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Time is the Fire in Which we Burn - Chapter 13

Angel returned late from his various meetings. The hotel was dark. He avoided his room again and went into Spike's. There was the faintest glow from a lit cigarette, and the room smelt heavy with smoke. He went to the window and opened it, leaning out, not needing fresh air, but enjoying the feel of it on his face nevertheless. Strong arms slid around his waist, and he pinned the hands to him. 'The damage?'

'How much can you afford?'

Angel winced. 'That bad?'

'I love this century.'

'You would.' He turned and sat on the sill, pulling Spike between his legs. 'You're naked.'

'Do you mind?'

Angel couldn't reply as he was running his tongue down Spike's chest until it met his navel. He swirled it around the indentation then pushed it in. Spike was so thin he fancied he could feel all the way through to his spine. Spike laughed and arched back supply in Angel's arms, presenting himself, erect and weeping. Angel slid off the sill and took the tip of Spike's penis in his mouth. He grunted in pleasure at the taste of the leaking fluid, flicking his tongue over the soft glans to entice more onto his tongue. Spike cursed and dug his fingers into Angel's hair, pushing his hips into Angel's face, urging him deeper. Angel took him far deeper - so deep that the stream of precum bubbled out onto the back walls of his throat. The shaft twitched against his lips, wiry curls tickled his nose, their enticing, fresh scent making him swell in his pants.

Angel eased Spike's legs further apart and began to play gently with his balls. They were hanging low, heavy, hard, throbbing slightly to his touch. He pressed them up, and the flow on his throat began to pour unchecked into his stomach. He eased the soft sac down and stretched it out ,and suddenly Spike cried out and seemed to be trying to lift Angel off the floor with the power of his thrusting. He humped his shaft into Angel's mouth until with another cry, he shuddered and squirted thick, milky fluid deep into Angel's throat.

When nothing was left, Spike's legs weakened slightly, and he tried to pull out. Angel fastened his lips so tightly on the softened shaft that every inch drew delicious friction down the velvety skin. With a small chuckle of thanks, Spike withdrew the last inch, and his penis fell heavy, a thin rope of sticky semen drawing out between them. He fell to his knees and captured the small trail on his own lips, opening them to Angel's and probing into the fluid in his mouth. Angel melted into the open, welcoming mouth, kissing Spike with a passion as if they'd been separated for decades rather than a few hours. He lay Spike back and braced over him, dipping in for kisses, nuzzling into his neck, smelling deeply into his hair. Eventually, Spike pulled him down and held him still. He smiled into the dark, dilated eyes. 'Your turn. How d'ya want it?'

Angel looked puzzled then intensely pleased. 'Kinda does give us plenty of options. In, out, on….'



Spike laughed. 'Your choice, Mate.'

Angel put a hand blindly down to Spike's penis, nodded approvingly when he felt its recovery and began to unbutton his own jeans. He lowered them and slid them off. Keeping eye contact with Spike he said distinctly, 'On.'

Spike's eyes widened, and he murmured, 'Yeah. Love that idea. Ease down on me, Luv. Make me hard again in you.'

Angel took the shaft in his hand and played it over his hole. He shifted slightly so he was kneeling on either side of Spike's slim hips and then began to slowly work himself down onto the slick tip. They moaned in unison as Spike's cockhead opened up the tight hole and stretched the strong muscles surrounding it. As it began to work down Angel's walls, Spike's hands flew up, and the fingers splayed wide on Angel's chest. Angel began to rise up again, and the ridged cockhead moved slowly and delightfully back down his tight passage. He lowered quicker this time and grunted as he stimulated his prostate. He was so aroused from sucking Spike that it was unnaturally swollen and solid, pushing the walls of his rectum out into a hard nub. He rose once more, dragging the erection slowly over the place of so much pleasure, then sank down heavily and swiftly. He rose more swiftly, plunged back on, jerked up again, arched his back and then cried out at the pleasure.

Spike slid his hands to Angel's tensing thighs, no longer able to keep them still on his chest. He lay back and let Angel work him, penetrating but being taken. He watched Angel taking his pleasure on him and knew that what he felt at Angel's expression was very little to do with his soul, and far more to do with the demon he had always been. With a small smirk, and as if to prove his point, he put a finger into his mouth and sliced it open on one sharp fang. When it bled sufficiently, he reached up and brushed it over Angel's lips. Angel came back from a place a very long way away and focused on Spike's finger. He thumped back even more swiftly on the hard groin and darted his tongue forward to catch another taste of the rich blood. Spike smiled and offered Angel his whole finger, working it in through his lips, smearing them with blood as it passed. Angel moaned and sucked on the finger as intently as he'd sucked on Spike's penis. He rolled it around in his mouth, so he could enjoy it with the sensitive taste buds under his tongue.

