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As It Was, So Shall It Be - Chapter 4

Angel smiled then licked his lips seductively. He gently lowered himself down onto Spike, bracing himself either side of Spike's head. It was easy being different to Angelus. All he had to do was think of all the things Angelus had not done and then do them. He started with kissing. Spike was not a very large vampire, but there was an enormous number of places that Angel wanted to kiss and taste. He started slowly with Spike's face. His eyes were obvious targets. As he pressed his mouth to the closed lids, Angel felt Spike's long lashes brushing against his lower lip. Spike made a faint sound, half way between a groan and a sigh. It was a sound of extreme pleasure, so Angel continued. He turned Spike's face to one side and looked at his ear. It was so perfect, so cool to the touch. He ran just the tip of his tongue around the ridges, sucked gently on the earlobe, and nibbled it until it became briefly pink.

It was easy then to move from Spike's ear to Spike's neck. Angel wondered if this was the most erotic place for a vampire to be touched… almost more so than a cock. This place was the centre of vampire life. Human blood ran the fastest here and was the richest, thick with oxygen, potent and hot. Human skin was the thinnest here, sometimes almost blue in its transparency. Human pulse was the strongest here: the blood forced into constricted channels over sharp bones. But it was more than all that. It was where humans found their comfort as infants and their erotic stimulation as adults. Angelus had heard those human emotions as he had nourished himself from warm, human necks. As Angel pushed Spike's neck back, his throat was stretched and vulnerable, and he knew Spike was thinking these things, too. This is where the neutering they both suffered most took its effect. This is what they missed. It was like taking a baby from its mother's neck and holding it a few feet away, preventing its return for comfort.

Angel wanted to take comfort from this slim, pale neck, and he wanted to give comfort to its owner. It was the most effective way he could think of to prove to Spike that this was not just sex; this was not about power and asserting ancient rights of a sire over his childe. He wanted to show Spike that this was love. He did not yet know what that meant for either of them, but he was willing to take that voyage of discovery with him.

He started to nuzzle into the cool, slim neck. He was instantly rewarded by feeling a soft vibration against his lips as Spike started a low humming in response to the gentle, loving touch. It was Angel's turn to groan; that sound from Spike almost undid him. He felt an urgent need to enter, to plunder, to thrust, and to come, but he held back. He'd never really done foreplay before and felt, after three hundred years, it was probably time to learn some restraint.

He moved his mouth from the inviting throat and stretched Spike's strong, muscular arms up onto the pillow. He was surprised by the effect this had and sat up to look at Spike critically. 'You're different.'

Spike smiled cheekily. 'I thought it was just a vampire sex thing, but if you want to use human terms, do.'

Angel slapped him lightly. 'That's not what I meant, and you know it. Your body - it's different to how I remember when you were William.'

Spike raised his eyebrow quizzically. 'How?'

'Well, you're thinner, much thinner, and you're all muscle. I didn't think vampire bodies could change, but this....' Angel waved his hand over Spike's torso. 'Is not how you looked when I turned you.'

Spike just shrugged and turned his head away slightly from Angel's intense gaze. 'I've done nothing but fight, Angel, since you left me in China; it's been a hard existence, and now I can't feed properly either. Guess I'm bound to be thin.' Spike turned a worried face up to Angel again. 'You don't like my body anymore, do you?'

Angel tried to laugh, gasp, and exclaim 'No!' all at the same time, and only ended up choking slightly. 'No! Spike... no! This is... amazing... beautiful... hard....'

'Oh, shut up, poof, stop thinking so much and use that talented mouth of yours for something better than talking, hey?' Spike forced Angel to comply with this, for he pulled him down, testing his lips with sharp, experimental nips, teasing and pulling away, laughing and playing. Angel noted with a smile of amusement that Spike was also using his newfound strength on him, his arms possessively wrapped around his back, the muscles hard and resistant to any attempts to pull back.

For the first time ever, Angel had a lover in his arms as strong as him, and the thought drove him wild with excitement. He turned Spike's playful kisses into hot, urgent ones. He pushed himself further down Spike's body so he was sitting on his groin, so he could feel Spike's penis, hard beneath him. He took the hot kisses down Spike's chest and belly, sliding down so, eventually, he was kneeling on the floor between Spike's legs.

