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Jubilee - Chapter 4

Angel laughed quietly. 'What the fuck have you been doing with my body?'

'Oh, yeah. Sorry 'bout that. We really got stuck into the game, 's all.'

'Hmm… come here, I've missed you.' Angel took Spike's face between his hands and started kissing him urgently. Spike pulled away and laughed.

'Angel, we've had phone sex at least twice a day since I got here, and you're still horny for me?'

'Well….' Angel looked down abashed.


'Well, some of those, 'Uh, I'm coming, Spike' were not completely genuine….' For the first time, Angel looked over at the crumpled body of Rupert Giles in the doorway, 'I just didn't have the equipment. One bloody erection a day, if I was lucky, and I wanted to save those for… more immediate activities.'

Spike immediately looked interested, 'Fess up, Angel… what did you do with poor Giles' cock?'

Angel kissed him again, running his tongue around Spike's familiar, sweet mouth. 'I don't think he should go to the hospital for a while. Oh, or speak to his next-door neighbour, and if he goes to the local Odeon, he'd better pee before he leaves home. I kind of mis-used the facilities, if you get my drift.'

Spike collapsed in laughter. 'See, no worries about the old 'moment of true', and you're as fucking horny as the rest of us.'

He turned on his stomach and peered over the bed at Giles. Angel copied him, and they lay companionably together, studying the unconscious form.

'When do you think he'll come round?'

'Not long, I should think; only took me a few moments. I remember seeing you and Giles, as they carried me out.'

They watched with interest as Giles came back to consciousness in his own body. He pushed himself to sitting against the wall. He was so disoriented, he felt he might be physically sick.

He swallowed hard, looked up, and saw the inquisitive, smiling faces of the two vampires peering at him from the bed.

'How did you find us?' His own English voice sounded strange and stilted now.

Angel propped his chin on one hand, his other was out of sight. 'Spike called me, as soon as you got here.'

Giles looked at Spike with confusion. 'You knew? How? How long have you known?'

Spike gave a small grin. 'Since LA.'

'No! I don't believe you. This is just another trick.'

Spike gave Giles a withering look. 'Rupert, do you really think I'd let someone follow Angel without finding out who it was and what they wanted? I found you and guessed what you wanted. Finding you had the stone was just a bonus… new game.' He gave a seductive raise of his eyebrow and licked across his lips in a provocative manner.

Giles started shaking his head; he was in total denial now.

'Come on, pet… I mean… don't you think I'd have been a tad more worried that Angel had brained a resident of the good City of Bath?'

Angel spluttered. 'What?'

'Never mind, pet; he was a tosser and a fag-basher, so you'd have hated him.'

'I am not a fag.'

Spike gave Angel a withering look.

'I'm not; I'm just broody and dark. And misunderstood.'

'Whatever helps you cope, luv. And, Giles… think the puking up the blood might have given it away a bit, too?' He turned to Angel again, 'I told 'im it was human blood; you should have seen his face!'

Spike was enjoying Giles' expression now. 'Hmm, what else… could have been the fact you occasionally used words of more than one syllable. Yeah, totally not like the poof, that… but I'm forgetting something really good, what is it?' He screwed up his face in a mock show of thinking, couldn't keep it up, and howled in laugher, 'Could have been when you fucking walked straight in here and left me standing like a total pillock in the….' He couldn't finish. After a valiant attempt to stop choking he turned to Angel. 'He forgot to invite me in, Angel. So, duh, Giles… think I got the fact that you weren't Angel.' When he saw Giles’ look, he smiled and, laying a hand on Angel’s soft hair, said quietly, ‘Come on, Watcher, I’ve loved this creature for one hundred and thirty years; how could I not have known?’

Giles had listened to all this with an increasingly strange look on his face, but he struggled to say with bitterness, 'I should have controlled you from the start and trapped you here and tortured you. That's what I'd planned to do.'

Spike, infuriatingly, blew him a kiss. 'Thought you might, pet. That's why I kissed you out of those thoughts every time you had them.'

