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Chapter 16

It always became quiet after they'd fucked. No heartbeats, they never heard silence more than after such intense activity. This time, however, high in the hotel, it was quieter than normal, and in that silence, they replayed what they had done, each in his own way.

When, suddenly, each sought the other's mouth, they grinned into the kiss, knowing they had thought about it in the same way. They pleasured each other with their kisses, biting lightly at lower lips, pulling away, teasing, coming back with open, eager mouths and tongues to take and taste. Spike slid higher on Angel's chest, amused that he slid so easily, rocking in Angel's spent cum, never wasted between them before.

He put his hand down and wiped some up on his fingers, brushing the wet tips over Angel's lips, watching with the avid fascination of a mother seeing her baby feed when Angel's tongue flicked out and savoured the salty fluid.

When his fingers were licked clean, he put his tongue on Angel's lips, seeking his flavour there. He knew it well, and nodded when he found it not changed, despite the profound changes now between them.

Angel wrapped his hands around Spike and ran them down his spine to caress his backside, frowning when he realised Spike was still dressed. He rolled them and sat up, peeling the jeans off him carefully until they lay side-by-side, equally naked.

Before his pants got relegated to the floor, Spike retrieved his cigarettes and lit two, handing one silently to Angel. Angel sat and smoked, leaning against the headboard, using his chained hand, so that every time he took a deep drag in, he chinked slightly: a small, erotic accompaniment to the peace between them.

Spike lay on his back, watching his small circles of smoke for a while but then turned his face and studied the darker one next to him. 'You're very quiet.'

'I'm perfecting my taciturn and brooding image.'

'That so….' Spike nudged him affectionately with his foot and returned to his silent enjoyment of his cigarette.

Angel looked down at Spike's profile and had a startling moment of realisation that his body carried Spike's seed inside it- flowing out, but still inside.

He had not realised that such pleasure existed, and it angered him to think he'd waited this long to discover it. He felt different. He could not remember losing his virginity particularly. There had been long summer days, his seed spilt on the ground or, frustrated and desperate, into cloths that he had buried for shame, and then there had been something softer and more welcoming than he had thought existed, and then he was dead. Now he had given up some of his power and had become the one soft and warm. He had given pleasure to Spike's body by letting him in: his body a vessel for Spike's pleasure.

He pushed Spike with his toe, and Spike turned his head once more. 'What?'

'Nothing. I just want to see your face.'

Spike shook his head as if in despair. Angel noticed with pleasure, though, that he did not turn away from him again. They smoked slowly, studying each other, blowing smoke between them, making its small curling tendrils touch the places they wanted to- the places they knew they soon would. Desire was so strong between them it was almost as visible as the smoke. Angel didn't need to look down to see that Spike's need was now manifest - a hard, swollen column lying across his belly - he could scent the new arousal as a taste on his tongue: a drop of the ocean, making his mouth water.

Slowly, Spike turned and crawled up to kneeling, sitting back on his heels. He plucked the cigarette from Angel and tossed it with his off the bed. He leant forward, and they returned to the activity that still set their bellies afire with its newness.

As they kissed, Angel pulled Spike onto his lap, his legs stuck out under Spike as the lighter vampire straddled him. In the middle of the kiss, he keened a soft note of pleasure and looked down to find Spike holding them both, gently running his fist over both shafts, pulling them to a shared delight.

Spike saw Angel's expression and leant back a little. 'Like that, huh?'

Angel nodded, his eyes dilating once more. He leant back as well, spreading his arms along the bedrail, his powerful muscles and broad chest shown off to maximum advantage.

They both watched, equally fascinated as Spike played with the new toys. He slid back slightly onto Angel's thighs so his cock had to stretch and strain to reach Angel's, which it did quite happily, so he slid back once more, the new length heavy and aching in his hand. He brought their shafts together, just touching the sides of the tips together, rubbing his frenulum gently on Angel's.

Angel's eyes widened some more, and he moaned softy, a bead of shining pre-ejaculate now distinct in his hole, trembling and wanting to leave.

