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Time is the Fire in Which we Burn

Episode 3 - Chapter 3

They volume of music awed them both, and they stood on the periphery of the dancing, wincing as their sensitive hearing adjusted to the levels. Angel steered Spike over to the bar, and they topped up their drunkenness for a while, watching the action on the floor. Angel turned and put his lips to Spike's ear. 'You should have saved it for here. They'd have liked the public blow job.'

Spike turned and licked Angel's ear before saying, 'I guess we're answering some questions about the other me.'

Angel took Spike's drink from him and put it down.

Taking his hand, he led him onto the dance floor. He pressed his mouth to Spike's ear once more. 'I guess we're finding out a lot about the real me, too.'

They kissed, and Angel slipped his hands under Spike's coat and T-shirt, clasping them around his skin. 'You're overdressed.'

Spike nodded and pressed closer, running his hands over Angel's shirt. 'We're being watched.'

Angel nodded. 'I know. I like it.'

'Kiss me. Give them something to watch.'

Angel bent and eased his tongue deep into Spike's mouth. All around him, men were doing the same: beautiful bodies sharing pleasure. After a while, Angel whispered, 'I'm seeing a pattern.'


'Guys get together, they kiss, and then they go over there - down that slope.'

Spike craned his neck back. 'We've got together. We've kissed….'

Angel grinned, took his arm, and led him toward the back. The room was very dark, but they could see perfectly. They stood and watched the bodies, listening to the hard grunts and soft hisses of pleasure. Spike shrugged off his coat and threw it in a corner. He pushed Angel against the wall and turned him to face it. Agonisingly slowly, he ran his hands over the sleek leather of Angel's backside, then reached around and undid him. He lowered the pants to Angel's knees and rubbed his hand through the smooth crack. 'Watch them, Angelus.'

'I am.' Angel spread his fingers on the wall and watched the man next to him being penetrated. Spike entered Angel and then leant on him, turning his face to watch with him.

He ran his hands up Angel's chest and found his nipples, twisting them as he slid in and out of the tight rectum. Angel arched back and cried out in pleasure. They attracted the attention of the men wandering around watching, and one of them came up and breathed softly, 'Spike….'

Spike felt the man sliding his jeans down and put a hand around to stop him. 'Sorry, Luv. I'm kinda busy here.'

'Come on, Spike. Let's sandwich.'

Spike kissed into Angel's neck. 'I don't need anyone else, Mate, 'k?'

The man left with an envious glance at them both.

'I guess you do come here.'

'Seems so. Is this good?'

'Yeah, take it slower. I want this to last.'

'Not sure as I can. You make me SO horny.'

Angel chuckled. 'Okay. Harder.'

Spike hissed and began to work Angel with intense concentration and with all his preternatural strength and stamina. Angel cried out at the harsh thrusting, and his cry of pleasure echoed around the dark chamber. Spike came, hard and fast, and shouted his orgasm. Angel brought himself off against the wall with short, urgent fisting, and then Spike sagged against Angel's broad back. Before he could pull out, the sound of clapping surrounded them, and when they turned, tucking themselves back in, they found a spontaneous audience, applauding them.

Spike laughed and took a small bow. Angel grinned and wrapped his arm around Spike's shoulder. 'Fuck, this is a fun night. What's next?'

They appeared to be given their answer; someone pushed something into Spike's hand and then sniffed another himself. Spike frowned, shrugged and did as the man had done, sharing it with Angel. They reeled back then laughed again. Retrieving Spike's coat for him, Angel sighed, 'Let's add this to our list of things we'll still do when we get back to ourselves.'

They pushed out through the crowd to the street. Angel glanced over at Spike. 'What?'

Spike pouted. 'I don't want to go back. I just want you.'

Angel caught at him, and they stood hugging in the dark street. Spike sighed. 'Let's go back to my place, grab some stuff, and do a runner. Go a long way away from here where they'll never find us.'

Angel put his arm over Spike's shoulder, and they walked slowly to towards the cabs. 'I could sell that big hotel, I guess. Must be worth a fortune. Then we could buy somewhere together.'

'Big house by the sea.'

'With darkened glass.'

'Yeah. And a pool table.'

'And a pool. We could swim at night.'

'And a huge bar.'

'And a TV room for you.'

'Big shower.'

'Big bed.'

'Big you.'

Angel laughed and pressed Spike's hand to the front of his pants. Spike grinned. 'I wonder if these insatiable hard-ons are discussed in that book?'

