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Time is the Fire in Which we Burn

Episode 8- Chapter 2

Sam felt the blood begin to pound in his head. He felt faint and the feelings of helplessness and submission made his cock rise so painfully that he gasped, trying desperately to reach for it.

There was no need: it was taken for him by a hand far stronger than his.

The pressure on his neck increased. He knew he could die, but something in the trust this implied only made the experience more intense, more incredible.

Spike was pulling on him so hard he thought he would split apart and then the beating increased in speed until all Sam could hear was his own pulse in his ears and the slurp-slap on his shaft. Everything in his body coalesced toward the incredible orgasm: his first submission, the lack of air, the intense beating on his erection.

Then he felt the arm around his neck jerk and a heard sound of pure pleasure from the vampire. He was filled by cool liquid against his hot, abused walls. The arm continued to tighten as Spike ejaculated into him and then Sam felt his own balls explode in response.

When he came, it was such a powerful eruption of semen that it resembled piss, arching away from them, continuous but opaque and beautiful like cream.

Sam couldn't scream out loud, so the sound was only in his head and as he succumbed to the lack of air, his last rational thought was that he now had nowhere to go: at the grand age of twenty six, he'd had the best orgasm he was ever going to have.

Spike eased the unconscious man to the floor, his penis slipping out on a mixture of blood and cum. He put his forehead to the floor for a moment then picked Sam up in his arms and carried him to the bed. He put him on his side and felt over him, hearing the strong, fast beat of his heart and feeling the reassuring breath on the back of his hand.

The man wasn't unconscious for long, and when he came to, he cried out in distress that it was over. He opened his eyes to find a pair of bright blue ones only inches away. They stared at each other for a while and then Sam put a tentative hand to the back of Spike's neck. He eased him forward, and Spike thought he wanted to be kissed, but at the last moment, Sam pulled him to the prominent hollow in his neck. Spike's lips, open for the kiss, lay over the pulsing, jumping artery. He moaned, and Sam stroked his thumb into Spike's hairline. He bent his head down to kiss into Spike's sweat-damp hair and murmured, husky from the stranglehold, 'Take your pleasure, Vampire.'

Spike jerked away, his eyes wide with fear, but Sam looked at him calmly and said softly, 'You've already had my life in your hands.'

'This is different. This is blood, Sam. It's what I am.'

'Then I want to be a little part of you. Please.'

'I can't without….' He frowned and looked away.

'Are you embarrassed about your other face?'

Spike pouted, so Sam lay on his back and closed his eyes. Then he felt something light like a spider's web against his throat and a small prick as this spider, as if in some gothic tale for children, had a sharp needle. Then the sensation of draining began. It was the ultimate submission, even further than the asphyxiation. He was being eaten, fed upon, giving up his lifeblood. He had never thought to travel on such an adventure, and the experience made him profoundly grateful to the creature leading him through this forbidden territory. He was getting hard again, the sensation almost more pain than pleasure after the intense release of his first ejaculation.

He opened his eyes and glanced down, seeing only familiar blond hair. He smiled and wrapped his arms firmly around the still dressed figure and let himself go on the dark adventure.

When Spike finally pulled away, Sam was soft from blood loss and he was sleepy, almost incoherent, but he focused long enough to pull Spike in for a long, deep kiss. As they pulled apart for the human to breathe, Sam murmured, 'Trust men, and they will be true to you.' On this thought, he fell again into a stupor from which he did not rise for many hours.

He heard music. He felt very warm and very comfortable. He smelt something very, very good and when he opened his eyes, Spike kissed him. All in all, Sam decided he was having a very good day so far. He grinned up at the vampire, and Spike put a spoon against his lips. Sam tasted rich, chocolate ice cream and groaned with pleasure. 'I'll have to work out for hours after this.'

'Nah. I've got about two stone of you in my tummy, Pet, you need to top up.'

'If I knew what one of those was, I'd be worried.' They continued to give each other shy, amused looks as Spike slowly fed the supine human. After a while, Sam revived enough to scoop some out with his fingers and feed it to the vampire, letting him suck greedily on his coated fingers and dropping some onto his belly. He looked down and tutted. 'I'm so clumsy.'

Chuckling, Spike bent his head and began to lap up the small, melting pool. Sam ran his fingers through the blond hair, urging him lower, and eventually Spike took the unsubtle hint and gently took the soft penis in his mouth. He lay down so he was more comfortable and gave it his considerable attention.