Giles groaned, remembering.

Angel gave a genuinely sympathetic look to Giles. 'He does that to me all the time; he's an irritating little git. At least you don't have to buy him expensive presents, too.'

Giles didn't seem to appreciate this sympathy from Angel. He was looking increasingly strange.

He started to rub his stomach; he started to go visibly green. Spike assumed this was just a reaction to his words, but suddenly Giles lurched up and staggered towards the bathroom. The sound of deep, painful, prolonged retching drifted into the bedroom.

The vampires turned on their backs, Angel extracting the finger he had been swirling around in Spike's hole.

Angel smirked at Spike. 'He may be in there for quite some time.'

'Why… what have you done, Angel?'

Angel almost giggled. 'When I wasn't enjoying my fuck-fest, I had a little eat-fest.'

Spike laughed gleefully. 'Excellent… what did you have?'

'Well, English breakfast everyday.'

'Of course, goes without saying… eggs?'

'Yeah, and bacon, sausages, and fried bread. Oh, and toast and marmalade with weird lumps of peel in it and pints of tea. And some kippers, too.'

Spike snickered.

'Then I had a little snack for elevenses and practiced the art of dunking.' Spike laughed at Angel's parody of a near-perfect, English accent. 'Lunch was restrained: only three courses… had to save myself for tea.'

Spike kissed him to the sound of Giles' retching. 'Tea was good, Spike, I'm thinking of bringing it in when we get back to LA. Course, I won't eat it now, but the others could. I had bread and butter with something called, lashings-of-jam. It seemed like jelly to me, but they always called it, lashings-of-jam. Oh, and cream. Thick, so it wouldn't come off the spoon. That was good just on its own. I ate a whole tub of that every teatime. So, after all that, I was ready for something called dindins. I got a bit more inventive with that. I had Chinese the first night, then Indian, then Italian, or was it Tai…? All good English fare, apparently. It was hard to choose which, so some evenings I had two.'

Angel looked ruefully towards the bathroom. 'So, as I said; think he may be in there for a while.'

'How come you didn't puke then?'

Angel stretched lazily on the bed, enjoying his pure, demonic form. 'Guess I shouldn't have had all that chocolate in the car coming here, kind of the final straw maybe.'

Spike laughed and shifted on top of him. 'You fat git, what shall we do to pass the time then?' Angel could tell Spike already had a very good idea what would pass the time quite effectively. He had started to rub himself on Angel; the friction sent an erotic charge through Angel's balls and cock.

Angel held Spike fast for a moment and, without looking at his face, said quietly, 'So, what did you two get up to with my body? My very sore, very tired body.'

He heard Spike laugh against his chest. 'We've been playing Giles-in-Angel.'


'I swear, pet, he thought of it himself. We've been pretending that he was in your body, and I've been teaching him vampire stuff.'

'Ahh, that explains the lash marks then.'

'Yeah, and the flat hair.'

Angel's hand flew to his hair. 'Oh God.'

'Well, I was trying to make him into a proper vampire, not the poofy one I inherited for a sire. Ow.'

'What else?'

'Got him to feed from me.'

'You are incredible, do you know that?'

Spike grinned and looked intently at Angel. 'Even if I do, you can tell me some more, okay?'

Angel sat up, so that Spike straddled his lap. Their erections stood proud and thick together.

'Lift up.' Angel put his hands to Spike's waist and tried to get him to impale himself on his cock, but Spike grinned and pulled away.

'New game?'

'Oh, God, what?'

'Angel pretends to be Giles pretending to be Angel for Spike who's pretending not to know….' He trailed off, looking confused.

Angel laughed, took both their cocks in one hand and started working them. 'New game… Angel fuck Spike. Simpler.'

'Oh yeah.' Spike twisted around to his hands and knees. Angel knelt up behind him.

'Did you bring any lube, Spike?'

'We were being proper vampires, remember?'