'Maybe that's the part the human removed.'

They clambered into a cab and lolled happily against each other as they were driven to the apartment. Before they'd had time to speak, the driver pulled up. Spike chuckled. 'Trust me to live so close.'

'Fucking, whenever you want it.'

'Seems so.' They paid the cab and then went into the apartment block. Spike took out his key, and they eyed the door of the first apartment. Spike shrugged and opened it.

They wandered around with interest. Spike sat down at the computer then rummaged in some drawers. Angel came back in from the bedroom. 'I like your place better than mine.'

Spike looked around. 'Yeah, it's cool. Hey! Look at the TV! It's huge….'

'Have you found anything useful - about who you are?'



'What do you want to do now?'

'What do you think?'

Spike grinned and rose from the desk. He caught his leg in the cable and paused for a moment. 'Huh. I remember something.'

Angel came over. 'What?'

'I broke this computer. I remember it lying on the ground.'

'Well, that's a really useful thing to remember.'

'I know. Wonder why that's stuck.'

'Try and remember something else.'

Spike nodded, and they went systematically through the apartment once more. Spike paused at the closet and called Angel over. 'Look. We were right. Guess these are the human's clothes. Sure wouldn't fit me.'

Angel fingered the shirt and jeans. 'Damn.'

Spike leaned into him. 'He's history now, Angelus; you know that.'

Angel smiled and pulled Spike back onto the bed. 'You've slept in this bed and fucked in this… what?'

'Nothing, only I had another memory.'

'What? William? What?'

'I've cried in this bed too. I can remember lying there - someone was lying on the other side - and I was crying. Quietly. Fucking hell, I am gay!'

Angel pulled him closer. 'If you were with me, you'd never cry again. I'd keep you so happy you'd even forget that memory.'

'Yeah, but… crying. Shit. What a wuss.'

'I wish I could have been there….'

'Thanks, Pet.'

'I'd not give you time to cry.…' With a pleased whoop, Angel pounced on Spike and kissed madly over his face. Spike sighed with pleasure and then pushed Angel away. 'Undress. Let's do this one properly. Slowly. I want to touch you and see you and feel you.'

Angel crawled off the bed and, keeping Spike's gaze, began to slowly undress. Spike stood up and matched him - T-shirt for shirt, jeans for leather pants - and then they crawled back onto the bed together. Spike lay down, and Angel covered him. He kissed Spike's face as if he were kissing tears away. Spike nuzzled into the comfort then stretched his neck with pleasure at the feel of Angel's tongue on him.

Suddenly, Angel stopped and turned his face. Spike frowned and with a small, puzzled noise pulled him back. He hissed and reared back, but before Angel could apologise, Spike joined him in demonic form. Angel looked at him with dilated, amber eyes, and Spike said wondering, 'Why now? Why did you change?'

Angel glanced down. 'I want you… your neck… when you stretched….' Spike hissed and stretched again.

Angel mumbled something about wishing he'd read the book then reared back and came at Spike with a hissing, tearing bite. He howled into the incredible pleasure of flesh parting to his desire. Spike flung his head back even further and, when he felt the first suck, came in an intense, shuddering orgasm.

Angel smelt the cum and became frenzied on the welcoming neck, rubbing his own cock against the supine body, bringing himself off to the taste of blood and the smell of Spike's release. Just before he came, he pulled away, blood on his mouth, his eyes flashing with the intense stimulation. Then he spasmed; cum fell like rain onto the pale body beneath him, and he fell on Spike.

They lay bathed in blood and cum, too stunned to move again.


Spike woke to the strangest sound. He lay with his eyes closed, orienting himself to where he was. His head was pounding, and he felt faintly nauseous, but not enough to distract him from the odd noise. After a few moments, he turned and looked at Angel. He was lying on his back with an arm flung over his eyes. Spike frowned and said tentatively, 'Hey! Don't, Luv.'

Angel turned his back, and the soft crying turned into repressed, almost silent sobs. Spike crawled over him and forced him onto his back again. 'NO! You tell me what's wrong. No secrets from me!'

Angel pulled his arm away. 'What if you have someone else?'

Spike punched him lightly. 'We've done this already. Even if it's not the hu… not Wesley, it doesn't matter. You're all that matters to me now.'

'What if there is someone who means as much to you as that? What if you only feel this for me because you already feel it for someone else - the one who made you cry?'


'No, don't make a glib reply. You may love him as much as this. How will you choose? You might choose him.'

