pictures are my screen caps for the series Time is the Fire;
larger versions of these are now up in my gallery of manipulated pictures

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Episode 5

This story is the fifth episode in the series Time is the Fire, and it's highly recommended that you read that pilot story, as well as previous episodes, before this.

Spike is living in LA, running his own agency. He has recruited a demon, Jordan, who can shift into different forms at will, and a human, Sam. Together with help from Wesley, he is making a new life for himself as a souled vampire.

Spike and Angel have formed a unique, passionate relationship that draws in all those who come in contact with them. Spike appears to have recovered from his horrific experiences at the hands of Russell Winter's sire, but appearances can be deceptive. Angel is forced to face an enemy even he cannot defeat.


All my fiction deals with adult themes: torture; blood play; rape; graphic male/male sex. That doesn't mean that every story has all these elements, but some of them might. If you find any of these disturbing, please don't read this fiction. I don't put specific warnings on individual chapters or episodes because I feel that spoils the plot.