With the softest of touches, Spike teased the bead around, dispersing it, feeling with an anticipatory stab of desire how Angel's thighs tensed with pleasure beneath him. He went back to the exquisite play with his new toys, knowing that the anticipation would only grow within them both.

Angel's cock was slightly thicker than his, and more veined, but neither of these attributes seemed to make it less sensitive. On the contrary, as Spike rubbed and teased them together, it was Angel who wriggled and moaned and pulled on his restraint as if he would be free to release the dangerously welling need in him. Spike could feel that need; it pulsed through Angel's whole shaft; made it bone-like, sticking up in his hand, something hardly of flesh at all- except for that intriguing head that he could not draw his gaze from. It was so fleshy, so flushed and vulnerable in appearance, so wet, so….

Angel groaned with disbelieving pleasure as Spike's mouth took them both in: his wet cockhead and Spike's, stretching the cool lips into a grimace of lust.

Angel watched, fascinated, as Spike worshipped them both in turn, kissing Angel's tip and using his tongue to great advantage, sucking hard and swift on his own, bringing forth a matching flow of expectancy.

He ran his free hand up and down the subtle, curved spine, noting every ridge and muscle and wondering that he had never known this talent, never sought to exploit it before. Spike rose up and stared at him, and Angel knew that Spike felt it too: they had only just begun to discover what they could become together.

Angel took his own shaft, and keeping the steady blue gaze, he moved it toward Spike's. Spike caught on and moved his to meet Angel's, and they rubbed them together as they came back to their favourite pastime, their lips giving them as much pleasure as the intense stimulation from the orgasms now swelling their balls.

With a grunt, Angel's cock erupted like a geyser, the drops shooting up into the air to fall in a cool shower down over their fists. By the time Spike came, his cock was pointing at Angel, so his release splashed onto the creased, hard abs and ran in small, corrugated rivulets into his dark curls.

They stared down to the glistening mass that was wet and red, covered in heavy, white spill, and smelt the intense aroma with groans of pure lust. They fell onto each other, powerful in their need. For the first time, Angel's restraint truly restrained him. He reared against it, twisting in its hold as he rolled with Spike, biting and kissing and licking. Suddenly he arched, Spike cried out and rose over him, and they realised Angel was experiencing his second taking. The chain was twisted tight; Angel glanced at it in despair. Suddenly, he pushed Spike off and rose to kneel against the rail, grasping it and bending the iron slightly in a mixture of fear and desire.

Spike knelt up behind him, pressing his body to Angel's.

This was different again. He'd penetrated Angel lying down and had taken strength from that, being in his mind a man and entering as men do. This was very different. This was someone's back presented to him. He glanced down, cupping the flat cheeks, running his hands up over the intensely beautiful skin, flaring them out over Angel's shoulders and down his arms.

Slowly, with infinite care so that he would remember the moment, he took Angel from behind.

His cock was so wet with his recent release that he slid in as if to a women, but there the resemblance ended. He watched, fascinated, as his shaft pierced the hard globes, as it fit exactly into the tight ring: no spare flesh marring the perfection of the joining. Once more, he felt guilty at the extent to which he found this pleasing, knowing in his mind that he would not return to other, less well-fitting flesh.

With a smile at the length of time he'd delayed the moment, he cast his eyes up to Angel's shoulder. The familiar tattoo greeted him with a shocked expression, and he smirked at it. Fucking on and off for over two centuries, yet he'd never done it watching Angel's back.

With a surge of power and a grunt of desire, he began to work his hips into the welcoming body. He jerked forward rhythmically, small dimples forming in his cheeks as his strong thigh muscles worked the hard column in and out like a smooth, well-engineered piston.

Angel began to pant, and his hand flailed wildly behind. With a stab of pleasure, Spike caught hold of it and twisted Angel's fingers up in his, squeezing them as he gave them both so much pleasure.