Spike pouted for a moment then climbed off the bed. He came back swiftly with a piece of paper and straddled Angel's chest. 'A pact.'

'A what?'

'We write our names.'


'Swear that whatever happens when we get our memories back, this won't change.'

Angel thought about this for a while, wiping his eyes unconsciously. 'Okay. Where's the pen?'

Spike grinned. 'You're not getting it, Angelus.' He slid into demon form and Angel hissed quietly. 'We're signing in blood.'

Angel's eyes widened, but he followed Spike's lead.

Spike bit into his wrist.

Angel did the same with his.

Spike dipped his finger into the welling blood.

Angel coated his too.

Spike wrote a large, bold William across the middle of the page.

Angel started at the top and, working down, using one of Spike's l's, wrote Angelus, so their names formed a cross of blood on the white page.

It became smudged with bloodied fingerprints. Angel held it up to dry and nodded. 'Sealed.'

Spike grinned and took his shaft in his hand.

Once more, Angel's eyes widened, but once more, he copied. He slid out from under Spike and knelt up, facing him.

Without dropping the other's gaze, they worked themselves up to the point of orgasm.

Grimacing at the swelling need in his body, Spike picked up the paper in his free hand, and suddenly, his cum shot out and ran back over his bloodied fist.

Angel came hard at the sight and smell of Spike's cum, and when they were both finished, they pressed their wet hands to the paper: two handprints of sperm, sealing the blood beneath.

Spike looked up and then spat on the paper. Angel copied this too, and finally, Spike was satisfied.

He propped the odd looking mess on the pillow and lay down on his belly, studying it. Angel lay alongside him, wiping his hand off on Spike's back.

'We're bound for eternity now.'

Angel brought Spike's wrist around and pressed the still bleeding wound to his. 'Let our blood mingle too.'

They lay staring at their pact as it dried, their wrists healing as they pressed together.

Finally, Spike shivered and slid back to human form. 'Wonder if I've got any snackies in the fridge.'

Angel laughed and shook off his vampire face too. 'Paracetamol would be good.'

'Do you think that works for vampires?'

'Well, alcohol and drugs do, so I'm thinking they damn well better.'

'It's day.'

'Yeah, I know.'

'They'll be sending the search….' A furious knocking made him roll his eyes. 'They're here. Back to prison for us.'

He got up and answered the door. Wesley flung a hand across his eyes. 'Oh, great, the only thing you can remember is answering the door naked.'

Spike shrugged. 'I'm thinking you've seen it all before.'

'Well, yes, but only because you insist on doing this!'

'Uh huh. So, we're not lovers then?'

'What! Bloody hell, Vampire! How did you get that idea?'

Angel, wrapped more modestly in a sheet, came to the door and handed Spike his jeans with a slightly jealous, 'Get decent.'

Wesley pushed in. 'Thank you, Angel. What did two think you were doing? Anything could have happened to you last night!'

He turned, incredulous, as the vampires began to laugh. He tried to stay angry but couldn't maintain his stern look. He'd never seen Angel laugh like that, and the sight almost broke his heart.

He went into the kitchen and steadied himself with some tea. He handed Spike a mug and then paused when they both stared at him. 'Sorry. It's just something we do together. I miss it.'

Spike finished doing up his jeans and took the drink. 'Are you here to tell us bad news?'

'I'm afraid so; I've discovered nothing.'

Spike and Angel both grinned and looked incredibly happy.

Wesley shook his head in despair.

'You must come back with me. I'll lead you through the tunnels, if I can.'

'We've decided to sell the hotel.'

Wesley spluttered his tea and opened his mouth as if to argue, but Spike backed Angel up. 'Yeah. We're gonna have a pool.'

Angel grinned. 'By the sea.'

'Stop it.'

Angel frowned at Wesley's look. 'Hey! We're only joking. Sort of.'

'I know. And that just makes this worse for me. I'm sorry Angel. Things were very… sad when you lost your memory, and this is very hard for me.'

Angel's eyes widened. 'WE were lovers?'

'Jesus, Vampires! Will you stop thinking with your dicks! No! I'm your friend, Angel, and I felt your sadness as if it were mine.'

'What was I so miserable about?'

This was harder to answer, and Wesley made the excuse of going into the kitchen to wash his mug. 'You'd just lost someone who was very important to you.'


Spike looked at him gleefully, and Angel swiped at him and held him in a wrestler's hold. 'Why? How?'

'I really don't think this is….'

'No, I want to know.'

