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Time is the Fire in Which we Burn

Episode 7- Chapter 2

After Wesley left, Spike pinned Angel back against the wall. He smirked. 'You've got a look on your face.'

Angel lifted an eyebrow. 'I've just agreed to a drink with our dear friend Wesley. Nothing more…'

'Then smash the damn orb.'

Angel took it out of his pocket and tossed it between his hands. Spike narrowed his eyes at him as he went slowly toward the bed. Glancing back over his shoulder, Angel turned the combination lock of his wall safe. He swung the door open, put the orb carefully inside, shut the door, and twisted the dial.

Spike came up to him and wrapped his arms around Angel's waist. 'That kinda leaves you in control here: I don't know the combination.'

Angel didn't even hesitate; he just smiled and reached for a pen alongside the bed and, just behind the nightstand where it couldn't be seen without shifting furniture, he wrote the combination. Spike lay down on his belly next to him and ran his finger slowly around on the back of his hand.

'We are very bad men….'

Angel stretched out and folded his hands behind his head, grinning quietly.

Spike shook his head and said pointedly, 'So, what are you going to do for the rest of the day?'

Suddenly, Angel rose from the bed and went to the closet. He stripped off his jeans and T-shirt and dressed carefully in leather pants and black shirt. He shrugged on his leather coat and turned to Spike. 'I've got things to do. Amuse yourself, and be back here at seven.'

Spike climbed off too. 'Where are you going?'

Angel only tapped the side of his nose and left.

The day lay like a promise of fun in front of Spike, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

He went into the tunnels, made various stops on the way and then slid extremely quietly into Sam's apartment.

They were still unconscious on the bed. Almost two days since he'd left them, a few hours for them. Spike grinned, removed the condom version of his head and slipped in between the naked, sleeping figures. Slowly, he opened his packages and waved the contents under Sam's nose.

Gradually, the human surfaced and moaned, 'Fresh croissants?'

Spike bent down and kissed him. 'It was the poofiest thing I could think of to offer you for breakfast - except me, of course, and you can have that later.

Sam sat up, chuckling and holding his head. 'Was it real?'

Spike laughed and shook his head. 'Yeah, surprisingly, that was.'

Sam stretched. 'You were… amazing. But I knew you would be.' He glanced down at Jordan, took some croissant and began to put small pieces into his mouth. The demon rose spluttering, but realised what it was and greedily reached for more. 'Mornin'.'

Spike grinned at them both. 'Tomorrow, I'll make you eggs.'

Sam frowned with an uncertain look on his face. 'I got the distinct impression that this was going to be a one-off thing, Spike - not that I'm complaining, of course. But… how is angry-balls going to take this?'

Spike only grinned some more. 'Funnily enough, I have the feeling I can do as I like! So, have you had enough… food?'

Spike got back to the hotel an hour before the appointed time and made his way up to his room, shedding his clothes onto the floor and grabbing a towel. Stiff, feeling very well used, he went slowly into the bathroom. Angel was just about to step under the water. Spike stopped up short. 'Fucking hell! Where have you been?' He came up closer and sniffed the blood that covered his sire from head to foot. His eyes widened disbelievingly, but before he could say anything, Angel replied gleefully, 'I went to church!'

Spike stepped back. Angel gave him a look. 'What's the biggie?'

Spike shook his head. 'I hope for your sake this day repeats tomorrow.'

Angel gave a huge belch and grinned. 'I think someone's repeating on me now.'

They showered together, Spike trying to maintain an angry silence with Angel, but Angel's gleeful mood and his small inroads on Spike's body defeated all attempts to stay cross. He just shook his head once more censoriously, then kissed the wayward vampire and said softly, 'So, what's the plan for tonight?'

Incredibly, Angel swelled slightly at the soft words. Seeing Angel harden made Spike groan, and his penis twitched. Angel stepped out and dried himself then dried Spike, holding him close, rubbing gently over his wet skin. 'We're taking Wes,' there was a long pause, 'out for a drink.'

Spike tipped his head back and laughed.

The bar was warm and intimate. Wesley was already there when the vampires arrived, and he looked up, pleased, but then did a small double take. Dressed head to foot in leather, Spike wearing all his eclectic selection of jewellery, they slid into the booth, one on either side of the hapless human. 'Hello, Wesley.'

'Hello. Are you two out of your strange mood?'

Angel nodded seriously but said, 'No.' He chuckled at Wesley's expression. 'Sorry, only I think you're right. We should celebrate.'

Wesley smiled. 'All right then. I'll get the first round in; what would you both like…? Did I say something funny?'

Spike composed his features. 'Beer, Luv. Beer is fine.'

Angel said softly, 'Whisky… for now.'

Wesley went thankfully to the bar with a disapproving look at their annoying behaviour.