He felt like a child in a toyshop, he had no idea where to start with this exquisite array of delights. He cupped Spike's soft sac and decided he'd made a good choice when he heard Spike groan and felt him arch up into the touch. He played with it in his hand for a while, gently stimulating it, stretching it away then crushing it back against Spike's body. Spike started to thrash his head on the bed and began to work his cock, but Angel pushed his hands away, laughing at the frustrated hiss that followed.

Angel pushed Spike's legs up and parted them so all the areas Angel wanted to investigate were laid open for his inspection: from cock and balls to that tiny, exquisite entrance, it was all there, all his. Spike now propped himself up on his elbows and watched Angel. Angel was surprised that he enjoyed being watched. He cupped Spike's sac lightly again and buried his face in it, lifting his eyes to watch Spike seductively. He swirled his tongue around on it, smiling at Spike's reaction. He would have smiled even more at Spike's next reaction, except he had Spike's balls entirely in his mouth, so couldn't. Spike had started panting, and Angel noted with amusement that he was actually tearing the stained sheets in his efforts to keep his hands away from his cock.

The feel of Spike's velvety smooth sac in his mouth was a revelation to Angel. He was able to put himself into Spike's body and know what he was feeling, so the pleasure of the sucking was doubled. As he mouthed gently, his nose was pressed into the root of Spike's cock. He could feel the ropey vein on the underside, swollen and twitching. He rubbed his nose gently to and fro as he continued to suck and was not surprised when Spike's hands flew to the back of his head and, with a hissed 'yes', Spike tried to pull him closer.

Angel gently dropped Spike's sac from his mouth but immediately pressed his tongue to the thick vein he had been rubbing with his nose. He trailed his tongue up the whole shaft, slowly, carefully, and with considerable pressure. Spike's occasional hissed comments now became more forthright as he tried to urge Angel to take him. They stopped, however, when Angel combined his tongue work with a light press of a finger to Spike's entrance. As he licked, he pressed... the recipient of all this pleasure now silent and staring fixedly at Angel's dark hair.

Suddenly, Spike broke his silence, 'Please, Angel... now, I want you now....'

Angel smiled quietly to himself. He was enjoying this foreplay stuff. Being Angel was much more fun than being Angelus, and he had outlasted Spike. That was always important: beating his childe at anything... everything. Still more Angelus than he probably realised, Angel sat back on his heels and looked at Spike's desperate face.

Suddenly, Angel didn't feel so confident. 'Err... shouldn't we use something? I want you to enjoy this.'

Spike nodded, 'Too right, mate.'


'Well, what? Angel, don't bleeding tell me you came here with nothing to use?'

Angel immediately became defensive, 'I thought I'd probably fail that stupid test and you'd get all hormonal on me again. Why didn't you think about it and buy some?'

Spike held up his hands for Angel's inspection, showing him the bleeding, torn, bitten cuticles. 'I didn't think you'd pass it either, Angel. 'Til I saw you in the cemetery tonight, I was convinced I'd never see you again. So, not feeling much like buying fuck supplies.'

'You must have something here... hand cream... hair...?' Angel was stopped by the look of total derision on Spike's face.

'You're the poof, Angel, not me.'

'Stop calling me that. You're the one lying there with your legs in the air.'

'That can be easily changed.' Spike made to sit up, but Angel put a soft restraining hand on him.


Spike's jaw dropped open. 'Fuck me. I thought the kissing, licking, and sucking was different enough to the old Irish bloke, but that was pure Angel, wasn't it?'

'Pure frustration more like. Want to keep you with your legs in the air.'

'Come on, poof, we can argue later, fuck now, yes?'

'Yes... think we covered that, Spike... but....'

'Angel, look in your bleedin' pockets, mate....'

Angel scrambled up and checked the pockets of his coat and then he felt through the pockets of his pants. Eventually, he sheepishly held up a small pot of nail cream. 'It's Cordy's, I just picked it up....'

Spike could hardly speak for laughing. He continued to chortle quietly to himself as Angel spread the cool gel on his hole. He only stopped when he felt that same coolness being eased in and around his tight channel. That stopped him entirely, and his soft laughter became moans of pleasure.

