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The Darkling Plain - Episode 10

Chapter 9

Spike went immediately to the fire and stoked it up, throwing logs on with abandon. When he was happy with it, he deliberately ignored Angel on the couch and went to make the promised tea. He warmed a few pints of blood, too, and brought those back, washing the mugs thoroughly before he filled them.

Angel was sitting with his feet up on the couch in front of him, arms tightly wrapped around his legs. He looked cold and absurdly young.

Spike handed him the first mug of blood and watched, pleased, when it was taken with no protest. Trusting Angel to actually drink it by himself, he picked his tea up and sipped it, staring silently into the flames.

After a few moments, he fetched his book and sat cross-legged, balancing his mug carefully on one knee. He read with concentration, tipping the page to the light from the fire. The only time he acknowledge Angel's presence alongside him was to take the empty mug from him and pass him another.

When he saw that one being drunk, too, he relaxed fractionally and went back to his reading.

The fire burnt ferociously, warming their skin. Droc stretched out on the rug, groaning as if being singed, but stretching to the heat anyway.

When Angel finished his second mug of blood, he unclasped his legs and put the mug on the floor. Now his legs were down, he stretched them to the warmth and folded his arms across his chest. His bare feet so close to the dog, it was only a small reach to bury his toes into Droc's straggly fur.

'I think I'll go away for a while.'

The dog jumped slightly at the odd sound of speech after all this time; Spike congratulated himself on not jumping. 'Huh. Okay, if you think that's best. Any ideas where?'

'No, I've just thought of it.'


'Are you trying to make me go?'

'Noo, just being helpful, Luv. You know me.'

Angel flicked his eyes over but made no further comment, until he murmured petulantly, 'You want me to go.'

Spike raised one eyebrow but didn't look up.

'And I get that. I do.'

Once more, a page was finished and another one started.

'There's nothing inside anymore. Nothing to love, I guess.'

A log settled on the fire, sending sparks up into the dark, and they both lifted their heads to stare at it.

'I've always had him, Spike, when I've been a demon. He's always been inside of me, telling me what to say- the smart funny things I occasionally said. Showing me how to act- when I was cool or sexy or just… interesting. None of that was ever me. It was always him. And now he's silent. It's just me, and I don't know what to say. I don't know how to act. I woke up alone, and I had absolutely no idea who I was. For the first time, I was a demon, but I didn't have Angelus.'

When some response was clearly required, Spike said quietly, 'You gave a pretty good impression of him for a while there.'

Angel pouted. 'I think I kinda over did it a bit…maybe…?'

Spike smiled fondly, but buried it in his pretence at reading.

'I tried to be how he used to make me feel: underneath where I didn't let anyone see. It's what we did this for. You wanted him back. Not me.'

'Is that so?'

'Put the book down, Spike.'

'Are we talking now?'

Angel took a small breath. 'Yes.'

Spike lifted his face and smiled lovingly at him. He put his hand to Angel's cheek and deliberately laid down his book. 'Good. Let's do this thing, Angel. Let's talk.'

'What am I going to do? Without him?'

'Be happy?'

'How do you do that? What is happiness? It's not something I've ever let myself think about. Not something I was ever allowed to have. But now….' He trailed off and stared at his nails for a moment. 'It's anchored. I've no excuse now for not being happy, but I have no idea how to do that.'

'Do you want this thing to work? Do you want to be here with me?'

Angel turned on the couch and took Spike's fingers loosely in his hands, playing with them. He didn't bother to reply, and Spike chuckled. 'Okay, given that you're not going on your little trip then, let's see if we can't figure out how to make you a bit happier.' He leant forward and kissed Angel's hands, turning them to kiss the knuckles, reverence as much as love passing from his lips to the cool flesh.

Angel tipped his head a little to one side, and Spike saw tears glisten, threatening to fall. 'I'm sorry. I hurt you.'

Spike shook his head. 'I got fucked on the kitchen counter, Angel. Do it again now if you're up for it. I sure am.'

'I meant… flirting… being so… dumb all night.'

