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Time is the Fire in Which we Burn

Episode 7- Chapter 4

At lunchtime, Wesley was swearing slightly under his breath and wondering for the hundredth time where Angel was, when he looked up to see him coming up from the basement. 'About bloody time! Gunn's been hit by a car… Angel? Did you hear…?'

'Yeah, sorry. That's… really awful. Tell me all about it.'

'Well, he's okay, and Fred's taken him home, but without Cordy or you - her car's off the road - it's been manic here.'

'Sorry. Things to do.' He walked past Wesley with a small smirk and went into the kitchen.

Wesley watched him go, pointedly answered the telephone once more, then looked up and found Spike sauntering across the lobby. He ended the call quickly and said equally angrily, 'If you're staying here for free, the least you could do is help out - be productive!'

'Huh! Cheek! I've had a very productive day so far.' The vampire stretched lazily. 'Done something I've always wanted to but didn't have the balls.'

Wesley paled slightly. 'Coming from a vampire, that's rather worrying. Do I want to know?'

'Dunno. I'll show you, and you tell me.' He unzipped his jeans.

Angel heard the crash and rushed out. He saw Spike zipping up and Wesley picking up the telephone. He frowned at the grinning vampire. 'Did you start already?'

Spike laughed and snagged his arm. 'Come upstairs, I wanna show you something.'

Wesley came out from behind the counter with a rather distressed look. 'Spike - I know Angel very well, and I urge you to think very carefully before you show him…. Fucking hell, Spike! What where you thinking! It's mutilated… ruined… I mean…. God! Angel! Say something!'

Angel only looked more intrigued and allowed Spike to drag him up the stairs.

When they got to the bedroom, Spike made Angel sit on the bed, and then he slowly revealed the result of his very productive day.

They glinted dully in the low lighting. Angel hissed evilly and drew back. 'You fucking….'

'Hey! Pet! They'll be gone tomorrow.'

Angel looked sheepish and nodded. 'Gingerly, he touched the solid metal ring, which was threaded through Spike's slit to emerge out of one side of his cock. The chain that attached this to a smaller ring in his balls clanked slightly as Angel touched the cold metal.

He swallowed deeply and lifted Spike's cock, counting the six studs he'd had pierced through each side.

'What d'ya think?'

Angel swallowed again. 'Ow, springs to mind.'

'Oh yeah, hurt like friggin' hell. But do you like it?'

'I'm not sure a word that small is appropriate in this case.'

Spike pushed him down onto the bed. 'Let's try without words then.'

Angel skittered backwards. 'NO WAY you're putting that ring thing - or those fucking studs - in me!'

'Course I am. That was the point, Pet. Just something you've gotta do in yer life once. Seemed like a good opportunity. Now, is there any lube left? Here you go….' Spike eased Angel's pants down and began to run his hands up and down his metallic shaft. Angel watched with increasing horror and winced theatrically when Spike began to push in.


'Angel! I thought you got shafted for hundreds of years in hell! Don't tell me I've had better work done than the devil….'

Angel bit his lip but whimpered, 'That really hurts.'

Spike nodded in sympathy and then just pushed in hard to get it over for him quickly.

Angel sat up a little and stared at him. Spike couldn't read the look and knew the moment could go either way. Then Angel said very firmly, 'Move.'

Spike grinned and did, and Angel gave out a long breath of pleasure. 'Fucking hell.'


Angel lay back and spread his arms, lifting his legs onto Spike's shoulders. 'Fucking hell.'

Spike grinned and worked harder. He could feel the large ring dragging his tip painfully as he pushed in, pulling it even more painfully on the way out; it was so erotic that he tried not to give in to his orgasm too soon. Angel began to pant and work his erection.

Spike gave up the attempt to wait and just let his orgasm rip. It tore through his shaft… until it hit the thick ring… where it got… constricted. Spike paled even more than usual and pulled out violently, desperately trying to remove the obstruction. Angel began to laugh and ejaculate at the same time, which he seemed to find hard, sperm shooting uncontrollably around the bed.

Finally, Spike wrenched the ring out, and he finished his orgasm, crying slightly in pain from the sudden removal of the metal obstruction.

Angel stayed on his back, still chuckling, concentrating on the delicious sting deep inside his body from the metallic pummelling.