Angel stood up and pushed Spike's legs right back until he was almost bent double. He took his cock in his hand and rubbed it over the slick, waiting entrance, and then with a restraint he had never used before on entry to this delicious place, he eased his cockhead through the tight ring. They both groaned in unison at the sensations. Angel watched as his cock was completely encased in the tight muscle. Spike watched as he stretched around the pale, glistening shaft. Angel leant towards Spike and started to push slowly in. The ease with which Spike's body accepted him made him speed up. He gripped Spike's thighs with a desperate force and started long, insistent thrusts. Almost immediately, Spike grasped Angel's forearms, digging his nails painfully into the skin. 'There, there, again, Jesus, Angel, again, there.'

Once more, Angel knew exactly what Spike was now feeling. He'd felt that spot come alive for him. He knew the swelling of pleasure, knew the way Spike would be cresting towards his release. He took one of Spike's hands off his arms and placed it on the urgent erection swelling against Spike's belly. He kept his hand on Spike's, and they worked his cock together, as he continued his thrusting.

'Open your eyes.' Angel's voice was strained and tight, full of the intense emotions that Spike's body was giving him. Spike's eyes flew open; he smiled at Angel and gave him a small nod of understanding. He had to stop being the childe, just as much as Angel had to stop being the sire. He was allowed to watch now. Angel gave him back a small smile of reassurance; it was all he could manage, given he was about to explode inside Spike. He felt his whole body participating in this imminent orgasm. He was connected to Spike not just through the parts of their bodies that were joined, but also through desire, need, and, possibly, even love. Angel stared at Spike as he started to cum. As he felt his seed leave his balls and travel up his shaft he thought about love. As his slit opened and sent powerful jets of cum into Spike's body, he thought about life with Spike, and as he threw back his head and heard himself howling out the pleasure of his orgasm, he thought about eternity.

It took many minutes for Angel to empty himself completely into Spike. After a while, his mind went quite numb from the pleasure. He could think about nothing more intelligent than the need for release and the exquisite feel of relief. He felt tension that had been stored for years flowing freely from his body. He almost melted into Spike's body, dissolved into the tight, receptive channel that seemed to have an endless capacity for being filled. At last he was spent. At last he stopped thrusting and jerking and shaking against Spike. He sagged slightly against Spike's thighs and opened his eyes, realising with a shiver of pleasure that he was panting deeply, something he had never had to do with a lover before.

With a low moan of delight, Angel realised that Spike had not yet cum. Spike's cockhead was a deep purple against his pale belly; it glistened wetly in the low candlelight, covered and slick with the precum that Spike was working around it with his fisting. Angel bent over Spike and stilled his hand for a moment, then took the smooth knob in his mouth, sucking it like a sweet plum. Spike gave in to the need to scream. He just let it out, a high-pitched, uncontrollable scream that tore through the cavern. Angel cupped the root of Spike's cock in both hands, enfolding his soft sac in the gentle embrace, and moved his mouth in slow, languid strokes up and down the sweet tasting skin. Spike's scream was cut off into low sobs of pleasure as Angel started to suck. He sealed his lips around the cockhead ridge and used his strong tongue and lips mercilessly, drawing fluid out from the slit in ever increasing amounts.

Suddenly, they both felt it. Angel felt Spike's sac swell in his hands; he felt the rush of cum shoot up the shaft and jet powerfully into his mouth. Spike felt the most intense relief as the cold seed flowed from his body to Angel's with a deep, satisfying rush. He held Angel's head close to him; he pulled his legs up and wrapped them around Angel's broad back and rode out the blissful feeling of cuming deeply into Angel's mouth.

Angel felt himself slip out of Spike, his cock expelled on a rush of his own cum. He didn't mind, it enabled him to push his mouth just that bit deeper into Spike's root and feel Spike's legs tighten that bit more around him. At last they were both empty and full at the same time. Empty of themselves and full of the other... it was a unique sensation for both of them. Angel collapsed onto Spike, and Spike's only response was to lower his legs from Angel's back and replace them, once more, with his strong arms. Angel moved until his head was nestled in the hollow of Spike's shoulder and let out a long, deep sigh of contentment. New experiences: breathing, panting, sighing, and loving…he felt slightly overwhelmed by it all.