He leant over Spike more, splaying his hands over the pale chest. Spike worked his finger for Angel, occasionally taking it back to his own mouth to open the wound some more and add his saliva for Angel to taste and enjoy. As he sucked, Angel still worked himself hard on Spike's thick column.

Spike knew when Angel was about to cum. He saw it in his eyes. Angel sat back and took his erection in both hands. Blindly, he worked it urgently, rubbing his palm over the tip, milking the shaft with small almost imperceptible movements, and then the milky fluid began to shoot from its tip. Angel shivered and hung his head as he emptied himself over Spike's chest. When he was done he looked up unfocused. 'You?'

Spike shook his head, rolled them gently and without slipping out, knelt to him, parting the strong thighs. He leant in and then began a rapid staccato humping into the strong body. It hardly took more than a minute before Angel was filled with a cool wash, and Spike's jaw clenched with pleasure at the relief from tension.

Spike lay heavily on Angel when he'd finished, wrapping his arms around Angel's head and burying his face in his shoulder. He sighed and swirled the tip of his tongue around the damp skin on Angel's neck. Angel put his hands to Spike's hair and played absentmindedly with the damp strands. Finally, with a sigh, he said tiredly, 'I need sleep.'

Spike nodded and climbed off, pulling Angel to his feet. Wearily, Angel stretched out on the bed. 'I want my room back.'

Spike slid in on top of him for a moment then, with a small slap to Angel's backside, rolled off and covered them both with a blanket.

Angel knew nothing more until the sound of voices woke him. He opened one eye blearily and patted around for Spike. When he discovered an empty bed, he sat up and frowned. He didn't recognise the voices, but they were human, and Spike was not in the bed with him. Angel rose off the bed and flew to the door. He wrenched it open and ran down the hallway. Two men were carrying his rolled up carpet out of the door and toward the stairs. They were wearing small, hygienic facemasks and stared at him over the white plastic filters. Angel stared back for a moment to establish that he was not embarrassed and then turned and walked as nonchalantly as he could, naked back to Spike's room.

Spike came in from the shower, rubbing his hair. 'Decorators are here.'

Angel nodded grimly. 'I had the pleasure.'

Spike chuckled. 'So, what's it to be tonight then? I've seen most of the stuff that's….'

'I can't go out now. I need to supervise them.'

Spike frowned but gave his hair a particularly hard rub, hiding the expression from Angel. 'Why? They'll do better without you standing over them, I'm thinking.'

'And leave my rooms to Wesley's taste? No.'

'Angel! You said we could go out.'

'I thought I told you to buy a TV.'

''S not here yet. Give me a bleeding chance.'

'All right. I'll speak to them and possibly then.'

Spike smiled. 'Get dressed maybe this time?'

Angel looked at him through narrowed eyes, looked morosely at yesterday's clothes strewn over the floor and murmured miserably, 'I want my room back!'

Wesley watched Spike sitting on the couch in the lobby for nearly an hour. He watched him go the kitchen and come back out with a mug of blood, which he drank slowly, seemingly trying to drag it out. He watched him return the mug to the kitchen and come back out and sit down. Incredibly, he watched him sit for another hour, silent, still, deep in his own thoughts, and then he watched him leave, alone.

Wesley frowned and went up the stairs to Angel's room.

It was transformed already. The carpet had been replaced with stone floor tiles. The walls were freshly painted. Angel was sprawled in his easy chair, sketching the men working. Wesley hadn't seen him draw for a long time ,and it gave him pleasure to see the intent, calm look on Angel's face. Eventually, he pushed off the doorframe and sat on the end of the bed.

'Spike's gone out.'

Angel didn't life his head, but he looked pleased and said, 'Good. He was bored.'

'Yes, I think he was.'

'Do you like the tiles?'

'Very easy to clean, I should imagine. Cold to the feet though.'

'I've got cold feet anyway.'

'Quite. Where was he going?'


'Err… Spike.'


'Uh huh.'

'What are we working on tonight?'

