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What Lies Within - 9

Spike nodded and lay down. Giles crawled on top of him, and then there was just one body. They rolled: kissing, biting, licking, nuzzling; their bodies becoming increasingly aroused; their minds closing down to questions, answers, problems, or concerns. They just were.

There was so much sweat. Giles couldn't believe it; he was coated in a slick covering of sweat within minutes. He was embarrassed, but it was so hot, and Spike was so wild, so intense; he'd never experienced anything so physical or so arousing. Giles pulled away to wipe his brow, wishing he could…. Spike grabbed his face and licked a cold tongue over his eyes, lapping into his hairline, nuzzling around his ears, into his neck, down; nibbling playfully at his chest, his nipples; rubbing his hands over the slick wetness; clearly revelling in the humanity of the body in the bed with him.

Giles chuckled at his fears and stretched his arms lazily over his head, but Spike had no intention of letting him do anything lazy. He pulled himself back up and rolled them again, licking and exploring into Giles' soft mouth, biting gently on the lower lip, watching Giles' eyes as they dilated; murmuring soft, seductive sounds of encouragement to the human's passion… and then he was in.

Giles blinked. He swallowed disbelievingly and looked down. On the sweat, on the heat of the moment and the warm arousal of their bodies, Spike had pushed in. Giles looked up in utter astonishment, made to say something, but a finger was immediately put to his lips, and a soft whisper trickled over him, 'Just push out, pet.'

Giles frowned but did as Spike suggested. With the gentle relaxing of his muscles, Spike embedded fully, and the vampire let out a low, satisfied grunt of pure, animalistic pleasure. He rose up on Giles, his hands hard on the warm shoulders, and moved slowly, just dipping gently from the waist, riding up and down, up and down with slow, deep movements. Giles began to twist his head from side to side in denial. He'd not reckoned on this. This had not been a feature of their strange relationship before. He had thought he would be the one taking Spike again: his chance to exchange violence for passion. He'd never…. This was never something he'd….

He groaned and lifted his legs behind Spike's back.

Spike's head flew back, and he cried out delightedly, 'Yeah.' He began to move faster, harder. He looked for permission and when it was granted, shifted Giles' legs to his pale, strong shoulders. Giles felt utterly… unnatural and wanted to change his mind. He wanted Spike to take his legs down, the position too vulnerable too feminine… but then an intense stab of sexual pleasure shot from his rectum to his balls. It throbbed into his penis. It made him twitch for release. He grunted in surprise. Spike murmured some incoherent noise back at him… and then there was just a constant wave of pleasure building with every thrust.

He'd never felt pleasure like it, far more stimulating than entering a woman - beyond comparison compared to self-gratification. He could not believe he had reached the age of forty never having experienced this… and then there was Spike: Spike's pale body on him; Spike's face screwed up in pleasure just as he'd pictured it would be.

Giles moaned softly when he thought about Spike and the pleasure his weak, human body was giving the vampire.

He tried to put a hand to Spike's face but couldn't catch him. The vampire rose and dipped, thrust and pulled out, lost to the pleasure… but he sensed Giles' movement and opened his eyes.

Spike blinked and smiled.

Giles smiled back and… plummeted in love. It was the final, vicious twist of the spell. He'd lusted after Spike; he'd wanted to hurt him and explore pain with him; he'd wanted to care for him; he'd even wanted to love him like a father, and he'd wanted to be his best friend… but now, now he loved Spike, and he wanted Spike to love him. His thoughts tumbled and swelled as his body began to ride the crest of the wave. As his hands flew to his erection to work it and bring release, his mind spun around the belief that he was in love. He didn't really know what love was - had little experience of it - but what he felt for Spike was utterly overwhelming. He felt he would die if the vampire did not love him back.

They actually came together. Even Spike looked surprised and pleased that, as he jerked rigidly back shuddering his ejaculation deep into Giles' rectum, the human shot sperm onto a slick chest where it merged with sweat on tanned skin. Spike hissed, and forced out a last few drops, humping a rapid staccato into Giles until, absolutely spent, he lowered the shaking legs and lay gently in the warm fluids, panting as if he were alive.