'Want proper vampire now then?'

'Err… no, okay, poofy LA sort of vampire… look in my bag.'

Angel skittered across to Spike's stuff lying in its usual untidy heap and retrieved a jar of expensive lotion. He used it liberally on himself and Spike's hole, wanting this to be easy and pleasurable.

Spike groaned, and they both laughed when Giles groaned at exactly the same time from the bathroom.

'Bet you had more fun putting all that food into his body, than he's having taking it out.'

'Yeah, going have fun putting this into your body, too.'

He did. Angel enjoyed every inch of the tight channel, as he pushed into it. He enjoyed every inch, as he pulled back out slowly. He enjoyed it all again, as he thrust back in. It was all enjoyment.

Angel would never admit it to Spike, but this game had crossed the line for him. It had stepped over that very thin divide between dangerous, and downright lunacy. He had feared he would lose Spike to this game: that the Watcher would destroy him. He had had no doubt about the anger Giles would carry in his heart from Spike's earlier visit. He used to know anger like that. It was frightening, destructive, and he had feared that Spike would not be clever enough or strong enough to play him so well. He had been mistaken. Once again he had underestimated how perceptive and ingenious his childe was.

His pleasure at entering Spike again was due in no small measure to his relief at having him safe and whole.

Angel pushed Spike's shoulders down onto the mattress and heaved the slim hips up, so he had maximum access to his entrance. He picked up speed and went deeper. Spike groaned, his voice choked with pleasure. They both turned their heads to the door when this groan was, once again, matched by Giles. This time, though, Giles was leaning weakly on the doorframe, his sick head in his hands.

He looked up and went from a shade of lime green to one of sickly yellow. 'Oh,' was all he managed to croak out. He saw Angel embedded deep into Spike; he saw Spike, bent up and receptive, his face contorted in pleasure. He saw that they were completely unconcerned at his presence. He could come no further into the room; he felt like dying.

Angel tipped his head on one side and looked at Giles for a moment. 'I really envy you, Watcher.'

This was unexpected. Giles looked at the thrusting vampire with a puzzled look.

Angel looked down at Spike, now deeply impaled on his cock. 'I can never see what this looks like. What we look like, doing this.'

Giles didn't stop to think, he only replied bitterly, 'At least you can feel it. I won't ever enjoy what he feels like again, will I?'

Angel met Giles' eyes. A look passed between them of complete understanding and shared passion for the slim, pale creature being pleasured on the bed.

Angel stretched out his hand and words familiar to both of them dropped quietly from his lips, 'Alli permutat anima kimota….' Giles, as if in a dream, moved forward to take the outstretched hand and, for the first time ever, Angel was able to see what he looked like entering his childe. For the last time, Giles was able to enter that childe.

Angel walked slowly around the bed looking at his body in action.

Spike turned his face to follow him with his eyes. 'Tell me, Angel. I'll never see this either; tell me what we look like.'

'I'm so strong, Spike. I hadn't realised how big I am. And hey, I'm not fat at all, you liar.'

Spike laughed at the tone of outrage in his voice.

'Fuck, look at my arse as I clench and jerk it against you. I love watching myself thrusting into you.'

Suddenly, Angel laughed and climbed onto the bed alongside the two vampire bodies. He started to shed the clothes he had dressed Giles' body in that day. Giles seemed oblivious to anything Angel did with his body; he was too lost in the exquisite sensation of being deep in Spike's ass.

When Angel was completely naked, he lay down next to Spike and started kissing him. He put his hands onto Spike's cock.

Spike smiled at his sire in this human guise, 'Hmm, warm. Last time you'll ever put warm hands on me, luv.'

Angel pulled away from Spike's mouth, twitched the middle-aged eyebrow, and said seductively, 'Last time for a warm mouth on you, too?'

