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Time is the Fire in Which we Burn

Episode 6 - Chapter 5

Sam crawled off the bed, dimmed the lights and turned the music up a little. He brought some more poppers back to the bed and shared them around. By the time they were all naked, the bed was nothing more than a blur of pleasure: a playground that swayed and cocooned them in sex.

Everywhere they touched, there was muscle and smooth skin waiting. Spike kept rational enough to ease Jordan onto his back. He saw Sam's jealous look and said sadly, 'I can't take you, Pet. It would hurt you… hurt me. But….' He dipped subtly at the waist and offered Sam what the human had wanted since meeting a young man in a bar who called himself Will.

Spike smiled at Jordan. 'I can take you though, little git. Been here, done this, yeah?'

Jordan grinned and put his legs up to Spike's shoulders. 'I'm thinking you've had some practice since then, Lover.'

Spike nodded. 'Some.' He eased a finger into Jordan as hands began to explore his back. He arched at the touch, and his finger went deeper, bringing a hiss of pleasure from the demon. Spike twisted his head around. 'Get some lube, Luv. Make it fun for all of us.'

Sam reached into his nightstand and brought out half a dozen different jars and tubes. Spike chuckled. 'You pick. You're the friggin' expert.'

He felt a cool gel running down his spine, a finger dipping toward his hole. He spread his legs a little and held out his hand for some of the slick substance. Rubbing the gel into Jordan took on an unexpected pleasure as a finger eased into him. He hissed and pressed back, but an enticing hole awaited him, so he suddenly lunged forward and impaled the figure sprawled beneath him. Jordan cried out, but his cry was drowned by Spike's gasp of disbelief as he was entered by the hard, skilful human.

For a moment they all stilled, cocks deep in bodies, eyes closed to the sensation. Spike felt the solidness in him pressing toward his shaft, almost joining it in Jordan. Whether he pressed back or forward there was nothing but pleasure. It was being filled and emptying at the same time.

With a loud bellow of defiance, Spike began to ride into the body beneath him. He felt Sam start on him, and his mind fragmented, unable to concentrate on both pleasures. It was all delight, and he didn't bother to analyse it further.

Sam knew what he was doing. His penetration was skilful, drawn out, hard at just the right moment. Spike was led toward his orgasm, dragged away from it, tempted with it once more. His cock wasn't his own; it was controlled by the one in his body - if that shaft hit him right, he shivered close to completion; if it withdrew and toyed with him, the moment slipped away, leaving him groaning with the need to cum.

He leant harder onto Jordan's thighs, and the human came with him, leaning on him, pressing him down into the lower body with powerful thrusts. Jordan began to pant as, thumped and worked as he'd never been before, his body betrayed him. With a shout, he came hard and fast, his cum shooting up and hitting Spike in the face.

It was like a domino effect: the sound and smell of erupting semen made Spike explode, and his grunting shudder of orgasm brought Sam off deep in his cool body.

It was the first time Sam had come raw against someone's flesh, the first time his cum washed free around him, the first time the slickness made him groan with pleasure. He dug his fingers into Spike's hips and humped furiously into the warming, tight channel until the last shot of semen left him and swilled around his cock as it softened and slipped out. He had hardly enjoyed the aftermath of his orgasm before he was pushed away.

With a grin, Jordan slipped out from under Spike and squashed him down onto his belly. He lay over Spike and eased his hand down toward the leaking hole. 'Who do you want me to be, Lover?'

Spike twisted his head around, surprised. 'Just you. 'S why I'm here.'

Jordan clenched his jaw to hide his pleasure, but with a light laugh, he eased a finger in. 'Never thought I'd be here.'

Spike stretched his arms out and rubbed his face in delight on the covers. 'Make the most of it then.'

Sam crawled around to Spike's head where he could watch Jordan and tried to kiss the prone vampire, but it was too difficult, so with a groan, Spike was turned onto his back. Sam began to kiss around Spike's face, down into the hollows of his neck and then onto his nipples. Spike gasped with pleasure at the light bites, just as Jordan pushed his cock deep into his body.

