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Time is the Fire in Which we Burn

Episode 3- Chapter 2

Spike's wake up erection was almost painful. Angel's fist working him under the sheet as the human had watched had not helped. Almost unconsciously, he rose and turned Angel over. Angel twisted around and gave him a look. Spike kissed down his back, raising his eyes in seductive begging that made Angel groan.

Spike continued to kiss down the sleek body until he reached hard cheeks. He pushed Angel's thigh up to part them and nuzzled gently into the soft opening. Angel's hand flew around, trying to push his face harder, and with a small grunt of acquiescence, Spike flicked his tongue over the enticing indentation. Angel gasped and twisted around to watch. Spike obediently pushed his tongue in through the resistant muscle until he could lick and stimulate the soft internal walls.

Angel began to moan, almost crying at the intense pleasure.

Spike knew he couldn't hold out much longer, and he knelt to the perfect backside, penis replacing tongue.

Slick with precum, sliding on the saliva-wet edges, his erection grounded deep into Angel's rectum. At the same time, they both let out a long, low breath of deep pleasure.

Braced on strong arms, Spike lifted his eyes to Angel's. Angel craned around to hold the look, and they began the long, exquisite build up to release. Spike let out soft grunts of male effort as he thrust into the body supine beneath him.

Angel twisted an arm back, and Spike caught at his hand. He snagged Angel's fingers, entwining them tightly, and they squeezed and released their pleasure to the slow lovemaking.

Spike soft grunts turned to long, drawn out groans as he reached his climax. Angel pushed up slightly on his hands and knees, and Spike gasped as his balls swung heavy against the solid cheeks. He looked down; he saw the root of his shaft swell, and Angel let out a high-pitched cry of pleasure as he milked his orgasm into the sheet.

Spike heard the sound, and it made his balls swell to the final hardness that drove his release forward. He arched back and began to shudder his cum deep into Angel's rectum, shivering with the intense pleasure of such relief. He let Angel's fingers drop and dug both hands into the hard hips, lifting him, pulling him closer, drawing bloody welts where his fingers clawed into the smooth skin.

He fell back when his orgasm was done, panting. Angel turned and pulled him into a rough kiss, leaking shafts twitching between them.

Angel tipped his head back to the ceiling and laughed. 'Yessss. I knew there was something to look forward to when I woke.'

Spike ruffled his hair. 'I know. Soon as I opened my eyes I thought… you.'

'God, we could do this every time we wake.'

'Before we sleep too.'

'And in between those times….'

Spike laughed in agreement and rolled onto his back. 'I need a cigarette.'

Angel reached over to the floor and retrieved them for him.

Spike lit one and then said suddenly, 'Where did that bloke go? Guess we'd better get up.'

'If we don't, maybe they'll never find a cure, and we'll have to stay like this.' Angel turned and gave Spike a significant look.

Spike twitched up his eyebrow thoughtfully. 'And if we killed the human, we surely could. And why do I feel all… bad about that? Am I supposed to feel weird about that?'


'Huh. Must be. We could capture him and keep him prisoner….'

'Uh huh. I'm guessing in your real life you watch way too much TV.'

'Yes, McLeod. Come on; let's shower.'


'Oh, fuck, yeah….'

They ran laughing into Angel's bathroom and stood under the streaming water, washing each other. Angel began to turn Spike around slowly, claiming he wanted to see every inch. Spike put up with it for a while, but then sank to his knees to see if some gentle coaxing would revive Angel's flagging spirits. He was pleased when the penis rose and bobbed under the water, and he sucked gently until Angel groaned another orgasm into his mouth.

Spike rose, catching water in his mouth too, and then he spat the whole lot at Angel. They fought about this for some time, until with a sigh, stepping out of the stall, Angel said decidedly, 'If we're gonna stop them finding the cure, we'd better stick with them.'

Spike stepped out and took the offered towel. 'Are you serious about this?'

Angel shrugged. 'Not really, but it's a nice thought.'

'I'm guessing your life is pretty cool - you own this whole place; you must be rich. Rich, beautiful….'

'Am I?'

'Yeah. You are. Wish we had a bloody mirror.'

'Aren't we supposed to not show up in them?'

'Jeez. No wonder your hair is so weird.'

Angel's hand inevitably flew up, and Spike took pity on him, flattening it down then spiking it up in an approximation of how it had been when dry.

