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Time is the Fire in Which we Burn

Episode 2 - Chapter 1

Once more, the music went deep into Spike's body. It took him out of himself, but he couldn't afford to let it this time. This time, he was here for Sam: the human who had not come over for more than two weeks, the human who would not take his calls or answer his door. Spike smiled inwardly as he watched Sam, now standing morosely at the bar. An hour of continuous knocking could make anyone open up. He'd found a tired, depressed looking man peering at him through the crack.

'Let me in.'

'Go away, Spike. Please.'

'I don't need an invite, remember? Already been in.'

Sam sighed and opened the door. Spike sauntered in with an ironic, irritating look. 'So, what's with the cold treatment, Pet?'

'I've been away, Spike. I went… I took a few days; that's all.'

'Huh. Okay then. So, let's go to the club.'

'Not tonight. I've work….'

'Bugger that. You're coming out with me. I'm not going there like some sad fuck on my own.'

Sam actually smiled faintly at that. 'No one would take you for a sad fuck, Spike. A fuck, yes.'

'Well, there y'go. Come with me and maybe you can… come with me.'

'One of these days, I'll hold you to that, Spike.'

Spike neatly sidestepped him. 'Come on. Shower. Put on the gear, and let's go.'

Sam seemed fairly indifferent to what he did, wandering into the bathroom, stripping off his clothes as he went. He turned, surprised, when he realised Spike had followed him in. Spike gave him a frank look. 'You're beautiful.'

Sam gave him a more affectionate smile. 'Yeah… manipulative bastard. Are you going to stand there and watch?'

'You got any objections?'

Sam gave him a look through narrowed eyes and stepped into the shower, well aware that Spike watched every move. He felt his body coming alive again under that scrutiny and washed slowly and provocatively, punishing Spike for being outside the stall and not under the streaming water with him. After a few minutes, he heard a soft curse and through the thick steam saw the vampire leave the room. He grinned and wondered if Spike would now let him watch.

By the time he got back into the main room, rubbing his hair with a small towel, Spike was over by the window, looking out into the night. Sam went up behind him and laid his naked body gently against him. 'You sure you want to go out?'

Spike turned and caught him around the waist, pulling them closer. He gave him a long, intense stare then slapped him on the backside and side-stepped once more. 'Stop flirting with me.'

Sam tipped back his head and laughed for the first time in two weeks. 'You are such a hypocrite, Spike.' He went into his bedroom and selected some tight fitting leather pants and a white shirt. Spike made no comment when he emerged only looked down at his own leather pants and soft grey shirt, shaking his head ruefully.

Together, they went down and into the night.

Sam couldn't help but be cheered by the music. It took him out of himself, and that was just what he needed and wanted. He knew all eyes turned to them when they arrived - they always did. Together, they were the epitome of beautiful in a place where only beauty counted.

They bought some drinks, and Sam produced his usual supply of more interesting stuff, which they shared together with a smile.

Spike then took Sam's arm and drew him onto the floor, holding him closely around the waist. They swayed gently to the music. 'What's been wrong?'

'I told you: nothing. Just stuff. It's over now. Weird, I feel great now.'

'Okay. Don't shut me out again.' Spike leant in and kissed him lightly. He drew back with a small groan. 'Oh… fuck it.' He leant in again, and they reacquainted themselves with warmth and coolness, giving and taking comfort from the long, loving kiss.

Suddenly, Spike sensed someone watching him. He knew who it was, but this only surprised him more. Gently, he extracted himself from Sam with a light slap on the human's backside. 'Go play with your little friends, Pet. You've got two hours to get sucked and fucked, and then I'm taking you out for some food.' Greatly cheered up now, Sam moved on to a likely looking body and only nodded when Spike tapped his watch.

Spike tipped his head, sensing him, then jogged quickly up the stairs.