'Does he know you're here?'

Spike paused then just nodded. Then he heard a sigh, so sat up questioningly. 'What?'

'I don't want to share you. How does he do it?'

Spike shrugged. 'He knows it doesn't affect us, I guess - and you just don't want ME to have other people; you wouldn't give up a single fuck.'

Sam shrugged with a grin. 'I was so sure when J and I woke up with that damn condom that that was your way of saying it was fun, but just a one-off.'

Spike straddled Sam's hips and began to unbutton his shirt slowly. 'Things changed when I got the chip out.'

'Because you can hurt me?'

Spike looked amused. 'No, because I've only got one life, and now I'm not going to waste it.'

'One rather long life.'

'Longer than most.'

'It felt very… long….'

Spike grinned. 'Enjoyed that, did you?'

Sam twitched up an eyebrow, and Spike laughed out loud. 'Wanna go again?'

Sam licked his lips and reached to the nightstand, opening the drawer and showing off its contents. 'I've got twelve different flavours of lube, Spike: how's about we use one this time?'

Spike pouted, 'But hurting you was SO much fun.'

Remembering the intense orgasm, Sam shivered and nodded. He helped Spike shed the remainder of his clothing and then nodded at the open drawer. 'Choose.'

Like a kid in a candy store, Spike began to open jars, tasting and smelling their contents until he found one he liked. He was just about to pull it out, when he spied something else and with a huge grin pulled out a small jar of pills. 'I knew you'd have some of these. I need to borrow some for later.'

Sam stared at him then said amused, 'Borrow as in use and give back?'

Spike huffed. 'Well, no, borrow as in have, Wanker.'

'And these would be for you?'

Spike twitched up an eyebrow, and Sam began to laugh.

Spike sauntered slowly back through the tunnels toward the hotel. He felt like running. He wanted to sing. He couldn't get over the sense of freedom and power. As he walked, he jiggled the handful of pills in his pocket. His only problems were working out how he was going to get Angel to take them and deciding how many to give him. He wouldn't take them willingly; he wasn't that naïve. Spike considered crushing them into some blood and took one out to test its crushability. He put the small blue diamond to his teeth gingerly and bit down. It had little effect and left a strange bitter taste in his mouth. Crushing was probably out… or… blood was. Spike thought about Angel and about Angel's dislike of eating human food - how he gulped it without tasting, just to please his audience. He grinned and put the pill safely back in his pocket. How many to give was a more tricky problem. Sam had said one, but Spike knew more about Angel's body: he was pretty invulnerable. Spike was considering three, but was tempted to go for four, just for the hell of it.

Angel was surprised to come down the following morning to find Spike in the kitchen cooking. He wasn't sure whether he was more concerned by this, or by the fact that he could smell the human, whose name he occasionally allowed himself to remember, all over his childe. He went up behind Spike and wrapped his arms around the slim figure, smelling deeply into his hair. 'You could have showered at least.'

'I thought you could enjoy it vicariously.'

'One day I'll take a human lover, see how you like it.'

'You could discuss philosophy and brood together. Sit down. Brekies is ready.'

'And why do I have to eat this?'

'Cus I'm feeling guilty at fucking around and trying to butter you up a bit?'

Angel huffed at this very unlikely reason but sat obediently in front of the eggs, bacon, sausage, fried bread and black stuff. He poked that first, looking dismayed at Spike. 'This looks like a vast flea shit.'

'Well, thanks, Luv. I got that 'specially for you! It's an English delicacy - like me.'

'Jesus. Did I mention I hate the English?'

'It's blood pudding!'

'Oh. Okay. Blood I can do.' He took a mouthful and winced. 'Is it supposed to be crunchy?'

Spike gave him a hurt but innocent look.

Angel swallowed, looked at the rest of the food and then pitifully at Spike. He recoiled when he saw the expression. 'What?'

Spike took the plate away and cast it into the sink, catching hold of Angel's hand. 'Bed.'

'Spike, I've only just….' Angel frowned and twitched his neck slightly then stood up. 'It feels hot in here.'

Spike trailed out after him to the lobby, watching with interest as Angel tried to concentrate on what was happening with his friends. He grinned when Angel cut short a conversation with Cordelia and went swiftly into his office.

Stretching, Spike went slowly back up to the bedroom, fairly sure that Angel would be following very shortly.

