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Time is the Fire in Which we Burn

Episode 7- Chapter 3

The alarm went. Spike slammed it off and whooped in glee. Naked, they ran out into the hallway together. Stealthily, they crept along until they could oversee the lobby, and then they lay on their bellies, peering over.

'He'll come out of your office.'


'Here he comes.'

'Shit, look at him.'

'He looks so… innocent.'

Angel chuckled and nodded. 'He'll get the call from the decorators now. Hey! Where are you going?'

Spike grinned at him, ran down the stairs two at a time, flung himself totally naked on Wesley and kissed him, then ran back upstairs just before the front door crashed open.

'Damn cars!'

Wesley put the phone down without even listening to see who it was and said, 'I'm going to start scanning the classifieds today. See if I can't find a new place of employment. Damn….' He picked up the phone and took the second call.

The vampires didn't wait to see the rest of the morning play out but skittered back to their room.

Angel began to dress.

'Where are you going?'

Angel grinned. 'Back to church. I'm gonna teach him a new hymn today.'

Spike frowned again. 'I really don't think….'

Angel leant over and kissed him. 'You sound like a watcher. Go play with someone, Baby, but be back here this evening.'

Spike's eyes widened. 'We're gonna take him out again and…?'

Angel laughed and shook his head. 'You've got no imagination, Will. Just be here.'

He flew out, and Spike stretched and wondered what he wanted to do first.

With a grin, he dressed and went to buy eggs.

Angel didn't get back until the early hours of the morning. Spike was incandescent with rage, hanging around the hotel, wasting his precious evening.

Finally, he retreated to bed, smoking, lying in the dark, thinking evil thoughts about Angel.

He heard him arrive back, tracked his progress through the empty building, sensed him in the door, turned his back and ignored the soft depress of the mattress.

He could not ignore the smell of blood and cum. He turned and backed out of the bed. Angel's eyes caught the light and glowed faintly amber. He grinned. 'He lasted so long; I just couldn't leave. I was almost impressed by his stoicism.'

Spike bit his lip and concealed his initial expression, smiling. 'Come take a shower. I'll wash you, Sire.'

Angel stretched and followed him.

Spike washed him carefully, massaging the shampoo into his hair, soaping his hard body, removing all trace of the day. He led him back to bed and watched as Angel inspected a small wound on his arm. 'You've gotta stop this.'

Angel turned. 'And that would be why?'

Spike came and sat next to him. 'It's wrong.'

Angel laughed. 'You sound like one yourself.'

'And you sound like Angelus.'

'Spike! Go look at him tomorrow. He'll be kneeling in the church with not a mark on him - there's no harm!'

Spike sighed, leaned in and kissed him. 'I'm not worried about him; I'm worried about you. You're the only priority in my life; you know that, and you are not whole and new every day - you're storing this up inside you each time, and it's changing you.'

Angel pursed his lips then hung his head a little. Spike put an arm around him, and he leant close against Spike's neck. 'He looks like the one that use to… take me the most.'

Spike tensed but didn't speak. Encouraged by the silence, Angel continued, 'He had that dark, Irish beauty, ya know? And we were just lads - we looked up to him, wanted him to notice us. Well, he noticed me all right.' He began to pick viciously at the scab on his arm. 'Every fucking night.' When his wound bled, Spike stilled his hand and lifted the arm to his mouth. He sucked gently on the blood as if he could suck the poisonous memories from Angel's mind.

Angel shook himself. 'Course, then the fucking Inquisition got Angelus. Did I mention I hated priests?'

With a rueful laugh, he turned to Spike. 'Sorry.' He cupped Spike's cheekbone. 'Are you my better half? Do you fill the gaps in my soul?'

Spike grinned. 'I kinda want to fill in some other gaps of yours now….'

Angel pushed him hard against the mattress and rose over him, dark and powerful. 'You picked the wrong night to suggest this, Baby. You know how torture makes me.'

Spike jerked his body up, flinging Angel off him, crawling off the far side of the bed. 'Don't touch me.'

Angel hissed in disbelieving delight and almost tore Spike's arm from its socket as he yanked him back onto the bed. Spike repressed his desperate need to kiss Angel and head butted him instead. Blood sprung from Angel's nose, and he touched a finger to it in wonder. He looked down at his errant childe. 'You die.'