Sam came back up to his face. 'We really missed you, Babe.'

Spike nodded and pushed him back to his nipples. 'I know. Everyone did. 'S kinda nice.'

He put a hand to Jordan's hair and ruffled it, but the demon was too engrossed in being in Spike, feeling Spike from the inside, to care. His eyes were shut, and he moaned in pleasure as he rose and lowered on the thin, muscular body he adored. Spike could see the strain in the young face, the desperate need to come. He lifted his legs to Jordan's shoulders and was rewarded by the look on the demon's face when he gained another few inches of his preternatural body.

Spike caught Sam behind the neck lazily and pulled him up to his mouth. They kissed and played their lips together. Spike watched Sam slowly working his own cock and copied him, and as they kissed, they brought themselves to long, slow and exquisite orgasms.

When he felt he was coming, Sam arched back and unloaded over Spike's chest. Spike groaned at the feeling of the warm splattering on his skin and allowed his own orgasm to flood out just as Jordan went rigid inside him and warmed him with a flooding release.

Jordan shivered to completion and then very carefully laid his forehead down to the bed. 'I'm fucked out.'

Spike laughed and turned to Sam, but the human was lying on his side, his eyes open but glassy. Spike stretched out both arms and pulled them to him, and then he closed his eyes and with a grin plastered on his face, fell into a deep and incredibly satisfying sleep.

When he woke, he was nested in warm limbs. He was stuck to warm flesh, covered in human scent, and this was exactly where he wanted to be - why he had allowed this party. He looked at the other two and chuckled at their alcohol, drug and sex binge hair. Gently, he peeled one arm free and reached down for his jeans. He fished out his cell and punched in some numbers.

'What do you want?'

'It's me….'

'You're the only one with this number, so 'duh' to that.'

'You're still mad.'

There was a pause. 'Where are you?'

'You know where. What are you doing?'


'Uh huh. And that would be…?'

'I broke some more things.'

'Was there anything left TO break?'

'I looked hard.'

'Oh. Look, I just want….'

'I broke some things, and then I thought about breaking you.'


'Thinking about you got me to… thinking about you… ya know?'

'Ah. And…?'

'And then I got to thinking about what you were doing - don't try and lie to me, Spike; I know where you are and what you're doing.'

'I'm not trying to lie, Angel. I'm friggin' calling you, aren't I?'

'I was thinking about them and you… seeing you all. And I started to imagine watching….'

'Okay, this is sounding more fun….'

'I was watching, and then I got Wes and let him watch too.'

'You are one weird vampire, Luv.'

'And then I fetched… him… that fucking bastard, toe-rag, skulking priest. I fetched him, and I made him watch.'

'Thinking he'd not enjoy that much.'

'He didn't. That was the point, wasn't it Spike? That's why you needed to do it.'

Spike sighed and switched the phone to his other ear. 'I would have come back to you despite burning in hell, Angel. I would never have been able to stay away. Being with you is inevitable for me now. It didn't prove what I needed to prove. So, yeah, I wanted to fuck and suck and see if I felt free of him.'

'And are you?'

'I didn't dream, and I didn't wake up burning. Believe me, that makes this a very good day for me.'

'When are you coming home?'

Spike grinned and knew that Angel would sense the expression. 'I'm there now. I'm always there with you wherever I am.'

'Come back now; I need to see you.'

'Thought you'd been watching.'

Angel chuckled and also switched ears. 'So, how were they?'

Spike moaned softly, and Angel swore. 'I'm thinking of making you pay for this, Childe.'

'Yeah, you and whose army, Angelus - you've kinda blown the sire thing for good, ya know? Not so scary any more.'

'Is that so?'


'Do you think I couldn't make you scream with pain?'

'Nah. You love me too much.'

'Perhaps I think it'd be good for you….'