'You want to work after this?'

Angel looked up. 'Sure.'

'Why don't you find Spike? Take the night off.'

Angel finished his sketch and held it up for Wesley's approval. 'Nah. I want to check out some of those leads I was given yesterday.'

Wesley gritted his teeth, refrained from hitting him and nodded at the sketch. 'Very nice, Angel. You've captured the bum cracks to perfection. I'm going to make some tea. Do you want some?'

He rose angrily and went downstairs, not sure whom out of the three of them he was most angry with.

Angel returned in the pre-dawn light pleased with the outcomes of his meetings but tired and scratchy. He wanted to sleep but… didn't. He went into his office and deposited some papers on his desk. Something was stuck to the back of his chair. He reached over and ripped it off. He smiled the deep, self-satisfied smile of someone who had just realised what it was he wanted to do more than sleep.

Spike had drawn him a crude map of the hotel with a big you are here and an even bigger me in an appropriate place. Angel scrunched it up and ran lightly up the stairs to his room. He hardly had time to explore his pleasure at the new, lighter colours and the fresh smell, for he was exploring his pleasure at finding Spike asleep in his bed. He stood for some time, just looking down at the slim, relaxed figure. Spike had been reading, for his book lay fallen from his hand. A pack of cigarettes lay on the nightstand. Angel's picture of the decorators lay under it, and Angel raised his eyes at the scrawled additions Spike had made on his artwork. He pulled off his shirt, climbed out of his shoes and pants and slid into the cool bed.

Spike finally roused and turned, put a hand on Angel's belly, grunted and went back to sleep.

Angel grinned and shifted the hand lower.

It took Spike some time, but eventually the hand began to move slowly through the soft silky hair surrounding Angel's erection. Angel folded his hands under his head as Spike woke fully and took him in his mouth. No dividing line between the two states: asleep; sucking him off - Angel liked the flexibility of his new lover and revelled in the opportunity not to have to cajole, entice, prepare and persuade as he had often had to do in the past. As Spike worked him, Angel ran his fingers through the tousled blond hair. He looked down, watching the sharp cheekbones as they moved increasingly urgently up and down on his penis. He took Spike's hand and played with his fingers. 'I'm sorry I didn't come out with you. Busy, ya know?'

Spike just squeezed his hand fractionally to show he was listening but did not reply, the solid shaft in his mouth occupying him intently.

Spike put his other hand to Angel's soft sac and massaged it gently as he sucked and pulled on the erection. It was too much for Angel. With a sharp cry and jerking upright, he came hard into Spike's mouth. He clamped his hands around Spike's head, holding him on as he shook to the power of his orgasm. Only when the last drop left did he ease back to the bed, his penis slipping from Spike's lips, glistening as it fell softly back to his nest of curls.

Spike murmured his pleasure and slid up Angel's body to his mouth. He kissed Angel, transferring some of the taste of his sperm. Angel smiled and opened his mouth, kissing Spike softly and lovingly. 'Sorry.'

Spike shrugged. 'I know you're busy, Angel. Tonight?'

Angel nodded. 'Definitely. Sleep now?'

Spike pulled the covers over them both and watched as Angel fell asleep. He waited until the body was deeply relaxed in sleep then slipped out for a shower. Having been asleep for hours, he didn't feel in need of more now. He dressed carelessly and went downstairs for some food, hoping desperately that the new telly would arrive that day. Wesley was at work as he sauntered past and gave him an inscrutable look. Spike gave him his usual morning greeting - this time a flicked finger just for some variety - and went into the kitchen.

He was leaning on the counter, mindlessly watching the bags revolve when he heard the door.

'You have to talk to him.'

'Fuck off.'


'We're okay. We're just peachy. This is the best it's ever been, human; so just fuck off.'

Spike heard a chair scrape out and sighed.

'My mistake then, vampire. Sorry. I had assumed you were thinking long term - being long term yourselves.'

'Fuck off.'

'Angel needs things spelt out to him. He's not very intuitive where people's feelings are concerned.'

Spike whirled around, spun a chair and straddled it, inches from Wesley. 'What about you then, human? Why don't you tell him how you feel?'

Wesley kept his face passive; he kept Spike's gaze, but he said after some considerable time, 'One of you is perceptive at least.' He looked intently at Spike's expression and added, 'You don't feel threatened?'