With howls of delight, they tore into one another, breaking bones, tearing at flesh, until bleeding and broken on the floor, Angel rose triumphant over Spike and finally penetrated through to the inside. Still Spike tried to resist, but he had nothing left. He lay and was taken, watching Angel hump his way to a conqueror's orgasm.

Angel had not felt the need to orgasm so strongly for a very long time. All the pain, all the fearful screaming of the day had made him desperate to release the pressure building up inside him, and here was his supine childe, broken and bleeding beneath him. It was too good to be true; he cried out as his balls began to jettison their load. A spasm tore through him, and he sped up, everything in his body coalescing to this shuddering delight.

The alarm went off, and Angel howled with rage.

Spike turned over, bewildered for a moment, and then he began to laugh. He saw Angel's expression, and the laugh became uncontrollable - until Angel hit him.

Suddenly, Angel leapt off the bed and dragged him up. With a grin at each other they skittered along the hallway to their vantage point and peered at the familiar events unfolding below. 'We'll wait until Fred takes Gunn home and Cordy goes to meet the garage guys….'


The scampered back to the room, and Angel grinned. 'We're gonna make him hit on us. He's gonna initiate everything.'

Spike's eyes widened. 'Not gonna happen, Mate. No way! You saw him - he was like a bloody zombie. Totally out of it.'

'Wanna bet?'

'Nah. I wanna lose too much. So, how we gonna do it?'

'First we need to…. Come here.'

Spike dutifully came closer.


Spike frowned and stood almost on Angel's bare feet. 'Kiss me.' Spike put his arms up in preparation, but Angel shook his head. 'No touching.'

Questioningly, Spike allowed himself to be kissed. It was agonising not to be able to use his hands. Angel tasted of everything good that he wanted, and he wanted it now. He felt himself rising, felt his cock brushing Angel's belly as it swelled to life. Incredulously, he glanced down and saw Angel's, flat and hard already against the dark belly. Their kisses became frenzied; they almost broke their no touching rule, but Angel pulled away. 'Good - now, get dressed.'

'What in? Jesus, Luv, look at us!'

'Wear those old jeans of yours.'

Carefully they negotiated swollen penises into soft pants, wincing and laughing. Then Angel took two T-shirts out. Before he put one on, he said casually, 'Now, punch me - here. Below the ribs.'

'No! I don't want to!'

'Spike… you have to. Come on; think evil thoughts about me like you were when I came in this morning. Last night. Today. Whenever.'

With a sigh, Spike punched him hard under the rib cage, just to one side of the rippling abs. Angel crunched up. 'Good. Again - until I bruise.'

'Oh, bloody hell!' Spike came in close, held him, and pistoned his fist into the cool flesh. At last, a dark bruise flared on the otherwise flawless skin.

Spike moved his hand and brushed Angel's bulge. 'You are sick - did I ever tell you that? That made you harder than me kissing you.'

Angel tipped his head back and murmured, 'Not as hard as you touching me like that.' Very gingerly, he removed Spike's exploring hand.

He shrugged on his T-shirt with some difficulty, swooped and kissed Spike. 'Let's find the prey.'

Spike grinned, and they sauntered to the top of the stairs. They spied him below and fanned out, one heading him off from the kitchen, and one sliding around behind.

Angel leant over Wesley's shoulder and murmured, 'Good morning. Sorry we're late down.'

Wesley jumped, spun around and collided with the solid body. Angel winced and held his side. 'What's wrong, Angel? What a bloody awful day! Gunn's been hit by a car - not serious, but I sent them home; Cordy's car's on the blink - she's gone off to the…. You're in pain!'

Angel demurred. 'It's nothing.'

'Let me see.' He helped Angel to a couch and knelt in front of him. Angel opened his legs and untucked his T-shirt. He kept his gaze innocently on Spike as he leant back, groaning slightly.

Wesley hissed, 'When did this happen? I left you two in bed, making up…. Spike!' He turned angrily. Angel laid a hand on his arm. 'We went out for food. Ran into some trouble.'

'Oh, God, sorry. I promised Spike I'd bring some. I had a phone call yesterday, and it rather distracted me.' Gently, he probed the dark swelling - his face slightly flushed as his wrist innocently brushed another prominent swelling, one that marred the perfect lines of Angel's soft, wool pants. He lowered his face and said tensely, 'I suspect we'll just have to leave this. It's just nasty bruising.'

Angel suddenly undid his top button as if about to inspect lower. Wesley stood up and turned away but found another vampire standing very close behind him.