Spike pushed himself up to kneeling and offered his cock to Angel. He groaned, as the warm human mouth engulfed him. Giles opened his eyes and watched his own mouth pleasuring Spike. He watched as the thick, pale shaft rode in between the smooth lips. He saw the foreskin being pulled back, tight. He knew what it was to have that cock push past those lips. It was as if he was entering and sucking off this body at the same time. This thought made him frantic to cum. He started rapid jerking against Spike's hole, felt his balls swelling, felt a huge rush of cum leaving Angel's vampire body to travel to its most desired place. He came in waves of pleasure. As he jerked and thrashed against Spike's hard ass, he felt Angel take his hand and felt, once more, Angel's pull on his body… again the low incantation, 'Alli permutat anima kimota….' As the chant ended, he let the dead body go, and returned to his own, just as Spike sent a powerful jet of cold seed into his mouth.

Giles managed to stay conscious after this transfer, perhaps because he had been a willing participant, but he realised, with a stab of pure terror, that he was now naked and in a bed with the two vampires. He gently released Spike's cock from his mouth, swallowing nervously. He backed up against the headboard looking from one to the other.

Did he think the torture had freed him from fear? He was naked and in bed with the vampires he had tried to trick and destroy. He knew exactly what fear was.

They fell on him as if he were prey. But if he were something they had hunted, they now handled him lovingly, and with exquisite care. Angel licked, Spike sucked: they passed him between them, quite unable to get enough of his warmth and softness.

Angel's body from the outside was a delight to Giles. He had been inside that body for less than a week, and most of that time deeply unconscious from pain, but he knew what gave it pleasure. He used his knowledge for Angel's enjoyment, for he knew that enjoyment would also please Spike.

While he had been entering Spike for that last, delicious time, Giles had been thinking over the week. He saw how everything Spike had said had been to win his compliance and trust. Except for one thing. He remembered how Spike had spoken of Buffy, and of her love for her Watcher. He believed that Spike regretted bringing her into their bed before, and that had been his small apology for that betrayal. Maybe he was just an old, lonely fool, but Giles believed Spike respected his memories of Buffy. For that alone, he was willing to forgive him much that had passed between them this week.

Spike let Angel have the lions' share of this game, for he had already experienced Giles' sweet body. Angel entered Giles with reverence, and they shared a strange, surreal moment as their bodies joined. Each one knew exactly what the other was feeling and experiencing. They smiled at each other.

'That's better than the last time you stuck something into me, Angel. Think it was a screwdriver.'

Angel would have laughed, but Spike had started kissing him, and his laugh was lost against Spike's sweet, cool lips. Spike broke off to run his hands over Giles’ back for him. Suddenly, he stopped and looked at Angel in wonder. He opened his mouth to speak, but Angel stilled his lips with a finger and shook his head. Spike collapsed in laughter alongside Giles and had to watch Giles' orgasm, helpless to assist in any way. When Spike saw that Angel was close to coming, he eased back up and started kissing him once more, pulling him away from the seductive hole in which he might lose his soul. Angel resisted, but Spike was determined and made him pull away.

With a groan of frustration, Angel came over Giles’ cheeks.

Spike heard a lot in that groan. He ached for Angel, wished he could tear out that soul, so he could experience the pleasures to be had from a warm body such as Giles’.

With a hissed ‘yess’ Spike suddenly grabbed Giles’ wrists and pulled him off the bed. Giles started to resist, so Spike had to stop. He turned his deep, blue eyes to Giles. He tipped his head on one side and started to draw his little finger imperceptibly over the warm, human palm. ‘Please, I can’t hurt you, remember?’

Giles could not have resisted that face even if it had been leading him to hell. He nodded and followed Spike to the place of pain and fear.

Giles thought he was to be strung up again; thought he would be the natural victim of these two obscene demons; he was wrong.

Spike offered himself up as a willing sacrifice, stretching his arms up to the manacles, fastening them around his own wrists.

Angel came into the room behind them and groaned. The potent smell of vampire blood and shed skin was still strong. He looked around in wonder and felt, yet again, the stark terror that he might have lost his childe to this room... the childe that was now hanging from the restraints and swirling slowly in the steaks of moonlight coming in through the open window.

