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Time is the Fire in Which we Burn

Episode 7- Chapter 1

Spike slid in alongside Angel in the early hours of the morning - he hadn't stayed for breakfast after all. He'd left his friends a message though: blowing up a condom with a grin and adding the face of an extremely happy vampire.

They hadn't even stirred as he'd substituted it for his body and eased out of the bed.

Angel appeared to be asleep when Spike, fully clothed, crawled on next to him. Spike wasn't fooled for a minute. Deliberately not showering before he left, he knew Angel would react soon. He sat back on his heels and waited.

At last, a low, even voice said, 'This is the first time for too long that I don't smell the priest on you.'

'I drowned out his scent with cum.'

Angel snagged him closer and inhaled deeply. 'So I see.'

'Wanna obliterate them with your scent?'

Angel smiled and pulled him into a hug. 'You'll be tired. Let's sleep now.'

Gently, he undressed Spike and made him comfortable alongside him. Spike watched the dark, unfathomable eyes carefully. ''S not the torture I was promised.'


Spike lay on him and kissed him softly. Before things went further, Angel pushed him away and said, frowning, 'What's that noise?'

Spike frowned and turned his head. 'I didn't hear anything.'


Spike grinned when he caught on. 'Silence.'

'No fighting.'

'No arguing.'

'No spells.'

They looked at each other aghast, and Angel murmured, 'Touch some wood - quick.'

Dutifully, Spike put a hand to Angel's head. They snuggled down together, just enjoying the way they found such easy intimacy with each other. Spike felt himself drifting off to sleep and watched lazily as Angel's arm stretched out. Then he groaned. 'Don't set that fucking thing - please?'

Angel slapped him lightly. 'Work in four hours. Get some sleep.'

Spike grumbled for a while, wasting what little sleep time they had, but then fell into a deep, dreamless place.

When the alarm went off, Spike jerked awake and hit it. Angel turned onto his back and yawned. Silently, they showered, too asleep to bother talking. Hungry, still slightly grumpy at being woken, they made their way slowly down the stairs. Wesley was leaning on the counter and eyed them as they came down. 'Good morning.'

Neither vampire responded as they slouched into the kitchen to feed.

When they emerged, Wesley was on the telephone. He watched them as he spoke then put his hand over the receiver and mouthed, 'Decorators.'

Angel perked up and went to listen. When the call was finished, they were about to discuss the delay to the promised redecoration when the door slammed open.

'Damn cars!' Cordelia limped in theatrically holding one broken shoe and generally smeared with a suspicious, oily looking substance. She glared at them. 'Where's a real man when you need one?' She looked at Wesley. 'Wesley! Do you know where one is?'

Spike snickered and threw himself into a chair. 'If you're gonna hitch, Luv, you really need to scrub up a bit.'

She glared at him, went to the telephone, and began searching for numbers. Before she could find a garage, the phone rang again and Wesley answered it. He began to make notes, clearly speaking to a new client.

Angel went toward his office, gave Spike a meaningful look and went in.

Casually, Spike got up and followed him. He shut the door carefully behind him and looked amused at Angel perched on the desk.

'We're feeling better, aren't we?'

'I'm acclimatising to being up, yeah.'

Spike grinned. 'How up?'

'Come here and find out.'

Spike came slowly toward Angel with a smirk, bordering on a leer, on his face. Angel opened his thighs, and Spike came to lean between them. They kissed softly. 'Morning, Pet.'

Angel held him tightly around the waist. 'Stay here with me all the time. I like having you in the mornings - makes human schedules almost bearable.'

Spike sighed. 'One of these days you'll ask and I'll say yes.'

'Have you just proposed, Angel?'

They pulled away, slightly annoyed that Cordelia had come in unobserved. Angel was about to comment on doors and knocking when there was a shout from outside. They ran out to find Fred trying to help Gunn onto a couch. He was denying he was hurt badly, but a bleeding wound on his head belied this claim.

Wesley ran for the emergency box, and they crowded around the couple. 'Damn car, man! Driver lost control and freaking hit us!'

'You saved me, Charles.'

'Damn right I did, Girl. Can't have my lady being mown down by something as ordinary as a car!'

Spike immediately lost interest in the incident when he discovered nasties weren't involved and sighed. He poked Angel in the back and said quietly, 'I'm going home for a few hours - check things over.'

Angel narrowed his eyes. 'Going back to bed, you mean.'

Spike licked his lips. 'Come with me.'

Angel glanced around at the group and frowned. Spike put a hand on his arm. ''S okay - stay and do the boss thing for a day. We've got lots of time, Luv.'