Spike felt a tingle of anticipation trickle down his spine and switched the phone once more. 'What would you do?'

'Will do, Childe, will do… when you get here.'

Spike moaned softly, 'Tell me….'

'I'm going to take you down to the basement and suspend you so you're stretched and lean….'

'Hmm… what then?'

'I'm going to start with a whip. A light one that will just stroke pain over your skin like a promise of better things to come.'

'Fuck.' Spike's hand slipped down to his groin, and he stroked his fingers through the soft hair. 'After that…?'

'Are you touching yourself…?'

'Yeahhh. So, I'm bleeding; I'm screaming….'

'No, not yet; you've been resisting me… telling me I can't make you scream.'

'Yeah, that's sounds like me. Break me down, Luv.'

'I am now. I've got hot pokers… shit, wait a minute….'


'That's better.'

'Are you out?'

'Yeah. So, pokers.... Hard. Fuck, I'm so hard.'

'Where are you putting them?'

'I'm gonna start through your knee - see if that can't make you cry for me.'

'Guessing that might do it. Are you in bed?'

'Nah. Kitchen.'

'Oh! Fuck! Kinky…. What did you do when I cried?'

'I laughed and stuck one through the other knee.'

'Cool. I'm screaming for you now, Angel. Jesus, I'm so ready for you now.'

'Yeah. I'm coming round to the back.... You're trying to crane your neck around to watch, but I hit you back, and you sway….'

'Shit, yeah, I can feel the cool air on the tip of my cock.'

'We're both leaking so badly.'

'Come round to the front and show me.'

'Okay. But you're so fucking enticing. I'm falling to my knees; your cock is horizontal, bobbing slightly, so swollen, so hard.'

'Oh. Take me in, Angel, please. I'm fucking desperate here.'

'Put some to your mouth, Spike. I can taste you here - I want you to be tasting the same….'

'I can feel your tongue.'

'Can you feel me sucking - hard? I'm pushing my tongue into your slit, Spike. Is that good? Put your finger there, and pretend it's me.'

'Jesus! That's so good.... What are you doing with your cock?'

'I'm working it as I kneel to you.'

'Can I touch the floor?'

'Just, why?'

'Good, cus now I'm thrusting into your face, fucking your face, Angel. Like that, Sire? Is that what you intended for me when you started to whip me?'

'Fuck. No. I'm going to punish you for it. I stop sucking.'

'Nooo. I'll be good. See? No thrusting. Thrust free zone here, Luv. Suck some more. I like that sooo much, and I'm so close now.'

'You're rubbing on the back of my throat now; I'm almost gagging on your precum - so much of it.'

'Yeah, it's all over my fist; I'm so slick.'

'Put the phone down to your cock - so I can listen. Oh, yeah, liking that.'

'Hmm. Will you let me come, Angel; or are you gonna punish me some more?'

'I don't think I can… fuck… Spike… are you….?'

'Yeah, very close. Shit, I can't hold the friggin' phone I'm….'

'Spike! Come now…. Jesus…. Oh, fuck.'

'Ughhhh. Ughhhh. Oh… yesss.'


'Jeez. I didn't think I had it left in me. What was that fuck for?'

'I came over the table.'

'Ewww. Remind me never to butter my sarnies on it again.'

'Like you've not swallowed pints of me already.'

'Ummmmm…. I feel very good now.'

'Yeah. When are you coming home?'

'Can't kiss and run, Luv. I'll have some brekies with them; then I'll leave. You still gonna torture me?'

Angel chucked. 'I might. I wanna put a mark on you that everyone will be able to see. Show them you're mine - whatever you're doing. What? Spike? What?'

Spike wiped his eyes with a dry bit of his free arm. 'You daft pillock, Angel. I'm your childe, your lover and your best friend. Do we need more?'

There was a slight pause and then a soft sigh. 'No. I think for the first time, we don't. Come home soon, Baby; I need you.'



The End


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