'There. Now, clothes.'

They looked down at their old pile on the floor and drifted over to the closet. Angel pulled out some fashionably ripped, faded blue jeans and held them up, pleased. 'I like these.'

Spike narrowed his eyes. 'I'm not saying anything, Mate, but I'm pretty sure they ain't yours.'

Angel held them against his naked waist and wrinkled his nose. 'Damn.'

They suddenly looked at each other, and Angel groaned. 'I have a young lover.'

'You look young.'

'I mean someone who could fit into these. Shit. I knew it.'


'The other one - the silent one sitting behind us.'

'The cute one.'

'Well, yeah, okay, the damn cute one. It's him. I sensed some weird dynamic going on - I told you - and this must be it.'


Angel flung the jeans back into the closet and pulled out something else. They cheered him up immensely, and he eased himself into the black leather pants with a small, self-deprecating grin. Spike shrugged, picked up the discarded jeans and pulled them on.

Angel frowned. 'We're playing with fire here. If he sees you in those, he's gonna know what's gone on; if he doesn't already - the human's probably told him.'

Spike shrugged. 'We're vampires, Lover. We can do what we like.'

Angel laughed and pulled out a black shirt to match his jeans and handed Spike a T-shirt.

They smiled at the effect, and Angel suddenly pulled Spike into a swift embrace. 'Don't get too far away tonight. I want your body close enough to touch whenever I want to.'

Spike almost purred to the feel of Angel's body and ran his hands up under the silk shirt. 'Let's just stay up here.'

'No. I don't trust those two. I don't know who I am, but I don't want them making up the answer for me.'


'Besides, I'm hungry again.'

Spike laughed and began to pull him toward the door then ducked back and grabbed his coat. He tucked his hand into the back of Angel's waistband, and they went down the stairs together.

Wesley was waiting for them in the office. He looked up and glanced at the clock. Angel saw the look and shrugged. 'We took longer than expected.'

'Don't tell me. I don't want to know.'

'What's your name?'

Wesley looked apologetic. 'Wesley. I should have introduced myself, sorry. I'm finding this situation just as difficult as you two.'

'We're hungry. Can we eat here?'

Once more, Wesley looked surprised then gestured toward the kitchen. He followed them in and made them sit as he prepared some food for them.

They couldn't take their eyes off each other. Spike dragged his chair around so they were sitting closer, and they played with their fingers and hands on the table.

'So, you've discovered nothing… Wesley.'

Wesley jumped at Angel's words and tried to drag his gaze from the hypnotic entwining of fingers.

'Absolutely nothing. My only contact within Wolfram and Hart has inconveniently gone out of town. I have no doubt that the two events are connected.'

Angel put his hand on Spike's cheek and brushed his thumb over the prominent lines. 'So, what's the plan?'

'I think it's time we resorted to stronger methods.'

Angel seemed reluctant to tear his gaze from Spike's face, but he glanced over. 'Stronger how?'




'I don't think you know what you are doing, human. And I'm not so keen to go back that I'll risk you losing this memory for me.'

Spike grinned and cast Wesley a small, apologetic look. 'I suggested killing you, but he talked me out of it.'

Wesley nodded as if this confirmed something he already suspected. 'In that case, I have something for you both.' He went into the office and came back with a thick, old book. He threw it on the table between them.

Spike picked it up and wrinkled his nose. '"Vampyres". What the fuck is this?'

'If you won't let me help you with magic, then you are going to have to live in those bodies with no memories for a little longer. I rather like the original inhabitants, and I want them to be able to return to intact bodies. You have to study.'

Angel gave him a penetrating look. 'I thought you said you didn't know him - that you'd only met once.'

Wesley held his stare and regrouped frantically in his mind. He impressed himself by saying calmly, 'No, I said you didn't know him. I've known him for some time.'

The same thought hit both vampires at the same time, and they turned to each other with quizzical looks. When Wesley turned his back to make some tea, Spike pointed at him and then at himself and pushed his finger into his clenched fist. Angel raised an eyebrow and shrugged.

When Wesley turned he found both vampires looking at him, amused. He pointed to the book. 'I don't care where you do the research, just get it done.' He left them to it and went, rather disconcerted, back to the office, fully expecting the vampires to slink back up to bed.