He was leaning on the rail, watching the gyrating figures below. Spike went up and lay against him, arms around his waist. His arms were captured lightly. 'What you doing here, Luv?'

'I was going to ask you the same thing.'

'Staff meeting.'

Angel chuckled and turned. 'Who was that?'

Spike shook his head. 'Won't work. I know you don't like him, but at least try to remember that you do know who he is.'

'Yeah. Well. He pisses me off.'

'Nooo. I think you took against him as you stood outside his apartment picturing us fucking in your bad, old, I'm-denying-that-I-love-Spike days.'

Angel didn't comment on this but turned back to lean on the rail. When Spike leant next to him, Angel moved up so they were touching. Spike glanced at Angel's profile. 'So, what are you doing here?'

Angel didn't take his eyes off the dancers. 'I'm on a case.'

'You love saying that, don't you?'

Angel didn't smile, but Spike knew he wanted to.

'There're no monsters here, Pet.'

'We're here.'

Spike turned so his back was to the rail. Angel's gaze flicked over to him, then he sighed and moved so he had Spike pinned, their bodies pressing together.

'That human's made you hard.'

'Kissing always does; you know that. And his name's Sam.'

'Whatever. Does he kiss well?'

'You wanna try him out? He doesn't like you either, by the way.'

'Good.' Angel began to move gently on Spike. They looked down at the same time.

'You wanna go downstairs?'

'No. Why?'

'Cus we can fuck there.'

Angel's head snapped up. 'Here? In this place? Jeez! No!'

'Better stop doing that then.'

Angel seemed torn. He clearly didn't want to stop. Suddenly, he took Spike's arm and dragged him towards the stairs. He lost his grip in the throng but knew Spike was following him out.

Angel strode to his car then rounded on Spike when he caught up. 'In there. Backseat.'

'In your car?'


'Jeez. Okay. Kinda….'

Angel didn't seem to want to wait to discover what it was. He pushed Spike in and followed, slamming the door.

Spike slid over to the far side; Angel slid next to him and grabbed his face. 'You wanna kiss? Let's kiss then.'

He crushed his cool lips to Spike's. He forced Spike's mouth open and found his tongue, tasting gently around the walls. If he was trying to obliterate other tastes, then neither commented on it. Spike just opened his mouth wider, pressed back to Angel and kissed him as hard as their preternatural bodies allowed. After a few minutes, he slid his hands down Angel's chest, slowly, toward his lap. He grinned into the kiss. 'You kinda like kissing too….'

'Shut up and turn over.'



Spike did try, but Angel couldn't get enough access whatever way they attempted. Angel swore, and Spike began to laugh, making Angel swear more. 'That's not helping.' He looked at Spike contorted position, and began to groan, falling back against the side of the car. 'I think I'm gonna burst.'

'Come here, Luv.' Spike lay down and got himself comfortable in Angel's lap. He unzipped him and eased him out of the soft pants.



Spike felt around Angel's shaft for a while, just familiarising himself with it. Eventually, he slipped it between his lips, probing with his tongue into the leaking slit.

'Oh, fuck. That's good.' Angel held Spike's head, stroking his hair as his childe sucked him off. 'I've never done this in the back of a car before. Deprived teenager.'

Spike eased off. 'No cars.'

'No talking from you.' Angel eased him back on. He tipped his head back to the seat and felt all the tension drain from his body to his shaft, where Spike's strong sucks were drawing it out of him. He lifted his hips off the seat fractionally at the pleasure and hissed when Spike took one of these movements as his opportunity to lower the soft wool pants.

The next time Angel rose, Spike's hand was under him on his return. Spike played over Angel's hole, tickling him as he sucked. Angel groaned and lifted up once more, bracing himself. Spike understood, and when Angel lowered, he was impaled on Spike's strong finger. He crunched up slightly at the intense, intimate sensation. When Spike twisted his finger around, stimulating the soft walls, Angel's fingers tore at Spike's hair, and he choked out, 'Oh… God…. Now!' and came, shooting wads of cum hard into Spike willing, waiting mouth.