Pleased, Angel nodded. 'Come back later?'

'Duh' was the reply, and he watched Spike go to the weapons' cabinet and get out his beloved sword. He made a few pretend thrusts and then with a slight swagger, headed for the basement. Angel blinked his eyes with a jolt of surprise at how much he missed his presence already.

It was an uneventful day after that. Work got done, but increasingly, Angel missed Spike's presence. He kept glancing at his cellphone, but didn't want to appear too clingy.

By late evening he found himself staring at it almost constantly, preparing casual enquiries to Spike that wouldn't make him seem desperate.

'If you want to call me, Mate, you need to pick the bloody thing up!'

Angel grinned and came out from behind his desk. 'Upstairs, now.'

'Shit, I love it when you're all masterful.'

Angel raised an eyebrow. 'Perhaps we'd better make that the basement then?'

Spike felt a tingle run down his spine. 'You're kidding… right?'

Angel advanced on him. 'I'm bored; I'm horny, and I think I owe you a whipping.'

Spike sighed then snapped up his head. 'If you can catch me, Lardarse.'

Angel made a lunge for him, but he was too far away. Spike sprinted for the stairs and made it up and out of sight before Angel could make an I'm-not-really-running exit from the lobby.

When he rounded the corner to the bedrooms, Angel stopped and sniffed the air. With a grin, he began to stalk after his childe. It wasn't easy picking up his most recent scent over all the others, but Angel sensed that Spike would go up rather than down. Just to add some spice to the game, he stopped off in his room and took a pair of handcuffs and a single stranded whip from his toybox. It made a satisfactory crack as he wandered around the deserted hallways.

Up appeared to be wrong, for he lost the scent on the next floor. Slightly puzzled, he went back down and tried again. With a feral grin, he eyed the elevator shaft. Warily not actually sticking his head in, he nevertheless peered into its gloomy depths.

Something hit him square in the face, and he staggered as Spike swung out from above, snatched the whip off him and then backed slowly away down the hallway. 'Want some of this?' He cracked the whip.

Angel gave him a look. 'Give it back.'

Incredulous, Spike said, 'No way! You come get it!'

Angel did. He advanced meaningfully on Spike until the whip caught him on the arm. He howled in mock agony and morosely inspected the welt. 'Bastard!'

Spike crooned with pleasure. 'Come on! Give me some work, at least!'

Angel seemed to agree with this assessment of his performance so far but then lunged with unbelievable speed at Spike. Spike tripped over in his haste to flee, and Angel was on him. They wrestled for possession of the whip, but laughing too much, the struggle became more an excuse to feel each other's bodies than a do-or-die struggle to the death. Finally, Spike capitulated and lay stretched and helpless on the floor. He caught Angel to him and kissed him swiftly. With a whisper he said, 'Suspend me, Angel, and teach me to be good.'

He felt his conqueror harden on him and moaned with pleasure when Angel pulled him to his feet. They went down the backstairs to the basement, and silently, Angel unhooked his punch bag. He put the cuffs on Spike, never dropping his gaze and then lifted him to the hook. Spike hung, swaying, the tips of his boots just brushing the sawdust on the floor.

Angel opened Spike's shirt so he could see the effect of the stretch on the ribs and abs. He groaned in pleasure and ran his hands over the hard body, unable to believe it was his whenever he wanted it. 'You are so beautiful, Will. When did you become so beautiful?'

'When you opened your eyes to see me, Angelus.'

Angel looked up at him and then stepped back, running the thin strand of the whip through his fingers as if it were an expensive silk scarf.

He flicked it at the bare chest, just catching one nipple and making it flare to red. Spike hissed and arched back, craning his neck down to see the blossoming flower of crimson where his nipple had been. He closed his eyes. 'Get me out, Luv, please.'

Angel didn't need to be asked twice. He came up to the swaying body and put his hands to Spike's top button. With a groan, he dipped his head and sucked on the bleeding nipple as if feeding. Spike howled with pleasure, and Angel felt the swelling increase under his hands. He released Spike's erection, just unzipping him enough to ease it out through the opening, so it stood exposed against his dark jeans.

He stood back. 'Let's see if I can make you come, Baby; would you like that?'

Spike sucked in his breath and waited for the pleasure on his other nipple. He was not disappointed. Angel flicked the tiny nub with such expertise that it took a moment for the intense sting to register, and then Spike wriggled in his restraints, his cock twitching around of its own accord, stiff and swollen.

Angel looked at it. He measured his distance and then flicked the tip.

