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Chapter 15

Giles bit his lip in an effort not to cry. He bit it harder not to laugh. He was in love with Spike - not the vampire, not the rent boy, not the assistant librarian he had brought to this house, but the man he had made love with in the bed last night. He was in love with the man who was asleep alongside him, one arm thrown casually over his chest. He was in love with the man who would soon wake and open his blue eyes, who would grin and light a cigarette… and who would want his body once more. The laughter won out, and tears were banished. Giles chuckled and snuggled closer.

He didn't want to actually wake Spike; he needed time to think. Love was not the only emotion he felt that morning. All the emotions that had been escaping, inexorably, since that soft, 'I can help,' were now free - but confusing no longer: not just that amorphous mass that had terrified him in the beginning. He could feel and understand each one. Love for Spike was paramount, but chilling fear for the vampire's safety warred for dominance. There was regret, too: that Spike was not human, that they would not grow old together that, one day, inevitably, the vampire would leave him.

More bitter emotions lurked underneath what he felt so clearly for Spike. That this room of his childhood now held not a single memento of that precious time, angered him. That childhood had been so short made him surprisingly sad. He now realised he felt pity for his parents - he had thought it was resentment. They were as much chained to their inheritance as he seemed to be, victims of the English obsession with ownership of land. Pity and love - he loved them both intensely. At this thought, Giles hugged Spike a little tighter and paused. Love was complex. Even sex aside, what he felt for the hard, slim body next to him was utterly different to what he felt for his parents. He would love Spike without the sex - he knew this now - but still the feelings were very different.

He had come back to forgive them and found there was nothing to forgive. He just wanted their love… but he knew what he had to do to get it, and that was incompatible with what he had in this bed.

'If you hug me any tighter, I'm gonna pop out of one of me orifices.'

Giles smiled. 'Good morning to you, too.'

'Yeah.' Spike stretched and twisted around in the warm spot then captured the back of Giles neck and began to kiss him deeply.

Despite his desperate dilemma, Giles held Spike's face and said simply, 'I love you.' He didn't want Spike confused about this, whatever was to come.

There was a long, distinct pause, and Spike seemed to be looking Giles over, thinking. Finally he lowered his eyes and said almost shyly, ''S handy then. Don't wanna be in this on me own.'

He peered at Giles through the lowered lids with a pleased smirk. Giles pulled him on top of him. They couldn't get enough of each other, the kissing so intense that Giles began to pant, needing air. Spike let him go but softly lifted the warm thigh and, with a smoothing of Vaseline, eased into Giles' body.

Giles stilled him for a moment, the hard cock deep inside his rectum, swelling it deliciously. 'I love you.'

Spike just blinked slowly and nodded. Not satisfied, Giles put hand to his cheekbones. 'You don't say it much, do you?'

Spike grinned. 'Nah,' and with that he began to move.

It was just as it had been the night before. There was no competition, no urgency to orgasm, almost less awareness of their own body than of the other's: Spike watching Giles carefully and adjusting his position to ensure he was comfortable; Giles opening himself up, making himself available for the vampire's pleasure. Spike laid half on Giles so their mouths could stay together.

Spike's orgasm was like an exquisite cramping in his groin. It hit him as his tongue explored Giles mouth and Giles, feeling the onset, clamped Spike to him, so he could feel the rippling effect over every inch of his body, too. As soon as Spike was done, just as they had the previous night, they changed places: Spike lying on his belly with one leg bent up, Giles propped over him already hard. Slick with spent cum and his own bubbling precum, Giles hardly needed lubrication, but he lavished it on Spike, so his entry was easy. Spike moaned as his prostrate was stimulated again so soon after his orgasm. Just as they both knew he would, he came with Giles, a second copious spillage arching out across the bed, as Giles implanted his into Spike's body.

Giles lowered himself to Spike's back, stayed in, and plummeted back into a deep sleep. Spike, unable to do this human, male thing, laid playing absentmindedly with the damp sheet, not thinking specifically about love or forgiveness, but thinking about his postcard and worrying about which one he ought to buy.

When Giles woke up he was still in Spike, but only by good luck rather than good management; he was utterly soft and was more placed, than embedded. He chuckled into the skin of Spike's back and rolled off, folding his arms behind his head, and staring once more at the small crack on the ceiling.

'I was wrong last night - by the fire - it has got better.'