Spike said nothing; he only stroked Angel's hair and ran his hands over Angel's back thoughtfully. At last, Angel could stand the silence no longer. He tested his voice just to make sure that he could still speak, and then said hesitantly, 'So, where do we go from here?' Spike's response surprised him, and he lifted his head for a moment and chuckled. 'Hey, what was that? I felt a distinct shudder run right through you.'

Spike gave an embarrassed grin. 'Nothing, luv. Nothing's wrong... only I had a hideous flashback to me re-enactment of Chorus Line there for a moment.'

'Huh. And who's evading the question now?'

'Yeah, I know. But I can't answer you, Angel. I don't know, and that's the bleedin' truth. But if it's any consolation, I've been more bloody miserable this last week than I've ever been in me whole unlife.'



'More miserable than the week I made you learn the piano?'

'Oh, well, obviously, no. That was....'

'More miserable than when I destroyed your ring?'

'Oh, bog off, Angel. I've been too miserable to wear me bleedin' duster, that's how bad it's been.'

'So, are you going to come to LA with me?'

'What? To live?'


'Fuck. No. Angel, I've done LA, didn't agree with me. Told Dru that when she wanted me to come back.'

'Dru wanted you to come to LA?'


'Why didn't you tell me this?'

'Well, for one thing we weren't speaking to each other and, for another, I had other things on me mind at the time.'

'Are you smirking?'

'Course not. But whatever, LA's out.'


'And I guess you don't want to come here....'

'Err... no!'

'Well, don't sound too bloody enthusiastic, will you?'

'Spike, you don't even have a shower. I shower at least three times a day. How would I exist here?'

'I'm gonna say this just once, Angel. Don't be shocked, but... you... are... a... poof!'

'Maybe, least I'm clean!'

'Are you casting aspersions?'

Angel sat up and pointed to something on Spike's leg. 'What's this then?'

Spike peered at the offending item curiously. 'Something sticky?'

'Exactly.' Angel lay back down with the air of someone who has satisfactorily proved a necessary point.

'Err... Angel... I think that's just come out of you!'

'I think not. That was there before we started.'

Spike pushed Angel off and sat up. 'Oh, bloody hell, Angel. Were you inspecting me before you shagged me?'

'How the hell do I know where you'd been?'

'You bastard! Get out of my bed!'

'What! You can't order me around!'

'I just did. Piss off!'

'Make me.'


'You heard me... childe.'

'Oh... that's what we're playing now, are we? Being Angel got a bit too tiring for you, did it... Angelus?'

'Don't call me that.'

'Oh... you bleedin' hypocrite. You didn't object to pretending to be him to trick me onto your cock last week.'

'Seems I remember being on your cock, Spike.'

'Oh yeah... jees, that was memorable then... slipped my mind for a minute.'

'It's not going to work, Spike.'


'You're not going to ruin this and then blame it on me like you always do.'

'Oh... you are such a git, Angel. I've got good reason to hate you: a week! It took you a bloody week, Angel, to realise you didn't know shit about me... to realise you'd had to think about me constantly cus you didn't bleedin' know me at all. I hate you... a whole bloody week, Angel.'

'I know... I know, I'm sorry, oh God, it was awful, Spike. I couldn't think of a single thing. At one point I was seriously considering buying you a table lamp I was so desperate. I realised I knew nothing about my childe.'

Angel started to get up from the bed in disgust with himself. Spike could see a major brood coming on and wanted to avert it. He was allowed to be furious with Angel, but Angel was not allowed to brood. That was just a waste of valuable shag time. He sat back against the crypt wall and pulled Angel into his arms. Angel resisted for a brief moment, but acquiesced to the comfort, relaxing into Spike's arms.

'Hey, poof, don't... I can hardly talk, can I? I don't know a bleedin' thing about you either. I don't know the names of your human friends; I don't even know where you live... I had to ask the address from Red. It's both of us, pet.'

'But I'm the sire, Spike. It's kind of more my job to know.'

'Well, I'm the childe; I should have been paying more attention.'



'So much for moving on, Spike. We've come full circle… sire, childe. You told Angelus that this was all meaningless.'

'Huh, you're right. Maybe I was feeling guilty, cus I made it meaningless.'

'We did.'

'So, I hate to say this, and I'm gonna try and keep the light, teenage lilt out of my voice, but… where do we go from here?'