Angel went up to Spike and embraced him, wrapping his strong arms around the slim waist, pulling him close so their erections rubbed together. He whispered in Spike’s ear, too low for Giles to hear, ‘Why?’

Spike pulled back a little and smiled sadly at Angel, ‘Cus you can’t have ‘im properly like a human, luv. Have me properly instead, like a vampire... let yourself go....’

Angel pulled back sharply, his eyes veiled and uncertain, and said in a hesitant voice, ‘New game?’

Spike smiled for real now, ‘Hmm, new game.’

Angel leaned back in as close as he could, and said in a low, choked voice, ‘New game, Angel missed Spike too much to hurt him tonight... so, different kind of torture?’

Spike only laughed and turned his head to lick Angel’s cheek. ‘You’re a pathetic excuse for a vampire, Angel; do you know that? The Watcher made a better vampire than you.’

They both turned their heads to look at Giles who was standing, bemused, in the corner. Angel slid around behind Spike and pulled his cheeks apart and thrust into him without preparation. Still slick from Angel’s earlier release, Spike howled in outrage more than pain, and Angel laughed. ‘Pathetic excuse, am I?’

Angel rode into Spike, as he hung from the central beam; he held him firmly by the waist to prevent him moving too much.

As he thrust, he said in a low, seductive voice to Giles, ‘I know what you are looking at, Watcher. Why don’t you take it... it’s yours for tonight.’

Giles came towards them as if hypnotised. He fell to his knees in front of the slim vampire. He could not take his eyes off the pale, erect penis that swayed gently from its bed of dark curls. Even with his strong hands around Spike’s waist, Angel’s thrusting still made Spike push forward at each thrust, and Giles could see a single bead of pre-cum appear each time the body swung towards him.

With the same low, hypnotic voice Angel said, ‘Help me hold him still,’ but when Giles made to lift his hands, Angel laughed, ‘Not with those, Giles.’

So Giles took Spike’s erection into his mouth, tasting the pre-cum he had been watching so avidly. Now when Angel thrust into Spike’s backside, his penis was thrust into Giles’ mouth. It did not escape Spike's notice that the three of them were in exactly the same positions as they had been on the bed, but that the owners of the bodies had changed.

Angel let himself go, increasing the power and depth of his penetration of Spike. He loved doing this standing up and reminded himself to take Spike against walls more often.

Giles’ hands had come up around Spike’s hips and were spread on his cheeks. Each time Angel thrust in, Giles could feel his wiry nest of curls brushing erotically over the sensitive skin on the backs of his hands.

For Spike, this was like being taken and taking at the same time. Giles mouth just stayed still and received his penis at each thrust so, although Spike was not initiating the movement, he felt as if he were entering Giles. With a small laugh, he said to no one in particular, ‘This is not the sandwich I had planned!’

Angel put his mouth to Spike’s ear and replied, ‘Yeah, but I’m going to eat some of this filling,’ and he sank his needle-sharp fangs into Spike’s neck.

Giles looked up. He felt again that deep stab of fear that threatened to unman him. He had not seen Angelus’ visage since they had played together with screwdrivers and hammers. It terrified him and aroused him in equal measure to see that face watching him over Spike’s shoulder, as he drank deeply of his childe.

Giles knew the taste and seductive power of that blood now. He could almost feel it entering his mouth, as he watched Angel. He knew the effect the feeding would have on Spike, too. With a gasp, Giles felt Spike’s penis swell and stiffen even more; he felt the thick vein on the underside start to pulse against his lips. Spike started a low, urgent, hissed repetition ‘yes, yes, yes,’ and sent a powerful jet of cold seed into Giles’ waiting mouth.

Giles glanced up at Angel and saw him bury his mouth even deeper into the wound in Spike’s neck and spasm against Spike’s back. Every muscle in Angel’s body seemed to go rigid against Spike, as he shuddered his orgasm into him.

