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Protective Custody – 6

Spike called for Angel, hoping he could hear. He gave a huge grin when Angel came slowly out from the office and stood in the lobby regarding him.

'Hey, poof. What's happening?'

'You are not welcome here anymore, Spike. Go back to her.'

'Not welcome?'

'Tell me. How was she?'

'Well, not too impressed with my naked cock, I'm thinking, but otherwise she was okay when I left, why? Angel?'

Angel had fallen to his knees with his face buried in his hands.

'Angel, hey!' Spike felt desperation welling up in him. Angel seemed in despair and needed him, but he was stuck out in the street, as welcome as a fucking Jehovah's Witness.

Angel got to his feet and came right up to the barrier. Their faces were only an inch apart but there might as well have been a chasm between them.

'It's ironic, Spike. I had always thought that if I lost my soul again it would be because of that moment of happiness I've been working so hard to prevent myself having. Have you any idea what it is like to live like a human man but have the desires of a vampire? I've resisted and withheld and denied myself. I did it all to retain this soul. But you come here, and it's all lost, and it’s nothing to do with happiness. I'm going to lose my soul through misery. Because I feel like killing and destroying and breaking everything now. How much despair am I supposed to be able to cope with? I told you I loved you, but you went back to her. I told you I loved you, but you stayed with her last night. I told you I love you, but you slept with her. I've lost you and, in that process, I've lost myself.'

'Have you finished?'

'What?' That was not quite the response Angel had been expecting from his angry recitation.

'I said, have you quite finished? Firstly, I didn't go the Sunnydale last night, and I didn't see the Slayer. I didn’t stay the night with her; I stayed with Wesley. I didn’t shag ‘er I... well, I didn’t shag anyone. I went to the Powers with your bleedin' humans… shut up, Angel. If you can't invite me in, shut up about anything else 'til I'm finished. Secondly, you are a total fucking pillock, but then you know that, don't you? Thirdly, the Powers told me that you are supposed to have me, that they are looking after you, and they want you to have me. They took that bleedin’ vision thing out of your head and made it all up. That was how you see me; that was your demon; that was your fear for me.' Spike had his fingers crossed behind his back now as he interpreted the strange non-meeting he had not had with the Powers. 'Fourthly, invite me in, now. Cus you are gonna get the shafting of your unlife, mate, and it's not gonna be pleasant. Oh, there’s one more, what is it…?’ Spike pretended to furrow his brow, deep in thought. ‘Oh yeah. I love you. Knew there was something.’ He looked right into Angel’s eyes. ‘Let. Me. In.’

Angel’s face had transformed as he listened to this angry speech. He had had a bad night. He had pictured Spike and Buffy together. He had felt left out, sorry for himself, desperate, and then angry. Very, very angry. The anger had started to build up inside him as he paced the hotel. It had come out in a crescendo of violence, and there had been no one to absorb it for him. He had no defences now; he felt vulnerable, and love had done that to him. He had enjoyed putting the barrier around the hotel, had wished he could put one around his heart, but it was too late for that: Spike was already in there. So he listened to Spike’s speech, heard the underlying love that radiated out from the words, and heard Spike admit that he loved him.

Angel started to walk slowly backward, beckoning his finger at Spike. This, of course, had no effect on the barrier, but succeeded in driving Spike wild with desire. When Angel reached the top of the stairs and thought he had enough head start, he said, 'Come in. You can shag me into the mattress, but you'll have to find me first,' and turned and ran out of sight. Spike gave a screech of delight and flew after him.

The hotel was dark and silent. Angel had effectively disappeared. Spike started to stalk him. He could hardly contain his giggling long enough to listen for Angel. He checked the training room, checked all the bedrooms, and looked in the kitchen and office. He stood in his bedroom, extremely annoyed with himself, turned sharply, and found Angel looming over him. Angel had come up behind him without a sound. His eyes were dilated, and he had a desperate look on his face. Spike started to speak, but Angel pushed him back onto the bed. He fumbled with the buttons on the jeans Spike had borrowed; he lay on Spike and buried his face into Spike’s neck, ‘I’m sorry. I just couldn’t trust you enough. I’m sorry.’