The day continued to be perfect. Nothing happened - no great events - they just stayed in each other's company, content, and not wishing to be anywhere else. Giles had been asked by his parents to look over their account books, to update himself on the state of the family affairs. He took this as perfect justification to stay in all day with Spike, took everything into the library, and spread it out on the table. With the fire lit and Spike lying sprawled on the rug smoking, he could rarely remember feeling more content.

Until he started to do the calculations…. Every so often a small 'Bloody hell' or 'Good God' would drift over to Spike who was trying to concentrate on his cigarette. Finally, the vampire could stand it no longer and got up pointedly with an annoyed stubbing out.

'Bloody what?'

'Look at this! And this… well don't look then, but…. Spike, are you bothered at all?'

Spike dragged himself closer to the table. 'Is it gonna be interesting? Cus those books look really big and really kinda dull.'

'These are the estate books, and I'd hardly call them dull. They are… well, illuminating. Bloody depressing but still illuminating. It seems as if we are broke.'

Spike giggled but tried to stifle it at Giles' expression. He put on his serious face. 'Yeah. Broke. Bummer.' It was no good; the giggles surfaced again. 'Broke? Uh huh. Have to say, that's the first thought that sprang to me mind when I saw this 'ouse: poor old codger - must be broke….'

'Very amusing. Don't sit on the books….' Spike perched on the table and put his feet in Giles' lap, so the complaint was silenced, as the hard erection inside the soft cords came in contact with the sole of the well-worn boots.

'You were saying like?'

'Err… and, ow…. Yes, it seems as if we are in a rather dire state.'

'Sell something. Flog off this bloody place for a start. Would make some cool condos or something?'

'Very amusing - again.' Giles saw that Spike had not been joking and pushed his foot away impatiently. 'This land was given to us by….'

'Yeah, yeah, I heard the story.' He made a show of not stifling a huge yawn. 'So what?'

'Well…. I'm not going to try and explain it to you. I'm going to look around the house, check out some of the repairs that are detailed here. Bloody hell, the roof alone will cost hundreds of thousands….'

They trailed over the house together, Giles' mood getting lower and lower as he viewed the state of his inheritance. Spike lifted some of the dust covers and occasionally suggested selling things, but Giles would only shake his head and move on to another room.

By the time they returned to the library, Giles' mood was as flat as the weather outside. Spike looked at his tense back and debated trying something to take his mind off things, but didn't. He flung himself into an armchair and lit another cigarette. He was bored. He just couldn't care. He was a vampire… maybe it was just shallowness; maybe being immortal made him shallow, but he'd happily put a match to the whole place and watch it burn, just for the fun of it. He'd been freed from possessions for over a hundred years, and no human could appreciate just how liberating his demonic life really was.

Thinking about being a demon, Spike had an overwhelming sense of… he paused, this was an interesting new emotion, and he needed to figure it out slowly. It had something to do with that bloody postcard. Nostalgia? That couldn't be, for he'd suddenly thought about Xander Harris, and that should make him curse and want to kill something, not feel nostalgic. Spike lit another cigarette to see if that would help him puzzle it out. He dropped Harris for a while - on his head down a deep pit, if truth be told - and thought about the Slayer. That thought actually made him grin, and he berated himself roundly. So, thinking about being a vampire… thinking about the irritating gits… thinking about Sunnyfuckingdale…. Spike sat up straight - he was homesick! He was missing the old fucking place and the fucking fuckers who were in it. His crypt! He was missing his hole in the ground. He wondered how the empty crypt had fared in his absence. He missed his chair! He thought he'd left a book somewhere. He wanted it! He had two possessions, and he missed them! He suddenly looked back up at Giles' tense back. Maybe the human felt the same about this place as he now did about his chair. No wonder he was pissed.

Spike got up and gave a helpful pat on Giles' back. 'Let's go up and shag, yeah? Do us both good.'

It was an unfortunate moment for Giles' mother to come in. She paused about to speak, seemed to be reviewing something but, clearly none the wiser, said pleasantly, 'Luncheon?'

Giles, his blush almost burning, nodded, and followed her out meekly. Spike, now bored beyond the definition of boredom went upstairs to enjoy his body on his own.