'You argued over something, and your relationship - do you have to hold him so tightly round the neck? I'm beginning to feel breathless - your relationship was very volatile.'

'Huh.' He squeezed Spike tighter and kissed him on the top of the head. 'Excellent news. See? I'm all yours now.'

Spike broke free. 'What about me then?'

'You? Jesus, I'm so glad I started this conversation. You. Well, you were pretty screwed up as well. You were attacked and….'

Spike turned to Angel and gave him a look. Angel nodded. They didn't need to mention the conversation about tears.

Angel went back into the bedroom and cast over his shoulder, 'When I meet that fucker, he's gonna be sorry.'

Wesley watched his retreating back. 'Yes, I think you will be. Hurry up and get showered and dressed. I want to get you safely back to the hotel.'

Spike waited until Angel was in the bedroom and looked directly at Wesley. 'How was I attacked?'

Wesley kept his gaze. 'You were raped.'

Spike's eyes widened, and he looked around wildly. Wesley got up. 'You remember something?'

Spike shook his head but then said, 'I remember my computer being broken. Was it here?'


'Human, I guess, or I'd have killed him.'

'I think you almost did kill him, Spike, but not in a physical way. Now, get dressed, please.'

If Wesley had attempted to drive a small wedge between them to sober their intense, uncontrollable passion, to prepare them for the return of their memories, he failed badly. His words only drove them closer together. Instead of a heady sense of being invulnerable, they now felt an overwhelming fear at the transience of this magical respite from their lives.

As soon as Spike came into the bedroom, Angel caught at him and pulled him into a hug. 'The pact, remember? Blood, cum and spit. Here….' Angel picked it up from the pillow and stuffed it in the pocket of Spike's coat. 'Keep it on you.'

Spike nodded. 'I won't forget. Blood, cum and spit. You're mine, Angelus.'

'And you're mine, William. They can all go fuck themselves - the guy who messed me up, the one who hurt you. Shower now, and then we'll go back with this human and face whatever we have to face.'

'No pool by the sea then.'

'We'll get it when we get our memories back. We're together now, remember?'



'What if when we get our memories back, we lose the memory of this?'

Angel had no answer for the question he'd been too afraid to ask. He gently peeled off Spike's jeans and led him into the stall. He washed him carefully, treating him as something very precious. Spike turned under his hands, making up his own answers to that unanswerable question.

The lobby was empty when they got back, and Wesley went toward the office. He jerked back when Jordan came out. Sam was with him. Angel put a defensive hand in front of Spike and frowned. 'Who are you?''

Wesley sighed. 'Wonderful. Your memory's returned.'

Sam grinned at the vampires and gave Jordan a look. Jordan did not catch his eye. Once more he held out a book toward Spike and said, 'Remember now. I've been doing some more research on our demon lady.'

Spike shook his head as if something irritated him. Angel put his hand to his eyes as if he were tired. He took a few paces but seemed unsure which way to go.

Wesley carried on into the office. 'I think I'll start with a more thorough read of some of the older tomes. There must be….' He started when Jordan put a hand on his shoulder.

'There's no need.'

Wesley turned, looked at the scene in the lobby, and went back out swiftly. 'Spike? Angel?'

Spike looked up at him, and Wesley felt the vampire's pain stab through him. He whispered, 'I'm so sorry.'

Spike kept his eyes on Wesley, as if he feared to turn to another, but Wesley broke his eye contact and looked for him. Spike was drawn hypnotically to follow this look.

Angel was staring at them all, his face drawn with the effort of suppressing emotion.

Wesley swallowed deeply. 'Angel. Don't be hasty. Think before you….'

Angel flew across the space that separated them and thudded Spike back into the counter so hard they all heard the tendons in his neck crack.

Spike turned his face with a sound of such distress that Wesley took a useless stop forward until Sam restrained him. Prevented from helping, he just said plaintively, 'Angel, please.'

Angel caught at Spike's face and made him turn. He delved a hand into his coat. He pulled out the pact and thrust it in Spike's face.

'This. Nothing else. This. You swore.'

Spike's eyes widened. 'But….'

Angel leant to his ear, so his words would be private. 'William. You are mine.'

Spike bit his lip in an effort to maintain his composure in front of his friends but turned and replied equally softly, 'Mine, Angelus.'

Angel turned to the others. 'We're back. We need some time to process this our own way. Give us some space, please.'

Wesley would have protested, but Jordan and Sam took an arm each and led him away, for some reason finding the sudden return easier to accept.

