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The Essential Spike - 6

Giles refused to travel through the sewers so made his own way to Spike's crypt. He stood outside in the sun and looked with a puzzled expression at the door. He had felt Spike's need washing over him as they had talked. He didn't know if he could cope with that much need. Being relatively empty - being almost dead inside himself - he was unsure what he could offer to a needy vampire.

Something caught his eye. He looked down. The stake he had left on his last visit still leant against the wall. He remembered finding the destruction; he remembered the feel of Spike distraught in his arms; he felt once more the feel of that slim body; he relived the fight and Spike's desperation… but most of all, he remembered the humour, remembered Spike's eyes on him, recalled waking with him… their whole relationship over the two days crashed through his mind and left him dizzy.

He thought all this and knew he was committed. All detachment was gone; all cool reasoning left him. He had never been empty, just shut off. Spike had turned him back on, and Spike was waiting for him on the other side of the door.

Giles went in slowly. The gloom took a while for his eyes to adjust. He stayed by the door, cautiously. When he could see, he saw Spike. Spike was tidying up. Giles smiled at the endearing sight of Spike doing housework - albeit a rather desultory and devil-may-care type of cleaning. Spike turned around and looked at him thoughtfully, then indicated his armchair. Giles sat down and accepted a handful of the small, white pills. He swilled them down with beer and leant back on the chair, waiting for the old but never forgotten feelings to wash over him. He continued to watch Spike, following his body rapaciously with his eyes. Every bend, every stretch, every twist or turn was fed on and absorbed into his desire for the slim, blond vampire. He glanced at his watch every so often; surprised the effects of the drugs were taking so long. Other than a slight nausea, which could have easily been explained away by apprehension, he felt nothing. Eventually, he stood up and went towards Spike. He slipped his arms around the slim waist and nuzzled into his neck. 'They're not working, I'm afraid Spike. I feel quite normal and quite myself. Sorry.'

Spike turned around in his embrace and grinned, and a chill went down Giles' back. 'Really?' Spike leant into him, pulled back to give him a devilish look, and then put his mouth to Giles' soft neck. He licked one cool, insistent trail up from the hollow to his ear. 'Do you trust me yet, watcher?'

Overcome, Giles was only just able to croak an answer. 'Not bloody likely, but I want you, and there's more trust in that than I've felt for a long time.'

Spike continued to nuzzle into Giles' ear; then Giles felt a tiny prick against his neck. There was no pain; it felt no more than touching a fingertip to a needle and withdrawing in surprise. He wondered why Spike stayed on his neck. He wondered why Spike started to moan. He wondered why he started to feel faint. He pushed Spike away and staggered when he saw the demon eyes staring back at him.

'What have you done to me?'

Spike slid back into human form and backed away slightly, as if to reassure Giles. 'Nothing, pet. I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. But you couldn't feel that, could you?'

'No, I bloody didn't!'

Spike grinned. 'See, you won't feel the other things I'm gonna to do you either. You feeling bold?'

'What did you give me, Spike, some form of demon date rape drug?'

Spike's eyes flew open in surprise; he started to laugh. He tried to stop but caught Giles' outraged middle-aged-Englishman-who-thinks-he's-just-been-given-a-teenage-girls'-drug look, and couldn't. He doubled over as if trying to catch a breath. He leant against the tomb and gradually stilled to quiet amused hiccupping.

Giles came over to him and thrust him back against the cold stone, pinning him there by his shoulders. 'What have you given me, Spike?'

A small hiccup, an amused glance, and Spike said quietly, 'Painkillers, mate, that's all, honest. A handful of 'em so you wouldn't hurt.'

Giles stood back a little aggrieved. 'I thought you were going to give me something more… interesting… so I could… do this thing with you?'

Spike licked his lips slightly and cocked his scarred eyebrow. 'Yeah, well, I figured fucking you stoned wouldn't be much fun. Want you there; want you cognisant; want you participating… just don't want you squealing.'

'I have never squealed about anything in my life, Spike, and… cognisant?'