Giles fell to the floor and lay there looking at the bloodstains that he had shed only a few days before. He was so lost now, he doubted he would ever find his way back. Angel stayed in Spike for a long time, just thrusting gently into him, licking at the blood on his neck, kissing into his hair and across his back. Eventually, he pulled out and wandered over to the box of instruments in the corner. He winked at Spike, ‘What was that phrase again, childe... pathetic excuse?’

Spike laughed. ‘You still are, Angel. Get Giles to help you... he’ll do a better job than you.’

Angel hauled Giles to his feet and made a show of brushing him down and tidying him up which, as Giles was naked, only ended up with Angel fondling him slightly and arousing him again. Giles groaned and tried to protest, but Angel put a small whip in his hands, ‘Go on, try it out, Giles. Unless you have a strange sex life we don’t know about, this maybe your only chance to inflict pain on someone. See what it feels like. Come on...,this is what you wanted...,there he is: strung up, vulnerable to you. Punish him Giles; remember what he did to you.’

There to supervise this torture of Spike, Angel was not in the least worried that Giles could do any real harm to his lover. Far from it, he suspected Giles would be entirely unable to inflict anything but the lightest of pain on that invulnerable body...,and Spike would only enjoy that. But he wanted to make Giles think he could. That was the fun.

Giles looked down at the whip in his hands. He’d never used a whip before and had never even thought about using one on anybody...,even though Spike was not, technically, anybody. He realised then, with a rueful smile at his own innate humanity, that when he had thought about torturing Spike, his thoughts had been full of Spike’s tears and begging, thoughts of his body hanging erect in manacles, thoughts of his own sweet release, and not actually of the process of inflicting pain on Spike at all.

This was his opportunity though. So he took it. He raised the whip and brought it down on Spike’s chest. He expected blood to flow, as it had when he had suffered in Angel’s body. He was disappointed. Not a mark. Perhaps a feint red streak, if you looked really closely.

Angel, standing behind him and making obscene gestures at Spike, laughed. ‘Try harder, Giles.’

This time Giles put every ounce of strength into the lash and was rewarded with a bright streak of red across Spike’s chest. Spike dutifully said, ‘Ouch,’ but his audience could tell he was not really getting into the spirit of the game.

‘Show him how, Angel. Come on, pet, you didn’t lose me; I’m here, I’m gonna be here for the rest of your long, dead life, and you have so many presents yet to buy me. So come on, cheer up, and show Giles how it’s really done.’ He did not add, ‘New game?’ out loud, but Angel heard it, nevertheless.

Angel grinned and took the whip from Giles. ‘More presents, hey?’ He brought the lash down across the pale, exposed thighs, and Spike howled. ‘You’re nothing but a waste of money, Spike.’ He caught Spike down one stretched arm and across his ribs. Spike howled again and twisted in the restraints.

‘Stop, Angel, stop this. It’s wrong, stop.’ Giles tried to catch Angel’s arm. He couldn’t think straight. Is this what he had intended to do? He knew, with complete certainty, he could not have done this to Spike. Torture was abhorrent to his gentle nature, and he felt only revulsion at what he was witnessing. He stumbled from the room, feeling the nausea rising up in his throat. The vampires heard him in the bathroom, dry retching coughs echoing through the cottage.

Angel threw the whip down and started to undo Spike’s restraints. Spike giggled, ‘Next time, Angel, try a bit harder, hey?’

Angel kissed him and pushed him back against the wall. ‘Next time, make the howling a bit more convincing, will you?’

‘Convinced him, though, didn’t it? Another good game. Jesus, we’ll have so much to play when we get home. Err... Angel....’

Angel had turned Spike around to face the wall; he was parting his cheeks with cold hands. He nuzzled into Spike’s neck, laughing, ‘Want you against a wall, now.’

‘Hmm... what wall is this then, pet? Slayer’s house, the Bronze?’