Angel took Spike's arm and pulled him toward the stairs. He began to run and Spike and had no option but to follow.

They crashed into Angel's room, and Angel pressed Spike against the wall and crushed their mouths together in a possessive kiss. He pulled away for a moment as if to catch breath he didn't need, but to their astonishment, his breath caught in a deep sob, and he clenched his jaw, turning away. Spike tried to catch his arm, but Angel held his hand over his face. 'I nearly died, Spike - I missed you so much.'

Spike tried to be the only one controlling his emotions but failed miserably. 'I felt so dead inside again. I was so angry with everyone - everything. I'm sorry, Angel. It was all my fault.'

Angel caught him up once more in a tight hug. 'It was that fucking spell - fuck knows what that old man really did to us.'

Suddenly Spike began to laugh, and he seemed as embarrassed about that as he had been at his tears. When Angel held him away with a questioning look, he said with difficulty, 'He was SO wrong. I've have seen the real you now.'

Angel looked puzzled, and then his eyes widened. Spike nodded. 'Punch drunk?' Angel gave him a look as if to say there was good explanation for that. 'Singing?' Angel winced. 'Dancing at Babel?' Angel knew what was coming and clamped his hand over Spike's mouth. The 'fucked to applause' came out muffled, but they both understood it.

Angel backed Spike, still gagged, to the bed and lay heavily on him. He released his hand. 'I know I love you; I know I want you, but I never realised just how much damn fun you can be.'

Spike smiled. 'I had good company - Angelus.'

He stretched and turned his head as Angel began to kiss into his ear and neck. 'Hey!'

Angel sighed and lay theatrically against him. 'What now? I was kinda getting into something there.'

'I guess you know the combination of that now.' Spike nodded at the safe.

Angel tensed. 'No. Well, yes. But no.'

Spike pushed him off and sat up. He turned as if to climb off the bed but twisted around and began to tickle Angel viciously. 'Won't ever work with me again, Angel… I know the real you now. No broody sire shit - no laying down the law like some preternatural Judge Dredd. Nope. You're mine and when I say I want something, you do it. Open it up!'

'No.' Trying so hard not to laugh, Angel's refusal was almost choked. Eventually, for a quiet life and to get Spike back beneath him, Angel got up and reluctantly opened the safe. Gleefully, Spike investigated and pulled out a stack of paper.

He thumbed through it slowly then slower, going back to the beginning, taking his time. He looked up at Angel, and Angel just shrugged.

Spike saw his own face sketched in every expression he had ever worn: angry, sad, happy, irritating, thoughtful - dozens of drawings, capturing him forever in soft charcoal. He worked to the bottom of the pile and frowned. Angel got off the bed and went to the fridge, seemed to forget what he went for and leant on the window instead, staring out at the night.

'I like the one of me being tortured, Luv. That's… artistic.'

Angel pursed his lips. 'Yeah, well. I told you I was angry.'

Spike got to the last one. It affected him the most. Angel had drawn him looking back over his shoulder, as if walking away. His face was so sad, so full of regret that it made Spike shiver with a fearful premonition of what could have been.

He put the pictures back and came over to the silent, dark figure.

'From now on, you draw me only from life - any time you want, because I'll always be here for you.'

Angel's emotions threatened to overwhelm him again, so Spike took the brooding face in his hands. He kissed the down-turned mouth, and there was no comfort in the touch; there was passion and need and not a little fear at what they had nearly lost. Angel responded to the kiss, pressing Spike back into the wall, running his hands desperately over his chest, up into his hair, pressing them yet closer together.

They began to undress each other, a frisson of anticipation beginning: who was to penetrate, who was receive that intense pleasure. Clothes fell unheeded to the floor, and still they kissed. The taste and touch of their lips and tongues made their bodies tremble with need. Spike brushed the back of his hand across the tip of Angel's weeping cock and brought the wet trail to their mouths. Angel moaned and pushed Spike's shoulders to force him down, bracing himself against the wall, offering himself to the eager mouth.

He looked down, watching as Spike swallowed him. He held Spike's ears gently and brushed his thumbs over the lobes. He felt his orgasm building, firing off nerves in the small of his back, spreading the glow through to his cock and balls, draining the blood from his brain.

Without speaking, he eased Spike away and dropped to his knees. He brushed his fingers over Spike's cheekbone and stared wonderingly at his face. 'Lie back.'