'Could you cope with weekend visits?'

'I don't have weekends.'


'Well, I don't really have weeks… so, no weekends really… or all weekends… depends on how you see it, I guess.'

'Well, I do. I have the place to myself, almost, most weekends. Would you come to LA for the weekends?'

'I guess I could do that. Once or twice, see how it goes.'

'It's Saturday tomorrow.'

'Oh, didn't know. Well….'

Angel had a flashback to Wesley suggesting a calendar as a present and smiled. 'Come back with me tonight?'

'For my first weekend? Feel like a bleedin divorce victim.'

Angel could sense that Spike was feeling vulnerable about this new arrangement. They had said new beginnings but it always seemed to be Spike having to acquiesce to Angel's ideas.

Angel twisted around in Spike's arms and pulled him down for a few kisses. It already seemed a long time ago that he had kissed this exciting, enticing mouth. Finally he pulled away, but holding Spike firmly in the crook of his arm, he said quietly, 'I could come here next weekend. If you'd like.'

Spike pulled away and looked at him incredulously. 'You're serious? No shower, no lecky, no home comforts at all? You'd come here?'

'Would you be here?'

'Well, duh!'

'All the home comforts I need.' Secretly, Angel was wondering what Buffy would think if he turned up asking to use the shower, but he didn't tell Spike that.

Spike reached for his cigarettes, slid down the bed, and laid his head on Angel's belly. He lit up and drew a long, sweet mouthful of smoke into his lungs. He blew the smoke out slowly, completely oblivious to Angel's huff of distaste. 'I don't believe you smoke in bed, Spike. It's so dangerous.'

Withering hardly described the look that Spike gave Angel. He blew the next mouthful of smoke directly into Angel's face and laughed delightedly.

They lay contentedly together for a long time while Spike smoked and Angel brooded.

Eventually, Angel grabbed Spike's lighter and held it up out of reach. 'Enough. You've smoked enough. Answers, I want answers, Spike. Will you come back with me tonight, and shall I come here next week?'

'Why not you stay now, and I come over next week?'

'Oh.' Angel immediately thought about all the things he had planned that weekend. He had people to see, things to do, and meetings he had to be at. Then he thought with a shiver of fear that he only had the clothes he'd worn here tonight. He utterly refused to put on the same clothes in the morning that he'd worn the night before. With no changing or washing for almost all of his ninety years of major soul brooding, he felt he was owed that luxury. He was also sweaty and sticky and wanted a shower… had been looking forward to his shower when he got home. Then he wondered if this was another test. Was this Spike's twisted way to prove, yet again, that he came first? Maybe by his very hesitation, he'd blown it again. Maybe Spike would take hesitation to mean he didn't want him. Angel almost regretted starting on this scary path with Spike. Spike was hard work, unpredictable, and Angel sucked at easy, predicable relationships. Hell, he hadn't even been able to date a seventeen-year-old girl. How more vacuous and easy could you get than that?

'It's not easy, is it?' Spike's quiet comment, mirroring his own thoughts, surprised Angel. He gave a deep sigh.

'No, it's not, Spike. It's not easy at all. All right. I'll stay here until Sunday night. Then I have to get back. Okay?'

Spike turned to him with a huge grin on his face. 'You are so going to be spoilt for this. I am so going to make you glad you agreed.'

Angel laughed, his mood soaring with Spike's happy face. 'I already am, Spike. I don't need rewarding.'

Spike twitched his eyebrows at him. 'Sure?' He slid slightly further down Angel's body. 'Positive?' He took the tip of Angel's semi-hard penis in his mouth and sucked gently for a moment. 'Changed your mind yet?'

Angel took Spike's head in his hands and forced him down onto his cock, noting with pleasure how it swelled to Spike's touch. 'Yes. I have. Reward me.'

Angel felt Spike smile around his shaft. He folded his arms behind his head and let Spike have some fun with him. He allowed Spike to bite lightly all down his erection; he allowed him to draw a little blood from some of the bites, and let him swirl it around the tiny, sensitive slit. Spike kept him on a peak of orgasm for a very long time. He drew out the sensations, used every bit of knowledge he had about this cock to give Angel maximum pleasure. By the end of his reward, Angel had his arms wrapped over his face, and he was keening lightly, almost thrashing from side-to-side on the bed. He had forgotten just how talented Spike's mouth could be. He had forgotten that he given the talent to that mouth. When Spike allowed Angel's release, the scream he let forth was almost painful. He couldn't catch the breath he didn't need; he couldn't stop spurting deep into Spike's throat.