Spike moaned as he swallowed, becoming frenzied on the twitching column for a while, but as he sensed Angel's orgasm finishing, he eased down and only gave the sensitive glans soft, loving licks.

It took a while for Angel to be able to speak. He just sat stroking Spike's hair, his eyes closed, enjoying the gently cleansing routine. When Angel was quite soft, with a sigh, Spike sat up. Angel opened his eyes and said with a small groan, 'Where are we?'

Spike dressed him and then began to undo his own pants. 'How about me?'

Angel stopped his hand and with a strange glimmer in his eye began to grind his hand around on Spike's bulge. Spike winced and laughed at the same time and tried to bend forward to get away from the intense stimulation. 'Stop it, you prick. I'm kinda sensitive now.'

Angel didn't stop. He knelt up and pressed harder, crushing Spike painfully. Spike gritted his teeth and decided enough was enough. He put his hand to Angel's wrist and tried to remove him. Angel pinned his wrists together with one hand and, lying on him, so much heavier, Spike was effectively imprisoned.

'Angel. Stop it. I'm not joking. That hurts.'

'Stop being a baby, and come for me.'

'I'm not gonna… oh… jeez… let me get myself out for fuck's…. oh! Fuck, Angel! I'm all bloody wet now!'

Spike furiously pushed Angel off, but Angel's eyes widened, and he pulled Spike closer, sliding his hand into the waistband of his pants. 'Hmm.'

Spike pouted. 'Must be cus you're so hot.'

Angel seemed oblivious to the irony and slowly undid Spike's leather pants to better enjoy the sticky dampness. He began to rub himself lightly at the same time.

Despite being angry, Spike was incredibly aroused by Angel's obvious desire for him. They came together in hard kiss once more, raw male need meeting. The smell of Spike's cum was pungent; the taste of Angel's strong between their mouths.

Angel smiled into the kiss. 'We'll have to try this again. Park somewhere. Take the top off. I'll fuck you under the stars.'

'Jeez, so romantic. I can hardly wait.'

'I fucked a maid once in the back of my father's carriage. Damn did she scream.'

When Spike held him away and gave him a look, Angel shrugged. 'I wasn't a virgin like you when I got turned.'

'I was NOT a virgin, and I didn't get turned - I got murdered by a demon with loose morals… apparently.'

'Well, they're not loose now. In fact….' Angel brought Spike's hand to his lap and worked it around on the swelling bulge.

Spike chucked. 'Are you insatiable, Angel?'

'Where you're concerned, yeah, I am.'

Spike smiled shyly. 'Huh. Seeing you ask so nicely - this time….' He went back to Angel's lap, but this time, the blowjob was swift and hard, intensely pleasurable for them both in that quick release.

When he was dressed again, Angel sighed and turned to look back at the club. 'I need to get back.'

'What's the case?'

'Two disappearances. This is the only link between them so far.'

'Huh. A murdering demon with good taste at last?'

Angel turned to him with a look. 'That could describe you.'

'Not so much killing these days. Still got good taste though.' He kissed Angel slowly and passionately until, with an indecipherable look, Angel pulled away.

'Stop it! I have to get back. What are you going to do now?'

Still vacillating between being really pissed off with Angel and being turned on by him, Spike answered carefully. 'I'm thinking changing might be high on my agenda. Then? Come back for Sam - I'm taking him for dinner.'

Angel went quiet and appeared to be watching the club with some interest.

'He's been down, Luv. I'm on a mission to cheer him up. That's all.' He nudged Angel. 'Come over when you're finished here? I'll be there. I'll be waiting for you.'

Angel held Spike into his shoulder for a while so his childe could not see his expression, then he kissed into Spike's neck. 'I'll come over soon as I finish up here. Okay?'