Angel began to jerk forward against the wall, and Spike slid his free hand around to grasp the bouncing hardness springing from him. He held a loose fist so that his thrusts pushed Angel through it, giving him the illusion of fucking too, and Angel's head snapped back with pleasure at the twin sensations.

Spike sped up, his need to ejaculate taking him over, obsessing him. He wanted to fill Angel again; he wanted him so full that he would always carry some small part of his seed inside him. He wanted Angel to come too- that ultimate expression of the pleasure he could give this matching, male body.

Angel cried in a ragged voice, 'Harder, on me,' and Spike turned the loose fist into a steel glove, gripping and jerking Angel as hard as only another man could know was needed.

In a blur of flesh and sperm, they came together in a shuddering orgasm, their entwined fingers almost crushing the bones of their hands, so powerful was the pleasure that erupted through their bodies.

Angel's sperm came in long strings of dense white that coated Spike's hand. Spike's shot high and fast into Angel like bullets.

With three powerful orgasms apiece, coming so close upon each other, both vampires sat back on their heels, panting, their heads hung low.

Eventually, Spike shifted position and stuck his legs out to the front, pulling Angel back against him. Angel moved his legs around as well, and then they both fell into a tangle of an untidy spoon on the bed, Spike crushing Angel against him so possessively, that if the dark vampire had needed to breath, his lover might have lost the very thing he was trying to possess.

Unable to reach his cigarettes, and unwilling to separate one inch of his flesh from Angel's, Spike contented himself rubbing his face into the soft, brown locks in front of him, smelling the unique scent of male hair, mussed with sweat and other equally enticing bodily fluids.

With a small groan of pleasure, he stretched and closed his eyes, feeling himself tipping over into a pleasant place where all was warmth and comfort, and for once, a dark maw of fear did not wait for him when he lost the consciousness of his present surroundings.

He woke knowing that Angel was studying him. He smiled, his eyes still closed. He opened them and smiled wryly as Angel's eyes, only inches from his, blinked with pleasure at the knowledge that he was now awake.

'How long was I asleep?'

'Few hours.'

'Mmm. Felt good.' Spike turned onto his back and stretched, the bed now very warm beneath him.

'You needed it.'

Spike smiled shyly, 'Yeah, 's hard work all this shagging business.'

'Am I forgiven?'

Spike turned his face and looked over the unreadable expression for a while, trying to find a chink in Angel's armour. When Spike didn't reply, Angel added, 'You were slipping away from me, and I had to find something that would anchor you long enough to listen to me.'

'So, you raped me.'

Angel looked down at the small twist he was making in the sheet. 'It was our only constant, Spike: anger. I needed it so high and so painful that you could master him and stay.'

'I was going to kill you.'

'I know.'

'But you….' Spike ran his hand over the cool wrist cuff of Angel's restraint, and couldn't continue for awe at the thought of this powerful creature willingly sacrificing that power to him.

'Stay with me, Spike.'

'I'm not sure I had much choice over the going, Angel; I don't remember….' He caught Angel's expression before it was habitually veiled and realised he had not been talking about slipping away into human persona.

He took in a small breath and turned back onto his side. Angel turned onto his back in response and stared silently at the ceiling.

'What are you asking me, Angel?'

'Exactly what I said.'

Spike rolled onto his back as well with a small huff of incredulity. Angel was quiet for a moment then said slightly petulantly, 'It's not like you've anywhere better to be.'

'Oh, no. It's not that. I'm just blown away by the searing romance of the offer.'

Angel turned his head. 'Romance. You think there'll be romance here?'

Spike turned as well. 'I think you have some considerable ground to make up with me, Angel, and, yeah, a touch of bloody romance wouldn't come amiss.'

Angel went back to staring at the ceiling. 'Please stay with me.'

Spike began to laugh. He tried to rein it in. Angel turned, petulant once more, his face a study of bewilderment. Spike shook his head and with a grin rolled on top of him. 'Promise me something?'

