Campus Confessions - Peter Gilbert

Ladymol's Review

A horrible book that has no purpose other than to contrast with the genuine, sexy masterpieces that Chris Hunt writes. Campus Confessions was dangerously exploitative and deliberately sets out to titillate older men with the grooming of boys. That Gilbert ďsaysĒ the boys are eighteen is irrelevant. He creates situations that could only apply to much younger boys Ė curfews, pillow fightsÖ.

Fortunately, this book is so badly, woodenly written that Iíd be surprised anyone would recommend it in a review, so itís unlikely to see the light of day very often. How can publishers pick up trash like this when people like James Lear (if you want genuine sex on a stick, try one of his books weíve reviewed) canít get published? Thereís no justice. Gilbert is the author of Sex Safari and I hated that one too. I wonít be reading anymore.

Cerisaye's Review

This book is pure porn.† Nothing wrong with that, but is it any good?† Well, no, I didnít like it much.† I enjoyed Gilbertís THE LAST TABOO but it had a decent plot to go with the smut, and sympathetic characters more than one dimensional.† And Sex Safari featured hot action between boys roughly the same age and an older man who was loving and caring with the very willing youths he took to bed so you never felt it was abusive.

This one features randy students and eager older men with enough money to sponsor their university experience, payment in kind in the form of their hard young bodies and endless enthusiasm.† Thereís something distasteful about the dirty old men, however nice and jolly they are, using 18 year olds for sex, even if itís consensual.

Any reluctance is quickly overcome with a little persuasion itís only a bit of fun, and youíll like it really.†

A kindly uncle figure who offers to help two runaways crossed the line as far as I was concerned.† He takes pornographic pictures and passes boys onto a sex ring.† Iím sorry but I donít find exploitation erotic or sexy.† I donít want to read about paedophiles prowling around swimming pools for likely victims.†

There are benign uncles too, determined to stop the exploitation, but the scenarios are written to titillate, stroke material for adults.† Is what the good uncles do, setting up nubile youths in a position of dependency making them pay their way through sex, any less immoral than abusing them outright?

I enjoyed the boy-on-boy action though.†

The book reads like the setting is 60s or 70s but references mobile phones, and the university set-up is more like a school.† Presumably Gilbert had to make his boys legal or the novel wouldnít have been published.† It left me feeling dirty, like I was colluding in the abuse.†

Not recommended.