Giles hugged him tightly, wrapped his legs around the slim back and rolled them both, so his heavier, darker body lay over the pale vampire. Then he lifted his head back and said simply, 'I love you.'

Spike didn't even seem surprised. With his eyes wide and dilated from the orgasm, his chest still rising and falling with long-remembered habit, he gave a small, shy smile and replied, 'I know.'

Giles ran the base of his thumb over Spike's lips, and the vampire caught at it, biting gently. Giles felt a shiver of lust slither down his spine at the erotic, simple gesture. 'How could you know? I only knew it myself just now. And I think it will make it easier for me… you know… when I have to remember this. I'll remember that for this moment, in this bed, I loved you… and the memories of this won't seem so base or so disgusting.'

Spike pursed his lips then slid out from under Giles, searching for his cigarettes. Giles watched him from the rumpled, sweaty sheets, feasting his eyes on Spike naked… Spike in his bed… Spike his…. He reached over and pulled Spike back into his embrace, disappointed when the vampire tensed.

''What's wrong?'

'You think this is base? Disgusting?'

Giles paused. 'I think that's what I would think, if I weren't under this spell. But don't, please, Spike - don't ruin this. This is all we have, and then it will be over. I love you now. Isn't that enough?'

Spike seemed to think for a moment then shrugged and returned to lie beside Giles. 'So, brekkies?' He turned to the human and grinned.

Giles' heart flipped over at the look. He wondered what it would be like to lay beside that look - that face - for the rest of his life and laughed at his complete entanglement in the magic. 'No.'

Spike jerked his head back a little. 'No?'

'No. I've just worked it all out, Spike. If I don't get up and make you breakfast, this will never end. I'll have you trapped here in my bed forever! My… little sex-slave.'

'Uh huh. Less of the little, mate. And you're very chipper about this bloody spell all of a sudden?'

Giles sat up and began to play with Spike, teasing a finger across his hard belly, twisting and stimulating his nipples. Spike winced and tried not to get distracted. 'I know. I fought it; I didn't want it. I've done everything we had to do, and now I'm just going to bloody enjoy it. It's like being drunk! I love you! There! I'll say it again! I love you! How ridiculous is that?'

Spike began to chuckle. 'You've lost it.'

'I know! I'm quite beside myself. I've just made love to you! You!' Giles' hands suddenly became hesitant. He looked down. 'Err… what about you? Do you…?'

'It's my part of the spell remember? Can't help it, can I?'

'Say it then.'

'No! I'm not gonna bloody say it. Remember? Evil here?'

'And, as usual, of course, fully understood. But say it anyway.'


'I could make you….'

Spike propped himself up on one elbow and raised an eyebrow with interest. 'Oh, this I gotta see.'

Giles took hold of Spike's soft, newly restored sac and just juggled it slightly in the palm of one hand, saying conversationally, 'I used to do this when it was mine.'

'Uh huh.'

'Hmm… I got to know it quite well… what it likes….' He pressed into Spike's groin, and the vampire hissed his pleasure. 'And I got to know what it… didn't like!' He twisted viciously. Spike rose up, cursing, but he was laughing too, so Giles rewarded him by pressing up once more and rubbing the palm of his hand around, scrunching the balls together.

Spike groaned. 'Don't stop.'

Giles immediately stopped and bent to the semi-hard penis. He cast an eye up at Spike. 'I could do this, too.' He licked swiftly across the tip, then returned and probed into the tiny slit. 'You're very supple, vampire.' Again, Spike laughed and tried this time to capture Giles' head, moaning in frustration when the human slipped away.

'Come on, Watcher! Stop pissing around and bring me off, hey?'

'Tell me you love me!'


'Why not? It's all meaningless; it's just this wonderful spell!'

'Yeah, maybe, but I'm not saying it until I mean it.'

Giles pulled away. 'What do you mean?'

Spike immediately slid over to him. 'Yeah, stupid me; what am I saying? I love you. There you go. Now, get me my breakfast!'

Somewhat mollified, Giles busied himself planning what they would eat, so entirely missed the look on Spike's face as he concentrated desperately on the last inch of his cigarette.

They ate in silence, a more sombre mood having fallen over Giles as they progressed inexorably through Spike's wish. He looked up. 'I'll call Willow, tell her we… I… need her here this evening. I have no idea how I'm going to explain another 'Do My Will' spell.'

