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The Darkling Plain

Episode 6

Chapter 1

Despite being so tired from the flight and the events at the airport, and despite it being only a few hours from dawn, the vampires felt reluctant to actually leave the fire and go to bed. Flames, warm blood, a sense of total peace- Spike realised it was the perfect time to give Angel his present. He went to the bed and pulled it from his bag, rummaged for something in the kitchen, then went back, sat down, and handed Angel his gift.

Angel looked neutrally at the wooden box. He opened it, watching Spike slightly warily, then held up a bottle of red wine. Raising his eyebrow, he looked at the label. Both eyebrows shot up. 'Eighteen-eighty?' He looked at Spike. 'The same age as you. Same year I….'

'I know. Can you imagine? Everything I've done, all these long decades across three centuries, this bottle's been quietly sitting there.'

Angel snatched it out of reach when Spike produced the corkscrew and glasses he'd been hiding behind his back.

'You can't open it! Jesus! It'll be nothing then- you'll destroy all its continuity.'

'No, Angel. That's the point. It'll start on a new journey- one it never thought to go on when it was bottled in bloody eighteen-eighty!'

He took if from Angel and, without any hesitation, opened it. He filled both glasses. 'To new journeys.'

Angel took one and, with only the slightest hesitation, nodded. 'New journeys.'

They swallowed the wine and both leant back, groaning with hedonistic pleasure. 'Do something to make this moment better. I dare you.'

'Don't think I can, Pet.'

It didn't take them long to polish off the whole bottle, and when Angel began to chuckle deeply, Spike sensed his sire was as exhaustion-induced drunk as he was.

Angel continued to laugh and held up his empty glass. 'It's gone on the same new journey you did- inside me.'

Spike's eyes widened, and he mock punched him, then Angel snagged him close. 'I've just thought of something that can make this moment better.'

Spike grinned and glanced down at Angel's lap. Angel shook his head, amused. 'No…. Just take me to bed and lie next to me.'

Spike dipped his head with pleasure, then took Angel's hand and rose, pulling him to his feet. He led Angel to the bed. 'Shower first?'

Angel shook his head and shed his clothing carelessly. Spike copied him, and they entwined on the bed, pulling a cover over them at the noticeable coolness of this room compared to their new living room.

'God, you smell so good.'

Spike chuckled at the husky need in Angel's voice. 'I've travelled from England, not showered, and you say I smell good?'

'Hmm… turn over.'

Spike turned onto his belly and let Angel expose his cool flesh.

Angel blinked and looked at Spike as if he was his study. He wanted to draw his pencil slowly down the curved spine, making the subject arch to his delineation. His lover's body could not have been more perfect if he had sculpted it himself out of pale stone. Every curve entranced; every line led the eye to further exploration. He put one finger lightly to the hollow at the base of the spine and circled it around teasingly.

Suddenly, he turned in the bed and slid under Spike, pulling him onto his face. Spike gasped softly and got onto his hands and knees, finding Angel's cock as effortlessly as Angel found his softly puckered entrance.

They'd so rarely done it this way around, and the feel of Angel's tongue exploring him made Spike groan around the smooth cockhead in his mouth.

Angel moaned at that faint sound and lifted his head, plunging his tongue in deeply, vibrating it inside Spike, pressing blunt teeth to the tight flesh around the rim.

Knowing he couldn't give his lover the pleasure he wanted with just a tongue, Angel slipped his finger in instead and found Spike's prostate through the soft walls. He added another finger so he could scissor them over the spot.

Spike slid his lips right down to the base of Angel's shaft, rubbing his face into the soft curls, breathing in the musky scent he loved. When Angel's fingers found him, he arched his spine down and moaned, drawing his lips tightly back up to the tip and sucking hard as he wiggled his tongue over Angel's slit.

Angel grunted in pleasure and inserted his tongue again, grasping Spike around the hips and pulling him on hard.

The only sounds in the apartment were the sounds of mouths on flesh: wet and urgent.

Spike began to ride against Angel's belly, rubbing his erection over the solid flesh, pushing it into the hard abs to get off. He pushed Angel's legs wide and slipped a finger into him as he sucked, increasing the pleasure for both of them.