Angel had a similar thing on his mind. He grinned at Spike. 'I wonder if that cute guy gets me hard like you do.'

Spike leaned back and rubbed the faded jeans a little. 'I'm not sure if this is the human or you.'

Angel growled, and Spike's eyes opened wide. 'Do that again.'


'That noise.'

Angel leant forward and said, 'Shouldn't we have like… vampire faces?'

Spike sighed and looked down at the book. 'Guess he's right. Maybe we should read this.'

Angel flicked the pages and then frowned. 'Some are missing.'

'Maybe it's just old.'

'Or there are parts he didn't want us to see. Where do you want to take this…?' He gave Spike a small, shy smile.

Spike chuckled. 'There's only one place.'

Angel rose and caught at his hand. Spike laughed out loud at his expression. 'Not bed, Luv - my place.' He gave Angel a mischievous look.

Angel hesitated. 'Leave here? He said not to.'

'Yeah, like I'm gonna listen to a human. Look, he's had all day, and he's come up with sod all. Maybe he isn't trying. Maybe this is all a trick to keep us from finding our memories. Maybe our memories are back at my place.'

'He won't let us; we'll have to sneak out.'

Spike grinned.

'How are we going to find it?'

Spike produced a card from his pocket.

Angel frowned. 'Your ID?'

'Nooo. His. He said it was the same apartment block. I had keys in my coat, and they've got a one on.'

Angel gave him a swift kiss. 'Beautiful, sexy and clever. I love you.'

Spike picked up the book and chucked it out of sight on top of one of the cupboards. 'Beautiful, sexy, clever and sneaky. He'll think we're off somewhere… studying.' He gave a theatrical shiver at the idea and cautiously opened the door.

They saw Wesley, head lowered in the office, and made a stealthy escape.

Being outside made them almost heady with freedom. They sauntered along, feeling the power of their bodies and the call of the night.

Angel tucked his hand into Spike's coat pocket. 'We'll have to stop and ask someone.'

Spike grinned. 'And look, a bar. What a coincidence.'

Gleefully, they went in and pushed through a substantial crowd to the bar. Spike rummaged in his coat and pulled out a wallet. 'It didn't have ID in, but it did have….' He flicked a large stack of notes, and Angel gave a satisfied sigh.

'This is going to be good. What are you having?'

They ordered and took their drinks to the back. Spike nudged Angel's arm. 'Wanna play?' Angel looked across to see a pool table coming free, and for the next few hours, they drank and played without a care in the world.


They were both drunk. Spike was trying to take a shot, and Angel was distracting him by leaning on the table and staring at him. He grimaced when he missed the shot, and as he passed Angel, whacked him on the backside. They heard a soft but distinct 'Faggots' from somewhere in the shadows. Angel pursed his lips and looked at Spike.

'Are we gonna ignore that?'

'Are we invincible and eternal, and can we kick the shit out of anyone we like?'

'Maybe we should have read that damn book to find out.'

'Maybe we should go over there and kick the crap out of him to find out.'

'What about that chip thing of yours?'

'It won't stop me watching you doing the kicking.'

'True.' Angel wandered over to the corner table and eyed up the four men. 'Sorry, guys, but my hearing's not good. Anyone wanna run it past me again?'

Spike came up behind him, put his hand down Angel's jeans and kissed him. 'Jeez, Baby, you're hard again.'

One of the men blanched and said angrily, 'Take it somewhere else, you fucking faggots. This is a straight bar.'

Angel grinned and took the man's arm, extracting him from his companions. He objected, and the other three rose to help him. Spike couldn't resist testing the truth of his chip and punched the largest of the men. He went down with a gasp of agony but waved Angel away when he turned at the sound. Spike had to watch the fun from the floor, but it made him feel better. Angel was a blur of power, and within a few moments, all four men were groaning on the ground. Spike stood up and stepped over one of them. 'We'd better go.'

Angel seemed wired on power. He caught Spike's arm and dragged him out of the bar, laughing, shouting, running with excess energy. 'Shit that was fun! I think I broke a nose! I heard a scrunch - definite scrunch time there.' Suddenly, he propelled Spike into an alley and dragged him to the far side of a dumpster. He gave Spike a look then pressed him to his knees. 'You okay to do this?'