Angel kissed him quickly and slid out of the car. Spike waited until he was out of sight before leaving himself. He walked thoughtfully back home, pondering the odd meeting.

Something was wrong, but he couldn't exactly say what. It had been Angel, but not - Angel on a bad day possibly. Spike had to allow for the fact that even Angel - cheerful, easygoing, uncomplicated Angel - had the occasional off day.

He sighed. He had Sam to think about as well. He was getting tired of morose people and debated calling Jordan up and just taking off somewhere with him, having some fun, but he felt too guilty about leaving his human friend.

When he got home, he peeled the very stuck leather off his skin and stood under the shower for a long time until he felt revived. He just about to dress once more when he heard a soft knock on the door. Grinning, he called out, 'Yeah. I'm here.'

Wesley came in, blushed deeply and turned to the kitchen. 'I really wish you wouldn't do this, Spike. It's not funny anymore. I'm a little tired of seeing your naked body every time I arrive.'

'Yeah. Believing that. What'd'ya want?'

'Put some trousers on, and I'll tell you.'

Spike dragged some old jeans over his still wet body and joined Wesley in the kitchen.

'Have you seen Angel?'

Spike twitched up his eyebrow. 'Up close, yeah.'

Wesley shuddered. 'Save it. Did he want relieving.… God, did I actually ask that? He's on watch at that club you go to: Babel. Does he want me to take over from him?'

'Didn't say. He seemed fine.' Spike saw Wesley's perceptive look. He shrugged. 'Well, okay, he seemed a bit tired maybe.'

'Are you going back there?'

'Yeah, I'm with Sam.'

'I'll come too.'

'You ever been somewhere like that?'

'A club? Of course I've been to….'

'Nooo. A gay dance club.'

'A what? Is that where Angel is? I mean, is that where you go? I had no idea.'

'No, I don't think you have. Come on then; I'll introduce you around. You'll go down... I'll rephrase that… you'll be very popular.'

'I'll change.'

'You might.'

'I meant I'll go and change my clothes.'

'You're okay. Jeans and a shirt is kinda obligatory for a newbie.'

'Oh, God.'

'He's not put in an appearance there for a long time. Come on.'

They walked slowly through the night. Spike gave Wesley a few glances out of the corner of his eye, and eventually Wesley was forced to say, 'Just ask.'

Spike shrugged. 'You okay these days? With Angel and everything.'

Wesley was silent for a moment then said almost harshly, 'I am intelligent enough to tell the difference between Angel now and Angel as he was then.'

'Ah, but it wasn't nineteen fifty Angel that you were pissed with, was it?'

'We are over that. Friends again.'

'Good friends?'

'Yes. I would even go so far as to say more than good friends. Why all the…. Ah. This is what Angel called your own agenda, isn't it? What exactly do you want from all of us, Spike?'

'Not sure as I want anything, put like that, Mate. I'm only making conversation.'

'Huh. Well, in that case, tell me about this place we're going. Two young men have disappeared entirely - no word at their jobs, no sign of departure from their apartments, friends surprised. They were both regulars here, and the last place they were seen was at this club.'


'Angel thinks not.'


'People saw them only a few minutes before they disappeared, both in broad daylight. One at a meeting at work.'

'They're probably holding their meetings in the wrong places, Pet.'


'Nothin'. So, Angel thinks it's something in the club spotting them and… taking them? Alien abduction. Cool.'

'Unlikely. There is no evidence whatsoever that aliens exist, and the laws of physics make space travel utterly impossible.'

'Oh, yeah? So, what, they make vampires the norm?'

'Oh. Well. All right, but I'm fairly sure aliens are not involved.'

'Okay. Demon with good taste. I told Angel.'

'Is that the place?'

'Sure is.'

'What are those men doing in that car…? Oh.'

'Best not stare, Pet. Kinda off putting when you're in the middle of something.'


'You gonna be okay in here? After….'