Angel pouted, refusing to play. Spike bent and caught the pout between his teeth, tugging lightly. Angel made a small face of capitulation. 'What?'

Spike kissed him and mouthed into the intimate touch. 'Don't ever change.'

Angel laughed ruefully. 'You've spent your entire existence wanting me to do just that.'

Spike looked thoughtful and then smiled. 'Well, yeah, and you're just about bloody perfect now.'

Angel grunted as Spike pushed into him once more. Spike twitched up his eyebrow. 'From the inside too, I reckon.'

Angel arched lazily, just enjoying the sensation of being slowly filled again. He watched Spike's slim body riding him, and it sent a stab of lust into his bowels. He could still not believe that he lay like a woman and allowed another man - Spike - to take him. He tipped his head back and amused himself by remembering times when Spike lay beneath him, his slim body being taken and possessed. He was well into this fantasy of being on top once more when he felt Spike's hands lifting his thighs.

Before he could fully protest what was happening, he found his legs on Spike's shoulders and Spike leaning on them, digging urgently into his increasingly hot channel.

He frowned; he wanted to protest, but a stabbing urgency in his body rode in on a huge wave of pleasure. At every thrust, Spike's balls whacked onto him.

A moan of desire escaped his lips, and he tried to bite the next one back. It was too much surrender to lie like this, but then he rose and met the next thrust; then he clenched and pressed back on the hard cock as it stabbed in, and he saw by the fire that lit Spike's eyes that this was increasing the pleasure for him, too. This realisation hit Angel with a revelatory force: he wasn't just taking; he was giving pleasure back in equal measure. He rose up again, arching and crying out, his free hand flailing on the sheet until he seized Spike's rigid bicep and held it fast, digging his fingers into the steel-like flesh as they rode and grunted and fucked and felt that their bodies would explode with the pleasure they took from the other.

Spike pushed higher and higher onto Angel's thighs, eventually stabbing straight down into his hole as if literally humping the mattress beneath them. The bed bounced and squeaked, groaning under the onslaught. Angel's cries rose higher and higher until they were silenced in a frenzied shiver as he exploded on his belly, white strings seeming to unravel in the air as they were propelled with such force from the tiny aperture.

Spike wasn't finished yet, and Angel arched and writhed for him, clawing his hair, tugging on it, and it was only when Spike finally brought himself off and hung shuddering over him that Angel realised he had been crying endearments out to his childe as loudly and as keenly as he had previously grunted his pleasure.

Spike lifted his sweating, slightly flushed face and stared at him before rising up and seizing on his mouth, kissing him as if he could take those names, those words said in passion, and swallow them whole, keeping them forever safe and his.

Angel smiled into the kiss; the smile turned into a small laugh, and Spike nuzzled in, questioningly.

'That's never happened before.'

Spike wriggled with pleasure, but Angel clamped his legs around the slim waist quickly to prevent him slipping out.

Spike laid his head down on Angel's chest, saying the words over to himself in his head. Angel smiled, knowing he was doing this, and lay quiet and still, just two fingers twisting Spike's hair into little peaks.

It didn't take long for Spike to rise and return to Angel's mouth. It was as if they could never get enough of the long, sensual kisses. He felt Angel's hand pushing between them and taking him in a firm grip. Angel slid down in the bed and turned him, beginning to play gently with him, tapping his cock to his lips, making him thicken and become rigid once more.

'You've never said the word.'

Angel broke from some kind of reverie and looked quizzically at Spike, not letting go the wet thickness he was handling. 'What?'

'Cock. You've never said it to me.'

'Yes I have.'

'Nooo… you haven't. I'd remember.'

'I've had other lovers than you!'

'Yeah, like you'd say it to a woman…. Not!'

Spike suddenly slid down face-to-face with Angel and rained kisses on his face, up into his hairline, across onto his ears. As he kissed, he begged softly, 'Say it…. Say it…. I've only fucked the soulless or someone who hated me… please. 'S such a small word….'

'Cock. Happy?'