Dark by four, they drove the short drive into Totnes. Giles parked near the castle, and they walked slowly down the narrow street in the drizzle. Giles chuckled when Spike dived into a newsagent and began to browse the rack of cards. He pouted a little as he rejected ponies, scones, piles of rocks, and the seaside. Finally, he grinned, snatched up a card and thrust it at the newsagent, clicking his fingers for Giles to produce some money. Frowning, but secretly delighted, Giles paid for the card but, before he could see it, Spike stowed it away in his duster and sauntered back out into the rain.

Everything began to confirm Spike's opinion that it was time to go… home? He smiled to himself at the use of that term, but it sounded okay, and he rolled it around for a while. It was a whole lot better than this place anyway. It was so fucking wet and cold, and everything was closed. He longed for the soft warmth, the sense of almost being alive that Sunnydale gave him. Even the people in this place seemed closer to death. It was hideous, and he let his restlessness spill over and affect his mood. 'You gonna phone the slayer then?'

'What?' Giles was peering with interest at a shooting stick and only half heard Spike's question.

''S time we got back like. Phone 'er and find out what the soddin' soldier boys are doin', yeah?'

'I can't possibly go back yet. I have a huge number of things to sort before I can do that.'

'Oh yeah? Well, what 'bout me?'

'What about you? You're here with me.'

Spike gave a small, rueful smile. He wasn't that used to people thinking of him like that to dismiss it so lightly. He tucked his arm into Giles' for a brief second, laughed at his expression, and said cheerfully, 'Buy us a tea then, tosser; if there's anywhere open.'

They sat in the small café and ordered tea. Giles looked around him with pleasure and sighed with delight when a real cup, filled with hot liquid and cold milk, arrived. Spike cursed that there was no sugar to eat, and that he couldn't smoke. Giles watched him for a moment. 'You're fed up.'

Spike glanced up. 'Nah. Just….' He desperately searched for something that would sound plausible and gleefully finished, 'Hungry…. I'm fuckin' starvin' and getting all ratty, ya know?'

'God, sorry. Look, we'll stop at the place on the way home. Write that card, and you can post it over there.'

Spike hesitated. 'No pen. Do it later.'

'Oh, here you are.'

'Uh huh.' Spike toyed with the pen then said rather lamely, 'Can't be bothered now. Just hungry.'

Giles didn't seem to notice anything odd. He paid for the tea, and they drove to collect Spike's blood. When they got back to the bedroom, as Spike was stashing the spare bottles on the windowsill, he came up behind the slim body and wrapped his arms around the hard chest. 'Sorry.'

'What for, pet? On a long list, I might bloody add… what for specifically?'

'What long list? I've been good all day!'

Spike chuckled and turned in his arms, giving him a light kiss. 'I've been needing this….' Spike undid Giles' trousers. 'All day, an'….' He eased his hands down to Giles' backside and cupped the soft cheeks. 'You've been ignoring me.'

Giles groaned then winced as the zip caught at him slightly. He kicked his trousers off completely, until he just stood there in his boxer shorts. Spike glanced down and shook his head despairingly. 'Now, that just ain't legal. That's dangerous.' He fell to his knees and took charge of the life-threatening erection. Within a few sucks, he had taken the edge off the danger. Hot sperm squirted into his throat, and he swallowed thickly, licking and teasing the softening shaft, as he let it fall gradually from his mouth.

Braced against the wall, Giles suddenly remembered to breath and heaved in a huge, ragged breath. Spike laughed and rose gracefully, giving him a quick peck. 'You didn't deserve that, but I'm just that kinda vampire, I guess.'

When he could speak, Giles gave a small cough and said shakily, 'The pub tonight? My treat. Anything you want.'

Spike smirked and kissed him again. ''K.'

When Giles went for a bath, Spike sat on the bed looking at the card. He grinned and began to deface it. He was going to put it in his pocket to post on the way to the pub, when he had the sudden image of Giles seeing it, or asking about it.

Listening at the door of the bathroom for a moment, he went down to kitchen and sat with Margaret, silently enjoying a quiet cigarette. When she was distracted with a recipe, he said casually, 'Can you post something for me?'

''Course, my lover. Leave it by my bag with some of Mrs G's over there; I'll do 'em on the way 'ome.' Spike grinned at his subterfuge and went back up the stairs. Dressed and ready, they came down into the hall later that evening, just as Margaret was putting her coat on. She beckoned to Giles.

'Rupert, be a pet and post these, will you? I've got to stop off at the church and deadhead the flowers, and they'll miss the post - 'specially William's, cus it's for America like.'