Spike lifted his face up and kissed Angel, running his tongue around the inside of Angel’s mouth, moving to kiss over his eyes and up into his hair. ‘You are such a sad poof, Angel. Guess that’s what the Powers saw, hey? Looked into that poofy heart of yours and saw me?’

Angel smiled. ‘Yeah, I did think about you a lot.’

‘Sapphire eyes and in leather.’

‘What! No! I’m not that sad.’

‘Whatever.’ Spike wrapped his legs around Angel’s back and kissed him some more. ‘Wanna go first then?’

Angel laughed. ‘It does kind of double up the possibilities, doesn’t it?’ He pushed his hand into the open front of Spike’s jeans and fondled him for a while, raining kisses over his face and neck. ‘Want you first. Get naked.’

Spike grinned, pushed Angel off him and hopped out of his boots and jeans, stripping off the borrowed shirt. When he was naked, he climbed back alongside Angel and straddled him, sitting on Angel’s very evident erection. He started working himself gently, while Angel arched back groaning, watching Spike’s fist. Spike hesitated for a moment then said in a low, seductive voice, ‘Saw Wesley’s cock this morning.’

Angel’s eyes flew wide open, and he started to speak, but Spike bent down and kissed his mouth closed, then whispered in his ear, ‘Want me to tell you about it, or do you want to get all angsty and ruin the mood?’

Angel looked at him as if he were the very devil itself, but Spike only smiled and continued to work his cock, unconcerned. ‘Angel, remember, you’re a demon, enjoy it... live a little; it’s only a game; I’m only playing. Life is just a game for us - we’re dead; it has to be.’

He started undoing the front of Angel’s jeans, running his hands up under his shirt, stroking over his broad, smooth chest. ‘Well?’

Angel knew he was falling, but made the illogical step to hasten his plummet to the ground. Perhaps he had tried to fly too close to the sun, be too good; perhaps that’s what the Powers had picked up on: the imminent conflagration as his body burned up in its fervour. Perhaps Spike would take him to a place where he could find some balance. Looking at Spike now, Angel did not feel particularly balanced. His desire for this creature almost tipped the scales the other way, but he almost laughed out loud when Spike slapped him and demanded again, ‘Well?’

Spike would always bring him back. Angel nodded and emphasised his acquiescence by taking Spike’s fist off the throbbing cock and placing his own there instead. Spike hissed in delight and raised his arms above his head in a lazy, pleasure-filled stretch.

‘So, tell me then. And Spike, remember, if you thought Angelus was possessive over you, try me....’

Spike looked down. He debated his options. He shuffled up Angel’s chest and, pushing his hand away, placed his erection against Angel's lips. ‘If you don’t like what I tell you, then you’ll be in a good position to let me know.’ He wiggled his scarred eyebrow at Angel and pushed his erection in. Angel felt the hard shaft entering his mouth, closed his lips over it, tasted the salty essence, and felt his power over Spike. He touched his blunt human teeth to the hardness and saw Spike’s eyes widen in anticipation. Spike put his hands behind Angel’s head and pulled him up more, so he could ride into his face. Then he started moving, never losing eye contact with Angel: challenging him. ‘He was dreaming of us, Angel. I told him about our new training regime.’ Angel’s teeth started to scrape Spike’s cock, and he felt a small stab of pain as his foreskin was dragged painfully down. ‘Yeah, then we fell asleep on his bed, and he had a major stonker in the morning. So I helped him out a bit....’ Spike hissed and squirmed as Angel started to draw blood with his biting. But the blood aroused them both and felt slicky and warm in Angel’s mouth. ‘I’d have worked him, pet, if I could. I wanted to taste him.’ Spike had to let go of Angel’s head and brace his hands either side of him on the bed; he was lost to the feel of this painful working. ‘Yeah, I’d have taken it in me mouth Angel, just like you have now. Want that to be Wesley’s, Angel? Go on, luv, imagine it’s Wesley’s. It’s warm, isn’t it? And very soft. Are you making it hard for him?’ Angel had stopped biting Spike and seemed to have lost himself to the idea of a warm, human cock swelling in his mouth. His eyes were closed now, and he had wrapped his hands around Spike’s backside, pulling him in more.