Eventually, Spike felt brave enough to inspect the damage. He winced at the size of the holes and sighed. Suddenly he frowned and turned his cock around carefully. 'Oh. Bugger.'

Angel frowned, suspiciously. 'What?'

'Nothin'. Only… I had six studs on each side… now I've six here but only… five here.'

'What! Look in the freaking bed!'

They both searched frantically, but nothing was found. Spike raised an eyebrow and tired not to glance at Angel's backside.

Angel sat heavily on the bed. 'You fucking little git. If it's still up there, I could get gangrene or something! Working through from the inside… rotting me! Jesus, Spike!'

'You were enjoying it a minute ago! 'Sides, we can't get gangrene. Stop being a baby. Lie down; I'll go look.'

'What do you mean, you'll go look!'

'Well, figuratively. Come on. Lie down.'

Angel did, as he realised he had little choice, and with clinical seriousness, Spike inserted a finger and fished around for a while.

He looked guilty and said disarmingly, 'Must be higher.'

Angel's eyes narrowed, and Spike distracted him by saying cheerfully, 'Turn over, Pet. Hand and knees - then I'll check further in.'

Gritting his teeth, wondering where he'd gone so very badly wrong as a sire, Angel got onto his hands and knees.

Spike knelt up to get better access and slid a couple of fingers in. He delved around and then paused. 'Was that a sound, Angelus?'

He slid three fingers in and increased the amount of wriggling. The sound came again, and Spike chuckled. He knelt up some more, pulled out a little and then eased his whole fist back into the stretched hole.

For the third time, Angel repeated the sound, and this time they both knew exactly what it was. Spike began to work him, easing his fist slowly through the tight channel, drawing it back out just as slowly. Angel began to swear lightly, totally lost to the pleasure. Spike lay over his back, holding around the waist tightly with his other arm, and rammed as high as he could, until his elbow prevented more. He kept up the pummelling until his shoulder ached from the effort, but just before he was about to give in, Angel tipped his head back and released a long stream of cum into the bed, a howling, animalistic sound drowning out Spike's heavy panting.

Almost exhausted, Spike withdrew his arm and fell on his back. Angel collapsed and lay like the permanently dead. He only roused when something small and glistening was dropped in front of his gaze. 'Got it.'

He nodded and passed out.

The alarm went, and Spike found his cock under intense scrutiny, then Angel fell back into the mattress with a deep sigh of relief. 'That wasn't even funny'

Suddenly, he grabbed the laughing vampire and dragged him along the hallway to their vantage point. Once more, they lay naked on their bellies and watched events play out until Wesley was alone.

Angel suppressed a chuckle and then grabbed Spike's arm and dragged him back to the room.

'Full leather.'

Spike grinned and tooled up with his best vampire-a-hunting clothes.

They looked at each other, licked their lips and nodded. 'Fresh meat.'

Wesley looked up to find the vampires, fully dressed and sauntering down the stairs. 'Didn't you hear the noise down here? Charles got hit by a….'

'We've had some trouble overnight, Wesley.'

Wesley frowned. 'I left you two sorting issues together - what sort of trouble?'

Angel went to the weapons' cabinet. 'We went out to feed, and I ran into a nest of vamps. Bad, Wes. We need to head out.'

'Well, there's only us; as I said, Gunn….'

'Come on, they leave at…. I mean, they might be gone, if we don't hurry.'

Spike took out his beloved sword and just brushed lightly against Angel's arm as they went toward the basement.

Wesley began to fasten his weapons around him as he walked. Angel fell back a little to walk with Spike and murmured just loud enough for preternatural ears, 'First wave followed by a second that will come unexpectedly. I'll go down. Let him do all the work. There's no real danger - I tested them out yesterday, took them all without creasing my shirt.'

Spike nodded. 'He's hard just thinking about this.'

Angel tipped his head back and laughed. 'Aren't we all…?'

They came across the nest after a few miles. They'd clearly been there for some time, for stolen items decorated the small chamber. Spike counted ten and tensed despite Angel's assertion that they were easy. He watched Angel wade in and grinned as not one of his sire's hits made any inroad on the numbers. He did the same, toying with the creatures as Wesley fought to the death, the human's whole being strained with the effort to stay alive. Spike watched Wesley like a hawk and grinned when he saw another vampire watching his back even more carefully.