Spike froze. Giles took them distractedly and went out. The rain had stopped and the moon was fairly bright. With that, and the light spilling out from the hall, he could see the card quite well. It was a picture of a local churchyard, featuring the lichen that decorated the hard, granite tombstones. Out of each one, someone had scribbled a hand or demonic creature emerging. He turned it over. There was no salutation, just a scrawled,

'You'd hate the fucking plumbing here.
Thought you'd like to get this. Maybe?

Most telling though was the address. It was to Angel in Los Angeles.

Giles would rather have read protestations of undying love than that hesitant, yet intensely intimate note. Decades of shared history, personal jokes, and familiar memories, screamed at him from the simple sentiments. He'd had Spike for a couple of weeks. Angel had shared his blood with him for almost two centuries.

He gave the card back to Spike.

Spike ripped it to pieces and let the small fragments fall onto the still wet gravel of the drive.

'I love you. There I've said it. Bloody satisfied? The fuckin' stones would cry out at a bleedin' vampire saying that! Hey! Mate? Don't….' Spike held Giles awkwardly as the human tried to comport himself. He patted him ineffectually then said slightly anxiously, 'Don't get snot on me leather, mate, will ya? 'S a bugger to get clean.'

Giles sniffed, chuckled and pushed away, wiping his eyes with his sleeve. Spike grinned. 'There ya go. See? 'S not Angel gonna separate us… must be those fuckin' soldiers after all. Come on - let's find one and kill 'im!'

He saw Giles' expression. 'I just wanted to say hi. Is that so bloody wrong? All this family shit and thinking 'bout things all the time. I just felt like saying hi. Sorry.'

Giles began to walk down the drive. 'He's your sire. I'm being very silly.'

'Now, you don't really think that; so why say it? You think I still love Angel, and that I want to go to LA and shag 'im, don't you?'


Spike walked casually along with Giles, smoking happily. Giles cast him a sideward look. 'Well?'

'Well what, pet?'

'Well, aren't you going to deny it?'

'Why? 'S just what you think, so it's not even true enough to deny.'

'Err… do I want to be happy with that? I'm not sure I fully get your….'

'You fully get everything important of mine, luv.'

Giles was quiet for a while then said amused. 'Have you just distracted me with sex again?'

'I don't know. Let me check.' Spike did check: Giles against a tree, Spike on his knees, the moonlight illuminating blond hair.

When he'd taken it all, Spike stood and made a show of tasting the cum, rolling it around slightly in his mouth. He swallowed. 'Yep. Fully distracted.'

Giles made a disgusted face. Spike only laughed and licked his lips.

They were silent for a while until Giles, unable to resist any longer, said, 'I called Buffy.'

Spike stopped in his tracks. 'Uh huh. And?'

'She was rather surprised I was even worried. It seems as if Riley and his bunch have moved on to more important… missions? Objectives? Hills? I'm never too sure of this army terminology.'

'S good then? We can go 'ome?'

Giles did not reply but nodded his head distractedly.


Spike knew he was being closely watched all evening. Whether he went to the bar, whether he went to play darts with some of the locals, Giles watched him thoughtfully from the corner where they'd stationed themselves.

When he'd won enough games, he went back and slid along the narrow bench next to the human. He picked up his beer and peered over the rim as he drank. Glass empty, he put it down carefully and, with a small pout, said, 'You still angry?'

Giles shook himself a little. 'If I am, then I'm angry at myself. You have every right to write to Angel, and I shouldn't be so possessive. I have no right.'

Spike pouted again; this wasn't the answer he'd wanted, but he couldn't really say why that was. Any other answer would have made him furious, so he felt he was being oddly inconsistent.

'Maybe I should 'ave posted it then - 'stead of tearing it up.'

'I suppose you could always get another.'

This was getting worse so, with a small sigh of exasperation, Spike let the subject drop. He nodded towards his empty glass. 'Your round.'

Giles smiled. 'I've bought them all so far.'

'Yeah, I had to bloody get up an' fetch 'em, you lazy git.' Spike pouted provocatively at Giles and moved his leg slightly, so their knees were touching.

'That's hardly going to motivate me to get up.' A hand slipped over into his lap and began to experiment with the potential swelling under the soft material. 'Don't….' Giles hissed between his teeth.