Spike shivered with pleasure and lay back with his arms folded under his head. He was quite aware that his erection now rose like a trunk, long and peeled back, swollen and glistening. 'So… tell me why you like it.'

Angel gritted his teeth and gave it a vicious swipe, like a punch ball, but it bounced and sprang back, even more erect. Spike winced but cupped his hand theatrically behind his ear, waiting.

Between gritted teeth, Angel admitted in a low voice, 'I've liked your cock since I watched you pissing in an alley one day.'

Spike turned his head and frowned.

Angel saw the look. 'Yeah. I never told you - our first real meeting.'

'Why? I mean, why that?'

'I told myself it was jealousy.' He saw Spike's smirk and added quickly, 'The pissing, Spike! Just the pissing? something I couldn't do.'

Spike chuckled that he'd got such an easy rise out of Angel and said in a teasing tone, 'Go on. You've made a very promising start.'

Angel clenched his jaw and pressed hard into the base of Spike's cock, making it twitch and bob between them. Angel breathed out softly, the tension going out of his jaw. 'Yeah…. That's why I love it. I touch you like that, and you come alive under my hands.'

Huskily, his hands now clawing into the sheet, Spike murmured, 'Say it.'

Angel lifted himself over Spike, lowering down onto him, grinding up toward his mouth, hard belly dragging cock and balls.

Spike winced again but repeated in a whisper, 'Say it.'

Angel's mouth lowered close to Spike's lips. 'I love your cock.'

Spike let out a breath of tension and whispered, 'Climb on and fuck yourself with me.'

Angel jerked his head back at the suggestion but then whipped it around to find Spike rubbing a soft tip to him. He rose slightly, and between them, he was impaled, inch-by-inch, on the slippery shaft that disappeared entirely into his solid body.

When he was down, he splayed his palms over Spike's chest, the heavy chain dragging over the slim ribs.

As Angel began to move gently, experimenting with the unfamiliar sensation of giving and taking at the same time, Spike looked with hypnotic fascination at the heavy cuff binding Angel's wrist.

Gradually, he lifted his eyes up the smooth, straining body, and a picture of Angel collared and chained around the neck - his slave - flashed into his mind.

He gasped at the intensity of need this image provoked and rose to meet Angel's next lowering. Angel stirred from a place where he had been all alone - using this hardness to get off - to find himself with a willing, eager partner once more. They gave each other brief, intense looks, and then they were lost to the fucking once more: Angel thumping his body down onto Spike, pushing down with his strong, internal muscles as he did, opening up so wide that he could feel Spike's hipbones grinding into him as he landed.

With his huge body crouched pale over Spike - almost obliterating him, rocking and grunting his pleasure, his mouth working around Spike's face - it looked as if Angel were devouring prey: a vast, tethered jungle beast in his cage, feeding.

The illusion ended, however, with Spike - unless he was a very willing victim of the beast - for he arched to the predator on him, rising to it, encircling his hands lovingly around the broad back as they joined their bodies: prey and predator blending in the intimacy of the act they performed.

At last, Angel's mouth returned to Spike's, and they tongued each other deeply, sensing they were close.

Spike mouthed into the kiss, 'Tell me what I feel like….'

'You're like a rod of pleasure inside me- hotter and more welcome than my soul.'

On that thought, they both exploded, mouths jerking apart as they rode out their individual pleasure, Angel's cum landing on Spike very like another fluid he had purported to envy so much.

Angel groaned and lay on Spike when he felt the twitching release inside him stop. Then, heavy and sated, he rolled off to lie next to him in the increasingly dishevelled bed. As ever, he wondered how so much intense effort could not reanimate their hearts. He felt his ought to be pounding madly.

It grew very quiet in their post-orgasmic slump, until an amused voice said, 'Rod of pleasure…?'

Angel huffed. 'Now you know why I don't talk when I fuck.'

'Practice'll make you perfect, Luv, and we'll get plenty of that, I'm thinking.'