When Spike stopped speaking, Angel opened his eyes, and Spike saw a desire for more. ‘Hmm, you like that don’t you, poof? Put your tongue under his foreskin... oh, yeah, like that... swirl it around for him.. .ahh... he wants to push in more, Angel... can you take more for him... oh, fuck... show him what it’s like to be blown by a vampire... Jesus...!’ Spike twisted his fingers into Angel’s soft locks and arched up on him. He knew he was about to come in a rush. He felt a massive orgasm building from his balls. ‘He’s gonna come in your face, Angel. Like taking your employees’ cum for them? Yeah, you love it, don’t you... oh!’ The cold sperm shot out of Spike’s cock, and he felt Angel swallowing in huge gulps, felt him licking the underside of his shaft to entice more out, and felt him fall back to the bed, replete and dripping with his cold, viscous seed.

Spike eased his cock out of Angel’s mouth and slid down to pull Angel’s jeans off. Angel was tight and urgent, needing release himself.

Spike was about to take Angel’s cock in his mouth when Angel pushed him over onto his back and pushed his thighs up. He bent down and started licking around Spike’s entrance and, with a hiss of pleasure, Spike realised Angel was transferring some of the recently spent cum into his hole for lubrication. He started to speak, but Angel’s hand came up over his mouth, silencing him. With no finesse or further preparation, Angel pushed into Spike. He was still quite dry and felt himself tearing and winced in pain. Angel continued to push in, but he was watching Spike carefully. ‘Like that? Close your eyes, Spike.’

Spike did as he was asked, wondering what Angel had planned. He felt Angel’s lips brush against his ear and a quiet, silky voice say, ‘This what you wanted, Spike?’ Spike’s eyes flew open. It was Wesley. If someone could do a near-perfect mimicry of a voice, then Angel had just done it with Wesley. He closed his eyes again, and Wesley said quietly, ‘Good boy.’ He was so turned on by the thought of having Wesley slowly pushing into him, that he groaned, and put his arms tightly around the back of Angel’s head. Surprisingly, Angel's hair felt much as he imagined Wesley’s would.

‘Did you like playing with my cock, Spike? You’d better hope Angel doesn’t find out. He’s a bit funny about you, isn’t he?’ Spike hissed as Angel gave a particularly hard thrust in. ‘Ahh, that’s better; you’ve torn more now; does that feel good? I never thought after all my years of training to stake vampires, I’d be doing it like this. It’s nice. You’re nice, Spike.’ The hands gripping his shoulders started to dig in painfully, and Spike knew Angel was cresting towards his own orgasm. He decided to help him out a bit and, keeping his eyes shut, took his cock in his fist.

‘Want to watch me for real, Wesley? Know you enjoyed your dream last night. What was I doing in the dream? Fucking Angel? Like to watch us do that one day? Yeah, you can come in when I’ve got him spread on the bed; I’ll let you come over and inspect him, shall I? Would you like that Wesley, putting your warm human fingers into Angel’s hole? I’ll let you move them around....’

It was too much for Angel. He came to the fantasy of being Wesley and watching them. He came in huge waves of cum inside Spike, picturing warm fingers in his cold, aching hole. He jerked against Spike, his head thrown back, a wail of deep release wrung from him. Spike felt his own cock erupt again, and his seed frothed forth onto his chest, falling back over his pumping fist.

Angel collapsed on top of Spike and lay like the dead man he was. Spike smiled to himself at Angel’s complete surrender to the fantasy, but felt a chill of excitement as Angel said quietly into the skin of his shoulder, ‘It stays in this room, Spike. Got it?’

Spike had no intention of missing any fun that might be available to him. He had taken Angel from a hulking, repressed, desperate fuck-up on the verge of a complete breakdown, to someone who had just cum to the fantasy of having Wesley’s fingers in him. He’d done all this in one week. Spike calculated it would take him no more than a fortnight to have Wesley in this bed with them, enjoying some staff perks. But why worry Angel with minor details like that? That’s what he was here for now: to save Angel having to plan fun things for himself. So, he just grinned, licked Angel’s ear, and said in a meek voice, ‘Of course, Sire.’