''Nother beer then. Or I'll….' With a chuckle, Spike got his fingers inside Giles' waistband. Wrenching away, Giles buttoned his jacket discreetly and bought the beer as ordered.

Spike drank three pints for every one of Giles' so, by the time they left at closing time, they were both drunk. The fresh air destroyed what was left of Giles' ability to walk, talk, and think at the same time. Spike didn't really care about getting back anyway and would have been happy to fall in the woods and lay there until dawn. They sat on a fallen log for a while: Giles trying to motivate himself to move, as he was beginning to shiver badly; Spike just smoking and looking at the stars. He couldn't help but think how warm it would be now, sitting drunk in Sunnydale cemetery.

'I wanna go home.'

'I know. So do I, but my legs are a little….'

'Not there. Home home. I wanna go back to Sunnydale.'

'We've been through this….'

'No, we ain't. You decided for both of us, as if I don't matter.'

'What?' Giles was sober enough to realise that he was too drunk to have this conversation.

'You haven't really changed your 'pinion of me, 'ave you? No…. I know you say you love me an' all that, an' maybe you do… in your own way. But I'm still less than you.'

'Don't be stupid, Spike, and this is not the time or the….'

'There ya go. I'm stupid, and this is not YOUR time or place to talk 'bout it, so WE 'ave to stop talkin' 'bout it. Why's that then? Why we always doing what you want? Cus you're the mature one; you're the watcher; you're the rich one…. cus you're the one alive.'

'Because I'm the only one who usually makes any sense. That's why. And because I'm bloody freezing, and we could talk about this in front of the fire when we get home.'

'Your home. Not mine.'

'Well, clearly not. I'm not saying it is. But I brought you here to keep you safe.'

'Your brought me here to stop me leaving you.'


'You thought I'd leave when I knew soldier boys were lookin' for me.'

'Are you trying to imply that I got you here on false pretences? That I had some sort of ulterior motive for bringing you here?'

'I think you want your folks to love you for what you are, yes. '

'What! Look, I'm bloody drunk, but that doesn't make….'

'I think you wanted to force them to see what you are, by seeing what I am.'

'I want them to find out you're a vampire? Are you utterly stupid?'

'Oh, fuck off Giles; you know what I mean. You want me to be your vasectomy.' Spike knew what he meant and lit another cigarette, pleased with this analogy.

Giles took a moment thinking about this, his jaw hanging slack with astonishment. He turned slightly to make his rebuttal more forcibly, but lost his balance on the slippery log. He lay face down on the cold, soggy leaves. 'Bugger.'

'You gonna get up then?'

'I don't know.'

'Huh. Well, I'm goin' so, if you want me preternatural eyesight on the way, you'd better….'

Giles struggled to his feet and trailed miserably after Spike, just the blond hair visible in the moonlight. They made it back to the room without further incident. The walk had sobered them both up considerably, to the extent that undercurrent rumblings now flared into real anger between them. As soon as the door was bolted, Giles caught at Spike's arm and swung him around. 'What did you mean?'

'You know what I bloody meant. You feel all this pressure, Giles, to do what's 'pected of you, and you can't - or won't.'

'We're talking about having children again, aren't we? Having a son.'

'Yeah, yeah, yeah, what do you fucking think? 'S why you brought me here - to hand me over and say, "There - there's the closest I'll ever get!". To get yerself off the hook!'

'What! Don't bloody flatter yourself, Spike. I've not made some life-changing….' As the words left his mouth and he heard them out loud, Giles knew they were untrue but, having started, with so much confusion and anger now, he couldn't stop. 'You aren't a life-partner, Spike, equal to all of this! This is my life! This is who I am!'

Spike's eyes widened. 'Fine. Decide. Now. Me or this. You've got ten seconds.'

'Don't be….'


'Spike, I utterly refuse….'


'Stop being melodramatic, and let's….'


'Shut up! I'm sorry. I didn't….'


'I'm not going to be black….'


'If you say six, I'll hit you….'


'As you can't hit back, I'll refrain, but….'




'All right. I lied. I think….'