Wesley pursed his lips slightly. 'That is all forgotten, Spike. I told you.'

He went on into the club. Spike watched his retreating back thoughtfully.

Spike armed Wesley with a number of drinks before he took him around. He let him watch the dancing for a while then took him into the back. Spike sensed Angel watching them from the same place upstairs, and gave him the finger behind his back. He was confident Angel understood that he was pissed with him.

It was very dark in the back, as it always was. The sound of grunting and straining was loud over the music from the television screens. Wesley's eyes clearly took a while to adjust because he made no comment to start, but after a few minutes, he said under his breath. 'I had no idea.'

Spike steered him through the sweating bodies to a place by the wall. He couldn't see Sam, which surprised him, but he saw a few guys he knew and was happy to watch them instead. He alternated his glances from the fucking to Wesley. It was very dark, but he could see the human becoming pale. Wesley's hand came to his mouth, and he leant more heavily on the wall. With a sigh, Spike took hold of him and steered him back to the cooler street outside. Wesley walked away then turned and came back. 'It was just so hot in there. And the smell… my God.'

Angel came out of the club and strode over to them. 'What's wrong? Why are you here?'

Wesley looked up. 'I came to see if you needed me, but I'm guessing not. In your element, Angel?'

Angel took a step toward the human. Surprised, Spike stepped between them. 'Hey! What is this shit? Thought you two were friends again.'

Wesley rubbed the stubble on his face. 'I hardly think friends describes us, Spike. I am a watcher - or was; Angel is a vampire. This place is immoral, and I refuse to go in there again. I'm going home.' He spun on his heel and walked swiftly away. Spike made to follow him, but Angel grabbed his arm.

'Leave him.'

'Angel! He's….'

'He's pissing me off; that's what.'

'This is about….'

'This is nothing about… that. This is about his pissy attitude to me all the time.'


'Angel what? Fucking hell, Spike, do I have to put up with shit from you too now? Remember your frigging place in the scheme of things, CHILDE.'

Spike took a step back, considering. He knew Angel; he often snapped but wanted only to be teased out of his temper. He took a step up to him and laid his hand on Angel's belly. 'I'm going to make you….'

'Fuck off, Spike, you little faggot. Go back to your fag friends. They actually seem to want you.'

Angel turned and went back into the club. Spike watched his back until he could no longer see him then pulled out his cell phone.

It rang a number of times.

'What are you doing?'

'Nothing. Watching TV.'

'Get your arse over to the club. Now.'

'Huh. Why?'

'Cus I want you.'

'Thought you'd never say it. Let me get some clothes on; I'll be there in thirty.'

'Why do you need to get clothes…? Don't tell me.'

'Yeah, like you never do.'

'Not when I'm watching TV!'

'You're watching the wrong kinda videos then, Pet. I'll lend you some.'

'Just get here.'

'Let me guess…. Tall, dark, and well endowed one has pissed you off somehow?'

'Yeah…. And stop calling him that.'



Spike gritted his teeth and went back into the club to find Sam.

He spent a frustrating half hour looking for the human in all places where he was usually found, only to find him sitting morosely outside the bathroom on a small couch, his head in his hands, a hang-dog expression on his face. Spike took his arm and, without speaking, dragged him out. Sam didn't protest much, and when they got out in the street, Spike could see that the human was pale.

'What the fuck is going on, Sam?'

'Nothing. I'm going home, Spike. I'm just tired; that's all.'

'Okay. You go home. I've got stuff to do now.'

'Sure, Spike.' Distractedly, the human wandered away.

Jordan arrived, but Spike didn't recognise him at first. He almost jumped when a beautiful, young woman tapped him on the arm.

'Hi, lover boy.'

'Fuck! Don't do that, and why the hell are you looking like that?'

Jordan grinned and changed to his usual look. 'I did a runner on the cab. Didn't want to be recognised. What's up?'