Angel wasn’t fooled for a moment and frowned.

He rolled off Spike and they lay side-by-side for a while, just enjoying their post-orgasmic peace.

‘What did you think of the Powers then?’

Spike rolled his eyes in disbelief. He knew Angel would pursue this and, as he very little idea of them other than what Cordelia and Wesley had told him, he felt on shaky ground. He should have remembered; it was always best not to lie to your Sire. They always knew.

He tried a non-committal answer. ‘Good?’

‘Well, obviously. What did they say then, exactly.’

Spike winced. ‘Exactly?’

‘Yes, word for word. What did they say about us?’

‘Err... they said it was okay.’


‘Yeah, okay.’

‘Well, that’s an exceptional use of the English language then, isn’t it. Okay.’


‘Okay and hmm. Don’t overdo it here, Spike.’

‘Oh, alright you bastard. They wouldn’t talk to me, cus I hadn’t showered enough. See, Wesley came in when I was in the bleedin’ shower; I carried him to bed.. .err... Angel... think that might be the sound of my finger breaking there... so, ow!’ Spike rolled on top of Angel and tried to wrench his finger out of Angel’s strong grip.

Angel just looked at him unconcerned. ‘Go on.’

‘Then Cordelia came in a saw us both naked... bleeding hell, ow... then we went to the fuck-ups but... ow, ow, ow... but they wouldn’t talk to me. I’m good enough to bring here to shag you, but not good enough to talk to them apparently.’

‘So, you got all that little speech you spouted at me from the doorway about them from whom?’

‘Well, from Cordelia mostly, and Wesley course.’

‘Ah, I see. That’s okay then. For a moment there, I thought you might have taken my employees and friends to the Powers and let them hear intimate details of the thoughts I have in my head about you, and how I wasn’t wanking, and how I was so hard I could have died, but how everything is now okay because I can fuck you any time I want. Phew. Glad you didn’t do that then.’

‘Oh. And ow. Again.’ Spike buried his face into Angel’s chest and mumbled a quiet, ‘Sorry.’

Angel pulled the blankets up over them both, and they lay in silence for a while. Spike wasn’t sure about Angel’s mood. He was hard to read this one. He risked one tentative question. ‘You’re not angry are you, Angel?’

‘About what?’


‘What did you actually do... the truth, Spike.’

‘I did nothing. He was asleep, I got him out; he caught it on his zip; my chip went off, and he woke up. Truth, Angel.’

‘Ahh. But what would you have done, if he hadn’t have got hurt and ended your little game?’

‘Shagged him, if I could.’

‘Oh. So where does that leave us?’

Spike sat up surprised, and looked at Angel’s sad face. ‘Nowhere. Everywhere. I don’t get what you’re getting at. How does what I do outside this bed affect us?’

‘Can’t you see it, Spike? It can’t be just a soul thing, can it?’ Angel looked genuinely puzzled.

Spike laughed. ‘'But it's not the 'doing', Angel, that means anything to me. It's no different to wanking. You'd be the one I was coming home to and telling. It's the telling, Angel. The sharing, isn't it? I guess it comes down to trust. How much to you trust me? You don’t think that I love you any less cus I have recreational sex, do you?’

‘Yes. I do.’

‘Hey, Angel.’ He took Angel’s chin very firmly in one hand, forcing him to keep eye contact. ‘I have loved you my whole unlife. I loved you even when you were Angelus, when all you did was use me. I loved you like a human loves, and I’ve never lost that, Angel. You’re the one who is new to human love, not me. And if you don’t want me fucking around, then I guess I won’t.’ Spike was tempted to add, ‘Tell you, that is,’ but wanted Angel to understand how he felt, so didn't.

'You'd give it up, for me?'

'I'd be getting it up for you, you mean.'

Angel smiled and pulled him into a light kiss. 'Any chance you might be getting it up right now?'