Spike grinned. 'I kinda enjoyed most of it, Pet. It was strangely… endearing.'

'I want to be what I was for you, Spike: your sire- Angelus.'

Spike shook his head wearily. 'What am I gonna do with you, Doofus? Come here….' They kissed gently, Angel's mouth soft, his lips warmed from the heat of the room.

Gradually, Spike pushed Angel onto his back and rose over him, implacable. 'Open your legs for me.'

Angel frowned and looked away for a moment.

'You don't need to be anything else, or more than what you are. Bugger Angelus. You spent your whole time fighting him, and now you've won; so, do what conquerors always do: take what you want of him. Take his strength. Take his sense of humour and his great taste in clothes. Take his wildness and his total lack of reverence for anything. Take his passion. Take his childe, Angel. Take it all, and make it yours.'

Spike eased his hand between Angel's legs. 'Were you Angelus when you let me take you in that damn sewer- even when you were so scared I could almost hear your heart thumping in your chest again?'

He cupped the heavy, cool balls in his hand and weighed them, jiggling them until Angel moaned faintly.

'Was it Angelus who finally admitted that he didn't want to be my sire, that he wanted to be my lover?'

The low moans increased in volume when he pulled the soft sac down and played with it in his hand.

'Was it Angelus who let me have the freedom to discover that our kind of love isn't wrong? Who let me break his heart in the process of that discovery?'

The small hole seemed to be waiting for him and quivered when he brushed the tip of his fingers over the soft skin.

'Was it Angelus who restored my soul- who never gave up on me, even when everyone else had?'

When he pressed his thumb to the enticing hole, it went through easily, Angel's smooth walls welcoming him.

'It obviously wasn't Angelus who was willing to walk into the sun rather than let him come back into the world. And I damn well know it wasn't Angelus who step-by-step romanced me back into his bed when I'd been stupid enough to leave it.'

He paused for a moment, two fingers now inserted and lying dormant in the tight channel. With his other hand he caught Angel around the back of the neck and held him close. 'Was it Angelus I fell in love with?' With a smile of delight and a strong hook of his fingers over Angel's prostate, he answered that question himself.

Angel cried out and arched to the pressure. He grabbed Spike's wrist and tried to force him to press harder and insert further.

Spike leant close to Angel's ear and whispered, 'That's right, Luv. That was you. All of it. Bugger Angelus; you don't need him, and I sure as hell don't. This is just us now, and we'll do what we always do: we'll be magnificent.'

Suddenly, there was a sound of a zipper being lowered. Spike withdrew his fingers, despite protest, and took hold of his penis, easing it out over the small metal teeth, rubbing it over the open, slick hole. With a grunt of pleasure, he pushed in.

Angel scrunched up at the waist and caught at Spike's face wildly. 'Will you teach me to be happy?'

Spike tipped his head back and laughed. He pushed Angel's legs back and pulled out just enough to admire the sight of his prick, flushed and thick, seated in the perfect hole.

'Yes, my love, that I will.' Leaning hard on Angel's knees, keeping him open and pliant, Spike began to jerk his hips into the tight grip. He gritted his teeth at the sensation, his eyelids fluttering closed slightly in pleasure.

Angel was playing with his own cock in time to the jerks in his rectum, waiting until Spike shoved in to pull his stiffness from root to tip, swirling his palm around his leaking head when Spike paused embedded, then driving his foreskin down and rubbing it as Spike pulled out in preparation for entry once more.

They were totally engrossed in the pleasure from their bodies, pale figures writhing and illuminated by the flickering light from the fire. The only sounds were the sounds of flesh: wet flesh on wet flesh; flesh worked and strained and taken to the extremes of pleasure.

One hard thrust too far, and they half-fell off the couch, Angel upside down, Spike kneeling over him, still thrusting. Only now it felt as if he could reach Angel's throat and see the bulbous head of his cock bobbing like a second Adam's apple in Angel's throat. He put his hand to Angel's belly and pushed harder, wanting to feel his hard column moving deep through the chest, rubbing up against Angel's heart. Still he thrust, grunting now with every jerk, his balls like lead weights attached to him: uncomfortable, swollen and heavy, and needing to empty.