'You're staying….' It was a statement more than a question, as if by stating it, he could make it true. With a small afterthought, he added, 'I'm glad.' He turned his head and kissed Spike's shoulder with slightly swollen lips. 'Fill up the spaces, Spike.'

When silence greeted this, he lifted his face to watch the still profile. Spike's eyes were wide, staring at the ceiling. With a sense of wonder, Angel watched a single tear form, which was joined by others when Spike blinked to hold them back.

With a curse, Angel lifted over the silent figure and kissed into the damp hollows of his eyes, chastising him softly with meaningless murmurs. He relished the salty fluid under his tongue and the feel of long eyelashes lowered to his touch. Eventually, Spike put the heel of his hand to his eyes and ground it in angrily, but Angel only caught that too and kissed it.

Seeing Spike needed some space, he murmured, 'I'm gonna sleep for a while.' He put his head on Spike's chest, settling his weight down onto him. 'Am I too heavy?' As ever, at this small question, Spike's arm tightened around him, and Angel smiled. He'd never questioned before why he constantly asked Spike that, but realised now he'd always been seeking the reassurance that this was the one place he would be welcomed and held safe while he slept.

Spike lay under Angel, feeling his weight like a blanket of comfort from another, lost lifetime, running his fingers through the dark locks, wondering at the powerful spark of desire - lit by a mundane human act against a wall - which had run like a burning thread through both their lives.

They both woke when a huge rumble of hunger issued from Spike's belly. Angel lifted his head, slightly disoriented, and his belly replied in kind. They laughed, Angel rolling off onto his side. He sat up and made to crawl off the bed, when he seemed to remember he was tethered.

'Damn. Key?'

Spike took this for a joke and replied lazily, rummaging off the edge of the bed for his cigarettes, 'Yeah, right.'

'Nooo…. I gave it to you.'

'You did not!'

'With the stake…?'

'That was the key to my handcuff- and we SO need to get some new hobbies….'

'Spike! Matching pair! Same key! Where is it?'

'Huh. Dunno. Kinda had other things on me mind like.'

'Spike! Magically enhanced fucking chains here! Where's the key?'

'I don't know!'

'Go look!'

Muttering darkly to himself, Spike crawled off the bed and pulled on his jeans. He slouched out, giving Angel a two-fingered salute, and was back in half an hour, grinning. 'Can't find it.'


'Never no mind, Pet. I'm okay. I've got a nice full tummy now. And, course, I'll bring you food every day… and things for entertainment.'

'Fuck you!'

'Exactly the kind of entertainment I had in mind.'

Spike shed his pants and crawled back onto the bed, flopping down with a deep sigh. 'Miss me?'

'Spare set.'

Spike sat up. 'Well, that's more like it. Where?'





Angel nodded glumly. 'He's the one who put them on my bed.'

'We need to have a little chat about that later, I'm thinking, but I'll just go ask him then….'

'Wait! Excuse?'


'Well, you can't tell him… this!'

Spike put on his helpful expression. 'So…?'

'We could say I turned- into Angelus.'

'We could…. Why would you do that then?'

'I had a moment of true happiness!'

Spike collapsed in laughter, and it was some time before Angel could get any more sense out of him.

Still cracking up every so often at the thought of Angel finding true happiness with a cock in his arse, Spike nevertheless tried to give Angel's dilemma the serious attention it deserved.



'Doximall- it's a drug. It simulates bliss, and if I take it, I turn! You gave me some; I turned; you chained me up and lost the key. Perfect!'

Spike shook his head and climbed back off the bed, redressing and stomping out once more.

He jogged through the empty hallways and down the stairs two at a time. He gave Giles a nod and the finger for greeting, and leant over the counter towards Wesley. 'Hey, Wanker, poof an' I've been playing shag and torture games, an' he's stuck in the cuffs. Got the spare key?'

Without bothering to look up, Wesley rummaged in his drawer and tossed Spike the spare set.

'Ta very.' Spike spun on his heel and ran back up the stairs.

