with him, and the thought only made more cum spurt from his aching hole. Just as he finished, Spike dug his fingers into Angel's neck, cried out, and released his own powerful orgasm.

As if this were his own orgasm, Angel knew instinctively how to move to keep it flooding out, knew exactly how long to rise and lower before it would become painful for Spike, knew how much to squeeze and drag the shooting thickness inside him through his tight walls before easing off the pressure and sinking slowly to the wet, welcoming chest.

They lay bathed in their own sweat and cum, until Angel suddenly lifted his head and croaked in disbelief, 'Elevator?'

Grinning, Spike heaved himself up from the floor, dislodging Angel in an inelegant heap. He grabbed Angel's hand, and together they leapt the bed and tore into the closet, selecting things at random and urgently pulling them on. Spike stuffed his cum-covered clothes to the back, straightened his hair, and turned to Angel. 'Party?'

On cue, the elevator doors slid back, and Wesley stepped out. 'Hello. Am I early?'

Spike ran his finger seductively over Angel's belly, then turned and jogged over to take the bottles Wesley was carrying. 'Nah. Come in.'

Angel frowned and hung his head, not looking at the man. He frowned more deeply and went toward the fridge, pretending to be engrossed in its contents.

Wesley went toward him and leant on the counter. He watched the tense back for a moment, and when Angel had no excuse not to finally turn, the human said casually, 'I wanted to do this at my place, but Spike said you'd be more comfortable in your own bed.'

'Uhhg?' Angel's jaw dropped, so he hastily snapped it shut.

'Well, I suppose you've got all the things we might need: lube? You do use lube…?'


'I said I was happy to do top or bottom, but I suppose, seeing there are three of us, that there are lots of options. What do you think's best? For a beginner?'


Spike came over to fetch a corkscrew and glanced suspiciously between them. He narrowed his eyes at the human. 'Wesley, are you teasing Angel?'

Wesley shrugged, picked up a carrot stick and began to suck on it, his eyes twinkling. Then he wandered over to the table, and helped himself from the copious supply of alcohol Spike had provided.

Angel watched his retreating back, then jogged over and put his arm lightly around Wesley's waist. 'I should punish you for that.'

Wesley chuckled. 'Are we still discussing the possibility of us having sex, or was that a real threat?' He smiled at Angel, looking deeply into his eyes. 'Spike told me: about Angelus.'

Angel bit his lip slightly. 'It's like being given a licence to be all that I can, but not being able to read it. Does that make sense?'

Wesley leant against him slightly then poured them both a drink. 'It does. But Angel, you're forgetting something rather important. I read exceptionally well, and as Spike so annoyingly proved, he apparently does, too. You don't even need to ask.'

Angel hung his head until he heard the man sigh and looked up to find him staring thoughtfully into his red wine.

'I can't help but worry about your mission now. All you can be might not include long nights, frequent agonising injuries, and the exorbitant dry-cleaning bills you've had over the last few years.'

He watched Angel's slow frown with a sense of relief that made him realise just how worried he had been about this. Angel's puzzlement was totally genuine, the thought that he might not want to help people clearly new to him. Echoing what was so evident in his expression, he murmured, 'I want to help more now, I think. I kinda did it dutifully before, ya know? I did it with my head, sometimes with my soul, but never with my heart. I was cursed to help people, and I tried to make something good of that, but now….' He shrugged helplessly. 'Jeez. Imagine being able to make people as happy as….' He frowned. 'Huh. I'm happy.'

Wesley laughed and patted him. 'I'm beginning to wonder if I was actually teasing earlier. Now, we need some music. Let's get some classical on before that ghastly friend of Spike's goes all disco on us.'

As if on cue, Sam bounced into the apartment, followed closely by a more sober Jordan. Sam skidded to a halt by the counter and eyed Angel for a moment, clearly pleased at the vampire's discomfort. Then he came closer, his hands behind his back. 'Hello, Angel.'


'How are we feeling?'

Angel pouted. 'I'm not a damn invalid.'

'Hmm. Depends on where you were standing last night.' At a chuckle from Spike, Sam suddenly grinned and held out what he'd been concealing behind his back. 'This is for you. To say sorry.'

Angel looked uncomfortable. 'It was kinda my fault….'

'Oh, I'm not saying squat. It's for you to apologise with by wearing it tonight. Sorry, wasn't that clear?' With a small, secret grin at Spike, Sam tore the wrapper off and handed Angel a stonewashed, dusky-pink T-shirt.