Spike writhed away, a scream of pain that would have reached human ears only just held back. Angel flung to the figure and sank to his knees, holding Spike around the legs. With a glance up, he took the bleeding tip into his mouth.

Hot followed by cold - Spike cried out in ecstasy as Angel worked his tongue into the wound he'd made. He cupped the tight backside and eased the bleeding cock into his mouth, relaxing his throat so it slid down, the blood tricking delightfully without his assistance.

Spike looked down, stretched as far as he could in the cuffs, and with the slight purchase of his boots on the floor, began to hump himself into Angel's face. They both groaned deeply. Angel's hands slid up to the already healed nipples and opened them up again, twisting them until they bled once more.

On pain and intense pleasure, Spike came with a shuddering orgasm against Angel's throat. Wave after wave of gratification washed through him, and his shots of semen left a twitching, intense pleasure in his shaft.

He watched Angel swallow, watched him nuzzle into his root, and tipped his head back, also unable to believe that he could have this much pleasure whenever he wanted.

Angel rose gracefully to his feet and eyed his childe. He picked up the whip again. 'I think you've had too much enjoyment.'

Spike nodded and kept his blue eyes fixed intently on the dark vampire. Pursing his lips, licking them with a tiny flick of his tongue, Angel made his way slowly behind Spike. Reaching around, he undid Spike's top button and eased his jeans down until they hung precariously, just below his backside. Spike twisted his head around, his eyes heavy with sated need. 'Fuck me….'

Angel stood back, smiled, raised the whip and brought it down across the flawless cheeks. Like a second red crack, a welt flared on the trail of the strand. Spike cried out and tried to twist his head to look. Angel came close and pressed his hands to the blood. Teasingly, he drew the handle of the whip across the cut. 'Does that hurt?'


Angel looked down at the handle and paused for a moment. Then he gently parted the blood-smeared cheeks. Keeping Spike's gaze, he stroked the handle over the waiting hole. 'Who was in here last?'

Spike groaned and replied softly, 'Jordan.'

Angel nodded. 'You're a whore. What happens to whores?'

'They get paid occasionally?'

Angel chuckled and laid his forehead against Spike's. Eyes very close, watching the other's pupils dilate with anticipation, Angel eased the bloody handle into Spike. Spike bit down on his lip, making it bleed, and Angel sucked it gently into his mouth. 'Is it hard…?'

Spike nodded. Angel pushed it in further and hissed when Spike winced. 'Does that hurt?' Spike shook his head, so he pushed it up further. When Spike opened his eyes wide with shocked pleasure, Angel withdrew it slowly. They both knew what was coming next, and Spike crunched slightly at the waist when Angel began to pump the ridged, rubber handle up and down his slick channel. Spike stretched his head back and began to pant. Angel grinned into his neck, nibbling slightly at the scar that joined them in blood. He glanced down at Spike's thickening cock and murmured, 'Come for me again. I want to watch.' He changed the angle of the penetration and worked it in harder.

Between pants, almost unable to speak, Spike croaked out, 'Angel - just - you - please.'

The words sent shivers of delight down Angel's spine. He wrenched the handle out of Spike and fumbled urgently with his pants. He watched Spike's hole beginning to close, wanting to plunge into that gaping need. Suddenly, he rammed home.

Deeply joined, they stilled for a moment, just savouring the feeling of being so intimate. They were both very close to orgasm, and it only took a few long, hard strokes before Angel felt his balls swelling and his cock begin to twitch with imminent release. He reached around and took Spike's shaft in his fist. Spike murmured. 'Together….'

Angel whispered into Spike's neck as he worked in and out, 'Always together.'

With a grunt, Angel's long strokes became short, jerky thrusts. Spike felt a coldness squirt against his abused walls, and he moaned in pleasure at the relief. He looked down and watched Angel play with him just as he'd watched his sire work himself so many times… long hard fisting, short fingering of just one little area and then urgent speeding up to release.

He shouted and came, spurts of cum splattering down to mix with the sawdust on the floor. Angel stopped and brought his sticky hand up to Spike's mouth, turning it as his childe lapped his own cum.

With a sigh, Angel reached up and released Spike from the ceiling hook. Still deeply embedded, he eased him to his feet. He embraced him tightly, kissing into his neck.

Spike stretched his arms up above his head, totally satisfied. The movement dislodged Angel, and they laughed at sloppy sound that accompanied his withdrawal. Sighing, Spike pulled up his jeans and fastened them. He turned and gave Angel a shy smile, eyeing the whip. With a laugh, Angel picked it up, put his arm over Spike's shoulder and led them both upstairs.