Spike only nodded - he was too busy unzipping the soft leather pants. He eased the erection out and hissed, glancing up seductively. He licked the tip, and Angel cried out, tipping his head back. Spike took the cock to the back of his throat, and as he sucked, Angel relived the fight, telling Spike how it had felt, trying to make it real for him too. He only stopped when he lost the power of speech, when his orgasm ripped through him so hard and fast that his knees buckled slightly. Spike swallowed deeply, keeping the penis in his mouth until Angel was totally spent, and then he tucked him away and rose gracefully. 'Fucking chip. I wanna have some fun too.'

Angel tipped his head back to the night again then whirled Spike in a wild dance down the alley, singing in a hideous off-key voice that he was going to live forever.

They crashed into the chain-link fence and laughed, leaning on it, leaning into each other so they touched wherever they could. Spike lit two cigarettes in his mouth and handed one to Angel. They smoked happily for a while, and then Spike said with a chuckle, 'Guess we should have asked directions before you did the kicking of the shit.'


They both turned to the hissed voice and saw five figures standing in the shadows the other side of the fence. Spike narrowed his eyes and said, 'Yesss? Who are you?'

'You don't remember me?'

Spike chuckled. 'Don't take it personally, Pet.'

The figure stepped forward. Angel and Spike both took a step back. Angel said distinctly, 'No way. That's just ugly.'

Spike nodded. 'Maybe there are pretty vampires and ugly ones?'

'Hey, Fucker! Who you calling ugly?'

'Well, you….'

'And who the fuck are you?'

'I'm Angel.'

There was a long silence and some nervous shuffling of feet. Angel turned to Spike with a pleased expression. 'They've heard of me!'

Spike nudged him. 'Yeah, but they recognized me. I must be famouser.'

A second vampire stepped out from the group. 'Angelus and William the Bloody. Lucky day.'

Angel frowned. 'What did he just call me?'

Spike went back up to the fence. 'William the fucking what?'

Another vampire stepped forward and said angrily, 'I've had enough of this shit.' In almost one leap, he cleared the fence.

The other four followed so swiftly that Spike hardly had time hear Angel's urgent command. 'Backs!'

They stood back to back, facing the ring around them. Spike chuckled. 'Really regretting not reading that book now.'

'They're all holding stakes.'


'Take them and fucking kill them….' Angel took the nearest stake and quickly dusted two of their attackers. He threw the stake to Spike and turned to watch him dust another. He staggered at what he saw, and then put a hand to his own face. Before he could react, he saw the remaining two vampires attempting to flee back over the fence. He caught one around the neck. The next thing he knew, the creature was dust. He looked pleased and tried to catch the other but saw a stake flying like an arrow into its heart.

He brushed the dust off, impressed.

Spike tipped his head back gleefully. 'Oh, fuck, that was fun. Let's find some more. Oh! Shit! Your face!' Spike put a hand to the fence and then came tentatively forward.

Angel raised an eyebrow. 'You should see yours.'

'Oh, bloody hell. Am I ugly?'

Angel pouted. 'Am I?'

Spike shook his head. 'No way. You're… stunning.'

Angel looked incredibly pleased and slid back to human form. Spike huffed and did the same.

Spike howled up to the sky, 'More! I want more killing!'

Angel laughed and crooned, 'Vampires, vampires, come to Angel.'


'Oh, yeah. Weird. And… William the Bloody. That's it now, you realise. You're William from now on.'

'Huh. Distinguished. Okay then, you're Angelus. Has a kind of ring to it.'

'William and Angelus. Jeez, what a great night. What's next?'

Spike frowned. 'We're still trying to get to my place.'

Suddenly, Angel stopped and slapped his forehead. 'Duh! Okay, have you actually heard of something called a cab?'

Spike rolled his eyes. 'Is that one of those things you get in and give an address, and they take you there with no walking and asking directions involved?'

Angel put his arm around Spike's shoulder, kissed him, and then led them both out into the street.

They piled into the back of a cab, and Angel leant against the window, regarding Spike. 'You look hot.'

Spike frowned. 'I'm drunk. But… nope, still cool.'

'Nooo… I think you're hot, and you need to take your coat off. Maybe put it over your lap….'

Spike glanced at the driver's head and grinned, shrugging off his duster. He spread it nonchalantly over his lap. Angel slid over the seat and sighed as his hand disappeared out of sight. Spike turned to look out of the window and tried to keep his moans soft and private between them. It wasn't easy; Angel's fist worked him expertly as his little finger stroked over his perineum and balls.