Spike just shrugged.

Giles took the tray downstairs and made the call. He paused for a moment before going back to the bed. Spike was in his bed - there was something about this one fundamental fact that he couldn't get over. Spike had been there before…. He'd been in his body in that bed - so why should this so captivate him now? Spike was waiting for him in the bed. Giles tried to think back through the last few years: all the times he'd stood here and gone upstairs alone; all the times he had almost wept with his loneliness and frustration at the thought that everything he had to give to someone was just going to waste… but now Spike was in his bed. He could give it all to Spike for the few hours he had left with him. Giles frowned and went up slowly. He wanted Spike to always be there; he wanted to look after him, be looked after by him. His head felt as if it would explode. He couldn't control his thoughts, the obsession growing all the time. It was so unfair; they were so near the end, and yet it was just more and more intense. He felt again as if he would die if he lost Spike…. Suddenly, desperately, he began to want it to be over.

Spike didn't seem too bothered - he was dozing, arms spread eagled, head hanging slightly off one side of the bed and feet sticking out of the other.

It was exactly how Giles would have wanted him - exactly how he had pictured him. He slid onto the bed and slipped a hand between the vampire's cheeks, pressing into the sensitive skin, easing his thumb around the tightly closed hole, teasing at the stretch, playing over the puckered skin.

Spike feigned sleep and let the human play with him.

Giles tried to concentrate; he didn't want to lose this moment, but the vampire's supine laziness seduced him. He lay alongside Spike and pulled him into the tightest embrace he'd ever given anyone. Spike twisted in his arms, getting perfectly comfortable, and then stillness descended over them both, languid heat from the afternoon seeping into their tired, stretched muscles. Giles bent his face to Spike's hair, enjoying the freshly washed smell. 'Is this how you pictured it?'

Spike nodded his head. 'Exactly like this, but not as good.'

Giles squeezed him tighter. 'Sleep. I'd like to hold you while you sleep.'

'Someone to watch over me, hey?'


'Nothing, pet, just a good film. I'll let you watch it with me one day, how's that?'

'That sounds… very nice.'

Spike laughed quietly and was silent for a while, but then said suddenly, 'What do you want to be called, by the way.'

Giles, roused from deep contemplation of Spike's lean body against his, didn't get the question. 'Called when?'

'Well, I'm not gonna call you Giles: that's too Scooby. An' I'm not gonna call you Rupert cus…. Well, cus you know why. No one is bloody called Rupert. Soddin' hell… Rupert Giles. Your mother had a real good sense of humour, mate, sounds like the fake English bloke in some daft American show. Rupert. Who the hell is called Rupert?'

'It's better than Wesley Wyndham-Price.'

'Well, yeah. You've got me there. But I ain't gonna call you Rupert, or Giles, an' Watcher don't seem friendly 'nough now. So, what?'

'My middle name is Harry.'

Spike twisted in his arms. 'Harry. "Cry England for St George" an' all that?'

'Exactly. My mother rather fancied Laurence Olivier, I think.'

'Huh. Harry. Can't see you as a Harry.'

'That's why I keep it quiet. Sleep now?' Giles didn't like to point out that as they only had a few hours left, it was rather immaterial what Spike called him. He'd be Watcher again soon enough.

They both dozed, and Giles cursed when he woke. He'd wasted time asleep that he could have used more profitably. He felt Spike breathing regularly in his arms - perhaps too slow for ordinary human breathing, but reassuring, nevertheless.

There was something Giles wanted to do. He shifted slightly so Spike lay on his belly and bent slowly toward the pale cheeks.

He placed the very tip of his tongue into the cool indentation between them. It fitted perfectly and only encouraged him to lick around slightly, as if tasting an unfamiliar sweet. He smiled; Spike was so awake in his feigned sleep it was almost comical. He took a deep breath and pushed hard.

He gained access easily, opened his mouth over the whole soft hole and worked his tongue in and out with great relish. Spike's hand shot back and cool fingers entwined in his hair. The vampire began to raise and lower himself, low moans accompanying these movements. Giles knelt between Spike's legs and slipped both hands underneath the slim form, finding the erection, cupping the balls… and still his tongue made hot inroads into the cool channel. Spike pulled his legs up and stuck his backside high in the air. Giles groaned as the vampire's whole backside was stretched open and available to him, the cock freed from restraint and steel-hard in his hands.