Spike shrugged. 'Comes of hanging out with books too much… must have had an ulterior motive, mate, all that sitting around with all those dusty tomes. Can't think who it might have been though.'

'Xander Harris probably, knowing my luck.'

Spike laughed and took Giles' hand, guiding him towards the trapdoor. 'Nah, he's another word beginning with 'c' that I don't need no dictionary to spell. Now, you coming? Before those bloody things wear off?'

'Seeing as you've just been kind enough to call me an ulterior motive, I suppose I have no choice.'

'None at all.' Spike let Giles go first down the steep ladder, amused at his wobbly and uncoordinated gait, then jumped down after him. He took hold of Giles' arm then pulled the trap shut.

Giles grabbed at him. 'Hey!'

Spike increased the reassuring hold on Giles' sleeve. 'What?'

'I can't see. Anything. Nothing. It's…' caught out by the unexpected turn of events, his voice was full of apprehension, '…totally dark.'

'It's only underground, pet. I usually have candles and shit, but I've not lit 'um.'

'Err… why not?'

'Cus. This is what I want.'

'What? Me scared and about to have a coronary.'

Spike laughed and started to pull Giles gently towards him. 'Nah, just you not… watching for once. Use your other senses, Giles. Let go a little, hey? No observation, no detachment, no thinking of me as an object: feel me, taste me, listen to me, and smell me.' As if to illustrate his point, Spike brushed his lips over Giles as lightly as a feather. Giles groaned and tried to capture Spike's face for more, but the vampire slid away, silently.



Giles could hear his voice rising in timbre and stopped. His heart was beating rapidly in his chest. Like a child who is playing hide-and-seek with his father, he knew there was nothing to fear, but feared it nevertheless.

Suddenly, a hand slid down his chest, and his shirt fell open. He put a hand to it wonderingly and realised it had been cut off. Before he could comment, the pieces were slipped off his shoulders. He stood bare chested in the slightly damp air. A finger, so soft on his numbed skin he thought at first it was a breath, ran up his spine from the waistband of his jeans to his hairline. He shivered and, as his skin puckered to the delightful sensation, his jeans were opened and slipped off his hips. He stepped out of them and took off his own shorts. Naked, he felt as vulnerable as he had ever felt.

The light touches came thick and fast after this. Sometimes he could almost have sworn they were not fingers but something sharper. He put his hand onto his body and felt dampness, but it could have been sweat. There was no pain, and he didn't really care what was happening to him as long as it continued to happen. He could feel his erection standing against his belly. He felt a man's natural conceit about its hardness and size. He hoped Spike's vampire eyesight was as good as it was reputed to be, for he wanted him to see it and admire him. He moved slightly so it swayed and tapped his stomach.

He was rewarded for this arrogance with a sharp, ringing slap on his backside. It must have been hard for it stung afterwards. He cried out, but they both knew there was only delight and desire in that cry and familiar dark gratification. His payment for not showing pain was a tongue travelling up his aching shaft and swirling around the weeping tip. He cried out once more and put his hands down to Spike, but there was only air. The vampire had merged into the darkness and moved on. Giles hissed in frustration, but the sound was lost to the sharp retort of another slap. Giles braced himself against the ladder and held on as blows rained down on his soft, rounded cheeks. The hand on him was cold and hard, and it hit him unforgivingly. Desperate not to show pain, Giles bit into his lip but, finally, it was too much for him, and the merest groan of pain escaped his lips. The smacking stopped as quickly as it had begun. Giles strained his ears to hear Spike, but the silence mocked him. He reached out in the darkness hesitantly and felt Spike's hair. He knelt beside him and pulled him into his embrace. 'I'm sorry.'