Angel spread his arms above his head, curling and uncurling his fingers in the rug, thrashing his head from side to side each time Spike hit his prostate. Rung by rung, his body climbed to the top of the ladder that lead inexorably to his orgasm.

Spike took hold of Angel's thighs and pushed them all the way over his head, doubling him up, careless of Angel's dignity or pride or previous need to assert himself as the leader of this small pack. Angel was now relegated to a tight hole bringing him off.

Angel's cock bounced with every thrust- high on his chest. Angel grunted with mindless curiosity and lifted his head toward the dripping tip.

Spike almost came on the spot at the realisation of Angel's intent, his prick swelling and lengthening inside the tight rectum, as if trying to reach the soft lips itself. Angel caught the tip of his cock between his lips, and his tongue flicked out, licking the small drops that clung there.

Spike cried out and bent him over some more. The whole head then disappeared inside Angel's mouth, his cheeks bulging slightly at the size.

Spike felt his balls lift and tighten, and knew he was very close. Another thrust pushed the whole shaft into Angel's mouth. He watched, fascinated and turned on, at the thick, shiny, red column easing between the moist lips.

Then something hit him - like a huge wind would - bowing his back toward Angel, forcing Angel's cock deeper into his mouth, taking his breath away, his loud pants now stilled as his whole body became pure pleasure and surge of release.

With a final grunt of wonder and delight, Spike watched Angel's cock ejaculate, throbbing and twitching, held as it was between his loose lips. Cum dribble out of Angel's lips, and for an absurd moment, Spike felt it was as if his sperm were travelling through Angel's body and escaping out of his perfect mouth.

Spike continued to press on the back on Angel's thighs, keeping him curled and spread so wide that he could insert a finger alongside his cock and stroke his slick hardness as he finished pumping his seed; so wide that he could see the pink flushed walls inside the tight ring and watch them pulse faintly from the friction of his fucking. Most of all, though, he kept him curled so he could watch him sucking and licking the tip of his own cock and watch him swallowing his own cum in deep drafts.

Slowly, he leant in between Angel's legs, staying embedded, not dislodging Angel's cock from his mouth, and kissed the slick, raw shaft. Angel hissed and sucked harder, swirling his tongue delightedly around the swollen slit. With a slow, lazy grin, Spike slid his mouth higher until their lips met, sharing the pleasure of the cock between them. It slipped out of Angel's mouth, only to be caught in Spike's. He chuckled and sucked, playing with it for a while before mouthing it back to Angel to enjoy, and all the while he jerked indolently into Angel's backside, just enjoying the sensation of his own cum around his prick, enjoying the slickness and the easy way Angel's rectum stretched to fit him.

Inevitably, Spike became hard once more. Angel felt the swelling in him again and began to mouth further down his cock, taking the whole head into his mouth, along with Spike's tongue. Between them they flicked and licked and stimulated the head. Angel's hand crept to his balls, and he fondled them and pulled at the root of his cock as they worked the tip. To help him out, Spike ran his tongue out of Angel's mouth and down the glistening column, amazed, as he always was, by its width and strength. It tasted so good: this potent mixture of Angel's cum and spit. He mouthed down to meet Angel's hand, and suddenly felt the fingers run through his hair, stroking him. He turned his head to the caress, slowing his thrusting inside Angel's body.

Time slowed down for them then. Already relieved once, the urgency to spill wasn't there, and they could take their time. Spike began to explore Angel's rectum with his hardness, trying to find a place he'd not felt before, a small space of Angel's body that wasn't already his- which he could now possess.

He concentrated on the feel of the slick rawness under his tongue, running the sensitive tip of this organ over Angel's prominent veins and the ridge of his cockhead. Leaning harder on Angel, he could push more and more of the cock into Angel's mouth, watch as Angel's cheeks bulged, as his throat looked strained and full. He mouthed into the balls when the prick was buried deep into Angel's face, licking over their hairy, corrugated surface, separating them and teasing them apart, then crunching them back together until Angel cried out around the constriction in his throat.