Angel slid his hand under Spike and formed a ring around Spike's erection, letting the hard penis slide in and out, giving his childe something to fuck.

They came together with shuddering pleasure that was hard to split into separate orgasms. They were just shaking release and long, drawn-out cries of relief.

They didn't even bother to extricate themselves, but lay with fingers and tongues embedded, warmed flesh against flesh, for a very long time.

Only when the cold began to make sleep impossible did Angel right himself and bury them both under the covers once more.

He tucked his arm under Spike's neck and pulled him into an embrace. He ran his fingers through Spike's hair and breathed so softly only preternatural ears would have caught the words. 'I think you will dream again, Childe. I'm here when you need me.'

Spike nodded without replying. He thought he would dream too, despite what Nate had wished for him, but with his body now more Angel's than his, he did not fear the dreams.

He did dream- but it wasn't the dream he'd been expecting.

He woke, still hungry, and slid softly out so as not to disturb his sleeping lover. He padded over to the fridge. As he leaned on the counter, watching the microwave revolve, he felt something patting his toes. Glancing down, repressing a fond smile - as befitted a master vampire - he clicked his tongue at the puppy. That's when he first realised that he was dreaming, for the dog looked up at him and said distinctly, 'You need to wake up now.'

Spike backed off and collided with the fridge. The puppy opened his mouth as if to speak again, but Spike put a hand up to stop him. He waved vaguely at the bed. 'Going over there now. Going back to sleep… to wake? Whatever.' He crawled back in next to Angel, put his head under his pillow and wondered if drinking centuries-old wine had been such a good idea. He felt the dog stretching up beside him, paws on the mattress.

'Go away.'

'Spike, you need to wake up.'

'Sod off.'

'Look up. Spike, look up.'

Spike lifted one corner of the pillow and peered out at the dog. The puppy waited for effect, then lifted his eyes. With almost no conscious volition of his own, Spike did the same. A bone-white figure peered down at him through the glass, its eyes red, glowing, malevolent. He rose with a shout and knew he was now awake.

Angel mumbled something reassuring, stretched out an arm and pulled him close, kissing into his hair. Spike felt something on his legs and peered down to see the puppy asleep on its back, all four legs flopped out at odd angles.

He lay back and glanced up casually: nothing.

The clock said only two hours had passed, but he didn't feel much like sleeping again.

Instead, he turned the puppy the right way up, slid out of bed, pulled on some clothes and, once more, slipped out to walk the dog to the coffee shop. The puppy managed the new spiral descent with aplomb, and they sauntered along together in the cool, approaching dawn. He enjoyed this small, new routine. It was so human, so intimate: sliding back in next to a sleep-warm Angel.

He glanced idly at his small companion. 'If I find out you're some sort of demon in puppy disguise, you're gonna be in BIG-dog sized trouble, Mate.'

The puppy spied a particularly beautiful white feather and gleefully gave chase. Spike chuckled. 'Yeah- right.'

He bought coffee and muffins, for a change, teasing Grant for a while, then walked back with the puppy at his heels.

He paused opposite The Crypt for a moment, looking up at the roof. There were no normal access points- Angel had seen to that. The nearest roof was too far away for anything but a flying creature to reach. That thought didn't do much to reassure him, so he whistled to the dog and went back inside.

Angel was up when he got back, bending over, peering into the fridge. He straightened and scratched his belly idly, nodding at Spike.

Spike pulled off his clothes and took the breakfast back to bed. Angel frowned. Spike patted the empty space next to him. Angel shook his head. 'I wanna get to work.'


'Fuck off, Spike.'

They stared at each other for a moment, then Angel bowed his head and said contritely, 'Shit. Sorry. I had bad dreams. I feel all… scratchy.' He slid in alongside Spike and pulled him down for a hug.

'What did you dream about, Luv?'

Angel turned away far too casually. 'Nothing really. Kinda weird.'

'Angel… are you blushing?'

'No! Jesus, Spike! A guy's dreams are his own business!'

'Angel, did you dream that the dog spoke to you?'