Wesley rose triumphant over the last vampire's dust and turned with glowing eyes to his two colleagues, but before he could speak, the second wave - some of the group's friends, carrying some take-out and beers - came around the corner.

Wesley cried out in alarm when he saw Angel had his back turned to them. One of the vampires dropped the pizza he'd been carrying and embedded an axe into Angel's back. Uncharacteristically, Angel screamed with pain and went down. Equally uncharacteristically, Spike howled in anguish and tore into the new group, but seemed to find it surprisingly hard to defeat the confused fledglings.

Wesley swung his axe like a madman, trying to see if Angel was okay, trying to protect Spike. He was still swinging when all went silent, and he realised that they were the only ones left.

They both flew to Angel's side and turned him over, Spike's eyes welling with tears, his fear seeming to make him turn away with shaking shoulders. Wesley pulled the axe out and looked at it with an unreadable expression and threw it to one side. Groggily climbing slowly to his feet, Angel was about to speak when a solid punch split his lip. 'What were you thinking?! There were more here than you said! You should have known, Angel, should have counted the damn plates or something! A cretin could have done better than this. And YOU!' He rounded on Spike at the vampire's small snicker. 'You were as much use as a….' He flung Spike back to the wall and swung another punch at Angel.

Angel staggered back and seemed to hang suspended on the brickwork by the force of the attack. Wesley followed up his punch by closing on the vampire and shaking him by the shoulders. Angel raised his eyes pitifully, and Wesley suddenly bent his head and tore at the slightly pouted lips. He ripped the vampire's shirt with the aggression of the kiss, panting raggedly, 'I thought I'd lost you.'

Angel continued to look at him from eyes deeply hooded. Wesley groaned at the effect and came back to kiss him once more, his hands roaming over Angel's naked chest.

He felt something ease behind him and realised that Spike was standing very close.

There was a moment when it could have gone either way, when both vampires sensed the prey metaphorically running as fast as it could away from suddenly perceived danger.

Angel cupped the human gently around the back of the neck and pulled him into an intimate, loving kiss. He kept his eyes fastened on Spike over Wesley's shoulder and flicked them down to the human's backside. Spike nodded and reached around to undo Wesley's jeans. The man tried to pull away, but the kiss was too intense. He felt his clothing being lowered and then someone playing gently over his backside, licking, kissing and feeling his warm, smooth skin.

Even then he would have stopped them, would have retreated with haste to his safe closet, but Angel began to slowly undo the buttons on Wesley's shirt to find his nipples. He looked down at Angel's blunt, familiar fingers on his tiny, peaked buds and knew that the vampire had remembered his reaction to this from the last time. He arched back, just as his cheeks parted and a tongue found his soft hole.

Suddenly, he hit Angel's hands away and spun him around, wondering briefly at how strangely easy Angel was to position, and then tore urgently at the vampire's pants. When he got the clothing half-mast, he stopped, picturing the erotic scene, how they both looked standing to each other with Spike kneeling behind him, sandwiching him between their cool flesh.

He looked down at Angel's backside; he wanted him, but was utterly unsure how to…. Something was pressed into his hand, and he looked down to find a small heap of lube, glistening slightly on his palm.

Angrily, he banged Angel's back. 'Did you plan this?'

Angel turned innocently, 'I always carry some.'

Wesley gave him a look through narrowed eyes then nodded and began to spread it liberally around his swelling shaft.

Spike rose to his feet and slid in between Angel and the wall. 'Fuck us both, Pet.' He turned and unzipped, cupping his cheeks, spreading himself, letting Angel have full access to his hole. Wesley watched as Angel slid easily between the pale cheeks, blinking slightly as the swollen red shaft disappeared slowly from sight. Almost hypnotically, he slid in too, hardly noticing the moment that had plagued and tempted so many of his dreams.

For one moment, Angel appeared to take the lead, the feel of being in his childe overcoming his attempt to play at submissive vampire, but Wesley wasn't having any of it. Now he was in, he snapped back to his senses, looked down, and with a huge groan, pushed in, flattening both vampires together. Angel put his mouth to Spike's ear and so low that only another preternatural creature could have heard, whispered, 'Bingo.'