Angel burst in fifteen minutes later. Spike was lying naked on the bed, freshly showered, reading a book that was propped up on his belly.

He turned to speak, but found himself flung face down on the bed and stabbed into. Angel grunted as if he was in pain and began an urgent humping until with a sigh he released a copious flood of cum deep in Spike's body. He rolled off, sighed again, then gave a small concerned sound and climbed on once more. Spike twisted his head around and smirked at the size of Angel's erection. 'Try for a bit longer than five minutes, okay, Luv?'

'Ugh?' Angel shoved in and out so fast, they were almost bouncing on the bed together. He came again, rolled off again and sighed again, but, again, he frowned and groaned. Spike began to sit up, but Angel just held him down and climbed on once more.


Angel hit him and began to ride in and out, still rigid and swollen. This time he didn't come for a very long time, but Spike crashed to orgasm after about fifteen minutes. He tried to push Angel off, but the bigger vampire wasn't having any of it. He just leant in and continued to pound into the prone body.

Spike began to struggle but quickly realised this was only prolonging the fucking, so lay still waiting for the inevitable. When it came, Angel cried out as if in pain and then rolled off, panting.

Spike made a small show of getting up, but cursed in alarm when his arm was snagged. 'No! Fucking hell, Angel!'

Angel gave an anguished look at his still swollen erection and began to position Spike to enter him again. Spike retaliated more forcibly and backed away across the room. 'I should have stuck with the one.'

Angel advanced on him, his menace not diminished at all by the huge, red shaft preceding him. 'What did you just say?'

Spike tried to look unconcerned and waved his hand dismissively. 'It was Sam's - Viagra.'

Angel's eyes widened. 'You gave Viagra to me in that disgusting shit I ate this morning….'

Spike nodded. 'Only three - I was gonna go for….'

'Three! Three? Oh, fuck! Blood Spike! I'm fucking made of blood and you give me fucking Viagra?'

Again, Spike nodded.

Angel backed him into the wall. 'Okay. I'm not going to panic. How long can this last? Turn around.'

'No, I'm sore.'

'I don't care. Turn around or I'll rip you a new hole and fuck you from the front.'

Spike decided to be pragmatic and reluctantly turned around. He was pounded into the fresh, pale paintwork for a very long time - until he got bored of focusing on a small flaw in its otherwise perfect surface.

He was just about to attempt another rebellion when he heard an odd sound. The pounding stopped and he twisted his head to look behind him. Angel was biting his lip, his eyes manic and then he exploded with laughter, falling away from the splayed figure, still just as hard, his cock jiggling up and down as he laughed.

With a very human-like need to catch his breath, Angel bent and rested his hands on his knees. He still couldn't stop laughing and dropped to the floor. He glanced up at Spike and renewed the almost painful hilarity. Spike came over and toed him suspiciously. 'What?'

Angel shook his head at first but then managed to stammer out, 'What is it with you?'

'Hey, Pet, I was only….'

'Not one moment's peace since you arrived! Not one! I should be insane! I should be in some sort of home for the criminally put upon sires!' He rose to his feet and grabbed Spike's shoulders. 'But I've never been more in love. How is that, Spike? What is it with you that make me feel like this?' He caught Spike behind the neck and pulled him closer for a fierce kiss, but just as they were getting into it, he jerked back with a hiss of discomfort. They both looked down.

Spike frowned and touched the red, hot, swollen, pulsing erection and hissed a little himself. Suddenly, he looked up at Angel. 'Blood!'

Angel raised an eyebrow and watched Spike fall to his knees. With a grin, he looked up and repeated, 'Blood,' then added, 'blood I know.' He slid into his demonic form and sliced his teeth into the blood supply that fed Angel's erection. Angel's knees weakened at the sensation of Spike biting into his root, and he staggered a little. Letting up, Spike urged him back to the bed then latched on once more, sucking powerfully at the blood. Angel felt his erection subside a little, and he sighed with relief, running his hands through Spike's hair absentmindedly. He began to laugh again, but tried to stop when he felt Spike was getting too distracted. They lay in companionable silence until almost soft, Angel eased Spike off. Spike grinned and came slowly back up to continue the interrupted kiss. Once more, things were heating up, when Angel groaned and with a shocked expression looked down. 'No!' It was hardly more than a whisper, but nonetheless moving for that. Spike winced at the angry looking erection and with a sigh of resignation, turned over and offered himself for relief.