Angel paled noticeably. 'I can't…!'

'So, you're not sorry for threatening to kill me?'

'I didn't….'

'You're not sorry for thrusting your dick into Fred all night?'

'Hey! I was dancing, and she….'

'You're not sorry for not trusting us enough to admit when you're scared and hurting? Not sorry for still needing to be the alpha male in a pack that only ever existed in your fragile ego? Not sorry enough to admit that all you need to be is just a friend- amongst very good friends?'

Angel blinked once, stared deep into Sam's dark eyes, then ripped off the grey shirt he was wearing and pulled the T-shirt over his head. He wriggled the tight fabric over his torso and glared at the man. 'Happy? What? Sam? Spike?'

Spike came over slowly and ran one finger in wonder down Angel's side. 'Huh.'

Sam folded his arms. 'I meant this to be a punishment, not to make you…. So, Angel, any time you feel like dancing and thrusting dick tonight, let me know this time, yeah?'

He spun on his heel, shook his head, and with a cheeky grin at Jordan, went over to change the music Wesley had put on.

Angel frowned deeply and looked down at what he could see of the shirt. He glanced over to Spike. 'I'm wearing pink.'

Spike roused as if from deep contemplation of Angel's beauty. 'It's… you're…. Come here.' He hooked his finger into the waistband of Angel's pants and tugged him into the living room. He leant back on a bookcase and pulled Angel against him. He ran his hands over the unlikely coloured shirt then slipped them up inside to feel Angel's skin. 'I can smell me on you.'

Angel brushed his lips against Spike's. 'And me on you.'

'I can still feel you impaled on me.'

'Yeah, and you deep in me.' The lips parted, and they kissed gently, hands roaming over familiar bodies, giving pleasure wherever they touched.

They heard female voices next door, and Angel groaned into the kiss, 'You are so cruel… another party?'

Spike held him away. 'I was going for the falling-off-a-horse theory, Luv.'

Angel hunched his shoulders and went out to greet the three women.

Cordelia took one look at him and flew over to admire. Lilah had eyes for no one but Wesley, and went over to him with a shy smile. Fred hovered for a moment, then took a deep breath and came over to Angel, kissing him lightly. 'Hi.' Overcome with her boldness, she went over to Droc and began to talk to him animatedly.

She was relieved to see Giles and Gunn arriving and went to continue her conversation with them.

Angel eased over to stand by Spike against the wall. 'No one's… killing me.'

Spike quirked up his mouth. 'Nah. They love you.'

Angel smiled and hung his head with pleasure. Spike eased his hand along the wall and, privately, snagged Angel's fingers into his.

The evening wore onto night, and no one wanted to leave or be anywhere other than where they were. Giles was watching the people in the room from one corner, slightly detached from the rest of the action, when he felt a familiar presence behind him and smiled, dipping his head to his chest. 'Hello.'

Spike leant against the wall behind him, very close, and lit a cigarette. 'Hello. And have I said thanks yet?'


Spike chuckled softly. 'Why do I have this feeling that if I started, I'd never stop.'

'Because you're… happy?'

'I'd like to make you happy, too.'

'Perhaps… incompatible now, no?'

Unseen, behind Giles, Spike pouted. Suddenly, a hand came back and rested lightly on his arm then Giles turned and smiled at him. 'We did a good thing here, Spike. I feel it in my bones. Look at him. For the first time, I can't help but think that, finally, he is pleased as man with man to dwell…. There is something I'd like from you, by the way. Something that is in your power to give.'

Spike took a drag from his cigarette and narrowed his eyes at the human. 'Last time someone said that to me, he bit me and nicked all me bleedin' blood.'

Giles looked down, amused. 'Well, it all depends just how… grateful you are, I suppose.'

'Am I about to be had?'

With a broad grin, Giles touched his fingers to the back of Spike's hand briefly. 'Better than that. In the long run. For me.'

Angel was still at the centre of everything important that happened at this new party, but this time, there was nothing but laughter when he was with them, happiness in his friends' eyes when he'd moved on to another.

Spike was pouring some drinks at the table when he heard a new track come on the CD. He listened, amused, and lifted his eyebrow quizzically at Sam. '"I'll keep the vampires from your door"? Tactful, Mate, given the company…?'

Sam grinned. 'That's not the part I wanted….'

As Frankie sang of love being the light scaring darkness away, Sam advanced slowly on Jordan. To the haunting voice, he caught him and turned him slowly, taking his face between his hands. He kissed him slowly and deeply, and made it very clear to everyone in the room the power of his love.