'Something's pissed Angel off big time - besides me. And I think it's got something to do with this case he's on. I want you to stick close and follow him. He's not as stupid as he appears, Pet, so change occasionally, yeah?'

Jordan grinned and changed. Spike took a step back at the choice of face, but then smiled. 'You are very, very dangerous, Demon.'

Jordan grinned and jogged up the stairs.

Angel watched Spike leaning on the bar talking to the human whose name he refused to remember. The human puzzled him, but he couldn't put his finger on what was wrong. He felt distracted; the place was really getting on his nerves, and he just wanted to go home and shower it off. It wasn't good when people got on his nerves. He had been picturing himself turning for some time, enjoying the screams in his mind as he tore into these fucking faggots. He hated them. He wanted to annihilate them. They were evil, and their sins offended him.

He was wasting his time with this case, as usual. He was sick of wasting his time working non-stop. He wanted to get drunk and have some fun for once.

He watched the human leading Spike onto the dance floor. They seemed to be sharing some private joke: Spike was laughing at the other's expression.

Angel pictured tearing into Spike. He'd been William the last time he'd killed him though, and he doubted Spike would cry and beg as prettily. Angel loved it when people cried and begged him to stop. He shouldn't have told Spike that story about the maid; it had made him horny, and there were no women in this damned place. Angel idly fondled himself as he remember how she had spilt to his entry, how she'd cried, and how prettily she'd performed when he'd shown her the errors of her ways. They had been good days. He missed them.

Well, you had to take what you had. He pushed away from the rail and jogged casually down the stairs. He elbowed his way none too gently through the dancers until he reached the pair. He nodded at Spike then turned and punched the human in the face so hard it flung him up against the bar. Then, patting Spike's shoulder, he sauntered out.

Spike helped Jordan to his feet and pulled him over into a corner. 'You okay, Mate? Bad choice of face after all.'

Jordan began to answer but, disconcertingly, slid out of Sam's face and into another. The change always made Spike slightly jittery to watch, but he opened his mouth to say that Jordan had to begin the tail. Jordan shivered and slid into another form. He seemed to have no control then, one form after another slipping past. Spike shook him, shouted at him but, eventually, had to drag him toward the back exit. Ignoring the warning signs, he kicked the doors open and took the insensible figure outside.

It took almost half an hour before Jordan could stay in stable form. He sat slumped on the curb, Spike sitting quietly alongside, smoking. When he'd stayed himself for ten minutes, he nodded. 'I'm okay now.'

'What the fuck happened? Was it the punch?'

Jordan shrugged. 'Could have been. But I've been punched harder than that before, believe me.'

'I've seen your George Bush impression. I do.'

'What was with him? That hurt, and we were only dancing.'

'Yeah. I know. Let's go speak to Sam.'

Jordan nodded and slightly unsteadily got to his feet. They walked together to the human's apartment and knocked on the door. After two minutes, Spike gave Jordan a look and just kicked it in.

'He's been back. Those are the pants he wore.'

They wandered around the apartment for a while then Spike sat down on the end of the bed. 'I'm gonna wait for him.'

'Want a drink?'

'Sure.' They raided Sam's bar and then sat together on the end of the bed.

Jordan gave Spike glances out of the corner of his eye. 'Don't fret. We'll find out what it is.'

'Maybe it is me.'


'He called me a.... Maybe the novelty has worn off. He's done this before - got bored with me.'


Spike shrugged. 'Maybe it's all been too good to be true.'

Jordan only laughed and lay back. 'Don't be a pillock. You don't see his expression when he's watching you.'

Spike turned, trying to repress a smile. 'Oh, yeah? What's that like then?'

Seamlessly, Jordan slid into Angel's form and looked at Spike.

Spike shivered slightly. 'Uh huh. Better stop that now and go back.'



Angel's face pouted for a moment but then dissolved.

Spike lay back next to him and lit a cigarette, which they shared between them.