When Angel opened his mouth, his cock bounced free, and the tiny beads of cum and spit clinging to the tip flicked off and caught in the low firelight like tiny drops of lake water. Spike lifted his face, closed his eyes, and let them splatter on him.

He opened his eyes and looked down. Suffused with heat and pleasure, Angel glowed faintly in the soft light, as if he had won some great redemptive prize. Suddenly aware of the scrutiny, Angel lowered his eyes seductively and then looked back up with a wry grin. Spike smiled back, and they brought their mouths together softly. Angel lowered his legs, and Spike got comfortable on his belly, the slow fucking almost forgotten at the taste and feel of this mouth that he had missed more than he had ever allowed himself to acknowledge.

Angel tasted of sex. His tongue eased hesitantly between Spike's lips, as if unsure of their welcome, as if this was the first time they'd done this strange, male-to-male act. Slightly surprised, after all that had just happened between them, Spike looked up into Angel's eyes, but saw they were creased with humour. He opened his eyes wide with pleasure- Angel had never flirted with him while they made love, and that he was doing it now instantly hardened him more, made him tip his head back a little and look down to where they were joined once more. He would never tire of watching his penis entering Angel. He looked back up and caught Angel watching him with an amused smile. They settled back to the kiss, no pretence between them, now educated, talented, and experienced with the other's mouth. Angel bit Spike's lower lip, just enough to drive the blood out, watching avidly as it flooded back. With a small, sly glance, he bit a little harder. Spike winced and licked at the small bead of ruby-red blood that welled out. Angel laughed and caught him in a tight embrace, taking all that blood for himself. He fed like a baby at the teat: small sucks, then a pause to let the food build, then more intense little sucks. Spike felt the sucking in the tip of his cock. Tiny nerve endings fired off at each small withdrawal of blood. He felt his precum pumping out, cool and sticky around his heavy shaft.

Angel pulled away from Spike's mouth and laid his head back on the rug for a moment, and then with a small shake, he slid into demon form. Spike lifted an eyebrow in surprise, and Angel frowned as if something was odd about the sensation now. He shrugged and came back up to Spike's mouth, now able to slice precisely and viciously into his tongue, this small sliver of Spike's flesh now bleeding copiously. Copper-salt blood filled Spike's mouth, running out and into Angel's.

Angel eased Spike's lips apart and sucked his tongue into his own mouth so it bled directly into him, letting the red flow trickle down his throat. With tiny grazes of his fangs, he kept the tongue cut and bleeding, all the while kissing and opening his demonic mouth to Spike's. With a small, dark laugh, Spike slid into his vampire face, too, and they continued to kiss for a moment until they pulled apart with wry faces, licking their bruised lips. Both shrugged off their demons at the same time and returned to the kiss with mouths better formed for this: teeth blunt and tucked away behind soft, eager flesh.

Angel lifted his legs and wrapped them around Spike's back, crossing his ankles, locking them. Spike's brain connected with his dick once more, and he sped up slightly in the well-worked rectum, Angel chuckling and arching back at the resumption of the incredible pounding he'd endured for so long.

Spike hung his head to watch again and then lowered his mouth to Angel's right nipple. He licked it, watching with fascination as a trail of his blood slicked out from his still bleeding tongue. He placed his lips over the small nub and sucked hard, pulling it up into his mouth, stretching the roots of the nipple high, causing fissions of pleasure to fire off throughout Angel's body. Once more, Angel's cock came into his line of sight. It was heavy and pumping out sticky fluid, almost as dense and white as cum. Spike caught some on his fingers and fed it slowly to Angel as he worked his nipples alternatively, pulling them incredibly high, almost torturing the small, red buds.

Eventually, when they were crimson with blood and pain, he allowed himself Angel's cock. Bending sharply at the waist, inch-by-inch, he slid his mouth over the wet hardness. It tasted of the ocean, of seafood in another lifetime, of cum in this one. His lips ground into Angel's dark curls; he let them tickle his nose, pressed into them and took in the unique, beautiful scent. Gradually, he relaxed his throat muscles; gradually, he let Angel's cock take possession of him - down, further, more - until he swallowed deeply. His entire throat spasmed around the thick column, and Angel rose up with a cry of animalistic pleasure, coming in wave after wave of thick sperm that made his cock pulse and thicken in Spike's throat.