Spike chuckled under his breath and put a hand back to find one of Angel's. They let their natural need to dictate the pace dissipate, and took the pace of the pummelling from the human behind them.

Wesley began to sweat with his effort to find his orgasm deep in Angel's backside. It was almost too much for him to think about, so he didn't: he let all thought fall from him with the drips of sweat and became only body, only pleasure.

Angel was cool and hard and so pleasurable to be in. Wesley slipped in and out on the slick gel, standing: the position perfect for maximum thrust. He spread his hands on Angel's shoulders and dipped his head at the effort, watching small splashes of his sweat on the dry, tunnel floor. Angel was hardly moving of his own volition; he just pushed into Spike using the power of Wesley's thrusts.

At last, the human reached the place he most wanted to be. His balls swelled to a hardness that ached and made him moan, and then he erupted, spurt after spurt as his legs shook and his eyes wavered at the abrupt blood loss to his head.

As soon as he sensed the man had finished, Angel gave a cry of pleasure, tinged with a huge amount of triumph and suddenly began to thump his unfulfilled need into Spike. Wesley was dislodged violently and fell back to the floor with a grunt. He watched, stunned, as Angel tore into Spike, the slim vampire only crying out for more. With a low grunt, Angel emptied, and Wesley saw his hands around the slim form, bringing him off in a powerful, shared orgasm.

He fastened his clothes and adjusted his glasses.

He looked up at the two vampires. 'No.'

Angel knelt to him with a feral smile. 'But yes.'

'I'm… sorry. I never wanted this to….'

Angel grinned and pulled him to his feet. He bent close, ignoring the instinctive flinch and said lowly, 'Don't sweat it, Wes; it'll all be forgotten in the morning.'

Furiously, Wesley felt tears prick his eyes. In all his fantasies of taking these vampires, this was not how it had ended. He pushed Angel off and brushed down his clothes. 'Quite. It will be. By me. I think it's time we got back, don't you?'

Angel patted him patronisingly and went to collect some fallen weapons. Spike, fastening his jeans, looked at Wesley with small, subtle glances. 'He's just embarrassed, Pet.'


Wesley began to walk, so with a small glance at Angel's turned back, Spike jogged to catch him up. 'He wanted you so much see? But didn't think it would be here, like this.'

'Oh.' Wesley glanced back, his look softening. 'What have we done?'

Spike leant over and nudged him. 'Sleep on it, Luv. See how you feel in the morning about it, and we'll take it from there, yeah?'

Clearly relieved, Wesley smiled a little.

The alarm went off, and they both jerked to sitting, faces full of wonder.

'Fuck! He DID it!'

'Jeez, yeah. Did you see him?'

'No, I had my fucking face squashed to the bloody wall!'

'Oh, yeah, but Jesus, Spike, we actually fucked with Wesley sober! Come on.'

'They hurried along the landing to their spying position and waited eagerly until the human came out of Angel's office.

Spike chuckled. 'He's not benefiting from that lovely post-shag sting, is he?'

Angel began to rub the small of Spike's back, dipping his hand lower occasionally. Spike turned his head and grinned. 'Fuck me here.'


'Come on.' He opened his legs and bent one thigh up.

Glancing down to the lobby, growling slightly in pleasure, Angel slid into his childe just as Cordelia came in to make her regular complaint about men. They watched the day unfolding below them as Angel rode softly in and out of the offered hole.

Spike began to whimper with the build up to his orgasm, and Angel put a hand around his mouth, silencing him with a light bite of disapproval to his shoulder. At the bite, Spike moaned louder, and Angel took the hint, biting viciously into the cool flesh, drawing blood into his mouth to make his flooding orgasm even more exquisite.

They shuddered and twitched in silence until it was over. Sliding away from the sticky pool, kitten-crawling back out of sight, they jumped to their feet and flitted back to their room.

Uncharacteristically, Angel began to spin Spike around the room, and they fell in a heap to the floor at the foot of the bed.

Angel turned to him and smirked. 'What now?'

Spike raised an eyebrow. 'Two nil….'

Angel gave him a puzzled look.

Spike leaned in and whispered, 'You've had two Wes fantasies; I've had none. Time to even the score.'


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