Giles pursed his lips. 'I must say: Los Angeles is proving to be rather more exciting than I'd anticipated.'


Giles smiled at the lowered head, hearing the true emotion behind the offer, hidden by the English reticence they were forced to maintain.

'Thank you.'

'You're welcome.'

Spike came slowly into the room, dangling the keys. Angel sat up. 'How did he take it?'

Spike waved his hand in dismissal and freed him.

Angel rubbed his wrist unconsciously for a while and then stretched. 'Where are you going?'

Spike turned back and indicated the door with a stupid-prat look.

Angel lunged and caught his hand, pulling him to the bed. 'I'm not restrained now.'

He forced Spike down onto the bed and ripped open his pants, breaking the zipper. Spike hissed through his teeth and arched. Angel ran his hands hard up the smooth sides. 'Turn over.'

The reversal was so swift, so sure, that Spike didn't even attempt to question it. He turned; Angel exposed his backside, and then he lay on him, pressing in slowly. 'I've missed this.'

On a long, let out breath, Spike murmured, 'Welcome home, Pet.'

When he was in, Angel pulled Spike up onto his knees, grasping him around the chest. He pressed his face to the side of Spike's and whispered, 'Kiss me.'

Spike twisted his mouth around, and they kissed, their kisses desultory and lazy, wet and slow, their mouths sucking and licking and tonguing each other in amusement.

Angel pushed himself in long, slow strokes into Spike's body.

He had meant to reclaim Spike, reassert his position, but the kissing changed everything. He entered Spike now, but they both knew that this was only because Spike wanted it this way, and that this would change, and they would swap, such pleasure lying before them from this sharing.

At last, both wanting release, Angel pushed Spike onto his hands and knees, and with a subtle bend at the waist, Spike presented Angel with his perfect, spread backside.

Angel dug his fingers into Spike's hips, and they returned to the old dance they both knew so well: Angel thrusting, Spike pushing back to meet him

On one pull back though, Angel faltered, and his thrust forward was slightly off. He tried again, faltered again. With a curse, he pulled out and fell down on his back alongside Spike. Spike stayed on his hands and knees for a moment then began to laugh, until his arms wobbled, and he fell too, trying to muffle his laughter in the mattress. He eased out a hand and flopped Angel around for a moment, before beginning to laugh again. Angel growled a warning, but when Spike raised his face and looked over at him, Angel seized him and kissed him fiercely, 'I want to be inside you!'

'You just need some food, Pet, that's all. So do I.'

Angel pulled away and glanced at Spike's shaft, as soft and dormant as his.

'You said you'd fed.'

'Yeah. As if I'm ever gonna do that now without you.'

They lay side by side in the gloom, both digesting this thought.

When Spike turned his head to look at Angel, Angel was already studying him. They moved as one into a kiss that had nothing to do with the initiation or the memory of sex. They kissed to seal something else: something that had been shared over flaccid cocks and the thought that now they need never be alone.

As they pulled apart, Angel glanced down then took hold of Spike's face in an almost bone-crushing grip. 'Tonight.'

A shiver of desire ran down both their spines, reanimating interest below for a few seconds until starved dullness returned. With shy grin, Spike climbed off and gathered up the clothing, handing Angel his pants. As they left, Angel turned back, regarding the room. Spike, waiting in the hallway, murmured, 'What?'

'I'll bring up a small refrigerator.'

They gave their new playground a last, fond look and made their way back downstairs.

Angel was in the kitchen, downing pint after pint of blood when Wesley came in. The sight was so unusual compared to the vampire's usual abstinence that it was enough to give him pause for a moment. Then he nodded pleasantly and sat down, waiting for the starvation to be assuaged.

When Angel began to sip in his more usual manner, Wesley patted the chair next to him. 'Sit down, Angel. I'll fill you in on events down here over the last few days.'

Angel glanced at the chair. 'I'm good standing.' He buried his face into his container and continued to drink.

'All right. Well, the main piece of news is that I've persuaded….'