Afterwards, he felt weak and helpless, unable to do anything but lie in Spike's arms.

'Was it ever like that? Why wasn't it like that, Spike?'

'When, poof?'

'When you did that before, for… him.'

'Oh. Dunno, wasn't it?'

'Err… no. I can say with some certainty that that was quite new.'

'Huh. Good. So, glad you're staying?'

'What do you think?'

'Oh, I think you're worrying about things you had to do this weekend, clothes you haven't brought, and that tiny bit of dried cum just there… oh, and the bits in your hair. That's what I think. Oh and about someone coming in. That about cover it?'

Angel felt that unpleasant furtiveness come over him again that he'd been feeling all week. He hadn't known about his hair until Spike mentioned it, and he had forgotten about someone coming in. He twisted in Spike's arms when he heard a low chuckle. 'Don't worry, Angel. I did one useful thing this week; I put a large bolt on the door. We won't be disturbed.'

Angel felt himself relax again. Only the clothes and hair to worry about now. He could last twenty-four hours, couldn't he?

'So, what do you want to do?'

Angel looked at Spike again. 'Sleep?'


'Well, yes.'

'You sure you can cope? It's very un-Angelus like.'

'Are you trying to provoke me or something, Spike?'

Spike smiled. 'Is it working?'


'I'm scared.'

Angel sat up, incredulous. 'You? Spike? The Big Bad? My Childe? Scared?'

Spike nodded to each of his appellations complacently. 'I am. I'm scared, and I'm not afraid to admit it.'


'Cus this….' He indicated the bed and them in it. 'This gives me something to lose. I told you, Angel… well, I thought I was telling Angelus, you git… I told you, I'd stake myself before I let this happen, but I haven't, have I? I've let it happen.'

Angel wrapped his arms around his knees and turned his head to one side to look at Spike. Spike could have wept from that look, it was so bloody difficult to resist. 'Maybe we've been too hasty, Spike.'

Spike felt a shiver of fear run down his spine. He was all for talking about problems and admitting fears, but he didn't want Angel agreeing with him. Angel was not supposed to say that! Angel was supposed to laugh him out of it and make love to him again. Hell, he could even try buying him something! Agreeing with him and looking sad was not part of the bargain.

'Err… hasty? You think we should end this then?' Spike tried to picture his life now without the promise of Angel in it. He tried to put himself back to that moment when he had made the phone call to the magic shop. If Angel buggered off to LA for another hundred years, could he pick up the pieces of his old life? Could he be satisfied with that? Spike knew the answer to both of these questions… it was no, he could not. He needed Angel now as he had once needed to hunt; Angel had quickly become his new obsession.

He tried to climb off the bed, needing to put some space between them. He tried to shake Angel's hand off his thigh. He wasn't listening to Angel's words; all he could think about was space. He needed distance. But Angel would not let him go. He jumped up and blocked his way; he pushed lightly at Spike's belly trying to make him listen. Eventually, Spike stopped trying to fight him and sat down sadly on the edge of the bed.

Angel crouched in front of Spike and took his face in his hands. 'Spike, calm down and listen. Look at me.' Spike didn't want to, but forced his eyes to Angel. 'Not too hasty about this.…' Angel ran his finger lightly through the dried cum on Spike's chest. 'Not this, but too hasty about casting off the old roles so easily. We said new beginnings, and I've tried not to be your sire, and you've tried (for your whole unlife) not to be my childe. But maybe we've been too hasty doing that. That's all I meant. Spike, I'm not giving you up now. We will work out how we are going to do this, but I just wondered if we cast all we knew away too quickly. Would it make you less afraid if you were just my childe again for a while, and I was your sire? I know it would me.'

'Huh. So… how would that work then?' Spike slid back onto the bed and pulled Angel to him once more, but Angel pulled away a little and lay so he could see Spike's face.

'Well, we wouldn't have to see deep...' Angel's lips twitched as he tried to look serious and sire-like. '...or poofy meaning in any of this.'