He braced himself over the slim body and pressed his erection in. He captured Spike's face and held him still. 'There's one expression I've been too afraid to draw. Let me see it, so I can capture it later.' He withdrew until his cockhead was almost out and then re-entered with a strong, sure stroke. He smiled when he saw the look he wanted and fastened his gaze on the clenched jaw and the eyes closed in private enjoyment of him and his body.

But the pleasure of being in Spike once more, seeing that look on his face instead of the angry, hateful expression their bitter couplings had forced on each other, threatened to overwhelm him and, at last, he buried his face into Spike's neck as he worked to bring them off.

Hands came up to rub gently over the back of his hair, and he knew he was forgiven for this weakness.

Time passed slowly in the room, the only sound soft grunts from Angel. After an age, the hands stroking him clawed into his scalp. Spike arched back and began to shudder. Angel reached down, caught the jerking penis and skillfully milked the powerful orgasm. He glanced down. At the sight of the wet, red hole shooting Spike's pleasure, he came - hard, blissfully, and with a long cry of release.

As soon as he was able, Spike lifted his legs and wrapped them over Angel's back. 'Stay in.'

Angel nodded as the last of his orgasm shot from him, and he put his face back into the hollow of Spike's neck. He could feel his penis twitching deep in Spike's body, feel his cum beginning to leak out, but most of all, he felt Spike's legs holding him tightly and Spike's arms keeping the fear at bay.

He began to drift, sleep overtaking him.

'When do we get the house by the sea then?'

Angel jerked back to wakefulness and smiled, stretching with pleasure. 'With a pool?'

'And a bar.'

'And a bed.'

'Err… we've got one of those here - we could be in it.'

Angel pulled out and rolled onto his back. 'There's no hurry to get the house.'

Spike lit a cigarette and smiled into the smoke. 'Nah. We need to find the right one. Takes time.'





Angel climbed to his feet and pulled Spike up too. He crawled over the bed and twitched back the sheet. 'Forever it is.'

Spike slid into the cool sheets, and Angel stroked his hard abs. 'What do you want to do now?'

Spike pitched his cigarette onto the floor and turned, stretching out on his belly. He turned his face and twitched up an eyebrow, 'Fuck me like an animal, Angelus.'

Two nights later, Sam answered his door and stepped back, surprised to find leather-clad vampires, grinning in the hallway.

Jordan peered over his shoulder and raised his eyebrow appreciatively. Spike waved. 'Both of you. Must be fate.'

'What do you want?'

'Some fun. Do you want to come with us?'

Sam shook his head incredulously. 'You want me to…. Sorry, Spike, but I'm in a savings mode - I've just shelled out on a fuckingly expensive sp….' A poke in the back from the demon silenced him. He rallied, giving Angel a very expressive look. 'Anyway, we don't like each other.'

Angel shrugged. 'He likes you - I'm trying harder. Sam.'

Sam gave Spike a look and came out into the hallway. 'So, Angel, when I do this….' He leant in and kissed Spike, open-mouthed, tongue seeking. '…you won't mind?'

Angel watched the kiss with an intensity that even the human could feel. He suddenly said urgently, 'Invite me in.'

Sam looked puzzled.

Angel repeated it. 'Invite me in. Please.'

Sam shrugged. 'Sure. Come in.'

Angel grabbed Spike's arm and dragged him in then looked wildly around for the bedroom, groaning when he saw the open plan layout of the apartment. With gritted teeth, he pushed Spike to the bed anyway.

Sam shoved a grinning Jordan aside. 'No way! Not in my freaking bed!' Angel ripped Spike's shirt off. 'Although….' Spike dropped to his knees. 'Fuck….' The sound of a zipper was loud in the apartment. 'Err…. J… we'd better… leave.'

Jordan propped his chin on Sam's shoulder. 'I was thinking more of turning myself into a lamp and watching.'

'No need…. They don't even know we're here.'

'Guess not. Jeez! Look at that….'

'Oh… I am….'

'Do you want a chair?'

'I've got popcorn somewhere.'

'Do you think there'll be an interval?'

'Probably not.'

'Oh! Fuck! That must hurt…. Oh, apparently not.'

'Wanna go to the club?'

'I wanna be that bed.'

'They're okay now.'

'Good investment?'

Sam grinned. 'It'll be tax-deductible.'

'Are you going to tell him?'

Sam stretched his arms above his head, showing off his lean, hard body. 'I probably will one night when he's gotten me drunk and high, and we're making out at Babel.' He leant back and sighed. 'Deep joy. I think happy days are here again.'


The End.


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Episode 4 will be posted on 28th July.


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