Spike came in, and seeing Angel's expression, Wesley felt he had ceased to exist.

He murmured something and rose to leave.

Suddenly, he felt an arm over his shoulder, and Angel walked out with him saying in a low, teasing voice, 'Why is there another desk in my agency?'

Wesley smiled in pleasure and allowed himself a moment to enjoy the feel of Angel's arm and roll Angel's intimate tone around in his mind before replying, 'As I was saying, I've persuaded Giles to join us - for a while, anyway.'

Thoughtfully, Spike watched them leave then fell on the blood himself.

Angel paced his office, waiting.

Spike came in.

They slammed each other into the wall and began to kiss- strong, reanimated bodies once more.

Spike finally pushed Angel off and laughed. 'Tonight, yeah? I'm shagged sore.'

Angel nodded, gave his chair a glance and leant on the wall instead. 'How do you feel about Giles staying?'

Spike pouted then shrugged. 'He's… he knows too…. I mean….'

'The old you?'

Spike smiled. 'Yeah.'

'It's the same for me. He has more reason to kill me than you.'

'Angelus, not you.'

Angel smiled a little at Spike's confidence. He smiled more when Spike came over and leant on him, teasing him with his mouth. 'Let 'im stay, yeah? Home of waifs and strays here. Place of the lost.'

'And the found - now.'

Angel dipped his head, and kissed Spike lightly on the cheek. Spike blinked with pleasure but then swore at him, called him a poof, and pushed off to light a cigarette, pacing as the new blood coursed around his ever-restless body. 'That was a nice thing you did for old Wes.' He gave Angel a cautious look and said evenly, 'You do know that he…?'

Angel came forward swiftly and put a finger to Spike's lips. 'Don't. If I talk about it, it'll be with him.'

Spike nodded and was about to say something else when they heard a screech from outside. They went out to find Cordelia wrapped enthusiastically around Giles, the Englishman trying to keep the reunion decorous by rubbing his glasses frantically on a clean, white handkerchief.

She peeled off Giles and then threw herself even more fondly on Wesley, producing presents and talking in a rapid one-way flow of information.

When she saw the two figures watching, she pushed past Wesley exclaiming, 'Angel!' She came toward him, still producing presents.

When she reached them, she stood with her hands on her hips, regarding Spike. Slowly, she shook her head. 'Loose the bleach-job, Billy. You are never going to look like that psychotic monster, so don't even try.'

She suddenly clapped a hand over her mouth and turned to Wesley, saying in a low voice, as if her subject wasn't standing right next to her, 'Does he know… about the… being… Spike thing?'

Spike grinned and before anyone could correct her, or explain, he tucked his arm in hers and said seriously, 'Cordelia. I do. Angel explained it all to me. Shocking business. I used to be a vam…. Sorry, I can't say it.' He hiccupped faintly and toed the ground shyly.

Cordelia nodded and patted his arm. 'He had his good points, Billy. He wasn't all bad, you know.'

Spike moaned in anticipation so softly only Angel heard it but said innocently, 'Really? I'm curious about him. Tell me what you liked about him - all his good points.' He took her arm and led her away from the others.

Wesley pouted, watching the couple, turning his head slightly when Angel came to stand alongside him. 'Do you think we should tell her before something… happens?'

Angel wobbled his hand. 'I'm putting my money on Cordy.'

'I'm not surprised she's confused- they are identical.'

Angel began to chuckle in a tone Wesley had never heard before. It sent shivers of something intensely pleasurable down his spine. He turned quizzically to the vampire.

Angel pursed his lips in amusement. 'They are nothing alike.' He hesitated then ruffled Wesley's hair affectionately.

Wesley dipped his head, smiling. He sighed, looked up and scanned the lobby: Giles working quietly over some books, Spike and Cordelia laughing together. 'All's well then- rather nice.'

Angel nodded.

'Thank you.'

Angel gave him a small glance out of the corner of his eye.

Wesley added softly, 'For saving the world, Angel.'

The End

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