pictures are my manipulated screen caps for the series Time is the Fire;
larger versions are now up in my gallery

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Episode 3

This story is the third episode in the series Time is the Fire, and it's highly recommended that you read that pilot story, as well as Episodes 1 and 2, before this.

Spike is living in LA, running his own agency. He has recruited a demon, Jordan, who can shift into different forms at will, and a human, Sam. Together with help from Wesley, he is making a new life for himself as a souled vampire.

Spike and Angel have formed a unique, passionate relationship that draws in all those who come in contact with them. This relationship was tested to the limit when, victims of a spell, Angel viciously attacked his childe. Can they escape the self-fulfilling prophesy?


All my fiction deals with adult themes: torture; blood play; rape; graphic male/male sex. That doesn't mean that every story has all these elements, but some of them might. If you find any of these disturbing, please don't read this fiction. I don't put specific warnings on individual chapters or episodes because I feel that spoils the plot.