Angel looked furious and amazed in equal measure, but then an expression of deep relief crossed his face. 'Yeah. Okay. Even weirder- you did too?'

Spike nodded. 'He kept trying to wake me up.'

Angel pouted, looking at the puppy now eating a muffin from Spike's fingers.

'And you saw the eyes too, right?'

They both looked up together at the now dawn-bathed glass.

'Soon as it's dark, we'll go up and take a look.'

'Get one of the lesser beings to do it today maybe?'

Angel frowned. 'No, we can handle this one alone.'

Spike chuckled. 'And that's nothing to do with you not wanting to admit your dog talks to you?'



'Put him next door, now….'

Spike felt a tremor start in the back of his neck and travel down his spine to the very tip of his penis, which began to tingle and leak. He glanced up shyly at Angel, grabbed the puppy and deposited him on the couch in front of the now dead fire. 'Talk to yourself for a bit, Mate, and paws over ears.'

Suddenly, there was a terrifying howl from the other room. Spike felt a sense of dread wash over him- he'd not heard his sire howl with that much distress for a very long time.

He ran back in and skidded to a halt- no Angel. Another wail, this time from the bathroom. He ran in and collided with Angel's broad back.

He almost choked at the sight that greeted him.

In one corner, totally garish, totally pink, totally hideous, was a toilet. It had been plumbed in and named with a small pink plaque: Sam's.

Angel growled demonically. 'I'll kill him. For this, he's now dead.'

Spike began to chuckle and went to sit on the closed lid. He glanced at Angel, and the chuckling turned into deep, uncontrollable laughter. Angel eyed him for a moment. With a rise of one eyebrow, he went around turning on all the showerheads. The hot water filled the room with steam; the floor began to fill slightly as the water ran to the central drain.

Through the steam, he came slowly toward Spike. 'Turn around.'

Spike gave him a look of pure, animal desire and turned, bracing himself on the low seat, spreading his legs wide. Angel came close and stood against him. 'Perfect positioning- remind me to thank him before I kill him.'

Spike let his head drop, concentrating on the feel of Angel's hard cock twitching and shifting with a life of its own against his spread exposure. Water cascaded off them both, warming them. Angel caught him lightly around the hips, rocking against him. Then he entered and went in so deep they both grunted. Angel murmured with delight as he pulled out slightly and slid back in on a glistening trail of his own precum.

With their hair flattened to their scalps, water obscured their sight, but they hardly noticed. It was so perfect. Spike's arms braced on the seat, enabling him to meet every thrust with a small push back. Angel was able to stand and work his need into the willing hole, bending his knees to reach every place he wanted to feel inside Spike. Spike twisted his head around and groaned softly, 'Come deep in me, Angel. I want to carry you inside me all day.'

If Angel had been intending to draw the fucking out, the image Spike conjured swiftly destroyed his plan. He cried out, flung his head back, bent his knees slightly and unloaded into Spike- deep as he'd been asked, shooting sperm high. When he was done, he slipped out and leant on the wall, panting. Spike bowed his head for a moment, then stood and stretched in pleasure.

Angel smiled and said in a low voice, 'My turn.'

Spike was so hard he didn't even wait for Angel to get into position. He flung him around and pierced him swiftly, flat against the wall, but he wanted more now and allowed Angel to pull off and brace as he had been. He re-entered the spread, ready hole, much to Angel's delight. He wished he could see them- wanted to watch as he took Angel from behind. It was fun doing it face to face, but this….

He flung back his head and cried out, 'Too soon!' and shuddered an equally impressive load of cum into Angel as he could still feel filling him.

Angel stood up carefully to keep Spike in and pulled him closer, sliding his hands over Spike's flanks. Spike folded his arms around Angel's belly, and they shared the same water for a while, letting it wash over them. With tiny shifts of his hips, Spike could feel his cock in Angel and smiled into Angel's back, knowing how good that would feel for his sire as well.

With a sigh, Angel eventually eased them apart, then turned and kissed Spike quickly. 'Work.'

Spike pictured a day spent wasting time with his friends and nodded. 'Yeah. Work.'

They dressed and went down, both pretending they hadn't looked up at the roof, but both doing so nevertheless.