Spike gave him a little look and moved dutifully to one side. Wesley desperately needed some tea and made his way to the kitchen. Before he went in, he turned and watched Angel stand, Spike fastening him up, Spike's hand roaming where he'd wanted to explore.

He watched them kiss and then coughed slightly and went stiffly to a chair. He dropped into it like a stone with a deep sigh. His hand strayed to his crotch, and he felt an unusual, daytime erection. He snatched his hand away as Spike came in, his shoulders hunched. Wesley rose and, adjusting himself briefly, put the kettle on. 'What's wrong?'

Spike hung his head. 'I couldn't protect him. Some fucking demon just stood there punching him.'

'You can't save him from every knock, Spike. He's had worse, and he's very capable of taking care of himself…. Oh.'

Spike had turned and buried his face in the warm, human shoulder, his arms tightly wrapped around the pulsing neck.

Wesley hesitated, tried to arch his groin away, but was pinned against the counter. He put his arms around Spike's waist and leant his cheek against the soft hair. He could smell the shampoo Spike had used: the same as Angel's. It had been so long since he'd been this close to someone that the soft intimacy almost undid him as much as his leaking erection. He turned Spike's face and kissed him as one might an upset child. Spike pulled back as if surprised - as if this was the last thing he expected or wanted - and then kissed back particularly gently, opening his mouth only a mere fraction, hinting at what could be.

Wesley moaned into the kiss slightly, stood straighter, pulling Spike more to him, but suddenly, he took a huge breath and turned away. 'We must stop.'

Spike came back, needy, unsure. 'Why?'

Wesley only moved him gently to one side and left.

Spike stamped his foot in amused annoyance, and when Angel came in, he poked him hard in the chest. ''S not working! All me best moves, and all I get is an ugly fucking hard-on.'

Angle took the criticism and sighed. 'I undid my button! He must have been able to hear my cock screaming at him, but what did he do? Nothing. Jesus, he's hard work.'

'What now?' Spike edged closer and took hold of Angel, cupping his backside, squeezing him onto his other hand. Angel slapped him away.

'We're stepping up the hunt, that's what.' He suddenly brightened. 'Research. Come on.'

He dragged a protesting Spike out and into his office. After a suitable pause to compose himself, he called softly, 'Wesley?'

When the human appeared, Angel said neutrally, 'I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't something in your theory about connections between cases. Show us the map you've been working on.'

Wesley agreed with a delighted haste and unfolded his masterpiece. They all leant around it on the floor, until Angel snatched it up with a cheery, 'This is no good; follow me.'

Obediently, Spike got up and trailed after him; Wesley had little option but to follow. Angel went up the stairs and toward his room, then sniffed and veered off to Spike's. Wesley jogged to catch him up and said, 'I forgot to tell you, the decorators called this morning; they can start tomorrow, so we'll soon have that sorted….' He looked confusedly at the vampires when they sniggered and then in some alarm at Angel as he opened the map on Spike's bed and climbed on beside it.

Angel sat cross-legged and beamed at Wesley disconcertingly, 'There, that's better.'

Keeping his expression veiled, Spike climbed on as well and sat next to Angel. Feeling foolish still standing, and trying to ignore what looked like bloodstains over this bed as well, Wesley gingerly slipped off his shoes and climbed on.

The vampires were all attention then: looking dutifully at the things he pointed out and making almost intelligent comments about his theory. He tried not to watch Spike leaning against Angel, tried not to see how they touched their skin together: hands, arms, faces. He felt so inadequate, so human, as if he intruded unpleasantly on their intimacy. After a few minutes, he climbed off and said innocently, 'Sorry… must pee,' and went swiftly out of the room.

Spike punched Angel with glee when the human was out of earshot. 'Did you clock that stonker? Jesus, I bet he's downstairs now doing some human thing to get rid…. What?'

Angel was frowning. He climbed off the bed and ran out into the hallway and then along the landing to peer over the lobby. 'He's gone! He's fucking gone home!'

They went and sat disconsolately on the bed again. Spike scratched his belly and lit a cigarette. Angel shared it.

'It's my hair, isn't it?' He spiked it up angrily.

Spike shook his head sadly. 'No, it's me, Pet. No one wanted me in Sunnydale either.'

Angel turned his head. 'Everyone wants you, Spike.'


'It's me. I'm too… broody.'

'You're complex, Luv, and, believe me, that's a huge turn on.'