Laughter didn't help either of them: Angel slipping out and Spike becoming a hard target to re-enter but eventually, laughter suppressed into tiny explosive giggles, they both came, Angel with a cry of deep satisfaction and Spike with a soft groan.

Finally allowed to laugh out loud, Spike turned and began to catch at Angel's fingers, to pull him down, but stopped short when he saw what greeted him. This time he whispered, 'No!' Angel only looked at him with a face of pure misery. Spike backed away. 'I can't do it again, Angel. I'm not even sitting down properly now! Look!'

'Bite me again then!'

'How can you have so much bloody blood! I'm full!'

They were at something of an impasse when they heard a soft knock at the door. 'Angel?'

Angel looked frantically at Spike and dove under a sheet. 'What?'

'It's bad I'm afraid, or I'd never have… when you're with… anyway, Gunn's just called, he's in trouble - needs us all. Can you come? What?'

Spike tried not to look at Angel and went to the door, opening it just a crack. 'Yeah, we'll both come. We're good at that. Give us a…' He looked back at Angel and frowned. 'Give us a few minutes to find some clothes… 'k?'

Wesley nodded, and Spike shut the door softly on him.

Angel stood up and went carefully over to his closet. He took one look inside and swore. 'What the fuck am I going to fit this into?'

Spike came over helpfully and eyed some of the pants. He shook his head sadly. 'Maybe leave it out and button your jacket… okay, not one of my best ideas. I'll just go. You stay here and work it off a bit.'

'No! If Wes says we're both needed and he interrupts us, it must be bad.'

'Suit yourself.' He began to pull on his own jeans, Angel watching him with mounting fury.

'If anything happens because I'm not there….'

'Yeah, it'll all be my fault. Don't worry, Angel, if anything happens I just won't come home, 'k?' He debated a swift kiss, but decided he wouldn't be welcome, so with a small finger raised surreptitiously, went out to join the human members of the small agency.

Angel had never been averse to pleasuring himself. He did it frequently, even when he had Spike's body available to him any time he wanted. He didn't want to do it continuously, however - until he felt raw patches appearing, until he cried from the pain more than from the relief. Nothing seemed to help; however many times he came, he was still hard. It was only toward the early hours of the morning when he'd finally taken himself exhausted into a cold bath that he felt the first sign that he was beginning to subside. Another hour passed and he looked down at a normal erection lying in the cold water across his belly. He left it alone and began to drift off into a cold, uncomfortable sleep when he heard Spike coming in.

He climbed out of the bath and went, dripping, into the bedroom. Spike sat on the bed looking done-in. He glanced up at Angel's face, then down and nodded with relief. Angel came and sat on the bed next to him. 'Bad?'

Spike looked at him. 'They were all human.'


'Yeah. In the tunnels.'

'That's not usual. Thank God you didn't have your… what?'

Spike pouted. 'It was….' He shook himself and stood up with a small laugh. 'What a wuss.'

'Spike? What?'

Spike began to strip off his soiled clothes and glanced at Angel once more. 'Have you ever seen those old line drawings of Hell?'

Angel raised an eyebrow, but nodded.

'It was just like that. They were… manic. Feeding on each other. Fucking in blood.'

'Were they possessed?'

'We thought so at first. But then maybe not. They seemed perfectly okay, but something was just missing.'

'Missing? As in…?'

'I don't know. Ask Wesley; maybe I'm not the best person to ask. What the fuck do I know about humans? I've never seen anything like that.' He shivered and went toward the shower, and Angel watched him go with a troubled expression. He'd never, in all the time he'd known Spike, ever seen him that revolted or shocked before, and it was profoundly disturbing. He dressed hurriedly and went downstairs. Only Wesley was there and he looked up with a carefully arranged, neutral expression.

'Feeling better?'


'Spike said you weren't feeling well.'

'What happened out there? Spike seems….'

'He was strangely affected by it.'

'But not you?'

'Well, I'm not feeling much like cheerful banter, no, but then I've got work to do. I've never seen anything like it. It was like….'


'Well, yes. A human's version of Hell, based on a very biblical interpretation of the place.'

'Maybe that was it… it reminded Spike of that damn priest and all his cant.'

'That's what I thought too. Anyway, I have a feeling drugs were more to do… Angel?'

Angel recovered from the small mention of drugs and went with Wesley into the office to help with the research.


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