Giles put his mouth around the entire hole once more and murmured his appreciation. Spike gasped at the feel of the breath on his wet skin and the gentle movement of lips on sensitive nerve endings. Giles laughed, pushed his tongue in as far as he could and began a frenzied conversation with Spike's stretched hole. Every word stimulated the puckered skin, every breath tickled. The working of his jaw massaged Spike's perineum. The effort to talk with his tongue two inches into the crushingly tight channel only made the soft organ wriggle and dive about as if it were a living creature.

Spike shoved his whole backside back as far as he could, gave a great cry of delight and erupted cold sperm over Giles, jerking his hands with the human's, coating and joining them with his milky, jetting fluid. Giles didn't want to pull away. He liked his tongue where it was, but he sat back reluctantly, staring at his slick hands, rubbing them together slightly in wonder.

Spike didn't speak for a long time; he rolled over onto his back, not even seeming to need a cigarette. Finally, he said quietly. 'Who next?'

Giles looked at him. 'You want this over, too, don't you?'

Spike chewed the corner of one nail. 'Need, Harry, not want. I need for it to be over. I'm losing myself.'

He paused for a long time and then said almost casually. 'I do love you by the way.'

Profound moments, lost in the haze and confusion of the spell - Giles only smiled and said jovially, 'I should jolly well hope so, William, as I've just err… tongue fucked you? Is that the right term?'

Spike nodded to himself as if something he feared had been confirmed then shook the mood off and said equally lightly, 'That's the one I always use, yeah. So, like I said, who next?'

'Both?' Giles put a hand on Spike's long, lean legs and eased them toward him. He shifted, too, and Spike quickly got the idea. He lay on his side, his mouth gently receiving the semi-hard, human penis as Giles took the cool, spent one in his mouth.

Giles groaned at the feeling of this soft penis. It was so erotic: the possibilities it contained, the thought that it would change shape, harden, all to his command. To suck and be sucked at the same time, it was an exquisite pleasure. He found Spike taking the lead; he followed. Spike licked; he licked in the same place. Spike probed and nibbled; Giles did the same for the vampire. It became a game between them. Spike built up a complex chain of moves that Giles had to remember: a lick, a bite, a suck, another lick - just so - a suck on the soft sac. If he varied at all, Spike would stop and smile at him, savouring the human's begging. Then he would begin again, building up his pattern of moves, Giles desperately trying to remember each one, to add each new one without forgetting the sequence. He so wanted to cum now; he'd never felt so desperately swollen… but Spike did not allow release. He showed Giles how to hold a cock so it could not jettison. When he had a firm grip around the base of Giles' cock, Spike took the tip in his mouth. Giles copied both these moves, and then Spike inserted a strong finger into the warm anus… and the human copied this, too. Now there was a new rhythm to learn: suck… grasp tighter… release slightly to tempt to orgasm… push finger… tighten and control again… suck harder… push and wriggle… scrape fingernail on wall… release hold… feel the surge… prevent it again… suck harder… hold again… stop the tidal wave of pleasure…. Giles frantically tore himself off the vampire's mouth and finger, knelt up in the bed arching his spine, stretching himself back, grasping his erection, pulling it frantically… and Spike now followed him. The vampire knelt, pointed his erection at Giles, and they came together once more, shooting their sperm at each other's bodies. Giles desperately grasped Spike's hair for support, his whole body shaking from the intensity of this orgasm. Spike twisted his head into the hold, pushing lovingly into the hand, and as he bent to the bed - his orgasm almost over - Giles' hand lay as if in benediction on his soft, blond hair.

It didn't escape either of them that this was the vision Giles had conjured up for Spike, and that in this one moment, Giles had become the vampire's salvation.

It was over.

They sank onto the bed and stared at each other. It was all played out. Giles glanced at Spike's watch. 'She'll be here soon.'