Spike pouted, his head tipped a little on one side. 'Strangely - no. I like to think of the ponce having good backup like - whatever their motives.'

Wesley chuckled. 'Have we just formed the first ever Angel Fan Club?'

Spike's eyes widened, and he grinned. 'Membership: two. And not expected to grow….'

Wesley made a wry face. 'I don't know… we could build a website dedicated to him… give it a catchy name. Something about Angels.'

'Nah, something poofy. I've got to keep pissing him off; it's my job.'

'Oh well, at least it would give you something to actually do.'

Wesley gave him a challenging look, and Spike returned the look through narrowed eyes. He knew he'd been manoeuvred into that one. He gritted his teeth and leaned closer to Wesley. 'He's got enough on his plate, Wesley. He don't need me like a fucking clingy bint. Okay? We're all right. Leave us be.'

Wesley got up with a disgusted look. 'I didn't think you'd settle for all right, Spike. It's not what I felt when we….'

Spike stood up. He backed Wesley against the wall. He took his face in both hands. He kissed the human with such intensity and passion that Wesley feared he would lose control. He pulled away, cupping himself thoughtlessly like a child desperate for another kind of relief. He stared at Spike, his blue eyes blazing with anger, fear and other less controllable emotions. Spike poked him in the chest. 'I've not settled for anything. I'm trying to do what's best for everyone here.'

Wesley banged the hand away. 'Except you.'


'For Christ's sake, Spike. Get off your bloody cross.' With that, he pushed Spike further away and went back out into the relative calm of the offices.

When Angel woke, Spike was alongside him, smoking and reading, and he assumed he'd been there the whole time. It was getting dark, and he stretched luxuriously in the bed. 'I'm hungry.'

Spike blew some smoke on him. 'Get up then, you lazy dead thing, shower, and let's go out.'

Angel smiled and swung his legs off the bed, scratching idly. 'Give me half an hour, and I'll be down.'

When Spike went down into the lobby, he gave Wesley a particularly directed look and sat down to wait for Angel. When Angel appeared, Spike stood and raised a small, one-fingered salute to the human. He turned to Angel. 'Where we going then? I know some cool clubs now. I'm desperate for a drink.'

Angel smiled. 'I thought we take in the Flatfile gallery on the way. It's doing an Altering Reality exhibition. I want to catch it.'

'A gallery. Uh huh. I kinda had another altering reality in mind, Pet.' Angel heard the words but not the sarcasm and only went into his office to collect his wallet. Spike gritted his teeth and refused to look in Wesley's direction however ever much the human was provoking him by saying nothing.

Angel did not immediately emerge, however, so Spike wandered nonchalantly over to the counter. Wesley was still reading the paper, so Spike was driven to say irritably, 'What?'

Wesley shook his head. 'Nothing.'

Spike looked at him through narrowed eyes. 'I like art.' Wesley jaws tightened as if he was suppressing something, and he turned the page with a distinct shake.

'You are so wrong, Mate.'

Angel finally came out. 'What's he wrong about?'

Spike shook his head, still watching the irritating human. 'You coming then, Angel?'

'I've got to be back here in an hour. That okay?'

Spike froze. He dared Wesley to lift his head; he dared him to move one single muscle and said distinctly, 'Of course.'

He trailed after Angel to the exhibition.

Wesley was still there when the vampires returned. Angel went straight to his desk and began to make calls. Spike stood in the lobby for a moment then, with some indecision, went into the kitchen. He was not surprised when Wesley followed him in. He turned on him aggressively, 'Just fucking piss off, human. We don't need….'

'Come for a drink with me.'


'Come for a….'

'I heard you the first time. Why?'

'Because I'm bored, you're bored, and we can.'

'A drink.'

'Yes. Or do you think Angel will object? I'd hate to ruin his plans for you for the evening.'

Spike came up close - far too close for normal personal space to be maintained. 'You are just a riot, ain't you Mate? All right then. Drink. Let's go.'

Wesley drove, and he took them to a small bar in a part of town Spike didn't know. He didn't speak in the car and dissuaded Wesley from speaking by the glower he sent in his direction every so often. When they got there, he strode in and ordered two pitchers of beer and was well into them by the time Wesley joined him.

Wesley poured himself a drink and glanced at his watch. Spike eyed him angrily. 'You bored of me too now?'

Wesley sighed. 'You know very well he's not bored with you.'

'Yeah. Well.'