Spike pursed his lips and looked down a little wistfully, toeing the ground. Suddenly, he heard a low murmur against his ear. 'He speaks of death-defying love.'

Spike nodded.

'What does he know of that?' Angel held Spike's face between his palms just as reverently as Sam had his lover's. In the middle of the room, heedless of the audience, he kissed Spike.

Gradually, one-by-one, everyone turned to watch them.

This had been central to their lives for so many months, but not one of them had actually witnessed it before.

The strength of the vampires' love for each other poured off the kissing figures.

Their bodies strained to touch, hands roamed intently: meeting, moving on, possessing.

Their friends moved closer, feeling the love emanating from the vampires like a whirlpool, sucking them in, pulling them together, binding them in its swirling circle.

Eventually, the track ended, and a swift change to "relax don't do it, when you want to go to it" made the vampires pull apart with embarrassed grins. Angel ran his fingers through his hair and looked down shyly. 'Okay. That's for us, I guess.'

Spike twitched up an eyebrow and ran his eyes seductively down Angel's body.

They heard a few snickers and glanced around at their audience. Wesley coughed lightly. 'Do you want us to leave?'

Angel smiled and said honestly, 'No way. We've enough time ahead of us now.' He tucked one hand into the back of Spike's waistband and took a drink from the table with his other. He snatched the excuse to kiss lightly into Spike's hair as he bent to the sip the drink and murmured for him alone, 'Later.'

Spike kept his eyes lowered, but pressed back against Angel's hand. It slid further down. Spike pursed his lips and pressed back some more. One finger went a lot lower. Spike hissed his breath in and pulled away, running his fingers through his hair. He went over to Sam and Jordan and embraced them, laughing.

Some time later, when he'd had enough drink to give him courage, Spike tackled Wesley about Lilah. Watching her talking to Fred, he said softly to the human, 'Has she mentioned the… jeez… cancer thing?'

Wesley nodded. 'She doesn't think she has it now. Who knows? Her part in all this was never predestined, as far as I know. But then she worked for Wolfram and Hart, forced Angel to turn her, had the idea to raise him from the dead, and then gave us the means to turn him again- without Angelus. And then she ends up exactly as she was before- though without the evil-bitch-from-hell quirks to her personality, apparently. So, I'm not exactly sure what to think anymore, Spike.'

'And… huh?'

Wesley smiled faintly. 'Sorry. I don't know is the answer. I shall certainly try to persuade her to get checked out after the New Year.'

'She looks very….'



'She is. She's happy for the first time in her whole life. Not striving. It's quite a revelation…. Ah, that strange blank expression that you had earlier today when I was trying to talk to you has just crept over your face again. Spike? Are you in there?'

Spike shook himself and smiled. 'Yeah. Only, I've been summoned. Gotta go.'


Spike patted the man on the arm. 'Trust me.'

Wesley tipped his head back and laughed. 'All right, Spike. Why not? I'll make it my New Year's resolution.'

Spike gave him his stupid-prat look and went into the living room and up the stairs to the roof.

Angel was standing by the edge of the glass, peering into the room below. Without turning around, he held out his hand for Spike.

He pulled him into a tight hug against the freezing night air and wrapped his arms around the slim waist, spooning them together.

'What's Giles talking so intently to Sam about?'

Spike's eyes followed where Angel was indicating, and he chuckled. 'Sam and Jordan are being persuaded that sharing more than arseholes is a good idea: that sharing offices is cool, too. I bloody told you we needed nine in the first place.'

'No, you didn't. And why…? Giles? Joining Angel investigations?'

'Nope. Scary Monsters.'


'Yeah. I think he wants to come play with the grown-ups for a change.'

'And he comes here?'

Spike didn't respond to the provocation, only reached around with one arm and began to run his fingers in gratitude through Angel's hair.

They continued to watch their friends enjoying the party from their vantage point above them.

Angel kissed Spike's cheek, then said softly, 'They're what it's all about, what's important. It's not what we are that makes sense of it all - vampire, human, souled - it's the love that other people have for us. That's the key. You've always known that- always tried to show me.'

Suddenly, he stepped around Spike and onto the glass. He glanced back, grinned, and then walked boldly into the very centre. He held out his hand, and with a small look of amusement, Spike joined him.

They stood together, soft light from below illuminating them, pushing back the darkness that constantly surrounded them. Gently, they began to kiss, and for the first time, they felt totally safe, trusting this warm light of love and friendship to keep the darkness at bay.

The End

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