Spike smiled into Angel's kiss, 'Wanna try it?'

Angel didn't speak, but he lifted his legs, placed them on Spike's shoulders and folded his arms under his head as if relaxing.

'Go for it, mate.'

'Hey, stop with the English accent! It was funny when you did Wesley. Don't take the mick with me. I'm a one-off.'

Angel twitched his eyebrow in another mimicry of Spike.

Spike gave him a challenging look. 'Oh, you are so going to be for it now.'

Angel expected Spike to ram in hard, punishing him but, instead, he slid down, pushing Angel's legs off his shoulders and stretching them up behind Angel's head on the pillow. He placed his mouth over Angel's entrance and licked gently across the puckered surface then blew gently on the wet skin. Angel hissed and tried to push Spike's head harder against him, but Spike caught his wrists and held them down. He slipped into game face and let his fangs pierce Angel's inner thigh. As soon as blood appeared and started to trickle in a stream down the leg, he moved on, and made more punctures. He repeated this process until Angel's groin was running in blood, until it had pooled around his balls and cock. Spike looked up at Angel, keeping his vampire features, then rubbed his face around in the blood, coating himself. When he looked up again he wore a face that would terrify brave men. It drove Angel insane with lust. He felt completely vampire once more.

Angel held Spike's gaze, then slipped into his own demon face, too. Spike grinned and licked slowly over the blood on his lips then returned his attentions to Angel's entrance. He licked blood and pushed in over and over again, until blood ran out of Angel's hole, as if he had been entered already. At each push of his bloody tongue, Spike reached further in. Finally, he felt a soft swelling with the tip of his tongue and started to tickle it and work it lightly. When he heard Angel howl with pleasure, Spike's fingers dug in deeply to the skin on Angel's thighs. He could hardly hold in his own imminent release. But he had Angel exactly where he wanted him now. He worked the soft place for a few moments more then withdrew his tongue and did nothing.

Angel stilled for a moment, looked down, and grabbed the back of Spike's head.


Spike sat up, slipped back into his human face, and looked questioningly at Angel. 'What's the magic word, Angel?'

'Err… now?'



'Still, not right!'

'Oh God, please.'

'Closer, definitely closer.'

Angel's eyes suddenly narrowed. 'If you think I'm going to call you, Sire, you've got another think coming.'

'Okay, fair enough.' Spike returned his tongue to Angel's hole, found the soft swelling, and worked it for a while whilst running his finger over the tip of Angel's cock.

Angel had thrown himself back on the bed again, was arching into the mattress, thrashing from side to side, so close to his release.

Spike stopped. Climbed off the bed and walked out of the room.

Angel howled for a different reason. 'Spike. Please. Fuck you. Please. Spike.' Angel's voice suddenly changed. Spike heard a deep, very human sigh of exasperation, and he said, in a perfect imitation of his childe, 'Sire.'

'Sorry Angel, I didn't quite catch that.' Spike was just outside the door, and his voice could not contain his glee at Angel's predicament.

'Please, Sire.'

Spike flew back into the room and impaled Angel on his cock . He slipped in on a path of blood; he thrust into the blood and, as the friction warmed it, its potent smell hit them. Angel started a low, feral growling. Spike pulled him up and sank his fangs into Angel's neck. He mouthed against the soft skin, 'Say it again; say it again.'


'Say, take me, Sire.'

'Yes, take me, Sire.' Angel's total acquiescence to his commands made Spike feel dizzy with power. He increased his thrusting and knew he was hitting that spot for Angel when he felt a deep vibration in Angel's throat. He sucked the strong blood harder, and felt, for one bizarre moment, as if his cock were pumping the blood up for him to suck, and it passed through his body, making him hard. 'Tell me you love me.'

Angel dug his nails into Spike's back, raking them down and ripping the flesh. 'I love you.'

'Tell me again.'

Angel pulled Spike's mouth away from his throat and sucked at his lips, pushing his tongue against Spike's fangs, demanding entry. When he tasted his own blood coating Spike's mouth, he slipped back into game face, and they bit and tore at each other's mouths until their faces were a sea of blood.

