Beautiful Dawn

Final Part of Dark Domain
All their relationship needed (apparently) was the calm serenity of platonic friendship....

Dweller in the Land of Death Sequel to Dark Domain.
Years pass, and the only thing that doesn't change is the bitter enmity between Angel and the vampire now calling himself Spike.
Dark Domain The past is always with us.
Mayfly Days When choices can make the difference between life and death.
Lessons of War and Death Even people you've known for centuries can sometimes surprise you.
Colours of Red Sometimes good things can come from the worst of circumstances.
Parallels Could you prove you were real?
Reality Check

How much would you do to save someone you purported to hate?

The Past Tense of Loving

A routine case becomes much more than that when Spike disappears.

Paths Angel's team is depleting: Gunn in a hell dimension; Fred lost to them. He is offered the chance to reclaim some ground in exchange for one minor sacrifice.
Intimate Strangers Life is just a matter of perspective.
Balancing Act Sequel

Sequel to Balancing Act. Spike finds the repercussions of the spell that brought him together with Angel linger.

Balancing Act There's such a thing as having too much love.
Returning Feelings

Post "Damage". Angel didn't want to visit Spike in the hospital. He didn't want to visit a second time. He really didn't want to go to the new apartment and see him there. Events seem to conspire to make him do a lot of things he doesn't want to do.

Does Love Go On? Promo Poster
A young man is struggling to make something of his life in L.A. He has a strange encounter one day that changes the lives of all around him.
The Darkling Plain - Ep 1
Season 2 of Time is the Fire: The Darkling Plain. Spike and Angel have now reached a new level in their relationship: sharing Spike's pain at the things he did when he lost his soul. A new start is needed for them all. Episodes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Time is the Fire in Which We Burn Spike regains his soul, but it still does not bring him the forgiveness he craves.
Episodes: Pilot, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
A Touch Of Earth Set around the events of Intervention. Impressed with Warren's creation, Spike places an order. He finds it's not easy to make a robot of your sire.
Dark Skies William meets a stranger at one of his mother's card parties. The echoes of that meeting haunt him, until insane, alone in the basement of Sunnydale High School, Spike has to find the strength to face the author of his nightmares.
Counting the Ways Angel / Spike / Wesley
Spike goes to LA when Buffy dumps him only to find that his sire has a 'real child'. Spike and Connor do not hit it off
Jubilee Sequel to The Games We Play
The Games We Play Angel / Spike / Giles
What do you do to keep life interesting after a hundred years? (Sequel is Jubilee)
Dead Men Walking Angel / Spike / Giles
Set after the events of Dead Things. Spike, beaten up by Buffy, accepts an offer to visit Giles in England.
The Essential Spike Giles / Spike
Could you define the essential Spike? Giles has a damn good go.
Eternity's Bright Promise Giles / Spike
Both wounded in unexpected ways, can Giles help Spike heal?
What Lies Within Giles / Spike
Willow does a spell that goes badly wrong for Giles and Spike.
Alive and Kickin' Giles / Spike
This story is set at the beginning of "Something Blue". Spike is chained in Giles' bathtub. He has already discovered (by punching Harmony) that he can hurt demons.
Falling Giles / Spike
Back in England, confused and lonely, Giles receives an unexpected letter from Sunnydale.
Who Can I Turn To? Who can Spike turn to when he's given his soul back?  How will he cope when the guilt of his past catches up with him?  Angel has to face the unpalatable truth that he may not be able to help his childe when he most needs that help.
Demon Chemistry Angel begins to use the blood link that allows him to see and hear what Spike is seeing and hearing.  This brings back painful memories for both of them.  Can they start afresh without the history that threatens to destroy them?
The Definition of Normal Based around the events of 'Normal Again - Season 6': Spike gets stung by a 'big ugly' and wakes up in rehab clinic... his whole 'life' as Spike seemingly just a delusion.
Footsteps in the Sand Sequel to Protective Custody
Protective Custody Angel puts Spike in protective custody. He takes on more than he bargained for:
"This creature had created him. It was like finding that God needs you, more than you need him. The whole foundation of Spike's reason for existence shifted under him. He felt as if the earth had trembled. He felt his needed to howl like a dog that feels that tremble and fears what it portends. He felt as if the earth was being breeched and wondered what was being born, in this breech birth." The sequel to this story is Footstep in the Sand.
As It Was, So Shall It Be Willow summons Angel to Sunnydale to help stop Spike and Buffy's relationship. She casts a spell that goes badly wrong and Angel and Spike have to face the consequences of the past and their fears for the future.
The Longest Distance Between Two Points Angelus makes a promise to William that changes William's life. Many years later, Angel comes to Sunnydale to remind Spike of that promise. This fic has Darla and Drucilla paired with both Angel/us and William/Spike but not explicitly. It also has Angel/Spike/Cordelia in one explicit scene.
Remember Me Angel and Spike find that memories are sometimes not enough.  
Just An Insubstantial Trick of the Light Sequel to Nothing Special.
Nothing Special Spike has a difficult decision to make. There is brief Spike / Buffy pairing in this fic.
Learning to Share Angel takes drastic measures to break the pattern of the Sire / Childe relationship he has with Spike.
Empathy Sucks Angel decides Spike needs help coping with his chip. Spike decides Angel just needs help.
Making Him Mine Spike decides to get Willow to do some magic so that Angel will love him again.
On Me Angel comes to Sunnydale to get help with identifying a demon. He returns to LA with more than he bargained for.
The Default Settings What might have happened in Tabula Rasa if Angel had been visiting Sunnydale when Willow's forgetting spell took effect.
How Come Angel is trying to sleep, Spike plagues him with questions.
The Bet Spike makes a strange bet with Angel.
The Book Angel is trying to write a book. Spike thinks it needs revising.
Heroes Angel Investigations is invited to a party.
Coming to Terms Spike thinks Angel needs help coming to terms with their relationship. 
The Experiment Spike, Angel, and Wesley get trapped in a basement together.
Dear Angel Giles asks Angel for a favour.
Dear Wesley Wesley leaves Angel alone with Spike.
Ipso Facto Be careful what you read.  It may end up coming true.