They all drank steadily. Wesley couldn't quite work out why, but every innocent thing he said the vampires greeted with laughter, everything he talked about, they were interested in. He'd rarely felt so included, so much a part of them, and it made him relax a little more than normal. Once more, he had the distinct impression that he was getting drunk, letting go of his habitual, English reserve. He rather enjoyed the sensation and began to go with the flow of the evening. They went on to another bar and then another. He remembered someone singing, and as it was tuneful, surmised it wasn't Angel. All was becoming a blur of arms holding him, leather touching him, and smiling eyes staring into his.

He had no idea how they all ended up in his apartment, but was very glad when he was given a mug of tea. He was in that blissful state where he felt mellow and happy. He chuckled and said, 'I'm SO going to regret this in the morning!'

He didn't get why the vampires found this uproariously funny, or why Spike said slyly, 'I doubt it, Pet.'

He just grinned back and finished off his tea. 'Well, it's been a super evening, but it's awfully late, and I really must…. What are you doing?'

Angel knelt in front on him and parted his thighs. 'I'm going to kiss you.'

'Oh. Why?'

Angel smiled. 'Because I can.' He leant in and licked gently at Wesley's warm lips. Wesley glanced nervously at Spike, but Spike was standing in the bedroom doorway, unbuttoning his shirt.

Wesley pulled away. 'No. I don't know what you two are intending, but….'

Angel caught him behind the back of the neck and whispered into his cheek. 'Yes…. You knew it would happen one day. Well, this is the day. I want you. Spike wants you. You want us. Come to bed now, and don't make me wait for you.' He rose gracefully to his feet and without looking at the human again, walked to the bedroom, shedding his clothes to the floor as he went.

Wesley rose to complain, to end this ridiculous spectacle, but as he went toward the open door, all he could see was an enticement of pale, naked limbs on the bed. Despite his better intentions, he could not turn away. Spike lay on his belly, and Angel knelt between his legs. With a glance toward the watching human, he cupped Spike's cheeks and eased them apart, giving him a full view of the small indentation. Still keeping Wesley's gaze, he bent down and kissed it, running his tongue in delight over the puckered skin.

Wesley hissed and came forward slightly. Spike lazily reached out a hand, and Wesley allowed his fingers to be snagged. Slowly, he was drawn toward the bed. Immediately, Angel took his attention off Spike and began to unbutton Wesley's shirt. Wesley looked down at the strong fingers on him and moaned. 'I should shower first; I'm….' Angel went instantly to his chest and nuzzled under his arms, moaning in pleasure at the strong, masculine scent. Wesley tipped his head back with the realisation that this was to be something very different. He'd known it would be, but the true import of what he was about to do hit him. He felt other hands on his jeans and looked down to see Spike undoing him.

After that, it took no time at all for the vampires to get him naked and in bed with them. He let them take the whole lead; they seemed to know where to move, how to position themselves. He felt awkward and ill at ease, not knowing what was expected of him or what he was capable of. Suddenly, he found himself on his back, Angel braced over him. He looked around for Spike and saw the pale figure behind Angel. Angel's face creased over for a moment, and with a gasp, Wesley realised that Angel was being penetrated. He opened his mouth to speak, but Angel bent down and began to kiss him fiercely.

It was the kiss he'd been given so many times in his dreams - the kiss of someone who loved him and wanted him desperately. He couldn't help but respond. He let himself go to the feel of Angel's lips on him. He felt his cock swelling and moaned at the sensation. Angel put a hand on his thigh and lifted it gently. He produced something in his hand and rubbed it over Wesley's hole. The human had one last rational thought - that Angel must have brought the lube with him; that all this had been planned - before he lost himself to a deep, irrational pleasure.

The entry was slow and exquisite. It brought no flashbacks with it, and he urged Angel on by raising his hips slightly. When he opened his eyes, Wesley hissed, as he could see Spike thrusting rhythmically into Angel. It meant so much more now - now he knew what it felt like. Angel was feeling what he was feeling; Angel had another man's erection deep in him. Wesley cried out in confused delight as Angel began to pull back from the long, slow introduction of his cock, but as the high-pitched cry left his lips, Angel grinned and thrust back in.

Wesley's eyes flew open wide, and he grunted with shock. Angel picked up the rhythm, and Wesley watched as Spike matched him, and they thrust and worked in tandem.

He'd never felt such pleasure coursing through his body. He knew the theory of the thing, done his research as he'd begun to consider the possibility with Angel, but this was something not learnt from books. Something deep inside his body was coming alive as Angel took him. Something in his head surrendered and opened up to the vampire within him. He stared up at the dilated dark eyes and said huskily, 'I love you.'

Angel was too lost in his imminent orgasm to reply. He just smiled slightly and braced himself higher on Wesley's body.

Spike had begun to pant, and he said raggedly, 'Come together, Luv. See if you can bring him off too.'

Angel nodded to his lover and put one hand behind him. It was grasped by Spike, and squeezing each other's fingers, they exploded cum together. Wesley felt the cool liquid filling him, felt it running out, and he was so close to release that he cried out in disappointment that Angel might stop. With a grin, Angel just shifted position slightly and kept on thrusting, his shaft growing hard once more, and his cum just providing a delicious, slick coating for their pleasure.

