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On Me - Chapter 9

We left LA two hours ago and have been climbing steadily for the last hour towards Davidís cabin in the mountains. Iíve never been there, but I have good directions, and I have Spike to navigate, except.Ö

ĎSpike, what have you done to the map?í

ĎMe juice was leaking, had to plug the hole.í

I donít rise to the taunt, because I know he only wants me to stop and buy him more supplies, and I may have a reputation for being a bit slow, but Iím not completely stupid.

Although the sex weíve had in the last few hours has been incredible, I think that this is just as good. This sitting together, happily, with no misunderstandings, no anger, no hate. Weíve talked the whole way since leaving the city. Not about anything momentous, just things we think of, things we want to know about each other. And this is nice; this is very nice, and this is what Iíve been missing in my life. This is having my lover and my best friend back in one night, and thatís pretty good.

Heís endlessly flipping his CDs into the player again, trying to get me to appreciate his music, patiently explaining why I should like this bit or the other. I play along, and he knows Iím playing along, and its fun.

ĎI like this one,í I say. Something about Ďdancingí beats out from the player. ĎDancing by myself; thatís what Iíve had to do for years.í

I do try to say something intelligent about each track he forces on me.

I give him a withering stare; has he never even heard of the God Billy before? ĎHeís not really DANCING you pillockÖ itís something else sad gits have to do by themselves.í And I give him my most suggestive leer.

And shit, I think Iíve just gone and ruined the atmosphere, cus Angel donít like to be made fun of, and he really donít like to have the piss taken. Shit, Spike, why couldnít you have just let his dumb-arse comment go?

ĎOh. Well, I do that a lot, too.í And I turn and leer back at him, and he collapses in fits of laugher, curled up against his door, clutching his still tender ribs. Then he slowly subsides into small hiccups of chuckles and, oh, heís put his hand on my thigh, and heís rubbing gently from the outside to the inside, moving ever closer to my cock, which is straining to meet his hand.

ĎWonít have to wank off ever again, mate. Thatís what Iím here for now.í And, with that, I lean over his lap and lick his cock through his pants.

ĎShit, Spike! Iím gonna lose control!í

ĎThatís sort of the idea, you tosser,í I finish gleefully.

ĎThe car, Spike! Iím going to lose control of the car. Ye gods, donít!í

Heís released my cock and is blowing on the engorged tip with his icy, so unnecessary breath, and licking it with his chilling tongue.

ĎWell, stop then, you pillock, cus Iím not going to,í and, just to get the point home, I swallow his entire cock in my mouth and create a vacuum in my cheeks and suck like I was sucking a thickshake at the golden arches!

I donít even have time to stop the car; I cum in a huge spurt straight down his throat. I canít even close my eyes, as I have to keep driving. I think Iím screaming and, ohhh, itís over, and heís licking me clean and chuckling at my display of advanced driving skills.

ĎI should be in the AA, mate. Helping motorists in distress, yeah, my new calling.í

I cuff him across the back of the head and remove my dick from his mouth, but I canít get myself back in with one hand, so I have to let him help, and I DO NOT BELIEVE IT, heís starting to gently pull me up and down. ĎNO! Spike! This must be illegal or something. Weíll get pulled over and arrested.í

And Spike, the master of the withering stare, just looks at me, as he continues to squeeze and pull.

ĎSo, two master vampires who probably have a combined body count of over one thousand, who have plotted to end the world, planned to have humans deep fried by a frigging blue demon, who have murdered, raped, and tortured their way around three continents and Watford, are gonna finally be brought to justice cus Iím pulliní on your dick in a moving car. But, hey, Angel, I really donít want to be responsible for such a heinous crime, and I know you have your redemption to think of an' all. So, OK, Iíll stop.í

And I do. I turn to face the road, put my feet back up on the dash, and stick in Rebel Yell at full volume. Iím nothing if not law abiding.

Why do I always let him get to me like this? I am right. I am law abiding. Itís dangerous to be given a hand job whilst driving. But now Iím seriously hard and that little shit is sitting there singing along to some hideous music and, bugger, as usual, I give in.

ĎOk then.í

ĎI beg your pardon?í

Oh, you little toe-rag, Spike. I am not going to beg.

Think Iím going to burst.

ĎSpike, pleaseee!í

And I donít even want to extend this game anymore, cus I really want that dick again. I slide my hand over andÖ hey, this is really good music to wank the poof off to! Yeah, Rebel Yell, and Angelís cock in my hand, way to go Billy!

Ye Gods, heís matching the beat of the music, and Iím going to cum again. What about the mess? Itís OK for himÖ not his carÖ the leather seatsÖ just got them cleanÖ.

ĎAngel! Stop it!í I know heís brooding about his friggin seats. As if Iíd miss the opportunity to....

Ahh... his mouth is on me again, and that tips me over the edge, and I cum and cum in that talented mouth, and he sucks me dry for the second time this trip.

I tuck him neatly away and give him a little pat for being good, and get down to some serious music appreciation. This album is fucking ace.

Iím storing up moments like this in my mind. Moments of us together, stored up for the times when I have to work and leave him, or when I have to sleep and I canít take him into my dreams with me. Because this is perfect. He is perfect. Wonder if I could somehow lose this CD when we get to the cabin?

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