Spike grinned a little. 'So, we've established we want each other…. Now, what's going wrong with old Wes?'

Angel took a last drag of the shared cigarette and tossed it away. He began to pull Spike's T-shirt off slowly, gently. He pulled him to his feet and undid the loose jeans. Turning, he went to the nightstand and fetched a tub of cool gel. 'Lie down. I just want you anyway.'

Spike sighed and crawled onto the bed. Angel stripped slowly, watching him the whole time. When he was naked, he stood, working his erection, rubbing the gel around until it glistened, raw-looking.

He crawled slowly over Spike and kissed him; Spike's strong arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him down. 'Who else do I need, Baby?'

Spike smiled into his neck, and Angel found him, guiding himself into the tight body. He groaned, and Spike chuckled. 'That good?'

Angel nodded. He brushed a lock of hair away from Spike's forehead. 'Did I cause this spell: wanting you to stay like this forever? This is the best it's ever been, Spike. Remember this moment - when everything goes wrong again. Just you and me.'

Spike nodded.

Angel frowned slightly. 'I almost wish you were repeating the days like the others. I could tell you things now, and you'd not remember them'

'Tell me anyway…?'

Angel demurred for a moment and put his face into Spike's neck once more. Then he said quietly, 'I think about you all the time - I don't show it, but I do.' He pulled out until they were almost separated, then slid skilfully back in. 'I'm so proud of you.' He pressed his face into the strong neck as if that confession was just too revealing. Spike kissed into the soft, dark hair without comment, his body unravelling with pleasure at the longed-for praise. 'I rely on you - you're like a weapon at my side.' He sped up inside Spike's body, making them cry out in unison. 'I trust you, Will - for - the - first - time… fuck… I really - trust you. And that - makes… ugh… loving - you - so - easy.' He flung back his head, unable to speak more. He grabbed Spike's thigh and pushed it high and away, giving him the last bit of access he needed to get off: his balls now thumping hard into Spike as he rammed his hips forward. Spike was working his cock, his thumb slipping over the tip as he liked to do, his fist making the blood-solid organ pulse in time to Angel's thrusting.

With a matching cry of relief, they both released, their bodies shuddering as one.

Spike wrapped his arm around Angel's neck once more and eased him down to lie on him - to cover him entirely. For the first time since this demon had taken him, he felt he could afford to let go entirely, to lose himself for a moment in Angel's strength - under his protective cover.

Angel sighed and began to comb his fingers through Spike's damp, blond hair. 'This is my sunshine - all I have of it.' He turned Spike's face so there was no space separating them. 'Being in you is the closest I come to being alive.' Spike allowed a tiny twitch of a smile to form at his lips but then closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, as if by this display of ultimate trust, he was matching Angel's confession.

They let the rest of the day pass them by, content in each other's company: sleeping, talking, laughing and sharing friendship as easily as they shared their bodies.

Before they knew it, the alarm rang, and Spike sat up and said triumphantly, 'Lilah.'

Angel mumbled, 'Bitch,' and turned over sleepily.

Spike poked him awake. 'No. See… most unlikely bitch to shag ever? Name me someone….'


'NO! Angel, wake up and concentrate. Cold, stone-hearted bitch, never gonna shag 'er: who do you think about?'


'Bloody hell. Lilah!'

'But we've both had her….' Angel sat up and tried to distract Spike by reaching over to turn off the insistent ringing. Spike watched him with narrowed eyes.


Angel shrugged. 'Well, Angelus technically. So, what's your point?'

Spike said, amused, 'Who other than us shagged the stone?'

Angel suddenly looked more interested. 'Wesley.'

'Exactly! We've been doing the bloody human thing with him….'

'Trying to seduce him….'

'Might as well 'ave brought him flowers or shit.'

'We need to think more like….'

'Vampires. What made him turn to Lilah?'

Angel drew his legs up to his chin thoughtfully. 'Darkness. He was in a very dark place after he staked Darla.' He frowned at the memory. 'I kinda exiled him. He took it really badly. He was almost….'


Angel nodded wonderingly.

Spike nodded decidedly. 'We need to get him back to that place. We've been too bloody nice to him, that's all!'

Angel climbed off the bed. 'We need death. We need destruction: end-of-the-world issues. I've got things to do… amuse yourself today.'

Spike grinned. 'No probs. I've got things to do as well.'

Angel was too distracted planning Wesley's seduction in blood to notice Spike's small, sly look.


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