'So, did you enjoy the exhibition?'

The chords in Spike's neck stood out as he spoke. 'We never bleedin' got there. We stopped to rescue some fucking puppies.'

'Puppies? Surely not….'

'Might as well 'ave been. Some girl…. I don't know, and I don't care.'

'Oh.' Wesley glanced at his watch again but covered by stretching out for another drink. Spike caught at his wrist. 'Let's go to your place, now.'

'What!' Wesley's cool, nonchalant control of the situation slipped a little.

'I… we… why not? You said you were bored.'

'You won't talk to him because you don't want to hurt him, but you'll fuck me behind his back. Forgive me if I don't see the logic in that.'

'The logic is he won't know.' Spike caught him in a deep stare. 'Will he?'

'Hello boys, am I interrupting again?'

Lilah slid into the booth next to Wesley. Spike shoved the table and stood up. 'Hey!'

Wesley laid a hand on his arm. 'Sit down. Now.'

'Fuck you! That's the soulless bitch that….'

'What? Paid a soulless bastard to capture Angel? Sit down, Spike and listen to what she has to say.'

'You set this up?'

'Jesus, I thought you were the intelligent one. Yes, I arranged it. For your benefit. Now. Sit down and stop being such a twat.'

Spike sat heavily and stared at them both. 'This better be good.'

Lilah smiled. 'I need someone killed.'

Spike glanced at Wesley to see if this shocked him. It didn't. 'Killed? Why?'

'Because he's trying to have me killed and, given the option…? What can I say…? I prefer me.'

'Okay. Let's get some things straight. Firstly, I don't murder… now. Secondly, I can't do murder - I'm chipped. And thirdly, I don't even know him, but I prefer him already.'

Lilah smiled, her head tipped a little on one side. 'It's a partner in the firm.'


'Do you really think any of them are totally human?'

Spike narrowed his eyes as if thinking then shook his head. 'Nope, still prefer him.'

'Maybe you'd prefer ten thousand dollars.'

Spike sat back and took his time lighting a cigarette. Wesley toyed with his drink and said to no one in particular, 'That's not enough.'

Lilah gave him an incredulous look. 'Taking sides, Lover? Just whose bones are you gonna try and jump later tonight?'

Wesley didn't look up or stop playing with the spilt beer. Spike just sat and smoked. Nevertheless, Lilah looked between them slowly. Something in her manner changed, and she said, highly amused. 'All right. Twenty. Ten down, ten when it's completed.'

'You still owe me five.' Spike took a long drag to see how this was received.

Lilah spread her fingers out on the table as if to give her some control. 'On the contrary, you never repaid the five I gave you before you reneged on the deal.'

'Uh huh. I'm not very smart; does reneged mean getting shot in the arse and strung up naked?'

Lilah suddenly smirked. 'Sorry. How could a girl resist?' She gave him a penetrating stare. 'I see why he likes you. Okay. Fifteen down, ten on completion.'

Spike smiled. 'I'm liking you better than him now.'

They chuckled, and Spike poured her a drink. She drank it swiftly and took an envelope out of her pocket. She took out a large stack of notes and peeled off the top ones, laying the fifteen thousand dollars down on the table. Spike looked at the rest of the notes and then at Wesley. Lilah looked pleased and whispered, 'Don't negotiate with the soulless, vampire; I'd have gone much higher.'

Spike looked intently at her then laughed, pleased. He leant back and grinned at the two humans. 'Now, here we are, a cosy little threesome with two souls between us.'

Lilah looked up sharply at him and then casually at Wesley. 'A threesome, now, there's a thought....'

Wesley held Spike's gaze. 'No.'

Lilah pouted. 'Don't….'


Spike kept quiet and watched the odd dynamic play out. Eventually, Lilah snatched up the rest of the money, stuffed it angrily in her purse and said to Wesley, 'Your loss. Fill him in with the details of the job.' She looked at Spike. 'Get it done right and within the week.'

Spike nodded and picked up the money she'd left on the table. It was the most money he had ever held in his hand at one time.

He took a long drag of his cigarette and when they were alone said, 'Why'd'ya say no? You've pissed her off.'

'I've found that only makes for better sex later. I said no because I'm not very good at sharing.'

Spike raised an eyebrow. 'Looking at her, Mate, I'd say you were probably sharing now anyway.'

Wesley smiled and stood up to leave. 'I wasn't talking about her.'


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