The hotel was empty. They grinned at how the evening had passed them by and were glad to crawl into bed. Angel lay with his arms folded under his head, staring at the ceiling. Spike was inspecting his wounds, paying particular attention to the tip of his cock. With a sigh, he slid down the bed. 'I need to take on some work. I'm broke.'

Angel glanced over. 'We've both been distracted. We need to get back to normal.'

Spike yawned, turned to him and fell asleep. Angel smiled down at his lover and sent a small prayer to whichever God was on duty that night that he could feel this happy without losing his soul.


When the alarm went, Spike groaned loudly and slapped at it, knocking it off the stand.

He pulled the covers over his head and went back to sleep. Angel dragged the covers off and slapped his backside. 'Up. You said you had to work - so do I.'

Spike refused to join him in the shower and snuggled back into the warmth of the bed until, dripping, Angel caught hold of one ankle and dragged him out onto the floor. 'Hey! Bastard!'

Angel dodged a punch and threw him some clothes. Morosely Spike stomped downstairs after Angel. Wesley was in the lobby, leaning on the counter, and he glanced up as they came down. 'Good morning.'

Angel smiled and rubbed his hands together. 'It is good, yeah.'

'Speak for your fucking self.' They both ignored Spike and just gave each other a shy smile.

'How's things, Wes?'

The human was about to reply, but the phone went, and he answered it. He mouthed at Angel, 'Decorators.' Angel frowned, wondering if he would ever get his rooms redecorated, and drifted over to Spike.

'Let's do some real training today. If you're going to get some new cases you need to be….'

He didn't finish his sentence, for Cordelia suddenly burst through the front door. 'Damn cars!' Once more, she limped toward one of the couches, holding another broken shoe and smeared, yet again, with the oily looking substance. She glared at them. 'Where's a real man when you need one?' She looked at Wesley. 'Wesley! Do you know where one is?'

Angel narrowed his eyes and turned to Spike. Spike was staring at Cordelia and shook his head as if to shake off something. He looked at Angel. 'Coincidence.'

Angel shivered and nodded. Cordelia came toward them, and they both took a step back as if she were contaminated. Spike craned toward Angel's ear and murmured, 'If that bloody phone rings I'm gonna…. OH! Bloody hell!'

Wesley looked oddly at Spike's outburst and picked up the phone. He began to take notes. Angel caught at Spike's arm and bustled him into the kitchen. 'This is just coincidence. See? We're in here. Yesterday we were in my office - remember?'

Spike nodded. 'Okay. I'm not panicking. Shit! That's….'

They ran into the lobby and skidded to a halt as Fred staggered in with Gunn.

'Nooo!' Spike stamped his foot as if he could make the day behave properly.

Angel watched Wesley fetch the first aid box and went up to Fred. 'A car hit you.'

Fred jerked her head back. 'Did you see it? Angel! It nearly killed me, but Charles….'

'Saved you, yeah, I know. Wesley! My office. Now!'

'Wait a moment, Angel; I need to patch….'

'Now! Sorry, Gunn, but this is more important.'

Wesley put the box down, looked at the vampires' faces and followed them into the office.

Angel began to pace. 'All of this happened yesterday.'

Wesley raised an eyebrow. 'Well, I know it must seem like that sometimes, but believe me, this….'

'No, Wesley. All of this - exactly. We came down; the decorators called; Cordy came in just like that - everything: Gunn, Fred. Everything!'

'Oh.' He looked at Spike who just nodded morosely. 'Well. This is a pickle then. We're repeating, but you're not. Bloody hell. I suppose I'd better hit the books. Have you anything else to go on? Anything unusual happened recently?'

Angel appeared to be thinking deeply then replied, 'Nothing normal ever happens, Wes; where do you want me to start?'

'Yes. Quite. Right. I'll get on to it.'

They watched him reading for a while, Angel becoming increasingly anxious as events of the day repeated around him. As Spike had been absent all day, it was all new to him, so had less effect, but he sensed Angel's mood.

After a few hours, he sidled up to him and whispered, 'Seeing as the day's repeating….' He slid Angel's hand under his shirt to his nipple.

Angel grinned, and his mood vanished at the feel of the tiny nub. He glanced around then sighed. 'Not a good idea until we discover what's happening but… thanks.'

Spike nudged him, 'Let's go feed, Pet. Come on.'

By evening, Wesley seemed to have made some headway. He needed some books from his apartment, so grabbed his jacket, and with a shout over his shoulder, said he'd be back with a possible solution.