Angel wanted to try out the new stairs, so they surprised everyone by appearing from the basement.

They tried to have a normal day, but each could see worry stamped on the features of the other at every minute of the passing day. It seemed a very long time until darkness fell, but both vampires were at the bottom of the new exit to the roof, ready and waiting, when it did. The stairs led up to a securely bolted hatch in the roof, and through that to the flat section over Spike's room. They climbed out into the chill October air and went over to the glass, peering down once more at the bed.

'Where did you see it?'

Spike tried to get his bearings. 'Kinda here, I guess.'

Angel put his hands to the glass then lifted them and frowned. 'Slimy.'

'Yuck. Bird poo?'

'It's opaque.'

Spike touched one finger to the substance reluctantly. 'Bird cum?'


'Okay, we'd getter get the brains of the organisation on this when he gets back.'

Distinctly pleased with Spike's casual reference to Wesley, Angel bent and scraped some of the odd substance onto the edge of one of his cards, and together they went back down.

Spike washed his hands with disgust and watched Angel bagging the small sample. He sighed. 'What do you want to do…? Okay…. Good idea.'

Laughing, Angel continued to undo Spike's buttons. He dropped the shirt to the floor with a grin and ran his hands over Spike's abs. 'You're getting fat.'

Spike raised an eyebrow and felt provocatively over Angel's waist. Angel gave him a look then began to strip off his shirt. 'My room. Now.'

Spike groaned with pleasure and kicked off his boots to join Angel's discarded shoes. Naked from the waist up and bare foot, they padded over to their new dungeon.

They hardly knew where to start; frissons of excitement ran down their spines. They parted and walked in opposite directions around the walls, lifting and testing weapons, rejecting some, laying aside those that were interesting.

Suddenly, Angel turned. 'Scenarios.'

'And what?'

'We don't just need to practice with the weapons: we need to work on actual scenarios.' He saw Spike's mystified face and came closer. 'For example, what if I had something you wanted. Stop it! Be sensible….'

Spike pouted and folded his arms. 'I was only tryin' to get something I wanted.'

'Later. I'll give it to you freely- later. Look….' He picked up a small knife and held it up. 'This is a magic talisman.' He put it in his pocket. 'Now, all you have to do is get it from me. Your life depends on it. My life might too….'

Spike frowned. 'Okay. Just get it from you and we both live?'


Spike began to circle him. 'What are you?'


'Okay.' Suddenly, he spun kicked, but Angel had anticipated this and deflected the kick, catching Spike's ankle and flipping him to the floor. He mimed staking him and stepped back. 'We're both dead.'

Spike frowned again and stood up. 'Yeah. But you know my moves- some strange vampire wouldn't.'

'Granted, but he might have made a lucky… ugh.' Under the cover of talking it through, Spike had suddenly repeated his move- faster and harder. It sent Angel crashing to the wall. This time, Spike drove the imaginary stake home and grinned.

'See? Talk him to death then strike.'

Angel smiled and held him a little too long. They were both very hard, and he dipped his face for a brief kiss. Spike caught him around the back of the neck and whispered into the kiss, 'Quickie?'

Angel shook his head. 'It focuses me. Makes me more… on edge.'

Spike slid his hand slowly into Angel's pocket and rummaged very unnecessarily for the knife. 'You sure about that, Pet?'

Angel chuckled and slid along the wall away from him. 'New scenario. This time, you- you have to protect….' He went swiftly out into the main room and grabbed one of their discarded shirts. He dropped it into the middle of the training room. 'This. This is one of us- Fred, for example.'

'Bit sexist?'

'Okay, Sam.'


'Why not Sam?'

'He'd never wear black.'


'Okay. Sam. I'm protecting him. And you're…?'

'Going to try and kill him.'

'Huh.' Spike put his back to the shirt and warily watched Angel circle. Angel made to lunge, but Spike dove for the shirt, grabbed it, then rolled and jumped up some distance away.

'Hey! Cheat!'

''S not cheating! I moved him.'

'Like you could do that with Sam!'

'Well, all right. Point taken.' He dropped the shirt once more and watched Angel, unconsciously adopting a fighting stance.