Suddenly, Spike flung himself away from Angel's mouth and went rigid against him. He looked as if he were being staked. His face contorted; he started a violent twitching and screamed: one long, high scream. Angel felt waves of cold cum filling him. He stretched his throat and screamed himself, his voice rising over Spike's and resonating throughout the empty building. Angel grabbed Spike's hands and put them to his cock and, at the first touch, felt himself explode with an orgasm so deeply painful and delicious he bit through his torn lip in his thrashing.

They were painted in blood. Blood matted their hair, stuck them together, and enhanced their demonic features. Spike fell on Angel like a dead weight. He didn't stir until he felt a strong, insistent tongue working over his neck and ear. He lifted his face, and Angel licked over his closed eyes and down his cheeks. Spike heard a low purr and realised it was coming from him. He felt Angel smiling as he licked. Spike turned his face from side to side as Angel worked over him, then Angel pushed him over on his back and started to work down his body. Spike felt like curling up into a tiny ball. He felt utterly immersed in vampire ritual, very little of him felt human, and it was good. So good. He had not felt like this in a very long time, and the best part of all was that he knew Angel felt this, too. Angel was as close to being Angelus now as Spike had seen him. He washed his childe in the ancient way, and they renewed a deep bond between them.

Spike realised that not everything in the past had to be dismissed. Some of it had been good.

Angel found that he could unleash his demon without that release being evil and destructive.

When he had finished Spike's entire body, he lay back, and stretched his arms high above his head. He lay naked and replete. He turned his head to look at Spike and smiled, and Spike came towards him as if drawn by that hypnotic gaze. He kissed Angel, licked up his face, pulled back for permission to continue and, when he saw Angel's face relax into a sublime look of contentment, continued licking the blood that coated every inch of Angel's body.

Spike didn't hurry his tongue bath. He savoured every taste he found. He rolled the salty essence he found on Angel's chest around his taste buds. He swirled the blood into it and swallowed greedily.

When he was finished, Angel pulled him up into his arms. He entwined himself around Spike, as much skin touching as he could make it. He rubbed his face into Spike's sticky hair, breathing deeply his unique smell. They had not spoken for a long time, and Angel realised that, when fully demon, they did not need human language. He felt he knew Spike better now than for all their talk over the past week. He sensed that Spike felt that, too. He started to brush his hand lightly up over Spike's naked thigh and hip. Every so often he would allow his hand to dip down over Spike's soft curls, not touching his penis, just tickling his palm with the springy mat.

Spike seemed to read his mind, because he gently lifted his leg back over Angel's hip, giving Angel access to his hole.

'It's no wonder you were about to explode when I came here, Angel. You are insatiable, even for a vampire.'

'Hmm, you complaining, little one?'

Spike twisted his head around and gave Angel a look. Angel laughed. He didn't need that look translated.

Spike started to press back into Angel's groin; Angel put his finger to Spike's entrance and rubbed it around for a while.



'I'm not complaining, but maybe some lube would be good this time, hey?'

Angel threw back his head and laughed. 'Have I caught you up at last? You've come here, Spike, disrupted my entire existence, corrupted me, driven me almost insane with lust, led me like a bull with a ring in its nose all week, but I've outdone you now!'

'Yeah, well.' Spike grumbled to himself for a while as Angel just continued to laugh, swirling his finger around and around the puckered edges of Spike's hole. Eventually, Angel slid off the bed and started rummaging through Spike's stuff on the floor. He came up, triumphantly, with the bottle of moisturiser that had been discarded earlier that week.

'Yey for not tidying up then?'

Angel just laughed and climbed back into bed with Spike. He turned him over so he was on his hands and knees and coated him liberally with the cool lotion.

'Bit clinical, isn't it, pet?'

'Yeah, well. I'm all inventive-out, Spike. Just want it this way. No fun, no games. I want just to feel you, be in you. Is that okay?'

Spike's laughter was buried into the pillow, as was his moaning later when Angel effortlessly found that spot for him.