Spike nodded, looked briefly at the watch, too, but Giles could tell the vampire wasn't looking to confirm the time. He didn't have a chance to think about this, for his face was suddenly seized, Spike raining kisses upon him. Giles saw no reason not to respond… and once more they lost themselves to the tiny space they occupied in the world. Sweat, cum, tears - their bodies immersed in each other's scents. But time betrayed them; they felt its inexorable passage. Giles pulled away, batting Spike off. 'We have to shower now.'

'Yeah.' Spike pulled him back, and his kisses delved lower. He took Giles in his mouth; he sucked on the soft cock; he let that fall and took the sac, drawing it, inch by velvet inch, into his mouth, running his teeth over it, nibbling the soft balls together. Giles held his head, pushing him in harder, revelling in the feel of swell and ache, wondering that he was hard again… but he had to end this. He pulled Spike off.

'In the shower. You can….'

Spike nodded and dragged Giles under the water, not waiting for it to warm before he fell to his knees and took the cock into his mouth again. Giles leant back against the wall and just watched the blond head moving on him under the stream of water. Spike clamped both hands to Giles' cheeks for maximum purchase, gave Giles a look… and for the first time, demonstrated how a blowjob should be done. He swallowed Giles. Literally. He took the cockhead to the back of his throat and swallowed, keeping his throat open and relaxed. Giles lodged somewhere half way down the cool neck. He cried out and reached up to grasp the showerhead for support. When he had the human's attention, Spike began to work his throat muscles as if swallowing prey whole. Giles screamed - this was the best of all. He was inside a tight channel that could grasp, work, squeeze, and pummel him.

He couldn't hold out. Spike moaned as warm sperm coated his throat, and when it stopped, he rose up, opened his mouth to Giles and gave it back. They kissed under the downpour until neither could bear it longer, nor ignore the overwhelming sense of impending separation. Spike tore away and flung out of the bathroom, pulling his clothes over his wet body. Giles dried, dressed, and went down first. He made some tea - it seemed a good start for the process of finding himself again. His body felt… magnificent. Every muscle ached; complete sexual satisfaction suffused him, and he felt languid and pleasantly sleepy.

Why couldn't he just go back upstairs to their bed? Why did Spike have to come down? Why did Willow have to come through the door with Buffy?

Giles groaned and turned away.

'Good, you're both here.'

Giles looked at Buffy. 'Yes. Fortunate coincidence. So, are you ready?'

Willow gave a nervous glance at Buffy then suddenly, startlingly, threw some dust in the air around Giles. He coughed. 'What…?'

Willow put a hand on his arm, but he shook it off. 'What the hell was that?'

Buffy, her hands on her hips and a stubborn look on her face, said pointedly, 'Portal, Giles? Do you remember? You asked about closing a portal.'

'What? Oh, that. Well I probably think that was all a mistake actually.'

'I kinda thought you were mistaken. That's why I had Willow go to LA. She's been working with Wesley on a way to detect magical influences…. For me, mainly, so I can't be whammy'd without us knowing it, but I thought she could try it on you, too.'

'Oh. I see. So that wasn't house dust you've just chucked at me?'

Willow shook her head seriously. 'It's detecting spells, Giles. If there is an open portal - or any sort of magical influence - the air will glow red.'

'Uh huh. And if there's not?'

'Then no glow - unless you're a demon, then it glows blue, cus it's got its own sort of double-whammy going on there.'

Everyone stared at Giles. Nothing happened - he remained exactly the same colour he had been when he'd come downstairs… slightly less red if anything as the effects of the extreme sexual activity of the day began to wear off.

Buffy looked at Giles, pleased with herself. 'Yea! No spell, no portals open.'

'No spell.'

'Yes. Good, Giles, this is of the good! Why aren't you smiling?'

'No spell.'


'No spell.'


'Throw it on Spike. Fucking throw it on Spike!' He could not look at the vampire.

Willow, tears in her eyes at his tone of voice and at the reception of her great work, did as Giles asked. Spike glowed with a deep, innocent blue. He looked around his aura with wonder and repeated Giles' phrase. 'No spell.'

As the blue faded, Giles finally looked at Spike, and Spike returned the look.

'Get out.'

Buffy bristled. 'Look, Giles, if you need time alone with Spike again, just ask….'

'Not you - Spike. Get out, Spike.'


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