He felt Spike nod, but then he was gone. Giles folded himself around emptiness and tipped onto the ground. Now there was only tongue. No hands, no pain, just an endless licking over his body. Giles turned over and stretched out on the damp ground, revelling in the attention of the talented vampire. The tongue licked around each nipple, and human teeth nibbled at them. The tongue made a damp trail down the breastbone to the navel, and Giles felt it as a distinct chill line on his skin. The tongue played in his belly button, and he clenched his fingers to the sensation. He started to lift his hips and push them to where he thought Spike was kneeling, but again there was nothing. He lay for a long time as if totally alone. Eventually he stood up. He took hesitant steps forward until his legs contacted with something soft and solid. He crawled gratefully onto the bed with a sigh of relief that he had something solid and non-threatening underneath him. He felt light brushing on his wrist, put his hand out, and discovered he had been tied with a piece of soft cloth. It felt like T-shirt material in a long strip. He started to pull it off, alarmed, but heard a sound for a first time since the sensual torture had begun. 'Please….'

Nothing more. It sounded as if it had come from behind him and whirled around feeling for the vampire. He didn't really expect to find him. He debated the binding and knew, if he really wanted to, that he would be able to break from its soft clutches. He lay on his back and stretched his arms above his head. With the loosest of ties, he was fastened to the rail of the bed. He felt the mattress depress as Spike climbed on and smiled that even Spike could not become weightless.

Surprisingly, a potent smell washed over him at the same time as something hot was spilt onto his chest. He recoiled into the bed slightly, overwhelmed by the unexpected sensations. He couldn't place the smell, and it nagged at him; it smelt like hot summer nights and smiled that he should think this in these circumstances. For the first time since coming down the ladder, Giles knew where Spike was, for the vampire suddenly straddled him and started to work the hot oil into him. Stretched and bound, the feel of Spike sitting on him and fondling him in the total darkness made Giles' balls start to contract and pulse, and he knew he was about to come. He was mortified and groaned, trying to buck Spike off. All he knew was that a mouth was suddenly placed over him and a soft tongue encouraged out his release, catching every drop, and urging the balls to full relief with its insistent probing and licking. Before he could compute all these sensations, Spike turned on him again, and once more the cold, strong hands worked at his nipples. Spike slid his hands up to Giles' armpits and sunk them into the soft hair, running them sensuously up the inside of Giles' arms.

The hands came off him, but Giles had no time to complain before more oil was poured on him, only this time lower, on his belly. He felt it pool slightly as he sucked his gut in; he groaned as Spike wriggled lower, straddling his thighs. The hands continued massaging in the oil; this time they worked over Giles' waist and dipped down to his flaccid, sensitive cock. When Spike's hands touched him, Giles strained against the bindings and the hands stilled. He moaned and lay back down, relieved when the hands began again.

One hand slid down to his thigh and lifted it, stretching it back as far as it would go. Held there, he knew he would be fully exposed to the vampire's gaze and blushed at the thought that Spike could see him like that in the dark. He flushed even deeper when a flood of oil was poured onto his groin. It ran over his cock, poured off and down his cheeks, ran tickling and enticing over his hole. Something brushed against him and probed him slightly. He knew it wasn't a finger or any other part of Spike, it was thin and…

… Giles cried out as he was pumped full of warm, sweet-smelling oil. The probe hardly penetrated him, but something propelled the oil in, and he felt awash with its sweet sensuality. As he groaned and writhed, the instrument was withdrawn, and a finger slipped in to take its place. Giles prayed the finger would explore where he wanted it to go. He could not help pleading slightly, and his pleas were answered when an intense jolt of satisfaction shot to his balls. As the finger worked over his prostate, he began to swell once more. Blessed and relieved, he relaxed into the pleasure.

After a few minutes of stimulation, the finger was withdrawn and his other thigh stretched up. Something bounced against him - something cold that leaked cool droplets on him. It was pushed against his entrance; the pressure increased; he opened, and Spike's penis embedded deeply and satisfyingly into his stimulated and aching channel.

They were both still for a moment. Giles heard the faintest whisper. 'Kay?' He replied by lifting his hips and starting the fucking himself.