The feel of this living organ in his mouth made Spike cum hard and fast in Angel's channel. The pleasure of releasing and swallowing, giving and taking, almost overwhelmed him, and he had to release the thick penis from his mouth, dragging his lips up it as it continued to flood him with sperm. As it fell hard and bouncing from between his lips, he eased out of Angel too, and with a moan of appreciation, they took both cocks in their fists, holding them together - flesh matching pulsing flesh - watching with avid fascination as small eruptions of sperm emerged from flushed lips to cascade down onto Angel's hard, glistening abs.

Angel capitulated first, releasing all the tension in his body with one long sigh. Spike followed, his release of breath bringing him onto Angel's chest, their bodies now drying and sticking together.

Still the fire blazed, now ember hot, enough to cause sex-sated brains to function and feel pain from the burning on their skin.

Spike stretched with another sigh and just made himself more comfortable on the large Angel-mattress. Angel turned his face to the heat, too, and began to run his fingers slowly through Spike's mussed hair.

It was hypnotic, watching the flames and the way the embers sparked to life and died- their lives played out in a blink of the vampires' eyes. It seemed symbolic of something fundamental about their place in the world: eternal, watching those around them spark and die. They had never felt more profound gratitude that, once more, neither of them was alone.

Spike could not have said with any confidence how much time had passed, before a quiet comment disturbed his peace.

'I'll never be able to face any of them again. I've- destroyed all that friendship they gave me.'

The sound of a spoken voice seemed harsh and unnecessary, interrupting the quiet conversation they'd been having through their blood.

Spike didn't lift his head from his comfortable, broad pillow, but began to play with Angel's slightly sore, flushed nipple. 'Trust me?'

Angel made a small, rueful huff that just shook his chest a little, knowing the question had been purely rhetorical.

'Leave things to me then. Bed now? It'll be dawn soon.'

'Back to vampire hours.'

'Only 'til you're rested up like- then it's back to work for you.'

'Just for me?'

Spike regrouped. 'Well, yeah, me, too. You know how hard I work these days.'

Angel suddenly sat up, pulling Spike into a tight hug. 'Bed.'

They stood together and walked in the dark to the bed. Angel chuckled at the dog, which once again had taken refuge there from the activities going on by his fire.

They crawled on and pushed him to one end, then pulled the covers over their unnaturally warm bodies. Angel folded his arms under his head, getting ready for another brood about his new happiness, but Spike unfolded them and tucked the sheet higher under his chin. 'Sleep. You need to recoup your energy. Leave things to me, yeah?'

Angel nodded absentmindedly, and then with a swift, sure move, heaved Spike onto him, cradling the blond head into the hollow of his neck, settling him between his open legs, their comfortably semi-hard penises resting together and sensing occasional, soft twitches from the other.

Spike smiled faintly into the warm, sweat-slicked collarbone and closed his eyes.

He woke when Angel turned over. Dislodged, only an arm now thrown lightly over him, Spike opened his eyes to discover that the sun was overhead and the apartment bathed in light.

Angel's naked body was bathed in light. It lay sleeping and languorous next to him.

Careful not to wake him, Spike sat up. Angel stirred slightly, and his arm moved, seeking his bed companion, but he did not wake.

The sun warmed Spike's back as he sat cross-legged, staring at Angel, but it was nothing to the intense warmth he felt deep in his body: in his gut, in his blood, in his dead heart. He had Angel back- a new Angel, one who had limitless possibilities ahead of him. It was revelatory, and Spike felt the warmth creep to his face, flushing his pale skin with pleasure.

When he discovered that he was grinning, he made a small, wry huff and climbed stealthily off the bed. He beckoned with his head to Droc, grabbed some clothes, and left.

He was still grinning broadly when he reached the offices and tried, slightly in vain, to curb this inane enthusiasm for life.

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