Angel watched the other three humans who were blissfully unaware what was happening, going through their predestined lines. It disturbed him profoundly and made everything he said seem planned, rather than his own life, his free will.

When he could stand it no longer, he grabbed Spike and dragged him up to the bedroom with him. 'I'm spooked. De-spook me.'

Spike grinned and did his best to distract Angel. The distraction lasted a very long time, and by the time they fell into an exhausted sleep, Angel was considerably de-spooked and convinced that Wesley would give them the solution in the morning.


When the alarm went, both vampires were awake and waiting for it. Gingerly, Spike turned it off; they dressed very slowly, finding excuses not to go downstairs, but eventually gave each other a look and headed out. Wesley was coming out of Angel's office. He looked up surprised, 'You two are early.'

With a huge sigh of relief, Angel said, 'So, did you find out anything? What caused it?'

Wesley frowned and was about to reply but the telephone rang. 'Wait one moment.' He answered it and then mouthed at Angel, 'Decorators.'

Angel slammed the phone down for him and said, 'What did you find out about this repeating thing?'

'What are you talking about, Angel? Are you drunk?'

Before he could respond to this, the front door burst open, and Cordelia limped in once more. 'Damn cars.'

Angel shouted, 'NO!' and flung over to her. 'Don't say anything else!'

She gave him a look. 'Great. When I need a damn man, I get a hormonal vampire. Get out of my way; I need to phone a garage.'

'Don't touch the phone!'

'Angel! Move!'

'No. I'm not going to let this happen. I'll stop it.'

Spike came over to him. 'Keep her here, and I'll… bugger!'

The phone rang once more, and with a very stern look at the vampires, Wesley answered it. He put his hands over the mouthpiece. 'Clients. Perhaps you two would like to take your little game elsewhere?'

Spike grabbed Angel's arm and dragged him to one side. 'He had the answer last night!'

Angel almost banged his head against the wall. 'We let him go home! And then thought he'd come back and…. Fucking hell!'

Suddenly, he glanced toward the door and the sun streaking in. 'Shit. I could stop the car hitting….'

Too late: the couple limped in with their usual wound.

Angel gave them one look, snatched Spike to his side and strode back up the stairs. They retreated to Angel's bedroom, wrinkled their noses up at the bad smell from the spilt blood and went into Spike's instead. Suddenly, Spike shouted, 'Blood!'

'Trust you to be hungry at….'

'Not to eat, you wanker, but you spilt blood again and… fuck me… we're in the middle of another let's-fuck-Spike-around spell!'

'Hey! I'm being fucked around here too!'

That made them turn to each other, and suddenly, Spike went over and hugged Angel. 'It's nice, Pet. In something together for once.'

Angel kissed him. 'It is. One and a half brains to work this out.'

Spike chuckled, and Angel said, thinking, 'You may be right about the blood. I'll contact the witch that Wesley used before. See if she can come take a look.'

They went down to the lobby, and Angel placed the call in his office, Spike sitting on the desk, his foot swinging into him just enough to remind him that he wasn't alone in this.

Angel frowned as he listened and then held the phone away from his ear, staring at it in bewilderment.

Spike frowned. 'What?'

'She said that if we want to undo it, to smash the orb, but she wanted paying anyway.'

'She did this?'

'Seems so….'


'She didn't say.'

'Call her back!' Angel did, but there was no reply.

'Orb. Orb, Spike! We need to find an orb.'

They searched the hotel from top to bottom but found nothing. They regrouped in Angel's office. 'Where the fuck can she have put it? Think…. You're a witch…. You want to put a freaking great big glass ball in the hotel without anyone noticing. Where would you put it?'

'I don't bloody know! Somewhere we'd never look, I guess.'

They both had the thought at the same time. 'She wouldn't have.'

Spike shook his head, and ignoring any odd looks from the humans, they tore upstairs into Angel's bathroom. Gingerly, he lifted the lid of the toilet, and there it was: a small, blue, glowing ball.

Angel picked it up and held it between his fingers.

'Who wanted this done, Spike?'

'Just fucking smash it, Luv.'

Angel was about to, but he heard someone in his room and, instead, slipped it into his pocket. Wesley poked his head around the door. 'Are you two all right? You're worrying everyone. You're behaviour is more… odd than usual - if I can put it like that. Anyway, I was just wondering: if you weren't doing anything tonight, would you like to join me for a celebratory drink? Spike back with us… no spells… no dire events. It seems rather pleasant.'

Angel looked at Spike, and Spike looked back at Angel. With a very disturbing smile, Angel replied softly, 'Yes. I think we'd both like that. Wouldn't we, Spike?'


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