Spike pulled out and slid around Angel. He bent to kiss Wesley and took his cock for him. Wesley moaned when the cool fingers touched his bulging shaft and ran lightly over his prominent veins. He almost screamed when the vampire bent and took him in his mouth.

Spike slid a hand under the prone human and cupped Wesley's balls, squeezing them gently in rhythm with Angel's thrusting. He put his lips around the swollen hot tip and tickled the slit with his tongue. Wesley screamed and came, his cum spilling over Spike's face, catching on his tongue and dribbling down his chin. Immediately, Spike rose and shared the offering with Angel. They kissed deeply; their eyes locked with amusement on each other as they took their tongues to the back of throats, bit lips and drew blood; mashing their mouths together until tongues split and blood mingled with the milky fluid from Wesley's body.

Wesley lay replete in a post-orgasmic, drunken fug, watching the vampires above him. He couldn't move; they held him down, covered him, overwhelmed him with their presence.

Suddenly, as if they'd rehearsed the moves, they took one thigh each and split him wide, lying in the gap. He moaned his distress at the position and tried to sit up, but two firm hands held him down, and then tongues found him.

All thought of moving left him. They explored him together, tips just flicking over him, cum being licked off. Then a tongue ventured further, and on the stretch that Angel had left, it slipped in to taste him from the inside. Someone moaned, and the sound vibrated against his plundered hole, reawakening nerves that were in shock from the penetration. Lips sealed themselves around the puckered skin, and the tongue reached higher. He felt his balls begin to swell again and desperately hoped he had it in him to come again.

They split him wider, pushing his thighs into the mattress and tongues were swapped. This one was more forceful, more demanding. He felt teeth nibbling around his sensitive ring and knew whom it was. When he flinched with pain, the nibbling continued, and he flushed with shocked pleasure when he had a mental vision of Angel licking him again.

Hands began to play with his cock and balls, and he sent up a small prayer of thanks that he was hard again.

Suddenly, all the pleasure stopped, and the vampires knelt either side of him. They just waited, and he looked wildly from one to the other. 'What? What do you want?'

Angel raised an eyebrow. 'Choose, Wes. Who do you want?'

Wesley's heart missed a beat, and he blinked. 'I-I can't….'

Spike laid a hand on his arm and said softly, 'Then we will.' He nodded at Angel, and they lifted the almost senseless human up onto his knees. Spike leant in and kissed him then, with a smirk, he turned and bent gracefully at the waist. Angel took Wesley's hand and placed it on Spike's backside.

'Feel him. There, use your finger on him first… like that.' Wesley snatched his hand away, but then tentatively put it back onto the flawless skin. He stroked over the white hardness, each movement dipping toward the small hole. When he reached that, he trickled his finger over the soft indentation, wonderingly.

He jerked and hissed slightly, looking down as something cool and slick was rubbed over his cock.

With a laugh, rubbing his hands into the sheet, Angel lay down under Spike's head, and they began to kiss. The sight of the vampires engrossed in their own pleasure gave Wesley some courage, and he lifted his hard penis to the hole.

It was a life-transforming moment, and he'd always thought it would be marked by more ceremony somehow. He closed his eyes, pictured his more usual entries into softer, wetter flesh and pushed in.

He fell forward as his cock went like a well-oiled piston into the tight hole. Spike gasped, Angel moaned as their tongues met and danced, and Wesley cried out in pleasure.

It was nothing like the places he'd penetrated before: nothing. How could he have thought there was some similarity? Every inch of his cock was crushed in a vice-like grip, every slight movement threatened to bring him off. He started to move and began to pant, high-pitched disbelieving pants at the incredible pleasure.

Angel pulled off Spike's mouth and came behind the thrusting human. He knelt up and caught him lightly around the waist, whispering into his neck, 'I'm fucking him too… harder, Wes.'

Bewildered, just trying to concentrate on his orgasm, he felt a finger slip into his stretched hole. He moaned, but when the finger found the soft place inside him, he had no rational thought left to make sound. The touch sent a flood of semen jetting out of his balls and up his shaft. With just a sharp intake of breath, he released into Spike.

He'd dreamt of this moment so many times that he expected music in his head. He was filling Spike. Spike was bent to him, raised to him. He was in Spike's body, and that body was so tight and so cool around. Behind him, the dark presence he worshipped was feeling him, touching him intimately.

He collapsed, breathing heavily, his heart pounding furiously. The vampires shifted position together and came to his heart like predators. They laid their hands over it, bent ears to listen to it, and Angel nuzzled into Wesley's neck where the pulse was the strongest and licked in rhythm to the beating.

Wesley felt himself slipping into an exhausted sleep. He didn't want to, but couldn't stop the tiredness washing through his body and taking him away. His last thought before he tipped over the edge was that he should have resisted more forcibly. His body was sated in a way it had never been before, but as the unbelievable events of the evening tumbled around in his mind, he feared he had just lost his two best friends for nothing more than a momentary pleasure in his body.


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