When he was near the end, Spike turned back to Angel and whispered into his neck, 'Stop. The mess.'

Angel kissed the top of his head and slid down out of sight under the duster. Spike arched and released.

When he reappeared, Angel couldn't keep a grin off his face, and Spike play-punched him before reaching down to make himself decent. He turned back to the window to hide his grin.


Angel jumped; the driver swore and pulled over.

Spike leapt out and paid the driver. Angel climbed out after him and looked around, bemused. 'Are we there?'

Spike shook his head and propelled him toward a bar. 'No, we're here. Look.'

Angel read the sign and began to back off, alarmed. 'No way.'

'Yes way.' Spike pushed him over the threshold, and they entered the crowded bar. Someone was already on stage, crooning a familiar love song. Angel went even paler than he already was.

'I'm not doing that.'

'Yes, you are. Live a little, dead man.'

'What if I can't sing?'

'Sure you can! You're a vampire, Angelus; you can do anything.'

They bought a couple of bottles of whisky, and Spike signed Angel up for the Karaoke, Angel watching morosely over his shoulder.

By the time his turn came around, they'd drunk both bottles and had moved on to brightly coloured cocktails.

Afterwards, Angel blamed the drink. Spike, too shocked to disagree, left him in denial.

They decided to drown their sorrows.

It didn't take long before mellow and in love turned into punchy and argumentative. Spike made a veiled reference to Angel's singing, and Angel retaliated. He looked furious for a moment then stomped extremely unsteadily to the bar and signed Spike up. Spike slid up behind him and tried to snatch the pen. Angel was quicker and taller, so that tactic failed. 'They won't have anything I like, Angel. Look at them; they're all red-necks.'

The bartender frowned. 'We've got the biggest selection in LA. If you can sing it, we've got it.'

Spike narrowed his eyes at the traitor and continued to protest.

Angel just ordered something from the bar and dragged him back to the table. Under the influence of the champagne, punchy and argumentative quickly gave way to a mutual desire to be inside each other. Angel slid closer around the seat, and Spike leant into him as they discussed positions and possibilities. When Spike's turn was called, he was momentarily too distracted to react.

Angel heard though and gleefully prodded him up for his punishment.

Angel went to stand at the bar so he could see better and grinned as he saw Spike checking the list uncertainly. After a moment, the lights went dim and a strong thump, thump bounced from one speaker to the other. He could hardly see Spike standing just behind the spot, but suddenly, a husky, seductive voice began.

You let me violate you
You let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you

The words went straight to Angel's balls. He groaned and bent slightly at the waist. Spike was singing directly to him. The voice rose, confident, sexy,

Help me
I broke apart my insides
Help me
I've got no soul to sell
Help me
The only thing that works for me
Help me get away from myself

Angel closed his eyes; he needed to concentrate to control the erection that drained blood from his brain. The next words were sung very much closer, and he snapped his eyes open to find Spike coming toward him.

I wanna fuck you like an animal
I wanna feel you from the inside
I wanna fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed

Spike grinned and leant against him.

You get me closer to God
You can have my isolation
You can have the hate that it brings
You can have my absence of faith
You can have my everything.

He unzipped Angel's pants and fell to his knees.

Help me
Tear down my reason
Help me
It's your sex I can smell
Help me
You make me perfect
Help me….

He never got to finish what Angel was to help him with. He dropped the microphone and pressed his face to the opening, tearing at him with need.

They didn't even hear the commotion. The first they knew that the song had not gone down well in the Country and Western bar was when strong hands manhandled Spike off Angel's erection. Spike instinctively hit out and then fell back in agony to the floor. Outraged - but also too drunk to make most effective use of the emotion - Angel swung but missed the bouncer. They were propelled out of the door and deposited on the sidewalk.

Spike climbed back to his feet and made to go back in. Angel caught at his coat tails. With a curse, he staggered up, pulling himself up Spike for support and refastening his pants.

He began to laugh. 'Where next?'

Spike pouted seductively. 'Seein' as my best performance was not appreciated… lookie what else I found in my pocket.' He held out a small card, and Angel squinted at it.


Spike nodded. 'Says it's the place to be.'

Angel clapped him on the back. 'Babel, it is.'


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