'NO!' Giles clamped his hands over Spike's mouth. He utterly refused to let go, despite how hard Spike struggled. It was only as Spike kicked out and connected with his shin, and the vampire fell down in pain, that he had to let go. He fell to his knees with Spike. 'Don't say it. I'm just…. Oh God, all right. I'm bloody furious with you for writing to Angel. I hate you for doing that. I hate him more. I want you to write to me… well, not literally of course, because that would be a little nugatory, given we're here…. Anyway. God, you're right. I'm a tosser and a pillock and, and, a wussock. There you are, satisfied? And how's your head, and I'm sorry about that, too.'

Spike sat back on his heels, the threat of that final number hanging over both of them. He blinked slowly. 'I want you to tell them about me - not the undead bit… I'll admit that might freak them too much. But I want you to tell them that we're lovers.'

Giles swallowed. 'I can't.'

Spike looked at him. 'Ten.' He rose and began to unbolt the door but, for some reason, he couldn't focus on the bloody thing. He struggled with it, until he felt arms slip around his waist.

'If you leave me, you'll kill me.'

'Now who's being bloody melodramatic?'

'Maybe not literally, I grant you that… but whatever has come alive since I've started this… thing… with you. That will die. I'll go back to being what I was before you, and I don't want that half life.'

Spike hesitated. 'I can't be sidelined again. I've been there, done that.' He turned and faced Giles. 'I'll tell you, so you know. I loved Angelus more than I can describe, Giles. He was more than life to me, more than unlife. I worshipped him like your people worship that invisible God of theirs. But he weren't invisible - he came to my bed every night. We were lovers, friends, Sire and Childe, for more years than you and me have had days together. And then, one day, he spat on me, reviled me, tried to kill me, and left me. So you think you'll suffer if this ends? If you don't admit me to other people, then you ain't really admitting me to yerself.'

Giles pulled him onto his shoulder and began to stroke through the blond hair. 'How did you get to be so bloody clever Spike? And when did I become so stupid? I'll tell them.'

Spike pulled away. 'Huh? Didn't think you'd do it. I'm….' He grinned shyly. 'I'm kinda happy now.'

Giles slid the bolt firmly back into place. 'I think I'm just drunk enough to do things I wouldn't normally. Got any suggestions how we can celebrate?'

'Yes.' Spike put the lightest of fingers to the small, recent scar on Giles' neck. 'I have.'

Giles sucked in his breath with a sense of fear tingling down his spine. Spike rubbed the spot for a while then smiled. 'Undress.'

Giles obeyed him, watching as Spike also shed his clothes slowly. 'Get into bed.' Again, Giles obeyed, lying waiting for some descent that he feared he might not come back from.

Spike put his fingers onto the feeding spot once more, tipping Giles' head back so the neck was stretched. Then he pulled Giles into his arms. 'I want more than just sex now,' and, with that, he turned in Giles' arms and spooned them tightly together. 'Just hold me?'

Amazed, contrite, Giles sighed. 'Again, how did you get to be so clever, Spike?'

Spike just mumbled his reply. ''Maybe 's just the contrast with you, pet.'

Grinning to himself, Spike reached out for his book and lay comfortably in the warm arms. Giles lay staring at the ceiling, planning the most difficult conversation of his life.

It took about two minutes. Giles heard the book tossed away with a curse and felt a cool hand sliding over him. ''K. You've proved you can do the lovey dovey. Now turn over.'

Giles chuckled but did as he was commanded. Spike took a moment finding the jar of jelly then pushed in.

Giles felt a delicious filling. Spike got into a rhythm. Giles lay quietly on his belly but, after a moment, said thoughtfully, 'I think I need to avoid using the actual word gay, don't you?'

'Yeah. Raise yer leg a bit… oh, that's it, bloody hell.'

'Yes. Maybe I should put emphasis on… alternate lifestyles…?'


'Perhaps even… oh, that's the spot, oh, God, yessss…. So, maybe talk a little about California? Hollywood? Yes, that might work… ah, again, like that… that's so good.'


'Mother will be worried sick about… yesss, God, that's so good. Aids. That'll be her first thought; I know her. It's going to be hard… God, you're hard… to put her mind at rest without actually telling her you're a…. OH! More! Yes!'


'Vampire… telling her you're a vampire and, obviously, I can't do that.'


'Timing is important, of course… no…. I'm going to cum; cum with me, Spike… oh! Yes! So cold in me, God, so wet….'

Spike finished emptying into Giles then rolled off. He turned his head to look at the sweating man with an amused glint in his eye. 'Yeah, when you tell 'em, make sure you leave out the gay bit, luv.'

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