It was Spike's turn to groan. He knew this was wanted and needed by the watcher - knew he was wanted, that he was needed, and that thought made him swell and ache. He began to move - slow, long thrusts at first. He watched Giles' face avidly, turned on by his unfair advantage over the human. He watched Giles' face register every slide of his penis, every thrust against his balls. He put one hand gently on Giles' cock to help the reawakening. It was slippery to his touch, and he worked his hand on the tip as if polishing a cricket ball. Eventually, his own needs overwhelmed him. He put both hands securely back on the raised thighs, closed his eyes to concentrate and… let rip. He became animalistic; he plunged into the slick channel. He rose up over the supine human and pummelled him into the mattress. Moaning registered in his mind like a distant background accompaniment to his hammering, but he did not let himself worry about it. He'd done all he could to make the human withstand him - if the chip fired off, it did. He could concentrate on nothing but his own orgasm.

Spike crushed and pulverised and hammered Giles. It seemed to the drugged human that the using went on for hours. After a while he started to hear Spike, a low, unconscious sound between pain and pleasure. Giles was inundated with sensation. He strained against his binding, for it felt good to do so; he listened to Spike's sexy provocative noises; he felt every part of his body used for the vampire's relief… and still it continued.

Spike's cries became harsh as if he could not find his release. Suddenly, he grabbed Giles around the waist and flipped him over. The bindings twisted and tightened, and Spike ripped them off. He heaved the heavy almost deadweight body up onto its hands and knees and stabbed in once more. This position was sublime for Giles. Now every thrust of Spike's erection hit his sensitive gland. He could put his hands to his own swelling shaft and enjoy it. He could thrust back. He put his head down onto the mattress and pushed himself up as far as he could to give the desperate vampire total access to his body. He felt Spike's urgency… he wanted that jetting in his bowels… he wanted to feel its unique coldness. He began to pant from the effort of helping and urging Spike on. He started to make soft pleading sounds as he panted, and this seemed to be the catalyst for Spike's intense, almost fearful orgasm. He suddenly dug sharp fingers into Giles' waist; he reared back with a high-pitched scream and jerked violently against the raised backside. He almost climbed into Giles, as he heaved himself off inside the slippery hot anus. Giles' short pleasant orgasm came and went while Spike flooded Giles with cold semen. When the jerking stopped, the humping began. Spike crossed his arms under Giles' belly and yanked him up to meet his shoves - still emptying himself, still draining himself dry. Totally numb from the drugs and the pounding, Giles lost himself entirely to the physicality of the demon within him.

It seemed to Giles that hours had passed since his hole had been stretched to accommodate the vampire's lust. He knew this couldn't be, but when Spike began to still his wild movements, when he stopped screaming, when he pulled them both down onto the bed and lay as if dead, Giles knew he had probably had the most intense experience of his life to that point. Spike hugged the human to his chest and shifted slightly so he was still deeply embedded with no danger of slipping out. Giles felt something soft being pulled over them both, and he put a hand out to catch the vampire's hand. Spike's entwined their fingers and shifted once more so Giles' head lay in the hollow of his shoulder. Once more the quiet question was asked. 'Kay?'

Giles took the hand to his mouth and kissed lightly on the thumb, his teeth clanging slightly on Spike's ring.

Spike started to fall into a delightful post-orgasmic snooze when he heard a quiet voice. He rubbed his face into Giles' hair as the watcher whispered, 'Debt cancelled, Spike.'

Spike chuckled and hugged Giles even closer to him. 'On the contrary, watcher, you owe me now.'


Spike laughed again, but then stilled. Giles was about to speak, but Spike's hand flew across his mouth and cool lips brushed his ears with the merest of sounds. 'Someone's up top.'


'Quite.' Giles snickered quietly at his favourite expression in the vampire's mouth.

'They won't come down here, will they?'

'What, unannounced and unwelcome?'

'Oh, yes. Bother. Can you find my clothes?'

'Fuck, fucking fuck, fuck.' Spike slid out of his warm, comfortable nest, retrieved the human's clothes and, as Giles was dressing, went around his lair lighting candles and storm lanterns. The light totally changed the atmosphere.

Dressed and able to see, Giles looked at Spike. Spike looked back at him, as he pulled on his jeans and T-shirt. They both looked over as the trap door was opened.