‘Nah....’ Angel thrust into the passage still slick with his spent cum. ‘My office.’

Spike gave a gasp of pleasure and moaned. ‘They’ll hear us.’

‘Don’t make a sound then; they’re just outside; you’ve only come in to bring me some coffee.'

‘Let’s keep this real, Angel.’ But then Spike deliberately started to moan loudly, so Angel clamped a hand over his mouth.

‘Don’t, I can hear Wesley listening.’ Angel pictured himself buried deep in Spike against his office wall... imagined Spike was dressed with his jeans half-mast, his pale backside exposed and vulnerable. It was such an erotic picture in his mind, that he came quickly and powerfully into the tight channel he fitted so well. He leant his forehead on Spike’s hair to recover. ‘When we get home, I’m doing this for real. First thing. No unpacking, no listening to messages. You, against the wall.’

Spike only laughed at the thought that he was now so high in Angel’s priorities that he was being put before the unpacking. You had to know Angel to know just how high that really was.

He pulled away and slid down the wall, sitting with his knees bent up, feeling Angel’s cum leaking out of him. He put his head down on his arms. ‘Feeling tired now.’

Angel slid down alongside him and laid a hand on Spike’s hair, pulling his head into his lap. ‘Poor baby. You’ve done a lot this week. Enjoyed it?’

‘Yeah....’ Spike’s reply was slightly hesitant.

‘Hey, what’s wrong?’

‘Bit sick of the games now, Angel. We haven’t had any ‘no game’ time at all, have we?’

‘You like that best, don’t you?’

‘Yeah, well, I’m a pathetic vampire, too. Least I’ve an excuse.’

‘What, your chip?'

‘No, you dozy pillock. Cus I love you.'

Angel was quiet for a while, just stroking his fingers through Spike’s hair. ‘Home?’

Spike looked up and smiled. ‘Yes.’

Giles watched as the two vampires dressed and packed. He was so replete with their bodies, that he didn't have the willpower, or inclination, to raise from the bed when they left. He heard them going down the stairs, started to fall into sleep, when he felt Spike's lips brush his ear.

‘I let you be Angel for me, luv. Remember that.’ Giles thought about the bath they had taken together, thought how he had washed Spike’s hair, thought how he had held Spike and petted him when he had tired of the game playing, and he knew that, once again, for some strange reason all of his own, this demon was trying to say something important about this time they had shared together. Before Giles could reply, Spike was gone.

Angel led Spike to where he had parked his car out of sight. They were almost flying. Despite Spike’s exhaustion, the buzz they had taken from Giles' warm, human body made them feel more alive than they had for ages. They were laughing and both talking at once.

Suddenly, Angel caught Spike in his arms and placed a hand softly over his mouth. 'Shh, listen, he'll start to feel the pain now we've left. He'll go and investigate.'

They listened together; Spike hardly able to contain his glee. Then they heard it: a low scream, and a string of very un-Giles-like curses.

'Mouth on 'im like an Irish navvy.'

'Can you blame him, Spike? He now carries the same tattoo as Angelus, the Scourge of Europe.'

They jumped into the car and turned east towards London and the airport.

Angel turned to look at Spike who was uncharacteristically quiet. ‘Too much for you? No games for a while then?’

Spike didn’t answer but continued to stare out into the dark night. After a moment, without turning his head, he said, ‘Angel, could you have fucked Giles’ body when you were in it without losing your soul?’

Angel raised his eyebrows at this bizarre question and said lightly, ‘Physical impossibility, no?’

‘Well, obviously not you inside, another demon... me, for example.’

‘Could I safely fuck a human body that was inhabited by a demon?’


‘I guess, why?’

Suddenly, Spike turned and grinned, his mood completely changed. He thrust his hand at Angel, showing him what he had tightly held in his fist.

The stone caught the lights of the on-coming traffic and shone in his hand.

‘Your choice, pet. Which pet human have you most wanted to fuck, but couldn’t?

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