'That would be good. Not poofy, definitely good.'

'I could come here because I'm your sire, and I need to keep you in line.'

'Of course. I could do with a bit of that. Been a bit out of line for a while, straightening out would be good.'

'Then you'd have to come to LA because I summon you, as your sire.'

'Well, obviously. Course I would. No other reason to go… but if you summoned me, I'd have to.'

'I get to do all the entering; you do all the sucking.'

Spike laughed. 'Yeah, fuck that, that's definitely history… change staying in there. This is gonna be sire/childe a la 2002, Angel.'

Angel shrugged provocatively. 'Had to try. So, how does all that sound? Less scary?'

Spike didn't answer for a while. Angel didn't try to make him. It was difficult for either of them to talk, given they were swapping tongues. Neither voiced the thought they both had that this was not really sire/childe behaviour in any century, that this kissing, biting, rolling, laughing, playing, and almost merging into each other with lust, was just them.

Eventually, Spike pulled away and, avoiding Angel's eager, insistent mouth, said, 'So, sire… what do you want to do now?'

Angel laughed delightedly, stretched his arms lazily above his head and repeated his earlier suggestion. 'Sleep?'

Spike lay on his back, too, and mirrored Angel's relaxed posture. He chuckled as he repeated his earlier reply. 'Together?'

Angel turned his head on the pillow teasing his gaze over Spike's profile. He waited until Spike turned his face, too, then said very softly, 'Of course, I'm your sire; I get to say what we do, how we do it, and when we do it. I say sleep, you sleep. I say together, you come to me, like this.' He spooned Spike in against his chest and wrapped his arms around the incredibly thin, yet strong, torso.

Spike pushed himself back closer to the solid body behind him and lightly stroked the soft hairs on Angel's arm with one lazy finger. When he spoke, his voice was so choked with emotion, he had to pause and wait for self control to return. 'So, as the childe, what do I get to do?'

Spike felt Angel's mouth on his hair, felt the arms tighten even more possessively around him. 'You get to sleep without fear, without worry, and without doubt, because I am your sire, and I am with you.'

Spike tipped his head back slightly so he could feel the sensation of having someone sharing his pillow and smiled to himself. He relaxed totally into Angel's arms. He had no need to worry now about why he was here, or why he felt about Angel as he did. He told himself it was just blood and bonds of filial affection, and that made him unbelievably content. Angel was his sire. It was so simple. What need did they have for human labels or human ways of looking at love? He'd been confused that was all.

Spike knew Angel was not asleep; he could almost hear him brooding. Eventually, he slid his hand behind him and rested it on Angel's hip. 'What's up, doc?'

'I give us about a month, don't you?'

Spike twisted around in Angel's arms and looked at him. Angel kissed him lightly and smiled. 'A month before we'll stop being scared, hey?'

Spike chuckled. 'So, one month before you have to face up to the fact that you really are a poof then?'

As his hand was delicately brushing over the soft curls around Spike's cock, Angel found it hard deny this as vehemently as he wanted to; he only moved the hand provocatively to the insistent erection and said quietly, 'I'm not fucking alone here, Spike.'

Spike groaned. 'Shit, I'll have to buy nail cream then, won't I?'

'Well, I'll have to buy you romantic presents.'

'Not a table lamp, though.'

Angel slid down further in the bed so he could replace hand, with mouth. 'So, one more month when we can do this without worrying. Better not waste it then.'

They didn't. They made the most of the entire weekend. Spike's new bolt effectively kept them isolated from the rest of the Sunnydale world. It passed them by as they renewed old bonds that had been allowed to fade. It had to end though. Sunday night came by with that rapidity that the rest of the working world finds. Angel had to leave. He felt Spike's mood dropping, watched as his face lost its openness and became as closed to emotion as when he had first seen it as Angelus. He tried to cheer him up with promises of the following weekend, but could tell that this was still too unknown a territory for Spike to find reassuring.

When Angel left, Spike walked back through the cemetery alone again. He went in to his crypt and hopped up on the tomb, lit a cigarette, and lay down, spreading his arms out in a mock crucifix. There were so many emotions tumbling through his head that even he, with his usually agile and sharp brain, could not make sense of them all.

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