With no games, no talking, no fantasies, Angel was able to keep himself in Spike for a long, long time. He found a rhythm, and just let his mind wander. It was so easy in this position. He knelt against Spike's hard backside just rocking into him: in and out, in and out. Spike stayed silent and receptive, his face buried deep into the pillow. He didn’t even bother to work his own cock; he just let it hang down, semi-hard, swinging to Angel's thrusting. Angel worked from one side to the other, sometimes pushing in with deep, slow strokes, sometimes just using the tip of his cock to stretch and relax the tight ring of muscle that fitted him so well. Sometime he ran his hands lightly down Spike's spine; sometimes he stretched around and pinched Spike's nipples. He was in no rush. He switched his mind off from all erotic thoughts, and just let it drift. He didn't want to come. He wanted to stay here, gently thrusting into Spike, for the rest of his unlife. This seemed so simple, so easy, and so right. Why had he resisted this for so long?

Eventually, he felt a tingle deep in his balls, felt the vein on the underside of his shaft twitch. He knew he was going to cum and reached around to take Spike's neglected cock in his hand. He heard Spike groan when his cool hand took the firm shaft. With a grin of delight, he realised that Spike had been entirely silent and giving of himself now for well over an hour. He wanted to reward him; he wanted them to come together, and he started to target Spike's soft swelling, working it intently with the ridge of his cock head.

Finally, Spike raised his head from the pillow and sat up against Angel. Angel held him up tightly against his belly and watched over Spike's shoulder as his hand fisted around Spike's long, pale erection. Angel kept his eyes fixed on the tiny slit on Spike's cock head. He saw it open as Spike came first. A shooting arc of cum plopped down onto the bed, running in a cold river over Angel's hand as the force of the initial jet lessened. Angel closed his eyes and relived that image in his mind. He saw again and again that tiny slit opening, and played again and again the image of Spike's cum shooting out. As the pictures played in his mind, his own release shot forth. He splayed his hands across Spike's hard belly, as he allowed himself to cum deeply and completely, finally draining himself and achieving an empty contentment he had not felt in a long, long time. They collapsed together onto the bed; Spike reached a hand around and held Angel's hips against him.

'Don't pull out?'


Sleep gradually overtook them both. Spike knew the humans would not disturb them that night. He smiled to himself when he thought of Cordelia and Wesley discussing them, curious about what they were doing.

None of Angel's colleagues disturbed them that night, but someone did come into the quiet hotel. Someone looked around the office, puzzled. Someone climbed slowly up the stairs and looked in bedrooms. Someone came into their room and stood at the end of the bed looking at them both.

It was ironic. If the Powers had a sense of humour, you might almost think that they planned this. If Buffy had not been so shocked as she stood looking at the two vampires, she might have seen that Spike was indeed being staked by a demon. As it was, she saw only their complete immersion in each other. She could not tell where one pale limb began and another ended. They seemed of one cold, matched flesh. Looking at Spike's face, she suddenly realised that she had not been hearing his cries of pain at all. She had never seen his face so relaxed and human looking as it was now in Angel's tight embrace.

She knew Angel's pain only too well; unintentionally, she had caused most of it. Angel's face was now hidden under Spike's arm, his head wrapped up in Spike's protective hug. She saw that he was complete at last.

She turned and walked thoughtfully away.

Spike's quiet voice seemed to splash in the silence that Buffy's departure left. 'You gonna brood on that, Angel?'

When Angel replied, his voice was muffled in Spike's armpit. 'What? That my ex-lover didn't stake my current lover?'


'Well, I've got to keep my options open. What about you, Spike? You were the one who nearly staked me for parting you from her. That was only a week ago.'

'Well, I can't say I'm too chuffed at having Buffy see me like this, no.'

'Ruin your big bad image?'

'Well, the big part of that was probably confirmed, but, yeah, I guess the bad ain't looking so believable. So, what'ya gonna give me to make it up to me, hey?'

Angel's reply, when it came, gave Spike a jolt of pleasure so deep he almost felt Angel's soul would be threatened by the waves of happiness radiating off him. He knew Angel loved him; now he knew Angel trusted him as well.

He raised his arm and looked at Angel. Angel only smiled at him and repeated, 'Wesley?'

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