'Hey, dead boy, you in there?' Spike groaned and dipped his head a little. 'Yeah, what'd ya want?'

'Xander.' Giles felt he ought to declare his presence, as if this voluntary offering would make that very presence less suspicious. He sat on a chair to one side of the crypt and tried to look nonchalant. He hoped that the descending human did not see his wince of pain as he shifted slightly on the chair. He felt bereft. He felt as if something essential to living was about to be taken from him. The light had created a barrier between them; now he felt these humans would destroy them altogether. He watched Spike's expression, trying to read him. He tried to sense the vampire's thoughts. He tried to send Spike his confused thoughts.

They both groaned when another pair of legs followed Xander's. 'Slayer.' Spike was clearly none too pleased with this visitor either.



'What'ya doing?'


'Oh. With Spike?'

'Yes, I'm conducting essential vampire research.' Giles ignored Spike's quiet laugh and continued. 'Were you looking for me?'

'Giles, something's been in the shop. Anya went back tonight and called me; it was awful, all smashed up. Sorry.'

Spike moved away from the new arrivals and closer to Giles. He stood a few feet behind him. Giles wondered if Spike was deliberately staying out of his line of sight. He got up and moved over to the bed, smiling slightly at Spike's look of annoyance.

Spike flipped the chair around and straddled it with an unconcerned air. He knew that Giles would not be fooled if he studied a nail, so played with his rings instead. He thought his dead heart might start to beat again. He had seen the look Giles had given him when the light had returned… and now this. Now these human children had arrived to pull the watcher back to the real world - to the world he seemed so afraid of losing. Spike knew he could not really fit into that world. How would they … allow themselves each other? It was not possible. He put his chin down onto folded arms. He was tired and put his overwhelming sense of dejection down to that simple fact. He was shagged from shagging, nothing else.

Why had he reached out that hand? Why couldn't he keep his bloody hands to himself? All it ever got him was shafted. The human voices droned on. He tried to ignore them. He just wanted to crawl back into his bed and not emerge until he had overcome this wussy phase.


He jerked his head up at Giles' insistent demand. 'What?'

'Are you coming?'


Giles tutted and turned to Buffy. 'Give us a few minutes to… err… finish up our research, will you?'

Buffy pouted but started to climb back up the ladder. Xander looked disparagingly at Spike. 'I don't see why he has to come. Big ugly demon's gone; we need someone to tidy up, not piss around.'

'Spike's coming.' Giles' voice was surprisingly emphatic, and Buffy turned as she climbed.


Giles caught Spike's eye for the first time since the intrusion on their activities. Spike wanted to drop his gaze, but couldn't. He saw Giles smile. 'Because Spike is rather essential. That's why.'

Spike started to laugh, and Giles got up, encouraging the youngsters to leave. 'We'll be there in a few minutes, Buffy. Tell Anya to start checking for theft.'

Once more they had to wait until the unsuspecting humans left. Giles turned to Spike and looked at him. Spike gave him a confident, cheeky look. 'Essential, hey?'

Giles looked a little annoyed. 'Well, I may have gotten carried away a little. Nice to have if you can afford it would be more accurate, perhaps.'

'Indispensable?' Spike swung his leg off the chair and stood up.

'Pleasant - as a distraction.' Giles started to come towards him.

'Vital?' Spike put out his hand.

'Lightweight but agreeable.' Giles reached out and took his hand and pulled him into a tight embrace.

'Very important?' Spike nuzzled into Giles' neck then kissed softly and… lovingly up towards his eyes. As the cool lips brushed over him, Giles felt himself being led back towards the bed. 'Crucial?' Giles laughed at Spike's amused questions. He pushed him to sitting and stood between the spread legs again.

Spike looked up at him. 'What am I then, watcher?'

Giles gave a quiet huff of amusement. 'Irritating?'

'Ah… you've got there then.'

Giles tipped his head on one side, puzzled. 'Where? What?'

Spike grinned and pulled Giles down on top of him. 'You've discovered the essential me, pet. I'm irritation personified. Now, where's me scissors, and how're those little pills holding up, hey?'

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