Angel suddenly demonstrated his spooky ability to fly, and Spike found himself flat on the floor, Angel grinning on top on him.

'He's dead.'

'Hey! You've not even touched him.'

'We've both just fallen on him.'

'Get off. Right. I know what I want to do now.'

Angel stood up and pulled him to his feet. 'Later… I told you….'

'No, not that. That. That thing you do with the….' He mimed flapping his arms. 'Flying. That's the second time you've got me with that.'

They both grinned shyly, remembering a certain fight in the tunnels and the outcome of that strange encounter.

'Jesus. Our first time.'

'Yeah, was that in this lifetime?'

'Dunno. Seems I was a different person then.'


'Nicely distracted there, Angel. So…?'

Angel frowned. 'I don't fly. That would be ridiculous, of course.'

'Oh, right, like being a vampire isn't?'

Angel ignored him. 'It's more a transference of space.'

'A whatandwherefore?'

Angel came up to him, stood behind him, then caught him around the waist. It wasn't the best of positions to be concentrating on the ethereal. Angel's hardness pressed into Spike, twitched against him. Angel's naked chest rubbed softly against Spike's naked back: bare skin calling to bare skin. Trying to focus, Angel breathed softly into Spike's ear, 'See the other side of the room?'

'No.' Spike voice was low and shaky.

Angel slid a hand into back of Spike's pants and cupped the firm roundness lightly. 'Clear your mind of everything. Are you clear?'


Angel slipped a finger into the hole that drew him in without his conscious volition. 'Now you have to picture yourself over there. Can you do that?'


Angel undid the front of Spike's pants and eased them off his hips.

'Project yourself to that side of the room- in your mind. It has to begin in your mind. Are you focusing on that movement?'


The sound of a zipper was loud in the room. 'It's the power of your mind and your body, Spike. It's not magic. Can you join your mind and your body enough to do it?'


Angel eased himself into Spike and pulled him on, hooking his fingers into the hollows of Spike's hipbones.

They stood in the centre of the room, Angel leaning back and forward as he fucked Spike. Spike reached up and behind him, winding his arms around Angel's neck to keep his balance. Angel got faster, sliding his hands further round and taking hold of Spike's rigid shaft.

He almost pulled Spike off his feet as he took him. The effort of trying to come in this position made them both grunt and pant heavily. It was all work and sweat, but finally, it was worth it. Angel cried out in triumph and crushed Spike as he filled him. Spike came almost automatically at the rush of Angel's sperm inside him, and his cum plopped down to the wooden floor in small, repeating shots.

Angel let him go and staggered back to the wall. Spike fell to his knees.

After a moment, he glanced behind him. 'Good workout.'

Angel nodded. 'I'm feeling better.'

'Same time tomorrow?'

Angel pushed off the wall and offered him a hand. 'Defeating evil is our mission: same time tomorrow.'

With his arm over Spike's shoulder, Angel led them back toward the shower. When they were enjoying the hot water, he said casually, 'I'm going to stay awake tonight- watch.'

Spike pursed his lips. 'Okay. I'll sleep peacefully then and act as bait.'

Angel smiled ruefully. 'Yeah, you do that.'

Good as his word, Angel lay down alongside Spike on his back and half-closed his eyes. He gave a good impression of being asleep to anyone staring down through malevolent red eyes.

'You're not gonna be able to do that all night, Luv.'

'Sure I will.'

Spike huffed and then put his hand down to the side of the bed, scooping up the puppy and depositing him in a small hollow between them.

Angel frowned. 'Dogs shouldn't sleep on beds.'

'He's our protector.'

'Go to sleep, irritating childe.'

'If Droc begins chatting, wake me up, yeah?'

'It may have been coincidence, Spike. It's possible we could start having the same dreams. We have a shared demon- shared blood.'

Spike wriggled provocatively. 'Shared sperm, too.'

Angel smiled. 'I'm trying to look asleep here.'

'Yeah. Night.'


It fell very quiet in the apartment. Angel wondered idly if he ought to sit up and watch surreptitiously from another vantage point- whether he would be able to stay alert all night. Lying alongside Spike was relaxing, sleep inducing, comforting….

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