Time seemed to drag. Jordan curled up more comfortably on the bed, and after another hour, Spike sighed and shifted up to lie alongside him.

He woke when he sensed a human come into the apartment. He sat up to find Sam watching them both with a furious expression. 'Get out of my bed. Do that somewhere else.'

'What, sleep?'

'You know what I meant.'

Spike ignored him, prodded Jordan awake, and sat up. 'So, how's about you making us all some breakies and telling us what the fuck is going on, sad guy sitting on a couch.'

Sam gave him a look and went toward the kitchen area, but he made no move to prepare anything. 'I can't work for you any more, Spike. I will recommend some very good….'

'Whoa. What do you mean? And why?'

Sam turned as Spike came toward him. 'I'm starting over, Spike.'


'No, I mean my life. My way of life. I'm going….' He seemed unable to say the word he needed, so finished lamely, 'I've seen the errors of my ways.'

Spike shrugged. 'Books and all that boring money shit ain't for every…..'

'Straight. I'm going straight, Spike.'

There was a small, amused snort from the direction of the bed, but Spike just stared at the human for a moment. Then he said calmly, 'I don't give a shit where you stick your dick, Luv, but what's with the cold shoulder to us? I thought we were friends.'

Sam had the grace to look slightly guilty, but he said firmly, 'Your lifestyle - my old lifestyle - is nothing more than a hedonistic, immoral offence to God. It has to stop. I have to stop, and to do that, I have to stop seeing the corrupting influences that are pulling me down.'

'Uh huh. By corrupting influences, you mean me?'

'I shouldn't have gone there last night. I didn't want to. I'd tried to stay away all week. I went home, saw my folks and old friends. I even went on a… d-date.'

Spike pursed his lips. 'A… straight date?'

Sam looked mutinous. 'Yes. The daughter of an old friend of my mother's. She was very… supportive.'

There was a louder snort from the bed, but this time Spike waved his hand angrily behind him. Still looking at Sam, he said, 'You're no more straight than I am alive. And trying to pretend otherwise is only gonna get you into the screwed up mess I was in when you first met me.'

Sam turned away and pretended to be rummaging in the fridge. 'Nevertheless, this is my decision. Now, I have a busy day ahead. I'm clearing out all the disgusting reminders of my old life. I've made an inventory.' He turned and looked pointedly at Spike, and the vampire didn't need to be told any more clearly that he was now included on that list.

Spike beckoned to Jordan and, without looking back, walked calmly out of the apartment.

As soon as they were in the elevator, Spike said slightly less calmly, 'Right. Things fall apart. Welcome to your life, Spike. You're gonna follow Angel, Mate. I'm gonna follow this idiot. I wanna know what's going on here.'

'Wouldn't you be better following lumpy grumpy one and me follow….'

'Angel can sense me, Pet. It wouldn't work. Keep changing; keep on your toes. He's a lot smarter and cleverer than I've always told you.'

''K. What am I looking for?'

Spike pouted as he stared at the descending numbers. 'I haven't got a fucking scoobie. Could be demonic influences, could be a spell of some kind.'

'Could just be us.'

Spike jerked around and flashed Jordan an angry look. The young demon only shrugged. 'You said it yourself last night, Spike. What have we got? Big and hulky gets pissed at you - nothing new there then. Sam's having a gay-boy crisis - they're all drama queens. Maybe this is all in your head because you have a fantasy about this perfect life you have for the first time ever, and you aren't willing to admit it's all in your head. They're all exactly as they ever were - you just don't want to admit it.'

Spike narrowed his eyes. 'Let's follow them then and see if I'm delusional or if something is freakin' wrong with everyone else, yeah?'

He stomped off then turned and came back swiftly. 'Call me every hour.'

Jordan nodded, and Spike stomped off again. He turned and came back. 'No impressions of me and getting too… close to him.'

Jordan shook his head obediently.

Spike stomped angrily toward the basement.


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